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How To Clean Refrigerator With Mold

How Do I Clean The Rubber Seal On My Freezer Door

How to Clean a Moldy Refrigerator

Cleaning the rubber seals on a freezer door requires you to have a cleaning solution and a scrubber. Avoid using aggressive cleaners or mixtures and sharp or pointy objects to scrub the seals. The video below demonstrates how you should do it:

Ready to clean the rubber seals on your own freezer door? Youll find it easier to do with these detailed steps below:

  • Take a clean cloth and thoroughly dry the freezer door seals.
  • Mix a cleaning solution with warm water. Add a tablespoon of either vinegar, dishwashing soap, or baking soda. You can also consider purchasing a spray cleaner made for rubber seals.
  • Dip a scrubber into the mixture or spray along the freezers gasket.
  • Carefully brush the rubber seals with the scrubber. Stretch out the seals to make sure you get rid of dirt in the areas that are harder to reach. Repeat this step until the seals are completely clean.
  • Once finished, wipe off any excess dirt on and around the seals. If possible, ensure no residue is left from the cleaning solution to prevent chemicals from potentially damaging them.
  • To see if your freezer is properly sealing, close it with a piece of paper in your freezer and lightly tug it. If it stays in place, then your seals are effective.
  • Know What Things Should Not Be Stored In Your Fridge

    The following foods are just some items that should not be kept in a refrigerator:

    These are just some ways to prevent mold from forming in your refrigerator. There are other steps you can take, such as writing down the purchase date for any foods that you store. This can help you determine whether or not a product may still be edible when its time to clean your freezer or fridge. Many of these ideas are very practical and dont take a lot of time out of your day. If you have a newer refrigerator, theres a good chance that your fridge has an air filtration system built in. If your fridge has one of these systems, youll want to regularly replace the air filter.

    You can add cleaning your fridge to your calendar or use an app to remind you. People can get very ill from eating food that has spoiled or been infested with mold, so take some precautions to make sure the food that you and your family eat is as healthy as it can be. While youre at it, you can stock up on all of your fridge filter needs by choosing ClearChoice fridge water filters.

    Toss Out Expired Food And Overstayed Items

    The first step is to check dates on every food item and toss out anything that has expired, or is about to expire. Use gloves to scoop out old, soggy food. These are the culprits of mold. Place the remaining contents in a cooler. Dont leave anything in the fridge or try to clean around the item. You will save a lot of time cleaning a fridge

    While youre at it, take out any removable door inserts, drawers, and shelves.

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    Other Refrigerator Door Seal Issues

    If your door gasket is sagging and not fitting correctly your fridge has to work harder to stop the cold air from escaping. So:

    • Look for any cracks in the rubber which means the seal has dried out.
    • If you shut the door with a piece of paper inserted, and then can easily pull the paper out, this may mean the gasket has become misshapen and needs replacing.
    • If you cant easily remove any black mould from your gasket you may need to contact a trusted repair company.

    Will Vinegar Kill Mold

    How to Clean a Moldy Fridge [Video] [Video]

    Part 3Replacing the Refrigerator Door Seal

  • Remove the gasket from the refrigerator door.
  • Loosen, but do not remove, the screws that hold the metal retainer around the entire door.
  • Pull the gasket out of the door to remove it once you have loosened the retainer screws.
  • Take the new gasket, and install it.
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    Dont Forget The Drip Tray

    The drip tray underneath the refrigerator, also known as a drip pan, collects the excess condensation and holds it until it evaporates into the air. This tray can also be a mold magnet if you do not clean it regularly. Remove it from underneath the fridge, throw the water out and wash the try with warm soapy water before drying it and putting it back.

    How To Clean Black Mold In The Refrigerator

    The first thing to do if you discover mold in your refrigerator is to remove any obviously rotting foods and uncovered foods and leftovers that could be harboring mold spores. Throw this food away and remove it from your house.

    Now, remove the remaining food, beverages and condiments from your fridge and put them in a cooler while you clean. Remove the shelves and drawers, if possible, to have better access to clean the inside walls of the refridgerator.

    To properly kill the mold, you need a cleaning solution that disinfects and has the ability to kill mold. An excellent all around mold killer and disinfectant is RMR-141. Baking soda or vinegar with warm water also works well. Not all cleaning products will. Since you are cleaning non-porous surfaces, you can also try a diluted bleach solution . Spray your cleaning solution on the refrigerator surfaces and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Scrub it with a rag, and then wipe again with a clean damp cloth. Finally, dry the surface with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. Repeat if needed. Be sure to carefully dispose of any paper towels you use and launder any cloths that come into contact with mold in hot water and detergent.

    Whenever youre cleaning with strong chemicals or bleach, wear gloves to protect your skin. If you are sensitive to mold or have allergies or asthma, you may want to wear a mask as well.

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    Vacant Your Refrigerator By Taking Out Expired Food

    Check out all the compartments of the fridge for food that is expired and about to expire. Spoiled foods are the major culprit for mold in the equipment.

    When you do the task, dont forget to wear gloves and a mask because direct interaction with mold could be dangerous for your overall health. It can trigger allergies in you. Unfortunately, you may end up in the hospital. So, extra care is required.

    Dont try to clean the refrigerator having food items in it. Make sure to empty it and then go for deep cleaning. Make use of a cooler to keep fresh food items and trash bags are the only space for stale and spoiled food items.

    How To Clean A Moldy Fridge

    How to clean MOLD from a Refrigerator Door Seal DISGUSTING! Using NATURAL household items

    After gathering the necessary supplies, you need to turn off your fridge before you begin clearing the mold. This step is a precaution you need to take to avoid electric shock hazards. If you have wooden floors, you may want to lay down some rags or paper towels to protect the floor from any spills. Once youve taken the necessary precautionary measures, you can begin cleaning your refrigerator in these 5 simple steps.

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    How To Clean A Moldy Fridge Safely In 6 Easy Steps

    If you are wondering how to clean a moldy fridge , this article tells you everything you need to know.

    In this guide we will cover:

    • A little background on mold
    • What you need to clean a moldy fridge
    • 6 easy steps to get rid of mold from your refrigerator

    And some tips you can use to avoid mold growth.

    Over the years, we have advanced our food preservation technology. Nonetheless, as with all problems, theres always another obstacle lurking. Case in point: moldy refrigerators.

    Prepare All The Necessary Tools And Put On Protective Items

    As you know, one of the primary reasons youre cleaning mold out of the fridge is to prevent its harmful impact on your health. On the other hand, a lot of strong chemicals used while cleaning can be very irritating to your skin and eyes.

    Since we shouldnt get rid of a health hazard by introducing another one, you should make sure that you have all the proper protection tools that you need for that project.

    Ideally, wearing gloves to protect your skin from chemicals and mold is essential. If you also suffer from asthma or have allergies, you might want to also wear a ventilation mask as well as protective eyewear during the process.

    With your protective gear on, you can now handle and prepare various cleaning solutions without worrying about them causing any irritation.

    I always prefer to bring all the necessary items for the cleaning project before I start. This allows me to waste no time on fetching items and save me the effort of going back and forth around the house. Heres a quick list of all the items that youll need for that cleaning project:

    • 2 empty spray bottles
    • Dish soap

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    In Case The Vinegar Smell Is Too Concentrated

    Once you have everything back into the fridge , do something about the lingering odor of vinegar and soap. Place an open box or bowl of baking soda inside your refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

    Baking soda eliminates foul odors its a natural deodorizer.

    If the smell persists, spread ground coffee beans on a plate and place it on one of the shelves for a day. These two methods allow you to eliminate the smell of mold without chemicals.

    How To Prevent Mold In The Refrigerator

    How to Clean Mold out of a Refrigerator

    Prevention is better than cure which is why we will show you how you can prevent mold in the refrigerator.

    1: Expiration dates: Never let food expire in your fridge. Once it has expired, mold starts growing.

    2: Regularly check for spills: Spills are extremely common, and the worst thing you can do is just to leave it. Always dry spills up.

    3: Clean the drip tray: Clean the drip tray once a month.

    4: Clean the fridge: You dont always have to wait for mold to be visible before you start thinking about cleaning the refrigerator. It always helps to be proactive, and your fridge will always be disinfected and smelling clean. We recommend cleaning the fridge, as outlined in the steps above, twice a year.

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    What Are Different Types Of Mold Growing On Your Fridge

    There are lots of molds that can grow inside your fridge. The most prevalent one is black mold.

    Black mold is a toxic type that can severely affect your health by either inhaling or ingesting them. It can even put you at greater risk if you ever come in contact with it.

    The best black mold breeding ground is the minimal air circulation, loosely sealed food, steady moisture, and constant darkness. With these, the fridge is the best place for black mold to grow.

    What Causes Mold In Fridge And 2 Ways To Prevent It Easily

    What causes mold in fridge? Well, spoiled food, moisture, and dirt are all the reasons for it.

    Your fridge is where you stock most of your food, and it should be clean and mold-free. Making sure that there is no mold inside your fridge will keep your family safe and keep your food safe and always ready to eat anytime.

    Since you are stocking all your leftover foods in the fridge, some of them might get spoiled and cause mold. Without frequent checking, if the food inside the refrigerator is still fresh, you may not notice if molds are already growing.

    It is easy for the fridge to accumulate moisture, making it a suitable environment for the mold.

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    Take All Shelves And Other Removable Items Out Of The Fridge

    You dont necessarily have to remove the shelves and the drawers as you clean them. Mold tends to grow in the seams and crevices created for the shelves, though. Doing so will help you get an in-depth cleanup.

    Its also much easier to clean them in the sink with regular dish soap or even soak them in warm water, then scrub them just before returning them.

    How Does Mold Affect Food

    how to âcleanâ? a MOLDY refrigerator or freezer

    At its most basic form, mold is a fungus. The main purpose of fungi is to break down organic and inorganic materials. However, whenever it is exposed to organic material, the spores will try to break it down regardless if it is old or not. Whenever mold is introduced to healthy organic material, it will still try to break it down. It will age the material very quickly. Food will rapidly become inedible. It can also get into your lungs and cause allergy responses.

    While mold is usually brought in by moisture, it can also be brought in by other foods. A moldy piece of food will cause other foods to deteriorate quickly because the spores will release in the environment. Once the spores take hold, the mold will grow on the uninfected foods. It can also spread on other surfaces, especially if it is in the refrigerator. This is why many people use containers, aside from trying to keep it fresh.

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    Keep The Interior Of Your Fridge Dry

    Mold loves moisture and without it, itll find it very hard to grow.

    The fridge is a naturally cool and moist place so removing all of the moisture would be near impossible, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt do our best to keep it dry.

    Use a paper towel to wipe down shelves and compartments regularly and take care of spills or condensation that could lead to mold growth.

    Scrub The Interior Aiming For Mold

    Fill up your bucket halfway with water and some dish soap, and turn your focus to cleaning the insides of your fridge . Using a microfiber washcloth, wash the shelves, walls, underside, and ceiling. Microfiber cloth is good at eliminating fingerprints and streaks that can otherwise mar the surfaces of your appliance.

    Spray vinegar along the gasket and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub the interior surfaces with a baking soda solution. Scrub more intensely on mold spots, without breaking or scratching anything. The baking soda solution will neutralize the smell of the mold and vinegar.

    Use a toothbrush to reach and scrub out the mold growing in the gasket.

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    How To Clean Mold From A Refrigerator

    There is nothing worse than going to your fridge to see what is for a snack, only to be met by a smell that can only be described as forceful when you open the door.

    The most significant cause of these odorous horrors is the development of mold within the fridge.

    Humans can be severely adversely affected by mold spores, so we have a highly tuned olfactory system to detect their scent. Unfortunately, the fridge can quickly become the perfect environment for mold if they are not kept well maintained and sanitized.

    If you have discovered you have a mold colony in your fridge, do not panic. There is a straightforward process you can follow to get rid of the mold permanently all on your own.

    Think Fast What Do Broccoli Carrots And Salmonella All Have In Common

    Black Mold in Refrigerator .....Causes, Cleaning, Prevention

    They all share the same home, inside your refrigerators veggie drawer! The NSF conducted a study, and found that refrigerator veggie drawers are the most germ-filled areas in the kitchen. They serve as a gathering place for E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, mold, and yeast. Considering one in six Americans fall ill as a result of food borne illnesses every year, this makes perfect sense. So, what can you do about it?

    Below, youll find quick and simple tips on how to clean vegetable drawers. For starters, youll want to do the obvious: thoroughly clean and disinfect every inch of your veggie drawer.

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    How To Arrange The Refrigerator Properly After Cleaning

    Do you know how to clean water dispenser? Organizing your refrigerator can save you money because the food will keep fresher longer, and you will produce less waste if you put the refrigerator away properly. How to store your food to keep it fresh for a long time after cleaning it:

    • Upper compartments: eggs, jam, cooked/roasted meat and other cooked dishes, cheese in the original packaging, cream cheese, opened preserves
    • Middle compartments: already opened cheese, cream, fresh milk, yogurt, quark
    • Lower compartments: raw meat, raw fish, sausage, ham
    • Vegetable compartment: vegetables and fruits that can be stored in the refrigerator, for example, root vegetables, mushrooms, leeks or spring onions, berries, kiwis, and grapes, as well as fresh herbs
    • Upper door compartment: eggs, butter, margarine
    • Middle door compartment: ketchup, mustard, and other sauces, dressings, opened glasses such as pickles and the like
    • Lower door compartment: Opened juices, beer

    Modern refrigerators are equipped with a zero-degree zone. In these compartments, the food should stay fresh up to 3 times longer. In large refrigerators, there are usually two zero-degree compartments, one for moist and one for dry food. Vegetables, lettuce, and fruit are stored in the humid zone, cheese, meat, and sausage in the dry zone.

    Cleaning A Refrigerator Gasket

    Did you know that one of the first thing to wear out of a refrigerator is the rubber door gasket? So, with this simple tip, you can protect the gasket from cracking, drying, and mildew. Just apply a very thin coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly. By this simple procedure, you are preforming a preventative for the cracking, drying, and mildew! It also improves the seal!

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