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How To Remove Mold Odor From Car

Everyday Cleaning Products For Your Car

Auto Detailing : How to Get Rid of Mold Smell in a Car

Before resorting to having your car professionally detailed, there are a number of tools and products that can help eliminate odors. You may even already have some of these in your home :

  • Baking soda
  • Odor-absorbing crystals/gels
  • Disinfectant wipes

If you find the odor in your car persists after repeated cleanings with different products, it could be time to bring it to a trusted professional car detailer. However, it might also be possible that the lingering odor is a symptom of a more serious car problem. Some common smells can indicate a more significant issue for example, if you smell rotten eggs when your engine is running, there may be a problem with your cars catalytic converter. If you feel unsure about a smell coming from your car, have the vehicle looked at by a trusted mechanic as soon as possible to avoid more dangerous or costly problems.

By finding the source of car odors and treating them, your car should smell great. With the help of air fresheners, your car could almost smell as good as new. For more helpful information, check out these articles about car maintenance and cleaning tips.

Look For And Trace The Source Of Water Leaks Into The Vehicle

It is essential to find and cure the cause of a moldy smell in a vehicle – otherwise the entire diagnostic, cleaning, and testing process will be wasted.

In the moldy car case used as an example in this article, a water leak at the front passenger side windshield pillar was sending water down inside the pillar into the area behind and under the dash board on the passenger side, ultimately onto the passenger side floor.

The car’s owners first noticed the leak problem as a wet floor mat. On exploring they found that carpeting below the floor mat was still more wet. This meant trouble.

In our photo the author points to the very origin of the roof and windshield pillar leak on the car’s passenger side.The dealer was able to trace the leak to its source, and the leak was repaired. But the moldy smell remained.

Removing Mold Odor From Car Ventilation

The first clue that something may be off with your cars ventilation system is usually odor.

A musty odor typically indicates mold while an old sweat sock smell typically indicates bacteria. Regardless, something isnt quite right and action is needed. Usually, this happens as a result of condensation from the A/C unit not sufficiently draining from the pan.

If you notice an odor, start with the following steps to see if they will resolve the problem:

  • Check to be sure that your A/C drain is not clogged. After the vehicle has been operating for 20 min. or more when you park the condensation water should drain from under the engine. Depending on your vehicle it may be visible or you may need to move to see if water is draining. If you believe its clogged you will need to have the A/C system serviced.
  • If the A/C system is draining and you still have an odor then turn the A/C off before shutting the car off. Allow the fan to run to help blow moist air from the vent system. What your trying to achieve is forcing the water to evaporate from the drain pan. You may need to do this each time you shut off the vehicle to eliminate the odor returning.
  • It is also recommended to run your A/C compressor continuously regardless of whether you are heating or cooling. FYI- the A/C mode removes moisture while the temperature setting determines if the air is hot or cool. This works well in the winter when you trying to defrost your windows.

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Buy And Wear Appropriate Personal Protection Gear

Lets be clear: Mold and Mildew Spores are not to be taken lightly. These growths may contain poisonous substances and harmful chemicals which can lead to damaging car owners health. Go to your nearby car hardware store and purchase a personal protection gear. Ensure that you wear masks, cover your head, wear gloves and completely cover any other exposed areas of your body before beginning the process.

Remove Moldy Materials From The Vehicle

How to Remove Mold Odors From Inside Automobiles

Getting rid of a moldy smell in a vehicle means first, removing the wet or moldy materials that are the home of the stink. The proper approach to cleaning out a mold problem is to remove the mold. Approaches that focus on “mold killers” or mold deodorants are ineffective.

But how much smelly, moldy, or previously wet material needs to be removed? We did not have to remove the rear carpets in this case.

Our photos show the inspection of rear carpeting where it terminated under the front passenger seat. We looked for evidence of wetness having extended back to the rear floor of the car, such as moisture or stains.

Remember that if you are checking for leaks and moisture in dry weather, the wet carpeting may have dried out and may look just fine.

Smell it and look for water stains.

Carpeting, seats, sound insulation, head liners, door liners, or other vehicle materials that have actually been soaked and that smell moldy need to be removed and disposed-of, and the exposed surfaces of the vehicle cleaned using conventional cleaners .

Our photo shows the primary smell reservoir in this mold-stinky car: the carpet padding and sound insulation material. A topic of considerable discussion was just how much of this padding to remove.

The owners heeded this advice and compromised on the mold deodorizing process. Sound insulation was pulled out and removed completely, for “as far as the dealer’s service tech could reach” without removing the dashboard.

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How To Remove Odors From Your Car

This article was co-authored by Chad Zani. Chad Zani is the Director of Franchising at Detail Garage, an automotive detailing company with locations around the U.S. and Sweden. Chad is based in the Los Angeles, California area and uses his passion for auto detailing to teach others how to do so as he grows his company nationwide. This article has been viewed 1,648,867 times.

Nobody likes a smelly car. It’s unpleasant to sit in your car and smell a bad aroma, and you may feel embarrassed if you’re giving friends a ride. Fortunately, in most cases, it’s relatively simple to remove a bad smell from your car. Start with taking out trash from the car, then vacuuming the interior and wiping away any stains. If the smells linger, you may need to shampoo the interior surfaces or reach out to professional car cleaners.

How To Get Mold Mildew Smell Out Of Car

How do I get rid of the damp smell in my car? Here is how to remove a cars musty mildew odor due to mold.

When mold growth appears in cars it leaves behind its characteristic musty odor. Now getting rid of such odors can be a bit difficult if you dont know what or how exactly to go about it.

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Reliable Odor Removal Services

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Why Does My Car Smell Like Mold

Removing NASTY mildew smell from your car’s interior- Steps, products and tips!

Mold grows in the places where the air contact is continuous. The root of the cause might start from the vent system, the headliner, or the carpet of your car. The rotten leaves can cause clog in the filter of your car, and this is the best condition for mold to grow.

When you have found out where this smell is coming from, you need to check it for mold. If you notice a smell from vents, you should purchase spray products because you need to spray them down through the dash for killing mold. In case of some serious issue like a leaking heater or a clogged AC, you might need to take your car to some service station to get rid of this smell completely.

Washing your car can be a solution to the bad smell. You need to wash your cars carpet as it can lead to mold growth because it collects the moisture of the feet of travelers. With an open window, moist can get into the floor of your car that your carpet soak and then mold growth here. To remove the carpet and use a cleaner to clean it. Meanwhile, steam clean the floor of your car. Be sure to dry clean all your cars interior in the sun when you park your car. Opening the door or taking the entire interior out of the car can be one of the best options to remove pervasive smells from your car.

Clean like a pro by following this guide.

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How To Get Rid Of Mold Smell In Carpet

Musty-smelling carpets might indicate a health threat. These threats are typically from mold, mildew, and dirt polluting the house. Smelling a musty carpet must be horrible. Luckily, there is still a cure for this. Make sure to follow the steps below for successful odor removal.

A damp carpet is a favorite spot for microorganisms like fungi.

  • Dry the carpet of moisture. Open the windows for a faster drying time. Dehumidify or use fans to accelerate the evaporation rate of water in the carpet. You can also get it dry under the sun.
  • Suck up all the dust using a vacuum cleaner. If you dont have a vacuum cleaner, shake and sweep the dust away.
  • Make a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. You can put it on a spray bottle, then gently spray on the surface. Another way is to use a good air freshener or stain remover. Foam carpet shampoo is also good to use.
  • Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet. This fantastic odor neutralizer is safe. You can put any amount you like.
  • Then, wait for a few hours. The cleaning agents and deodorizers might take some time to take effect.
  • How To Get Rid Of Mildew Smell In A Car: 5 Ways To Kick Off

    Your car has odors and you spray the fragrance. Nevertheless, the air in the cabin still gets bad smells, especially the mildew one. Using the perfume or fragrance cannot solve the root reasons of taking awful smells in your vehicle. How to get rid of mildew smell in a car is a matter that you should find out.

    Car seats are the first place to think of

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    How Do You Get Rid Of Mold Smelling Bacteria And Indoors

    A regular cleaning schedule and checking of vulnerable areas is the right thing to do. Not only can you get rid of unpleasant smells but prevent them. The use of disinfectants and deep cleaners can come in handy. If you want a cheaper solution, go DIY with vinegar and baking soda, which are excellent at odor removal.

    Best Mildew And Mold Killer For Carpets Fabrics And Hard Surfaces:

    Learn how to Get Rid of Mildew Smell in Car

    This unique, EPA-approved spray not only crushes existing mildew and mold, but it also prevents re-growth, and removes musty odors. Virtually odorless, completely colorless, and devoid of bleach, ammonia, and VOCs, Concrobium Mold Control is both non-offensive to the nostrils, and safe to use on almost any surface. As this solution dries, mold spores are poisoned from the roots up, leaving behind what Concrobium refers to as an invisible antimicrobial barrier to prevent future mold growth. We also like that this stuff comes in a big-ass 32-ounce spray bottle, which means you wont have to worry about running out halfway through your mold removing purge.

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    How To Fix A Car That Smells Like Mildew

    To get rid of the mildew smell in your car, you will first need to identify the source. According to John Ibbotson, chief mechanic for Consumer Reports magazine, mildew often results from a leaking heater core or clogged air conditioning drain.

    Many times, fixing these problems is enough to eliminate the odor. At any rate, you should have an air conditioner inspection performed so that you can get to the root of the issue.

    Most people would like to eliminate musty odors right away rather than waiting on repairs. As a quick fix, Popular Mechanics recommends turning off your air conditioner when you are about a mile or so from your destination. With the a/c off, operate your fan on high to help dry out the system. Of course, you should look at this as only a temporary fix, since the problem will likely return as long as your air conditioner has problems.

    Advantages Of Steam Cleaning

    • Steam cleaning is the most non-toxic way to get rid of mold and clean and sanitize the car surface. Apart from the effectiveness, it can kill almost all bacteria inside your car very quickly. Thus, steam cleaning is a safe, eco-friendly, healthy, and quick way to clean your car, top to bottom.
    • Steam cleaners use a minimal amount of water. That little water can clean the entire car, even without any scrubbing or rubbing
    • The steam produced by the machine does not require any chemicals in order to clean your car. So your sit fabric and leather, mats and carpets, windows, car paint, will be safe
    • You do not have to use multiple fancy or bulk-sized equipment or lots of efforts
    • Just like a regular car wash, the steam cleaning process can also be done in your yard, without extra hassles
    • Steam car wash is an effective way to clean your car, as well as it makes a complicated process like mold removal easier. Not only that, but the steam cleaning process can also be applied for both interior and exterior
    • Apart from using the dry steam of the steaming machine, one can use different nozzles to pick up dust and dirt particles from tough-to-reach places, like the footwell, between the dashboard button, etc.
    • Regular dusting and cleaning cannot give you relief from germs and bacteria, growing inside your car, but steam cleaning can kill mold and other bacterias

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    What Are The Signs That There Is Mold Growth On Carpets

    Learning about the causes of mold is not enough. You have to know the signs of mold growth to be able to identify them.

    Foul odor

    Mold from under the carpet is not immediately apparent. However, the moldy smell would be hard to miss.

    Read here to know more about the molds odor.


    Another sign of mold growth in your home is the increased allergic reactions among your family members. It is likely to be mold allergies if they get a runny nose and eye irritation problems out of nowhere.

    What’s That Musty Smell In My Car

    How to Remove AC Smells in Your Car (Odor Life Hack)

    The sense of smell is remarkable, able to detect some 10,000 different odors. Depending on the origin and the person, these can range from pleasant aromas to unpleasant odors. Fortunately, the human sense of smell isnt nearly as acute as most animals sense of smell where we might smell a rotten apple in a barrel of good apples, a dog could smell a rotten apple in a warehouse of good apples. When all these come together, you smell something. If your car smells like a gym when you open the door, whether you work out or not, its likely none too pleasant.

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    Musty Smell From A Cars Air Conditioning System

    A possible source of the mildew-like smell is the cars air conditioning system. This is likely the case if you see damp floor mats near the A/C. To remove the bad smell from your cars A/C, first, open the front cover and then remove the filter. Scrub the filter with a nylon scrub pad to remove any mold growth. Dry it with a cotton swab and the heating system in your car. After that, apply an anti-mildew solution, enzymatic cleaner, or odor absorber.

    Additionally, you can also sprinkle baking soda on the upholstery and leave it in place for a day or so before vacuuming away. Additional solutions include removing and airing out the car mats, vacuuming the vents, and using a 50/50 water-vinegar solution on the interior.

    How To Check For Hidden Odor Sources

    Play detective and check around the car for anything that could be causing the odor. Look in pockets, under seats, on floor mats and even in the glove compartment for baby bottles, moldy fruit or unidentified blobs that may have been dragged in on the bottom of someones shoe. Immediately remove and throw any of these away and open the doors for a while to let any lingering odor dissipate. Dont forget that sometimes a bad smell can also be a sign of an overheated car or you may be in need of an oil change.

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    Remove Odor From A Car Naturally

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    Does your car smell? Its okay. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes car odors are because you need to clean mold in a car. Often, car smells just build up over time because of food, pets, kids and day to day living. Perhaps you bought a used car and the previous owner smoked. Or maybe you have a bad odor in your car from someone vomiting from motion sickness. Whatever the car smell is, there is a way to remove odor from a car naturally!

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