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How Expensive Is Mold Remediation

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take

How Much Should Mold Remediation Cost? Find Out If You Are Being Overcharged!

The time it takes to get rid of mold in your home depends on the severity of the issue and the company you choose to hire. Some companies might be able to complete the process in one to five days. Or, it might take closer to a week for others. If you decide to get a mold inspection, it might take a few days for the labs to report back on the findings from the mold test.

Average Mold Remediation Cost Per Square Foot

Professional mold removal costs between $15 and $30 per square foot. The average cost for mold mitigation in a 100 square foot room will run $1,500$3,150. When mold growth becomes an issue in your home, you will need to consider three main categories of related expenses when looking at the final cost:

  • The cost of testing for and identifying the location and type of mold.
  • The cost of cleaning, remediation, and removing the mold, and of addressing the cause.
  • The cost of restoring affected materials if they were damaged or removed.

Overall, the final mold cleaning cost will depend on where the mold is in the home and how extensive the damage is. Most companies prefer to charge per hour, in line with prevailing rates in their area. The average cost to hire a mold abatement professional is $75$120/hour.

What You Should Know Before Hiring Mold Removal Help

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We know mold removal can be a daunting task. Where should you begin? And how can you get it done right at a reasonable price? Well, the truth is that mold removal isnt as complicated as its often made out to be. The right mold professional can guide you through the process while charging a reasonable price. Weve created a DIY Mold Removal eBook so everyone can easily learn how to identify and approach mold in their home before consulting with a professional.

So here are Moldmans tips for finding the right pro to get your job done right without breaking the bank.

**Note: For the purpose of this article, Mold Removal, Mold Remediation, Mold Abatement and Mold Mitigation are interchangeable terms that essentially mean fixing a mold problem in a structure.

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Mold Remediation Scams And Scares

Mold remediation itself is not a scam. But within the mold remediation industry are scammers and those who try to create an air of panic around it. The presence of mold is often used as a scare tactic and a bargaining chip on real estate property inspections.

Mold remediation companies certainly do good work when the mold is widespread and is in a public institution or in commercial buildings. And while most mold is not toxic, some mold can be hazardous. For this, you want a licensed, experienced professional dealing with the mold.

Too many so-called mold professionals try to use scare tactics. Reputable mold remediation companies try hard not to, but sometimes it’s difficult to get accurate information dispensed to the public without causing concerns over health.

Mold problems that we see today are problems that we unknowingly created ourselves, and they are not problems we had only a few decades ago. Since the mid- to late-1970s, federal requirements have directed that homes become more energy efficient. The more energy efficient the home, the tighter that home is sealed, and the less natural breathability the home has.

Mold Remediation Cost Estimator By Location

Cost Of Mold Remediation

The entire cost of mold remediation per square foot can differ based on where the mold infestation is spreading in your home and depending on the extent of the mold. Mold growth does not develop in the same conditions in every room of the house.

Why Is This?

  • Some sites have a greater surface area for mold to thrive on, resulting in a more severe mold infestation.
  • Locations can be more susceptible to wetness and dampness than others, making them suitable for mold spores.
  • Specific areas are more difficult to clean and restore, resulting in greater labor mold remediation expenses.
  • There can be areas more prone to structural deterioration from mold, resulting in costly restorations.

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Do You Need Mold Remediation And Removal

If youve got mold in your home, workplace, or any building, you need to have it safely removed as soon as possible. You should never let mold remediation costs hold you back from getting these services. After all, the health of you and your family is on the line!

GreenWorks takes a scientific approach to mold remediation and removal. No matter how complex your problem might be, you can rest assured well get it taken care of the right way.

If you have any questions about the estimated price of mold remediation, removal, inspection, or testing, please reach out to GreenWorks. Our team of experts will answer all of your questions. We have helped thousands of homeowners in the Wall Township, NJ area safely get rid of their mold problems. Let us help you, too!

Overall Cost Of Mold Removal In Your Entire House

If you have mold and harmful spores throughout your home, expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 for treatment. This price includes both the cleanup procedure and the expense of repairing water damage. If you want to avoid mold in the future, consider replacing windows, upgrading your basement drainage system, and having the soil surrounding your property regraded. This job necessitates the replacement of walls, carpeting, and other home fixtures, which adds to the overall cost.

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The Process Of Mold Remediation

The Environmental Protection Agency notes that any moldy areas less than 10 square feet can be remediated by the homeowner. Beyond that, you may want to talk to a mold remediation contractor. In most cases, it is better to have a mold remediation contractor do the work than a general contractor.

Even though chlorine bleach is often used to kill mold, bleach is not an EPA-approved biocide. For that, you will need to use a product such as Mold Stat. If a space with 3 feet by 3 feet of mold growth is heavily concentrated or near the HVAC system, it should be contained to prevent dispersal.

Mold Removal Cost Of Materials

Kitchen Mold Removal: What Does It Cost?

Your mold removal cost might range from $2,000 and $20,000 depending on how much damage the mold created before you discovered it and took action to remove it. These charges include the labor expenditures as well as the removal and repair of any surfaces. You might include the following:

  • Drywall Repair $1,000 to $2,500
  • Fix a Leaking Roof $350 to $1,250
  • Flooring Repair $200 to $500
  • Install New Carpeting $750 to $2,500
  • Seal the Foundation $2,000 to $6,200

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Basement Mold Remediation Cost

Most mold removal companies would consider the basement as hard to access areas and will consequently attach a premium price to working in those areas. Rates for removing any type of mold in basements is more or less the same as crawl spaces so expect to pay amounts in the range of $350 to $,3,200 depending on the size of your basement, how hard it is to access, and the size and type of mold growing in it.

Basements are easy to ignore when it comes to mold formation yet they happen to the most vulnerable. Ensure that any leakage or moisture in your basement is eliminated before it causes mold formation. Mold in the basement will generally affect the entire building because of the air rising to the above rooms.

Practice Mold Prevention In Your Home

Understand that moisture is the key to any mold growth. For this reason, it is very important that you regularly practice mold prevention at home in order to thwart any future mold problems. This includes taking actions such as leaving on the bathroom fan until the moisture has dissipated after a shower, turning on AC fan when you cook, opening windows periodically to allow fresh air to filter in and moisture to filter out.

It also includes mopping up any water from hard surfaces and especially from fabrics or carpets. If you spill water on the carpet, dry it up immediately. The longer it is allowed to sit there, the higher the chances that mold can grow. This is something to consider during the winter months especially when the colder temperatures might not dry out carpet as effectively as a hot summer day.

If you notice any leaks or sources of moisture in your home, fix them immediately and dry everything in the affected area. If any type of porous material has been damaged irreparably, throw it away immediately.

Pro Tip: To learn more about the best ways to keep mold out of your home, check out this complete guide.

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Other Things You Should Take Into Consideration When Hiring Professional Help

  • Experience is so important. A company that has been in the business for 10+ years will be prepared for any situation and will know how to best handle your job.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to have your HVAC air ducts professionally cleaned since air ducts can collect dust and mold spores. For more information about duct cleaning, please refer to the EPA Publication Should You Have The Air Ducts In Your Home Cleaned?
  • Some mold remediation companies also do restoration work, just like a general contractor. Restoration can often cost far more than the remediation depending on the style of home, building materials used, etc.

To sum it all up, hiring a mold professional doesnt have to be as confusing as you may think. There are plenty of good ones out there. The good ones wont push unnecessary testing, will charge reasonable prices, are able to clearly explain what work they will be doing, use professional practices & equipment, and have lots of experience.

Mold Removal Cost By Type Of Mold

2020 Mold Removal Cost

If you are experiencing mold in and around your home, you should hire a professional for immediate removal. Mold removal cost is anywhere between $500 and $7,000. More than 100 different types of mold exist, each differing in their appearance, location, side effects, and cost for removal. Most mold removals cost a similar amount. Toxic forms are slightly higher due to the increased need for safety equipment. The chart below highlights the most common types of mold seen in homes and their respective removal costs, including labor and materials.

Type of Mold
$2,000 – $7,000

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Whole House Mold Remediation Cost

If mold and toxic spores are present in your whole house, expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 for remediation. This cost includes both the remediation process and the cost of water damage repair. If you want to ensure mold is prevented in the future, you may opt for replacing windows, improving your basement drainage system, and having the land regraded around the house foundation. This project requires the replacement of drywall, carpets, and other household fixtures, adding to the total cost of the project.

Getting A Mold Removal Estimate In The Greater Boston Area

Looking for a quote on some mold removal services in the Boston Area? At Silver Environmental, we have over 20 years of service, removing and remediating mold. We have a near perfect

, and the experience needed to get rid of your home problem.

Give us a call today, or fill out our contact form, in order to speak with an expert. We offer free inspections in order to help you identify the mold problem in your business, and take the right approach to eliminate it.

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What Increases The Cost Of Mold Removal

If you choose to clean up the mold yourself, there are many costs that need to be considered. You may have some of the necessary items at home, but most likely you will need to purchase quite a few supplies at the store. Other costs will be accrued because you will need to rent specific equipment that is used for mold cleanup.

  • Plastic sheets and duct tape to prevent cross contamination.
  • Negative air machines to filter the mold spores in the air and aid in the containment.
  • A wire brush to scrub the affected area.
  • A HEPA-filtered vacuum.
  • Biocide to sanitize all surfaces.
  • Protective clothing such as goggles, a face mask, rubber gloves, etc.
  • New materials for remodeling such as drywall, insulation, paint, etc.
  • Dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.
  • Fans to dry the area once the cleanup is complete.
  • New flexible ducts in the HVAC system.
  • Testing procedures to verify that the mold is gone.

Amazing Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

How much does it cost to have mold remediation done?

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Pricing Guide: How Much Does Mold Remediation Cost

Mold remediation costs an average of $2,347, with most homeowners paying between $1,373 and $3,325 or between $13.33 and $28.33 per square foot. Small-scale mold remediation projects average around $458, while the average cost for large-scale mold remediation is $6,333. If the moldy area is less than 10 square feet, you can save some cash and remove it yourself.

Mold remediation involves removing mold colonies from surfaces inside your home. Your pro will remove the colony, return the area to a normal humidity level, and repair and replace structural materials. In most cases, a pro will also remedy the underlying cause of the mold, such as a leak.

Total costs will vary depending on the mold colonys location, size, and damage. If you want to correct a roof leak or waterproof your basement out of concern for future mold growth, our pricing guide has those costs covered as well.

The Total Cost Of Removing Mold Or Asbestos

The total cost to remove and remediate mold or other hazardous materials from your home or commercial space depends on the location and size of the project and its complexity. Once we determine the following information, we can give you an accurate quote and have you on your way to cleaner, fresher air:

Based on our experience, most small mold removal projects cost around $1000. Because of the complexity associated with asbestos removal, including doffing and shower requirements for our team, these types of more hazardous projects typically cost a minimum of $1500.

At got mold?â¢, our main goal is to get you breathing fresh, clean indoor air. For a quote on mold or asbestos testing or inspection, contact the got mold?⢠team with information on the location, size and complexity of your project.

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Materials Cost For Mold Repair

Depending on how much damage the mold caused before you found it and took steps to get rid of it, your mold remediation costs could increase between $2,000 and $20,000. These prices include both removal and repair of any surfaces, and they include the labor costs. You may include:

  • Drywall Repair $1,000 to $2,500
  • Fix a Leaking Roof $350 to $1,250
  • Flooring Repair $200 to $500
  • Install New Carpeting $750 to $2,500
  • Seal the Foundation $2,000 to $6,200

What Causes Mold Growth

Attic Mold Remediation Cost

Any wet or moist area in your home is susceptible to mold growth. Mold spores thrive in dark, dank areas like bathrooms, attics and crawl spaces but mold can also grow anywhere these conditions are present. Pay extra attention to areas of your home that frequently experience leaks, condensation or poor ventilation.

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Mold Inspection And Testing Cost

A mold inspection is essential for your familys health and well-being and ranges in cost from $450 to $800, with most people paying around $500 to inspect a 2,500 sq.ft. home, obtain two samples, and conduct laboratory testing. Typically, the price depends on the homes square footage and how many mold samples are obtained. At the low end of the spectrum, you pay $300 for a 1,000 sq.ft. area.

Mold is a fungus and requires moisture to grow and flourish. Even in small quantities, the mold spores can quickly become airborne in the home and lead to health problems for the inhabitants. The mold spreads and causes extensive structural damage. This situation requires repairs and mold remediation.

Mold testing is not always necessary. Many specialists agree that if you see mold, its enough to treat it. Therefore, testing is not always necessary. However, if your insurance requires it or you have specific health concerns that may be mold related, you can have your home tested. Always make sure you use an independent, third party testing agency. If you hire a mold remediation company, it is important to make sure they use a third party testing agency.

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