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How Expensive Is Crown Molding

What Is Crown Molding

How to Install Crown Molding on Kitchen Cabinets

Crown molding is the decorative boards that run along the perimeter of the top of walls and edges of a ceiling in a room. It is used to add more character to a space or a finishing touch, although it was once used to disguise cracks or other imperfections along the walls and ceilings. This trim can make a room look larger or more complete.

Labor Costs To Crown Molding Installation

To hire a professional for a crown molding installation, youll want to find carpenters. The costs are factored by either the amount of labor and materials that are required for the project that you want finished. Carpenters will charge you, on average, about $4 to $8 per linear foot but if you find a carpenter that wishes to charge you on an hourly basis, youll expect to spend at least $50 to $70 per hour. As a reminder, tell yourself that the portion of your budget spent solely on labor, should account for about 25 percent.

Arts And Crafts Crown Molding

Arts and Crafts crown molding is perfect for Craftsman-era homes and those from the Arts and Crafts movement. You may notice that Arts and Crafts crown molding is very similar to Craftsman style crown molding. That is because it actually predated the Craftsman era by about eight decades and was, in fact, the inspiration behind the Craftsman style. Rather than relying on architecture produced by machines, the Arts and Crafts movement focused on custom designs made by real people.

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Replacing Your Crown Molding Costs

The replacements for your crown molding is very different from the installation. This is due to the fact that youll have to bring in all-new materials and products back to the table and reinstall everything back again. Overall, you can redo the whole process again, but itd be that much simpler to call your local carpenter instead.

The process of taking out your old crown molding will not only take a huge chunk of time but you might face further damages and take on more frustration from any misplaced desecrations around your home. In a broader sense of the costs, replacing your old crown molding will estimate at the range of $0.50 to $1.50. The process will initiate the removal of the crown mold so the range will apply for each linear foot that needs to be replaced.

Adding on top of the average range of costs with removing your old installation, youll need to spend your dough on the new materials and the labor for reinstalling everything again. Your local carpenter will typically charge you around $4 to $8 per linear foot. And this range will differentiate according to the places you need the replacements for. So choose carefully on which professional you decide to hire for the replacement of your crown molding.

Common Styles Of Crown Molding

Cost to Install Crown Molding

In small rooms with low ceilings, you might consider using the Early American or Federal style of crown molding. However, high ceilings may call for the Colonial Revival style to accentuate a vaulted ceiling.

You can choose to stain and varnish for a natural wood look or use paints to compliment or contrast wall colors or wallpaper coverings. Crown molding is also an excellent complement to wainscoting. Check our to get some creative ideas for coupling crown molding with wainscot.

Depending on your budget and use, there are several types of materials used for crown molding.

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Tools That Are Required For Crown Molding Installations

Projects that involve complicated materials, like crown moldings, will always have a necessity for the right kind of tools. There are two kinds of saws to look for crown molding installations, especially if youre doing the project yourself. There is the compound miter saw and the thin-blade coping saw.

Miter saws allow you to cut wood in a variety of different angles. It has a mounted blade with its swing arm. The saw pivots in a left or right motion and produces angled cuts. The difference between this and the compound miter saw that is mentioned in this section, is that compound miter saws function with a single-directed tilt to produce beveled cuts.

The thin-bladed coping saw is meant to cut curved areas in your woodworking. Although you could just turn on a power tool to get the job done, if you want real precision, the coping saw works best. A coping saw is C-shaped with a steel frame, used with pivoting holders. Commonly, the saw is used for fast, tight curves and helps fit molding together by positioning the miter joint in between the different cuts.

Whois The Most Likely Buyer Of Your Home

When it comes time to show and sell your home,who is the most likely buyer going to be? What is their taste and style?

If you are not sure when you will list andsell this home or how fast it will sell, make sure you are going for more of aneutral and timeless look. You dont want a dozen potential buyers browsingthrough your home, cringing and poking at it, wondering how easy and affordableit will be to remove your work.

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Finger Joint Pine Molding

Finger jointed pine costs approximately $3 to $10 per linear foot and is typically made from solid pine wood. It features smaller pieces joined together in lines of small, interlocking fingers. These have a zig-zag shape and can be painted over if you dont want them to be visible. Because its not one solid piece, finger-jointed pine doesnt twist and warp as much as solid wood.

Ken Winters II of K2carpentry in Port Richey, Florida, said that the price to install finger joint pine molding is $6.50 per linear foot. This price accounts for a 5-inch-wide cove crown. For a 6.5-inch FJP double cove crown, it’s $7.50 per linear foot.

Why Is Crown Molding So Expensive


If you are thinking of installing crown molding in your home, you will quickly find that it is quite expensive.

Crown molding is a feature which adds a tremendous amount of character and a finished look to a home.

The downside of crown molding is that it can be very expensive to install.

Some people skip crown molding all together because of the high pricing that is associated with this addition.

Here are some reasons crown molding is so expensive.

Knowing these reasons may help you reconsider if crown molding is the right fit for your home.

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Installing Crown Molding On Ceiling

Crown molding is most commonly installed along ceilings to open up smaller spaces. On average, crown molding costs between $200 and $700 per room, depending on the size and shape of the space. As far as home additions go, molding is extremely versatile and can be applied to any room with ease.

Living Room $350 – $700

Cost to Install Crown Molding in Bedroom

Installing crown molding in a typical bedroom costs between $200 and $240. Adding molding to the main hallway is a great choice for many open-concept homes in which the living room is directly attached to a hallway. In hallways with lower ceilings, be sure to use a narrower molding. Otherwise, you risk making your space feel more cramped and crowded.

Cost to Install Crown Molding in Living Room

Living rooms are generally much larger than your average bedroom. You can expect to pay between $350 and $700. This is one of the most common places to add crown molding. For smaller rooms, it does a great job of opening up the area and making it appear larger. And for bigger rooms with high ceilings, it can tie the space together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Types And Costs Of Wood To Consider For Crown Molding

Since wood is such a common material that is used for home-related projects, its essential to know the cost breakdown for the types of wood there are to consider. Although we did say that metal is considered to be the most expensive out of the list of materials, depending on the kind of timber you decide to install, you could be looking to spend about $30 per linear foot.

There are many different wooden materials to consider, so think about the moldings that best fit your ideal spaces:

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Unit Costs: How Pros Price

Unlike other websites that publish pricing from unrelated jobs in the past, Homewyse creates up-to-date estimates from current Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method delivers high accuracy by using location, details and options for the unique requirements of each job. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

Polystyrene Or Foam Crown Molding

Crown Molding done by my husband. Very cost saving.

Polystyrene foam is the least expensive crown molding at $1 to $2 per linear foot. Made from high-density Styrofoam and topped with a fiberglass and acrylic plaster, foam crown molding is easily installed with joint compound or construction adhesive, and a kitchen knife can cut through it. Its also slightly flexible, making it a good choice if your wall is not exactly straight. It’s also a cheap crown molding because its lighter and easier to install.


  • It gives off toxic fumes when cutoff-gassing.
  • It will crack in homes with structural shifting issues.
  • It will need to be painted.

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Is Crown Molding Worth Installing

While no one likes an answer of, It depends!, the reality is that crown molding tends to be a personal preference. Some folks love it some dont even notice the added grandeur.

I think it goes to style, says Pat Tasker, a top agent based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I think its usually an indication of higher-quality build and more attention to detail.

That said, Tasker would not advise a seller in her market to add crown molding to their home in hopes of increasing value prior to sale.

I mean, is desirable, but its emotional value. It doesnt add any financial value, says Tasker. are better off putting in real hardwood floors than crown molding.

Input from home appraiser Cody Bunch, of For What Its Worth Appraisals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, aligns with agent feedback. Crown molding theoretically can add value, but its not a given.

Similar to a pool, the improvement has value, but the market in which it exists determines the effect, says Bunch. There is no clear answer. Crown molding, paint, updated flooring, updated fixtures, etc. can all be improvements which increase the marketability of a home and in turn provide an increase in value, but these improvements are usually not dollar for dollar.

Colonial Style Crown Molding

Colonial style crown molding originated circa 1725 to 1820 and is characterized by the simple, classic designs of the Georgian era. You can recognize this type of molding by its diverse stacked lines, creating a textured and elegant look. Due to its simplicity and clean-cut look, Colonial style crown molding is a very versatile option for any room in your home.

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How To Hire A Professional

To hire a crown molding pro, start by searching for high-rated specialists on Thumbtack. Look at their ratings and reviews, paying special attention to any customer reviews that include photos of their work.

Be sure to ask the pro questions how long will the project take? How many people will be in the house? Do they provide free estimates or consultations? What can you do to help them prepare?

If the pro gives a free estimate, make sure they do a detailed job of breaking down how much you can expect to pay. This may involve an in-person or remote walk-through of the house. For more tips on how to hire a pro, read Thumbtacks Smart Hiring guide.

Mdf Crown Molding Cost

Crown Molding Installation Tricks – Part 2 – Make it easy…

Medium-density fiberboard is a combination of sawdust and resin and is one of the least expensive crown options. On average, it costs between $1 and $7 per linear foot. Most MDF moldings are supposed to be painted, though you can find some options that are made with a thin veneer for staining. MDF is fairly durable, but it is much softer than other materials, making it more prone to scratches.

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Crown Molding On Coffered Ceiling

Installing crown molding on a coffered ceiling is a great way to add a dynamic look to your space. Coffered ceilings resemble a grid that is complete with beams that crisscross in diagonal or horizontal lines. By adding crown molding to these versatile ceilings, you add depth and dimension to your space. Several crown molding options allow you to customize your homes look. Among the best options are ridged, beveled, and scalloped cut molding.

Egg And Dart Crown Molding

Egg and Dart moldings feature a unique design that alternates between oval-shaped objects and arrows . On average, this type of crown molding costs between $8 and $30 per linear foot. Originally, this design was used in classical architecture throughout Europe since the Renaissance. Today, it can be seen in homes all across the country.

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Cost To Paint Crown Molding

For an average job of about 100 linear feet, the cost to paint crown molding is between $1 and $3 per linear foot depending on the materials used, job size, and size of molding. If youre going to paint it, youll want to do some trial runs with a few different paints. Its recommended that you use 1 lengths, paint them, and then temporarily install them. This will allow you to live with the color for a bit before making a final decision.

Wood Crown Molding Cost

Crown Molding: Installing, Cost, Tips &  Ideas 2021

Wood crown molding prices vary depending on the type of wood. Cherry molding costs more than maple or oak molding. Cherry crown molding prices range from $4-$6 per linear foot without installation, maple from $2-$5 per linear foot without installation. Soft maple molding is usually less expensive than hard maple molding. Oak crown molding costs range from $2-5 per linear foot without installation. Poplar crown molding is usually the cheapest wood crown molding poplar molding costs around $2-$3 per linear foot without installation. With installation, average cherry crown molding prices are around $14-$16 per linear foot, maple is around $12-$15 per linear foot, oak is around $12-$15 per linear foot, and poplar is around $12-$13 per linear foot.

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Hiring A Professional Or Professionals Through House Tipster

Homeowners prefer to retain the appearance of the space within their homes. This is especially the case when an allotted period of time is applied. However, in that long pocket of time, whether its sooner or later, your crown molding will either need to be replaced, newly installed or physically altered. It is knowing how to do these things and the costs applied that will eventually traverse their way back to you. This will act as half the battle.

And one of the many considerations that you should account for is how you can find a professional that can conclusively aid you with the long process of installing, replacing or removing your crown molds. And although you could probably do it all yourself, it can be quite a tedious list of tasks to fulfill, consuming hours, or most likely days of your time. Within the extent of your written notes and research, youll begin to wonder how you can find the perfect professional for these jobs.

As stated previously in many other articles that have been written on this site, all of the labor that stacks along with a DIY can be quite stressful but fret no longer, that stress can easily be relieved. So think about hiring the professionals located near your area! Find multiple estimates by checking out House Tipster, and choose the perfect professional for your home repair needs. How much does it cost to install kitchen cabinets? Find out from professionals near you!

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Doesadding Crown Molding To Your Home Increase Its Value

Contrary to other sources you may have read, adding crown molding is very unlikely to add any value to your home.

Real estate appraisers do not have a line itemfor value for molding and trim. It doesnt matter if there is no crown molding,or you have solid gold crown molding decorated with hanging Birkin bags. Youwont get an extra dime in appraised value for your home.

That means that no matter how much you putinto this feature, you wont get a single dime more when it comes to a buyerwho is using a mortgage loan to buy your home.

That doesnt mean to say that crown moldingand trim doesnt add appeal or perceived value. Depending on the buyer andhome, some may really love it, and make it the one they want. It may make thehome feel of better quality than competing homes on the market. In this case,if the buyer is paying all cash, they might be willing to pay a little more tobeat out any competition. Just dont confuse this with tangible value you cantake to the bank for a refinance, home equity loan, or a buyer who needs amortgage.

Molding adds appeal, not appraised value.

Your Realtor may love you for making their jobeasier and your home may sell faster, but dont count on getting more money forit.

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