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Where Can You Buy Concrobium Mold Control

Diy Mold Remediation And Concrobium Review

Concrobium Mold Control | The Home Depot

As Ive mentioned in this previous post, getting a call from your tenant thats allergic to mold suspecting mold presence in your rental condo can quickly ruin your day. If, in fact, there is mold in your home you are looking at potentially spending thousands of dollars to hire a company that specializes in mold cleanup and remediation. Before you start calling these companies you might want to consider at least trying to address the issue yourself first. The method described here does not cost much to try and can only make things better, even if you do decide to hire a company later.After researching the available options of getting rid of mold, I decided to try Concrobium products as theyve seemed to have great reviews from both the professional and the DIY crowd. Per manufacturer, Concrobium contains no bleach, ammonia, or volatile organic compounds . This was a selling point for me because I wanted to make sure that my tenant could return shortly after the treatment was done without having to deal with any toxic fumes or smells. When used as directed Concrobium is said to eliminate mold and mildew, preventing mold growth and killing musty odors.

Here is a simple process I went through to clean and eliminate the mold at the condo.

  • Put a gallon of Concrobium into the fogger and put the white filter provided with the rental on the machine.
  • Continue the same process in the next room
  • And each bathroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen

Concrobium Mold Control Advantages

Dont think that this product should only be used on structural components in the home. It will also work great on furniture, fabrics, boats, and seat covers and cushions. Before using Mold Control on any type of furniture and fabrics make sure to test it in an inconspicuous area first.

  • It can be used on finished and unfinished surfaces.
  • Spray and forget it actually leaves behind a barrier that inhibits any mold from returning.
  • Mold Control eliminates existing mold and their odors.
  • No specialized protective equipment is required .
  • It can be used in ULV foggers. It should not be used in thermal foggers.
  • Mold Control contains no bleach, VOCs , or ammonia.
  • It can be used BEFORE mold starts as a preventative measure.
  • Concrobium Mold Control is EPA-registered.
  • How To Remove Mold In The Living Room

    Dont let mold live where you do it reduces indoor air quality.

    To colonize and grow, mold spores need a moist landing pad, a suitable temperature and a food source. Any organic material can serve as the food source, including drywall, wood, fabrics, or any soiled surface.

    • Solution

      For walls and ceilings, depending on the amount of area you are treating with Concrobium Mold Control, you can apply the solution by: spray bottle brush or roller pump sprayer or a cold fogger .

    • 1. With any option of application, ensure that a thin layer of Concrobium Mold Control is applied to the moldy surface. 2. Allow it to dry and then clean with a Concrobium dampened cloth or brush. 3. Re-apply the product after cleaning to leave a thin layer of the solution on the surface to protect against future mold.
    • Using a fogger can help apply Concrobium to hard to reach parts of the wall and ceiling. For more details about fogging click here. If there is a concern that there is major mold growing behind your walls, click here for a solution.

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    Disadvantages Of Concrobium Mold Control

    • To effectively prevent mold growth and itsreoccurrence, Concrobium should remain on the affected area for a long time. Ifthe surface is cleaned or gets wet, you need to apply the formula again.
    • Concrobium prevents mold growth but it works onlyon the surface and does not address the stubborn mold that might have its rootsembedded deep inside the furnishings
    • The mold control does not help in eliminating anymycotoxins. It works only on the fungus.
    • As the product does not contain bleach or anywhitening agents, it does not remove any mold stains from the surface. Due tothis, many people consider this as an imperfect or incomplete mold removalprocess.

    Final Verdict On Concrobium Mold Control

    Concrobium Mold Control 32oz

    I like Concrobium. While it is still safer to physically remove mold, Concrobium encapsulates mold and then dries it out rendering it dead. Ive used it in the past successfully and would use it again in the future. I think this is a great product to use in places like attics, basements, and crawlspaces as part of a mold prevention plan.

    I prefer to remove the impacted material and THEN treat the area with Concrobium. The big pitfall for me is that mycotoxins are still in play with this product. If you have mold you have a strong chance of mycotoxins and I prefer to reduce them with the EC3 mold solution.

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    Concrobium Mold Control Review Case Study

    There is one particular mold remediation project that comes to mind in which I used Concrobium Mold Control during the remediation process. I did a mold remediation in a home that was built in 1901. This home had a third story that was actually an attic. It was over 8 feet high in the center and you could easily walk upright in it. One side of the attics unfinished ceiling was mold free. The other side was spotted everywhere with mold. I didnt want to tear off one entire side of the roof, especially since the owner made her living babysitting children daily in the home.

    Concrobium Mold Control can be purchased in spray bottles and aerosol cans, but for this job we poured gallon containers into pump-up sprayers and then applied the product to the inside of the roofing material. Since no special clothing or ventilation is required concerning occupants, we felt safe using it in the attic with the access door closed, while the owner and the children remained on the first and second floors of the home. As a safety precaution against mold exposure, we wore N-95 full-face respirators and gloves while applying the product. The Concrobium was allowed to dry and we did not wipe it off. As Concrobium Mold Control dries it creates a barrier that kills, then contains the mold, then acts to prevent the re-growth of any mold.

    How Does The Formula Work

    Having reviewed the two most important ConcrobiumMold Control products in the line, its time to take a look at how this thingworks. You know that it does not contain toxic chemicals, so what is it thatkills the fungus and inhibits their future reproduction too.

    The active ingredients create a tri-salt polymer,which is highly alkaline. Mold growth is known to thrive between 6.5 and 7.5 onthe pH scale. They cannot sustain in a high alkalinity environment.

    Concrobium Mold Control helps you achieve a pHlevel over 11, which makes it a mighty alkaline mold killer. Mold can staydormant for a long time in an acidic environment but they cannot survive in analkaline state, due to which most antifungal diets include alkaline foods.

    When the formula is applied to existing moldgrowth, the solutions molecules kill the mold spores by stripping them ofmoisture. This dehydrating effect not only kills existing mold spores but alsotheir colonies.

    After the solution dries and remains in theaffected area for several months, it creates a kind of protective alkalineshield to inhibit future growth. Once the mold spores have all dried up, theycannot reproduce and grow again.

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    Purchasing Concrobium Mold Control

    Mold Control can be found at many home improvement stores and on . A 2-pack of spray bottles generally cost around $25. The aerosol version is about $10 and by the gallon it runs about $35. There is another Concrobium product available on Amazon called Mold Stain Eraser that can remove the stains that may be left behind. It contains no bleach and can be used outside as well as inside. It retails for around $25.

    Concrobium 200620810 Mold Control Fogger

    Concrobium Mold Control
    • Eliminates mold and musty smells in large, enclosed areas with Concrobium Mold Control
    • Saturates the air with an even distribution of mold cleaner in a fine mist
    • Cleans up to 2, 800 sq. ft. per gallon of Mold Control application
    • Fogger atomizes cleaning solution to cover all surfaces in the application area, including hard to reach places
    • Ideal for use in large areas, closed houses, attics, crawlspaces, garages, basements, wall cavities and more

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    How Does It Work

    Concrobium works as it dries by crushing mold spores and forming an invisible antimicrobial barrier that blocks mold from growing.

    There are a variety of ways to apply Concrobium, including fogging, spraying, using a paint brush or roller, immersion, and using a compression sprayer. Depending on what youre treating you will have to decide which method is right for you. In any circumstance your goal is to create a thin layer of treatment over the affected area and allow it to dry. Too much will leave a residue, and too little will not get all the mold or create a sealed film to prevent regrowth.

    To use Concrobium you must simply

  • Apply Concrobium Mold Control to to area until evenly wet
  • Allow surface to dry completely
  • To determine how much to apply refer, to the information provided on the products labeling.

    How Does Concrobium Work

    You see, the active ingredients in Concrobium create a tri-salt polymer that is very alkaline. Mold does NOT like an environment with high alkalinity. When the formula is sprayed onto active mold growth, the solutions molecules dehydrate and pull in on each other, which crushes the existing mold spores and their colonies. Even when the solution has dried and remains in place over the mold-affected area for several months, it continues to leave a lasting alkaline barrier that prevents the possibility of mold regrowth. Once the mold is dried, it can no longer continue to grow.

    Concrobium works on drywall, wood,composite wood, plastic, concrete, siding, shakes, metal, brick, stone, tile,grout, stucco, fabric, furniture, upholstery, flooring, and many more surfaces.

    You can use it as a spray or in a fogger.

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    Concrobium Mold Control Household Cleaners 1 Gallon

    List Price:
    $32.70& Return this item for free

    • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Use to eliminate mold, mildew, musty odors and prevent regrowth
    • EPA-registered formula crushes mold spores as it dries and leaves an invisible, barrier
    • Odorless solution cleans between 800-1, 600 sq. ft. per gallon
    • Unique mold cleaner contains no bleach or harsh chemicals, safe for use on a wide range of surfaces
    • Apply by cold fogger, spray, cloth or brush over affected area and allow to dry – no scrubbing or rinsing required

    FREE Shipping

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    A Few Things About Concrobium

    Do you have a mold problem. Check out this fantastic ...

    Concrobium Mold Solutions are made by SiamonsInternational, a company founded in 2003 to develop as well as commercialize anew cleaning technology known as Concrobium. The makers claim that theproducts can effectively reduce the existing mold and prevent their regrowth,along with getting rid of the damp odor.

    Today, the product is sold both online andoffline by the largest home improvement and hardware chains in North America.It has become the go-to-choice for DIY homemakers and professionals. Aftertasting success with Concrobium Mold Control, the company has also expanded itslineup of products.

    The Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser is yet anotherhigh-performing cleaning solution that tackles the most stubborn mold andmildew staining on patios, grout, decks, and other surfaces.

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    Concrobium Mold Control Mold Inhibitor

    Have you worked hard at getting rid of moldstains only to see them appear again after a few days? The revolutionary andEPA-registered Concrobium Mold Control not only helps with mold remediation butalso inhibits the future growth of mold and fungal spores. This 32-ouncetrigger spray can easily cover up to 100-square feet each

    Most products that inhibit mold and mildewproblems are ammonia-based, bleach-based, or other chemical-based. They work byexposing the microorganism to toxic chemical substances but the harmful fumesalso take a toll on our health too.

    The Concrobium Mold Control is the only specialtyproduct, free of bleaches, ammonia, or VOCs that pose health risks for humansand pets. They are not only effective for existing mold but treat the rootcause to inhibit their growth cycle.

    Whats The First Thing I Should Do When Looking For A House

    The first thing you should do before searching for rental homes is decide on an ideal budget. Consider how much of your income goes towards bills and what you have left over at the end of each month. Also, remember that when first moving in, you will need to account for at least a deposit and first months rent.

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    Concrobium Mold Control Review

    I have owned and operated a water damage restoration company since 1999 and believe this Concrobium Mold Control review will prove helpful to homeowners who want to do-it-themselves, as well as mold removal professionals. I am an IICRC certified mold remediation technician . For years I never used anything but a biocide to remove and clean mold on structural materials that I intended to salvage. The downside to this particular product was that it was toxic, required complete occupant evacuation , and required the use of respirators and protective clothing for my technicians who were applying the product. Today, homeowners and mold remediation specialists are both becoming more and more aware that it is a bad idea to add toxic chemicals to any indoor environment.

    Using a biocide to kill mold is now considered by many professionals to be an old fashioned method. Besides that, dead mold, when left behind, is still a possible danger to people that are sensitive to mold, mold spores, and the mycotoxins they produce. Although I continue to use a biocide in certain cases, I have now added Concrobium Mold Control to my arsenal of mold elimination products. Concrobium Mold Control contains no bleach or harmful chemicals. It will work on wood, laminates, concrete, siding, and many other surfaces, and is non-toxic.

    Reasons To Choose Concrobium Mold Control Overtraditional Methods

    Concrobium Mold Control: Indoor Mold Fighting Guide

    Since we dont know when homeowners have used avariety of natural and artificial cleaning agents to get rid of mold. Fromlaundry detergent to the use of bleaching powder, borax, and essential oils,you will find no dearth of DIY methods online.

    While many of these DIY traditional methods andcommercial products may be good at removing mold to some extent, theeffectiveness may be questionable. Many mold removal products available inretail stores are ineffective or hazardous to human and pet health.

    Lets take bleach for example, which is toxic andposes health risks to the user as well as other occupants in the house bothduring and after use. Also, bleach does not help in preventing the reoccurrenceof mold.

    The surface may appear clean when you are donetreating the area but mold will grow back in a few weeks. It is especiallyineffective at treating mold growth on the porous areas such as lumber,drywall, and grout.

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    Can I Use Concrobium Mold Control On An Areatreated With Bleach

    When a surface is treated with bleach, it leavesa carbon residue that prevents the formula from penetrating the roots of moldgrowth. This can inhibit the effectiveness of the product. So, if you havetreated a moldy area with bleach in the past, wipe it down with warm water anddetergent to get rid of the carbon layer before using the product.

    How To Remove Mold In The Bathroom

    Bathrooms are prime hot spots for household mold.

    Your bathroom can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, largely due to poor ventilation, water and humidity sources but mold doesnt have to be a foregone conclusion. Manage humidity with Concrobium Moisture Grabbers and if you do encounter any mold, use Concrobium Mold Control to clean and remove mold in the bathroom: in shower stalls, bath tubs, behind toilets, in cabinets and on ceilings, tiles and walls.

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    How To Use Concrobium Mold Control

    To use the product, you will first need to applya thin coat over the affected surface and then allow it to dry completely.Next, use a dampened cloth or brush to scrub off the surface to get rid of anymold residue and stains. We strongly recommend you to reapply Concrobium MoldControl on the vulnerable surfaces to prevent future mold growth.

    User/ Customer reviews

    Users are thoroughly impressed with the power andeffectiveness of the mold control at turning thick black hairy mold to graypowder with just one easy application. Some customers are happy that theproduct is non-toxic to pets, kids, or any wandering wildlife.

    People have also mentioned how useful it is forregions with high humidity levels such as to keep mold out of rubber gasket onthe fridge door, bathroom, and kitchen. The customer support is also friendlyand helpful, says a user.

    This is an odorless product but may trigger allergies in people with sensitivity, so make sure you wear nose protection while using it. Overall, this is a powerful mold remover that can easily tackle the visible and invisible fungus growth, and also prevent their future development. If you live in a highly humid region, you will be happier than ever to invest in this.

    To Learn More About The Other Mold Removers And Commercial Mold Cleaning Sprays I Have Reviewed Please Visit My Post On The Best Mold Remover Products

    UPC 897946000306

    Products I Use And Trust

    My top pick for air purifiers to remove mold spores The only coffee I trust to be mold and mycotoxin free
    EMF Products I trust & are tested to work with 5G Non-toxic, mold resistant mattresses

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