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How To Clean Mold From Boat Seats

M 09067 Marine Mildew Stain Remover

How To Boat/Marine: Easy clean mold mildew from vinyl boat seats & interior

If you have been having the difficulty in removing mildew from boat seats for a while and have not found the right product, then I would highly-recommend this mildew stain remover from 3M.

This product takes pride in having a research-based formula that effectively removes stains found in the boat seats.

I have personally used this product before and found it to be effective in removing stains coming from mildew and even molds. I was amazed at the flexibility of this product in cleaning different surfaces such as canvas, vinyl, wood, and a whole lot more.

For people who want to take it easy during the cleaning activity, this product is perfect for them. In fact, it is so easy to use with its spray-bottle container. You do not need to exert a lot of effort as this only requires minimal scrubbing to get the job done.

I was also impressed by how this product infiltrates into the source of the fungus to completely remove and prevent it from multiplying further. I can guarantee that this product will be a good option if you want to have a stain-free boat seat.

Meanwhile, as good as this product is, the only minor issue I found is the smell it produces when being used. I found it too strong and is comparable with the strong smell of a bleach product.

  • Infiltrates to the source of the fungus to completely remove the mildew
  • Comes with a bleach-like smell

What To Do If Stains And Mold Wont Come Out

Not all boat seat stains come out. There are some stubborn stains that are impossible to remove; permanent marker and/or pen ink are some of those things.;

If you have stains that wont come out of your vinyl boat seats, I would suggest replacing or reupholstering them. This can be very expensive, but unfortunately, there is no other option.

For mold that has sunk deep into your seats, replacing them would be the only option. Mold thats grown onto the inside of your seats can make you sick. Also, if left untreated, it can spread to other conjoining seats on your boat. Its best to treat mold when first sighted because if it spreads, your seats are garbage.

Hopefully, youll be able to keep your seats clean by following the advice and tips in this article so you wont have to replace or reupholster them.

How To Protect Your Boats Seats While Parked:

Maintenance is important to keeping your boat seats looking great, but it is not the only thing that you should be doing.

When you are not using the boat, you should cover your boat for its own protection. This will prevent all kinds of dirt and damage to your boat.

If you do not want to cover the entire boat, which can be a pain at times, you could look into boat seat covers.

When looking for boat seat covers make sure that you find some that are breathable to prevent mildew. You will also want to be sure your covers are made with a fabric that blocks UV rays.

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Boaters Edge Be1922 Mildew Stain Remover

This is convincingly one of the best mold and mildew stain removers. It is formulated with buffered bleach technology, which will not harm threads or stitches, making it perfect for use on .

I was skeptical of using this product at first because of its smell. Although not intense, it still made me uncomfortable when exposed. Thus, I always make sure to wear protective equipment while using this product. Additionally, working in a well-ventilated space is my preference to get rid of fumes quickly.

However, I noticed that some stubborn mold and mildew stains remained after the first application. So, I had to reapply the stain remover and did some light scrubbing with soft bristles before rinsing. You may also experience multiple applications and light scrubbing when you use this product, especially for severe mold and mildew stains.

Still, I consider this product as a fast-acting solution for removing mold from boat seats. Why? It is because almost 95% of the molds and mildews on my boat seats were washed off with only one application.

Furthermore, this product is easy to use and apply. Simply spray the formula on the surface and let it dwell for a few minutes. One thing I noticed while letting it rest is how yellowish my boat seats turned, which is the mold and mildews reaction from being lifted off the seats by the stain remover.

  • Stubborn mold and mildew stains require multiple applications

Other Important Factors To Consider

8 Best Mildew Removers for Boat Seats Reviewed & Rated in 2021

Now that you know what are the main factors to consider when choosing the right mildew remover, its time to know more about them. What exactly are mildew removers? Why are they effective at removing mildew?

What is a Mildew Remover for Boat Seats?

A mildew remover for boat seats is a type of cleaning solution that is designed to clean and remove mildew, which is a type of fungus, from boat seats.

Mildew removers are a necessity for boat owners because boat seats are incredibly susceptible to mildew since they are constantly exposed to environments and weather conditions that are favorable to the growth and spread of mildew. Mildew removers help clean and remove these tough fungi which can cause potential health issues when inhaled.

How Does It Work?

Mildew removers remove and clean mildew by killing the fungis spores. They do this through the use of acids from which most removers are formulated. Acids are incredibly effective in killing mold and mildew spores which is why its a common ingredient in mildew removers.

Why Do You Need a Mildew Remover?

As mentioned before, boat seats and boats in general are susceptible to the growth and spread of mildew because of the environment and weather conditions to which they are constantly exposed to.

Mildew thrives on areas that have high moisture, and it tends to spread quickly, especially on surfaces like boat seats. Moreover, it can cause serious health problems when inhaled.

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Spray Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

Take your mold and mildew remover spray and give a liberal spritz all over your seats. Pull back cushions where the seats might fold so you can really get into those nooks and crannies. As a general rule, youre going to want to be generous with your application to really get the stuff to work.

Once everything is nice and coated in the spray, leave it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. This should help the formula really work its magic and eat away at those stubborn stains. If your mold and mildew stains arent too old, this might be all you need to get the job done.

Mildew Remover For Boat Seats Faqs

How do You Remove Mildew from Vinyl Boat Seats?

A lot of boat experts have something to say in terms of removing mildew from vinyl boat seats. In fact, a lot of them offer different solutions and products that they think are effective in removing the stains found in the boat seat.

However, for us, the easiest way to remove mildew and even mold is to use high-quality products that only remove the stains but completely eradicate mildew and molds effectively.

These are cleaner that has the ability to penetrate and remove the source of the stain which is the fungi. There are also several mildew removers that have the ability to discourage and prevent the fungi from coming back again after the cleanup.

Finally, the product we have presented were tested and was used extensively for us to be able to know the most effective for our readers. We have experience and see for our selves how this product performs in real condition and see the result.

How do You Remove Mildew from Upholstery?

Again, there are a lot of opinions and suggestions regarding this which is good and there are a lot of products to choose from to clean a boat upholstery. Since the upholstery of your boat is different from other surfaces, it is important for you to choose a stain remover that contains unharmful but effective chemicals.

Can You use Bleach on Vinyl Boat Seats?

How to Prevent Mildew on Boat Seats?

What is The Warranty Policy?

Where to Buy?

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Cleaning Products For Boat Seats

After decades of playing with boats, I have found some cleaning products that I count on to do the best job for me. One might expect that you would have to spend a bunch of money on marine only cleaners. However, thats not what Ive found, and I dont just work on cheap beginner boats. I have boats that are upwards of $50,000 and I use the same products if theyre required.

On youll most often see examples of projects being done to some pretty neglected boats. This is done with purpose, because when most people begin boating, they do it with a beginner boat. Just like in the video above, Im cleaning boat seats of a boat that I most likely am going to donate . It does you no good if I demonstrate how to clean a newer semi-dirty seat.;

For cleaning vinyl boat seats, these are a couple trusted ones:

Star Brite Ultimate Mildew Stain Remover

Removing mold from vinyl boat seats.

As much as boaters would love to go out all year and every season in the waters, winter comes, and it gets a little chilly to brave the winds. Hence, its time for the boats to sleep through the cold season in the garage, where mildew thrive in damp and dark corners. But with the Star Brite Ultimate Mildew Stain Remover, keeping molds away for a long time wont be a problem.

Similar to the original Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover, this alternative eliminates mold stains on contact with fewer muscles. It is simple to use by spraying or wiping on the surface to be treated then rinsing off with a little scrubbing.

As expected, this Start Brite remover shows impressive versatility. It can be used on boats and at home to clean almost any surface including vinyl, fiberglass, painted surfaces, upholstery, rubber, and more.

But what makes it superior is its special gel formulation. Unlike other ordinary sprays, this mold remover has a cleaning action that lasts longer on any material, even on vertical surfaces such as walls, doors, and more. If youre already impressed with the original one, wait until you see this gel spray face mildew over time, living up to its ultimate branding.

  • Applicable on most types of surfaces
  • Has an overpowering bleach smell

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M 09067 Mildew Stain Remover

Ive been using the 3M 09067 Mildew Stain Remover for almost a year now, and I never regretted the day I bought this product. My old pontoon boats vinyl has serious mildew stains. Luckily, I found this mildew stain remover before it got worse.

One of its notable features is a bleach-based formula. Contrary to what others say, in my experience, it works more effectively than any other homemade and diluted bleach. It is designed to deeply penetrate the affected surface, leading to the fast removal of dark mildew stains.

Additionally, it is quick to use and apply. With its spray bottle, you can pull the trigger and directly apply it to the damaged area. Once it has been sprayed, you can let it sit for at least five minutes before gently scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. Make sure to wash it off with clean water to avoid any bleach residue.

Upon using this product, I can say that it is suitable for marine upholstery, vinyl, and seat cushions. Ive used this product on all of the above surfaces, and it worked excellently.

  • Intense bleach smell
  • Suns heat may affect its efficacy

Can You Use A Magic Eraser To Clean Your Vinyl Pontoon Boat Seats

We get this question a lot and yes, more than likely, you can use a Magic Eraser on your white vinyl boat seats. That said, colored seats must be tested in a small area, perhaps under the seat, before using throughout. Use your best judgment and test thoroughly.

I know this has been mentioned before, but I thought Id just add my voice to the chorus of praises for the Magic Eraser. It aint cheap, but it IS amazing. If you have marks on the boat upholstery and have tried everything to no avail pick up six or eight of these little jewels and I promise youll be more than pleasantly surprised.

-iBoat Review

Were an Amazon affiliate and we hope you love the products we recommend! We may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. These images are provided by the Amazon Product Advertising API.

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How To Clean Mold Off Marine Vinyl

The key to keeping your boat’s vinyl mold-free is to clean it on a regular basis. Don’t wait until mold and mildew have spread to various areas, rather tackle even the smallest jobs quickly by employing the following techniques:

  • Take your time–Once you apply a mold-killing product onto a vinyl surface it’s important to let it sit for a while to allow the cleanser to work. The bigger the job the longer you should let the vinyl cleaner sit.
  • Go easy–After the cleanser has been applied, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the vinyl. A toothbrush or nailbrush can help loosen particles adhered to the surface and eliminate mold hiding in crevices. In addition, pay special attention to the stitching, where residue can build up. Finally, remember to brush lightly to avoid damaging your marine vinyl.
  • Rinse well–It is critical to remove every trace of cleanser as mold spores can feed on almost any sort of residue, even soap.
  • Don’t forget to buff–Use a clean white towel to get buff marine vinyl. You want to get vinyl as dry as possible to eliminate moisture that can cause mold growth.

What Youll Need For The Job

How To Clean Vinyl Boat Seats: Even Mold And Mildew ...

Boats are in constant contact with moisture. And, no matter how careful you are, mildew will form over time. The experts recommend wiping out the seats with a piece of dry cloth and avoiding unnecessary exposure to water. But what if youre already past that stage and the seats are messed up? Heres a list of the most useful and effective tools slash supplies that will help you deal with mold and mildew easily:

  • Mildew stain remover
  • A brush
  • Microfiber cloth for cleaning
  • A couple of sponges
  • A can of protective spray

The best thing about this stuff its pretty cheap and available both at local stores and online shops. For example, a decent-quality stain remover will only cost +/- 20 US dollars. In my experience, the Marine 31 mildew remover is one of the most effective vinyl protectants on the market. You can get it for 20-40 bucks depending on the size of the boat. The rest of the supplies are even less expensive.

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Removing Mildew On Vinyl Seats Using Household Products

If you have some time to spare, you can DIY remove mildew on vinyl seats using household products. You need to be patient and put effort rather than just buying a mildew remover.

As long as you know the tricks, you can remove mildew on your vinyl seats with some DIY solutions. Making it on your own will ensure a non-toxic formula. The best part is that you dont have to spend more since you can find the ingredients inside your house.

Things that can help you:

White vinegar, liquid soap, club soda, and warm water

These ingredients are safe for vinyl and other sensitive surfaces. To create a solution out of them, you just commence with mix and match.

When you have white vinyl seats, make a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar. This combination will also help you restore the color and shine of the vinyl.

The exact ratio can be applied with warm water and liquid soap. Spraying them on the vinyl can break mildew and stain. Club soda can be added to these two mixtures or you may use it all alone to combine with water.

The mixture that is half club soda and half water is usually for stubborn mildew. When you make this, youll end up with a paste-like substance. You may use it on colored seats and let it stay for a while before scrubbing.

Combating Mold And Mildew On Boats

Cowl-style vents help to circulate air below decks.

Mold, mildew and the odor they create can be a problem even on boats that appear to be clean and well ventilated. This is because, apart from the visible areas in a boats cabin, there are many areas that offer the dark, moist environment that these fungi crave. Think under quarter berths, v-berths, settees, hanging lockers, lazarettes, under cockpit seats, chain lockers, and a host of other hidden areas, many of which are barely accessible, if at all.

This Advisor discusses tactics and measures you can employ in what amounts to a continuous fight. Once you get a handle on it, your cabin will smell a whole lot fresherand those itchy eyes and that mysterious cough that you may have been experiencing might just go away too.

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Mastering Mold: How To Remove Mildew Stains From Your Boat Seats

Boats give us numerous opportunities to enjoy the waters, but that comes with constant exposure to moisture that we need to handle. For our vessels to look their best and stay in good shape, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Even with our best efforts, though, mold and mildew can start to form.

While we want to keep all areas of our boats clean from mildew, our seats are particularly susceptible to this risk. By staying aware of the dangers and wiping down damp areas before putting our boats away, we can help prevent the buildup of mildew and mold. But what do we do once our seats start to become dirty?

Thankfully, as long as you have the right tools and supplies, you can get your boat seats free of mildew. Our guide is here to get you through the process.

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