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How To Get Mold Off Shower Curtain

Using Bleach For Heavily Soiled Shower Curtains

How to remove mold from a shower curtain

Sometimes you need something stronger like bleach to cut through the built-up soap scum and mildew. Or, if you have mold, bleach is an effective agent in removing it. The problem with using bleach is it can damage certain fabrics or colors if used incorrectly.

If your shower curtains are white, you dont need to worry about bleach discoloration. If, however, you have colored curtains or liners, try using bleach alternatives like Clorox 2 or OxiClean instead.

Youll need:

  • One or two clean, white towels
  • ½ cup bleach
  • ¼ cup laundry detergent
  • Remove shower curtain and/or liner carefully from shower rings.
  • Throw the shower curtain and liner into the washing machine along with one or two clean, white towels. The towels prevent the curtains from wrinkling and help to clean and distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Start the wash cycle on warm and let the water run for a few minutes before adding laundry detergent followed by bleach.
  • Once the wash cycle starts, load the shower curtains into the washing machine.
  • Remove the curtains before the spin cycle begins. This causes unnecessary wear-and-tear.
  • Allow to air-dry, preferably in the sun. If this is not possible, you can reattach the shower curtain and/or liner to the curtain rings and let it dry.
  • Tip: When using bleach in the washing machine, always add it to the water before adding soiled items to avoid fabric discoloration. Only add items to during the wash cycle.

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    How to wash a shower curtain and how to clean a shower curtain liner

  • Remove the rings, then toss the curtain and the liner in the washing machine along with a couple of white towels. The towels will provide extra scrubbing for better cleaning.
  • Add the regular amount of detergent and ½ to 1 cup of baking soda.
  • Wash in warm or hot water at the highest level.
  • At the rinse cycle, add ½ to 1 cup of distilled white vinegar.
  • Allow fabric curtains to run through the spin cycle, then hang to dry. There’s no need to put it in the dryer.
  • Note: If the curtain is plastic, you don’t have to run it through the spin cycle either. Its ready to hang in the bathroom right after it rinses.

    To remove extra heavy mildew from a white or clear shower curtain/liner, add a cup of bleach to the wash water. For colored curtains/liners, try OxiClean, Clorox 2 or another bleach alternative instead.

    Basically, every shower curtain is washable, but to be on the safe side, check the instructions on the care tag first.

    How To Clean A Cloth Curtain

    Cloth curtains can be washed in the washing machine as well, using a similar process. Rapinchuk also notes that she’ll throw bath towels in with her cloth curtain to help keep it from clumping together. If your curtain has tough stains, you can also add baking soda and vinegar into the mix: Run the machine with equal parts detergent and baking soda to start. Then, right before the rinse cycle, add in a cup of white or apple cider vinegar.

    Once your curtain is washed, you can either hang dry it or run it through the dryer on no heat, which is what Rapinchuk likes to do. Always be sure to check the care label, though, as some heavier materials may need extra time in the dryer to dry completely.

    And if you don’t have a machine, the same hand-washing process for plastic liners should work for cloth curtains, too.

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    Naturally Remove Mold From Shower Curtain

    Musty Shower Curtain ImageFirst lives initially the shower drape as well as lining should be eliminated from the shower bar or removed by whatever suggests it has actually been put on hold over the flooring a lot of us recognize this yet acquired ta state it you understand.,.

    Different the shower bar rings from the shower lining and also if the cleaning is gon na happen outside after that start! .

    Lay the lining down on your carport, picnic table or various other comparable area and also spray a remedy of 2 to one components hydrogen-peroxide as well as water into the material permit to rest for 5 to 10 mins as well as rinse.

    This will certainly assist to remove a few of the mildew and then mold build-up on the shower drape. Make a paste of either equivalent components baking-soda as well as water OR borax and also water and then start combing the mold from the shower drape. If required, Rinse and then repeat.

    Turn the lining over and then duplicate the above. Offer how to clean mildew from shower curtain it a little bit much more elbow joint oil and also attempt your mold killing paste once again if mold discolorations linger.

    Ideally, this obtained it as well as you do not should go out and also acquisition one more shower drape! When all else falls short eliminating the mold, after that keep reading to view how you can remove shower drape mold by adding your washing.

    Is Mould On A Shower Curtain Dangerous

    How to Remove Mold from Shower Curtain

    It might be a bit of a stretch to call mould dangerous but it can have some effects on your health if it is left to persist. Some people will feel some irritation like coughing, wheezing, skin irritation, eye irritation or throat irritation. If you have asthma, then it can aggravate your condition as well. This is why its important to try and root out and remove mould as and when it occurs.

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    How Do You Get Hard Water Stains Off A Shower Curtain

    Hard water stains are perhaps the most persistent and stubborn stains to remove from your shower curtain. But, with a little bit of know-how, you can remove these stains with some home products. Youll need:

  • Mild laundry detergent

  • Vinegar

  • Baking Soda

    You can put your shower curtain into the washing machine on a low temperature setting. Using a gentle programme, throw in a couple of bath towels as well to loosen up any dirt. Add a big scoop of baking soda to your mild laundry detergent for the wash cycle. During the rinse cycle, add roughly 120ml of vinegar.

    Let the shower curtain hang-dry and you should be all good! This same method applies to cloth shower curtains too. Whilst youre washing the curtain, its a good idea to let the curtain rings soak in warm water with 120ml of vinegar added so it comes up extra nice.

    Buy The Right Kind Of Shower Curtain Liner

    When you are buying shower curtains, be sure that you are buying a PEVA shower curtain rather than a PVC shower curtain.

    PVC is polyvinyl chloride that off gasses hundreds of toxins that you dont want in your air. The off-gassing chemicals is what smells, so if you put in a new shower curtain liner and it smells, that could be a really bad thing.

    Use a PEVA liner instead and you will notice theres no smell and theres a lot less toxins coming off into the air.

    Ive bought IKEA PEVA shower curtain liners, which work great but they have no magnetic weights on the bottom, which means they fly around in the shower. I currently like Targets brand of PEVA shower curtains

    PEVA shower curtain liners go from utilitarian looking to stylish and fashionable. They are cheap, so add one to your Amazon order to get free shipping or as a quick and easy healthy head start for detoxing your home!

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    How To Prevent Mildew From Coming Back

    So now that you have clean shower curtains, how do you keep them that way? There are a few things you can do to keep mildew at bay:

    • Ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated. This could mean opening a window or turning on the fan during showers. Check to see if your exhaust fan needs cleaning by removing the fan cover a dusty or clogged fan is not efficient.
    • Wipe down shower curtain after each use with a clean microfiber cloth.
    • Speed up drying time by spreading your shower curtain out after using. If your curtain is always sitting scrunched up and wet, its more prone to growing mildew or mold.
    • Make your own mildew-prevention spray by combining a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the shower curtain after each use.

    If youve tried all the tips above, and you still cant remove stubborn stains or your curtains are torn, its time to say adios and replace them. When shopping for a new shower curtain look for one thats machine washable and one with a smooth backing to make it easier to clean.


    What Are Shower Curtain Molds

    How To Prevent Mold On A Shower Curtain | Cleaning Hacks Video

    As every one of you uses your shower to take a bath and remove all the germs and other dirt particles that are on your body, but have you ever thought that when you make yourself clean, some of the things that are nearby you while bathing must have caught those germs in them? Yes, I am telling you the truth. That when you are taking a bath and removing germs from your body, sometimes, you get in contact with or suddenly touch the nearby things, such as your bathtub, shower’s curtains and so on. Those things you touch suddenly get those germs on to them.

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    Clean A Shower Curtain Liner With Baking Soda

    Just because your plastic shower curtain or liner gets dirty or mildewed doesnt mean you have to throw it away. Try cleaning it in your washing machine with two bath towels on the gentle setting. Add 1/2 cup baking soda to your detergent during the wash cycle and 1/2 cup vinegar during the rinse cycle. Let it drip-dry dont put it in the dryer.

    Remove The Mildew With Bleach

    A good way to destroy the mould, soap scum and mildew lingering on your shower curtains, is by treating them with bleach.

    First, you need to take the curtains down and place them in the washer with a few dirty towels, so they dont get all crinkled.

    After that, dilute a half cup of bleach and a bit of laundry detergent in some water. Pour the solution in the washing machine and let the appliance do a few spins with it before placing the curtains inside.

    Once you are done washing everything, transfer the items to your dryer and set the appliance on the lowest heat setting for about 10 minutes. Finally, just hang back the curtains.

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    Natural Removal Of Shower Curtain Molds

    The first thing the shower curtain and lining should be removed from the shower rod or removed in any way that has been suspended above the floor.

    Most of us know this, but we have to say you know, separate the shower rod and the ring from the shower liner, and if the cleaning is going to be done outside go ahead!

    Place the lining on your garage, picnic table or other similar surface and spray two to one part of the hydrogen peroxide solution and water on the fabric let stand for five to ten minutes, then rinse.

    This will help remove a little mold and mold build-up from the shower curtain.

    Make equal parts of baking soda paste and water or borax and water and start rinsing the shower curtain mold. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

    Turn the lining over and repeat the above. If mold stains persist, give it a little more elbow grease and try your mold sterilization cream again.

    Hopefully, this got it, you do not need to run out and buy another shower curtain!

    When everything does not get rid of the mold, read and see how to remove the mold from the shower curtain with a washing machine.

    Fix the shower curtain on a rope between two trees or on a hanging rope, which one suits you, is easy.

    Allow it to air dry completely before putting the curtain liner back inside. If the sun really cleans it in its day, then this will remove the remaining mold spores remaining on the shower fabric.

    Cut Your Shower Curtain

    Stain Removal Tips and Advice

    This is one of the best tips about plastic shower curtain liners. You dont have to keep it the size that it comes in the package!

    Because shower curtain liners are one size fits all, the liners are often much larger than needed, creating a lot of puckering and gathering. So I pulled the shower curtain liner taut from one side of the shower to the other and cut off all of the excess liner that wasnt necessary to keep water out. Otherwise, the shower curtain folds in on itself and then the water gets trapped in between the folds. If it cant dry out, mold is going to grow.

    A free and easy way to create a healthy home. I like that.

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    How To Wash A Shower Curtain In The Washing Machine

  • Start by taking down the shower curtain and liner, removing any rings or hooks.
  • Place it in the washing machine along with a couple of towels which helps stop plastic shower curtains and liners sticking and wrinkling.
  • Add your regular amount of laundry detergent to the drawer with ½ to 1 cup of baking soda depending on the size and material of your curtain. Add more if yours is fabric.
  • Start the highest cycle at 40 or 60 degrees if yours is fabric. If you have a plastic shower curtain or liner, choose a gentler cycle.
  • When you reach the rinse cycle, add ½ to 1 cup of white vinegar.
  • Hang the curtain and liner out to air dry completely.
  • The Best Ways To Remove Mold From Shower Curtain Quickly

    Remove the rings and also shower drape from shower bar and then delicately fold inner by quarters or fifty percent.

    This will certainly keep any sort of mold particles and also mold spores from being delivered as well as spread out throughout your home.

    ECO Way: Add 1/2 mug of baking-soda or borax to equivalent components of washing cleaning agent and then clean the shower drape on mild. Place a couple of aged towels in by adding the drape lining to aid safeguard it from the cleaning pattern how to clean mold from shower curtain.

    POINTER: Cycling your shower drape with its whole wash-Cycle could create intense wrinkling . Clean shower lining on the most affordable mild setup readily available and also remove the drape merely before the spin pattern and then enable to leak completely dry.

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    How To Clean A Shower Curtain Liner

    • Simply take down the curtain and toss it in your washing machine.
    • Add a bath towel to help with scrubbing the shower liner.
    • Make sure you keep it on the gentle setting to avoid damaging the liner.
    • Hang the shower curtain liner to dry.

    This method helps remove any built-up mold or mildew, which is very common on shower curtain liners that are constantly exposed to moisture and warmth. Following this suggestion is likely to save you approximately $20 or the cost of a new shower curtain liner and will help with the overall impression your shower makes.

    Get Rid Of The Stains With Vinegar


    The combination of baking soda and vinegar is a classic one in the DIY cleaning methods. With that being said, you can use the famous duo to wash your shower curtain. But first, there is a bit of preparation you must do.

    Again we recommend that you gather a few dirty towels and place them in the washer along with curtains.

    After that, get your favourite laundry detergent, some baking soda, and combine an equal amount of the two products. Half of a cup of both will be enough.

    Then, set the washing machine on a regular cleaning cycle with the DIY solution and curtains inside. When its time for the first rinse, pour 1 cup of white vinegar. Remove the plastic curtains from the appliance before the washer reaches the second spin cycle and hang-dry them.

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    Knock Out Your Shower Mold With Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide is an antifungal agent and cuts right through your mold problem. Peroxide attacks mold and bubbles it away you can apply peroxide to clean mold in the bathroom if vinegar doesnt do the job.

    This recipe shows you how to get rid of black mold in shower tiles and curtains safely and efficiently with peroxide.

    • 1 pair of rubber gloves
    • Cleaning pad

    Combine water and peroxide in the spray bottle. Spray the solution on affected spots, and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub the places with the pad, rinse, and dry. Wear old clothes when using peroxide, as peroxide spills can stain.

    If you recently replaced the grout in your tile, you may have leftover residue on your tiles. Cleaning grout haze is easy with this peroxide and water recipe. Wipe the solution on the tiles to remove grout haze and leave your tiles shining again.

    How To Remove Mold From Shower Grout

  • Grab your bleach solution we mixed up earlier in the spray bottle
  • Spray the bleach solution onto the mold affected grout. If you have the time, then spray all the grout in the shower
  • Take your nylon brush and scrub the mold from the shower grout
  • Rinse off with clean water
  • Shower grout is particularly susceptible to mold due to the fact that it is porous and holds water for longer. For this reason, you will often see mold growth in grout before anywhere else.

    The procedure to get rid of this pesky mold on shower walls is very similar to the method I mentioned above.

    If your grout is colored, then steer clear of bleach as it can cause the color to fade and go for one of the alternative solutions for cleaning mold at the end of this article.

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