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What To Use To Kill Mold In Bathroom

Squier By Fender Contemporary Active Stratocaster

How to REMOVE Mold from Your Bathroom Walls, Grout and Silicone QUICKLY- Twin Plumbing

For metal lovers, its now easy to play this music with a Strat. The Squire is designed to provide what premium Fender guitars can, only that you have to spend less than $500. The electronics of the guitar are designed to support heavy rock players.

The guitar has maintained the famous double-cutaway design which is famous with other electric guitars. The body is made of solid poplar. The guitar comes in two colors Flat Black and Olympic White. The C shaped neck is bolted to the body and is made of maple. The fretboard is made of rosewood and contains 22 jumbo frets.

The guitar has abandoned the standard single-coils and adapted the Squire Active Humbuckers which can be found on the neck and bridge positions. You will also sport the master tone and master volume controls, as well as the three-way selector switch. There is an addition of a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.

It may look like a Strat, but it doesnt sound like one. The hardware delivers high output, which goes well with hard rock and metal. It may have a sterile pickup compared to premium guitars, but for a price you are paying, we believe you are getting the best value.

Why this Guitar?

The design is beautiful, and you are getting almost everything that a Fender may offer. It costs less than a Fender, and it also gives you the ability to play hard rock.


  • Outstanding sound for a Strat
  • Very versatile

Best Electric Guitars Under $500

Our guide to 15 of the best guitars you can buy for under 500 bucks.

Whether youre on a strict budget for your first axe or youre looking for a project guitar, here are our picks of the best electric guitars under $500.

We picked these guitars based on two main criteria: their uniqueness and the value of their feature set, construction and specs. As youd expect, Asia-made models from big brands dominate this list. And thats simply because theyre able to produce good quality at immense economies of scale.

What Are Hollow Body Guitars Good For

Hollow body guitars have acoustic characteristics delivering clear and mellow tones. Traditionally, this type of guitar is a mainstay in jazz and blues. But, their use has extended to alternative rock genres. With a tendency to feedback under high gain, some artists have used this trait to their advantage. Ted Nugent is a case in point.

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Removal Of Cigarette Smoke From Popcorn Ceiling

Suppose you are a regular smoker or any smoker living in your house. You can see nicotine and smoke stains on your popcorn ceilings. You can try to clean it with the bleach solution to get rid of it. However, hydrogen peroxide is also the best alternative.

  • Pour the hydrogen peroxide solution into the spray bottle and spray this cleaning solution on the popcorn ceiling.
  • Allow it for drying, and repeat the process for the best results.

Best Electric Guitars Under 500 Buying Guide

How To Kill Mold In Bathroom Wall

So, lets say you want to learn how to play the guitar professionally, and do you want to break the bank buying an expensive guitar. What should you do in that case?

In our opinion, investing in a premium electric guitar is a good idea. But if you are using it for practicing, and not bigtime performances, an electric guitar within the 500-dollar range is what you should consider buying.

How do you select the best electric guitar out of the numerous options available in the market?

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Fender American Professional Ii Telecaster

Body: AlderPickups: V-Mod II Single-Coil Tele

Fender American Professional II Telecaster

The new Professional II Telecaster features a bolt-on Deep-C neck, 22 frets and V Mod II Tele pickups. In terms of woods, the body is made from alder, with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard. It also comes with a sculpted neck that makes it easier to reach higher frets. For the money, this is one of the best telecasters you can buy.

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to helping musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices like the Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, we hope to assist musicians in achieving their full potential. Click here to find out more.Got a question about the Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at , were happy to help!

Quality Tuning Keys And The Difference They Make

You’ll have upgraded tuners on the finer guitars as well.

It might not seem like much, but great tuning keys are one of those luxuries that once you’ve had them, you never want to go back.

One of the best features, of course, are locking tuners that really help lock the guitar in tune. They clamp onto the string and hold it tight. You’re not messing around with lots of string wrapped around the peg that can loosen and slip. These tuners do a great job and really reduce the need to re-tune.

The other thing to consider about finer tuners is a higher gear ratio. The higher the ratio, the more turns of the gear it takes to make a single turn of the key.

What this does is it gives you greater control over the fine tuning of the string.

With a high ratio you’re never stuck with the string being a little flat, or a little sharp, you can hit the note spot on every time. This sort of precision is rarely available in budget models.

Taken individually, it might not seem like any one of these improvements is a big deal. A little bit here, a little bit there. But bring them together in a single electric guitar and you’ve got one sweet instrument. It’s a guitar that will have great action and resonance. It’ll look awesome and feel good in your hands. And it will stay in tune and be a joy to play. You can’t ask much more of an electric guitar. If you can afford one of these wonderful six-strings, you’ll be the envy of everyone on the block.

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Fender Player Series Stratocaster

Pickups: Player Series Alnico 5 Strat Single-Coil

The Player series by Fender represents the best value in their entire lineup at the moment, providing excellent specs and modern features at a great price. This Mexican-made Strat comes with an alder body, a Modern-C neck profile and three single coil pickups, as well as 22 frets on a maple fretboard. This is essentially the best stratocaster you can get for under $1,000, with specs good enough for beginners and professionals alike.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro Electric Guitar

How To Remove Black Mold From Your Bathroom Ceiling

While theres still 9 more guitars to talk about on this list, you really cant go wrong with stopping here, at the Les Paul Standard. This guitar is one of the most sought-after electrics in its price range. If youve ever played a Les Paul Epiphone before, you know what were talking about. Besides being a legendary guitar invented by the artist, inventor, and guitarist, Les Paul, this guitar also has what it takes to be legit, such as ProBucker-2 and ProBucker-3 pickups with coil-tapping. You can find this guitar for literally one dollar under $500 at most stores.

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How To Remove Mold In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are prime hot spots for household mold.

Your bathroom can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, largely due to poor ventilation, water and humidity sources but mold doesnt have to be a foregone conclusion. Manage humidity with Concrobium Moisture Grabbers and if you do encounter any mold, use Concrobium Mold Control to clean and remove mold in the bathroom: in shower stalls, bath tubs, behind toilets, in cabinets and on ceilings, tiles and walls.

Squier By Fender Jim Root Telecaster

The Squier by Fender Jim Root Telecaster is an iconic electric guitar at a budget-friendly rate. It boasts a 12-inch fingerboard radius. The Rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of elegance along with a smooth surface.

This class guitar has a robust design that reflects the stage personality of the famous Slipknot guitarist, Root. It also has EMG active dual-passive pick-ups. The fingerboard appears flat but has a decent curvature that makes it a very comfortable instrument to play.

This classic guitar also offers extra stability through high-quality locking tuners. The Jim Root Telecaster is a must-buy for stage performers. It sports a dark, classy Mahogany finish with all-black controls, tuners, buttons, and more.

The Jim Root Telecaster is strategically designed to allow changing strings quicker and simpler. It also makes bending notes easier using the slight curve at the edges. It is a great buy for someone who is looking to play some heavy metal guitar or hard rock. Thus, it is safe to say that this iconic design can be considered under the best electric guitar under $500 list.

Top Features:

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How Do I Choose An Electric Guitar

The answer varies on a few different factors. Note that, it is vital to choose a guitar that is going to be comfortable, affordable, and suits your personality.

You want your guitar to be suited for you so you can stay motivated because learning how to play is such a rewarding thing to do! You want your guitar to reflect who you are, and to be suited to the genres of music you plan on playing with it.

What Is The Best Metal Guitar For Under $500 In 2021

Mold Removal Bathroom Ceiling

As I already mention at the starting of this list:

ESP LTD EC-256 is the best metal guitar to buy for under 500 dollars in 2021. With its excellent tonewood combination, stylish-looking body, high-output pickups, and quality hardware, it is hard to beat in the same price range.

Do you agree with me? I want to your put down your opinion about these metal guitar recommendations. What do think, what are the factors you consider before choosing any guitar for yourself? Your thoughts could help other people to make their decision in a better way!

Also, dont forget to share this list of guitars with your friends and family on your social handles and keep enjoying your music, stay healthy!

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Best Electric Guitar And Amp Packages For Kids

The greatest joy in the world is to see your kid happy, isnt that correct? Well, nowadays a lot of children dreamed of being rock stars, and yes, this might be their parents dream before. Also, there is nothing greater than seeing your child smiling after having a six-string fella as a present. No matter how long your child will play, it is worth every penny to fulfill their dream to be one of those big bad uncles from the poster of the street.Fortunately, there are amazing guitars for kids with the correct sizes and colors for them. And there are also packages which are a better option if your kid wants an electric guitar and amp. Besides, some of the best ones are an exact copy of the great Fender and Gibson together with a mini-Marshall amp or similar. Also, you could think about an electric guitar with a built-in speaker which is a very trending and cool instrument lately.

Best Electric Guitar Under $: Top 5

Who doesnt love to rock out to their favourite jam? If youre a guitarist looking to up the ante when it comes to your instrument collection, youve come to the right place. Here, weve put together a list of the best electric guitars under $500 for your choosing.

Remember the classic rock band Blink 182? Well this electric guitar has been designed with the exact specifications of their lead guitarist Tom Delonge.

Offering a funky new archtop combined with a semi-hollow body build, as well as the raw power of the 100% USA-made Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker pickup, this beauty is a one of a kind signature model that all your bandmates will envy.

Featuring a rosewood fretboard, a mahogany centre block for incredible sustainability, and a maple laminate body for a smooth, slick finish, you wont be able to stop once you start.

Also boasting a mahogany neck joined at the seventeenth fret, as well as the trademark Delonge design of cream stripes on a brown background, this model looks just as good as it sounds.

From one of the biggest names in the music industry comes the Yamaha Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This beauty combines the classic style and extensive knowledge of the expert craftspeople at Yamaha.

With a built-in pick-up system, a cutaway body design, and a high quality tuner, this Yamaha guitar has everything you need to perfect your strumming and performance.

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Best Electric Guitars: Buying Advice

For us, the title “best electric guitar” conjures up images of an instrument that is of a certain standard. These guitars dont need to be expensive – as you can see from the beginner-friendly options on this list – but they do need to be well finished, reliable, and sound fantastic. Every guitar in this guide certainly passes this test and would be more than good enough to take center stage at any concert, make magic happen in a recording studio, or feel at home as the perfect sofa companion.

Whether you are looking to add a new guitar to your ever-growing collection or pick up your first instrument, there are a few things to keep in mind. The best way to think about guitars is like tools in a toolbox. They all do different jobs and have their own strengths and weaknesses. If a Gibson Les Paul is a hammer – powerful, straightforward, and heavy – then the PRS Special Semi-Hollow is the electric multi-tool. The PRS has so much more functionality, it is sure to get a number of jobs done – but sometimes a hammer is still the best option.

When choosing your next guitar, think about what sound your collection is missing, and go from there.

Prs Se Standard 24 Electric Guitar

How To Get Rid of Bathroom Mold Naturally (2 Ways To Kill Bathroom Mold!)

Paul reed Smith is a guitar company many players dont know much about, but they make some amazing instruments. They feature a standard model under $500 which has a whole host of great features youre going to love.

This guitar has a mahogany body and a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. I like the double cutaway as you can hit the higher frets with ease. I found the neck to be very easy to play as its smooth which you would expect in a guitar that costs this much. Theres two humbuckers so you can play rock, blues and many other styles. Theres a volume knob, and the tone control features a coil tap. The coil tap allows you to get more sounds out of the guitar and can make the humbuckers sound like single coil pickups.


  • Lovely PRS bird inlays on fretboard
  • Looks stunning
  • No locking nut for tremolo
  • Not as nice as some other PRS models

Final Verdict

Considering many Paul Reed Smith guitars cost thousands, its an outright steal to get one under $400. I was amazed at how well this guitar plays and feels. The tones you can get out of it are very nice and it sounds like a much higher priced guitar. I found that this guitar played very smooth and its amazing that it costs such a low price. Ive played guitars that were more expensive that didnt play as well as this PRS did, so in my opinion its an excellent buy. Paul Reed Smith is really underestimated in the quality of guitars they make. I would have a good look at the PRS SE as its exceptional for under $500.

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What To Look For In A $200 Cheap Guitar

Even though the choice in this budget range is not as expansive as, say, the $300 to $500 range, there are still many different manufacturers and styles on offer.

Ultimately your style and musical tastes will define the best kind of affordable guitar to go for. For example, if classic rock n roll is your thing, a Squier Telecaster will definitely suit you, whereas if metal is your passion, a Warlock from B.C. Rich will be worth checking out.

The woods used on the body and neck are worth considering too, although are unlikely to be a defining factor when you consider your purchase. Basswood features heavily as the body wood of many guitars in this price range because its affordable and has decent tonal properties.

You will also find cheaper to produce woods like poplar and alder, although the traditionally more premium mahogany is also found on budget guitars these days.

Youll also find mahogany on some necks, while maple is the most popular in this price range. Both are sturdy, strong and smooth, which is everything you need from a neck.

Looking at the hardware and a good fixed bridge is sometimes more important than a tremolo-style bridge especially if you are a beginner. Save the vibrato effects and epic divebombs for later on, when youre a more confident player. A fixed bridge will also help keep your tuning in tact.

Both are as common as each other in this budget range, and a guitar with a mix of both will offer you the best versatility.

Silvertone Classic 1478 Electric Guitar

  • Vintage vibe with a great playing neck
  • Bigsby Trem System
  • Produces bright, punchy tones
  • Comfortable to play

For those looking for a truly classic guitar that takes you back to the 60s, then this Silvertone Classic 1478 is what you might want. It comes with a retro style and is based on the original 1478 that was released back in 1963. However, it does have some modern upgrades to help produce a bright and punchy tone that can help you recreate surf rock, blues, and more.

This guitar has the standard asymmetrical double-cutaway mahogany body, maple top, and a modern C-shaped mahogany neck. Featuring a rosewood fretboard, the instrument comes with 20 nickel-silver frets. One of its modern upgrades includes a fully adjustable chrome bridge, including an authentic Bigsby tremolo tailpiece. It features sealed chrome vintage-style tuners. The Silvertone Classic 1478 is able to achieve the vintage sound thanks to two Silvertone-designed chrome-covered coil pickups. Because it uses similar materials as the original guitar, it produces a comparable sound and tone.

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