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How To Check For Mold Spores

Removing Mold From Leather Shoes Coats Accessories And Furniture

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Mold on leather coats, shoes, purses, and furniture should be removed outside, if possible. Wipe down the surface with a cloth dipped in distilled white vinegar and then with a good leather soap and warm water. Dry with a soft cloth and allow to air dry completely. Once completely dry, treat the item with a leather conditioner.

How To Remove Mold From Walls And Ceilings

The bad news: If the surface is very porous, like a ceiling tile, itâs best to replace it. The good news: If you find small areas of mold on walls or ceilings of sheetrock or plaster, you can stop mold when it starts if you act fast. Hereâs how:

  • Clean the surface with detergent and water using a sponge or brush and let the surface dry completely.
  • Follow with a water and bleach solution: Mix ¾ cup of chlorine bleach to a gallon of warm water. Wearing rubber gloves, apply the water-bleach mixture to the stains with a sponge or brush.
  • Let sit five minutes, scrub, rinse, and air dry.

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How Can You Test The Air In Your House For Mold

Youd know if you had mold right?

Dont be so sure. Some mold can be so undetectable that it is not even visible. It can travel unseen through the air in the form of spores and spread effortlessly through any home or building. This spread can lead to troubling health issues like:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory illness

Spore test kits are one of the ways that technology has helped simplify remediation. Once you know where to check and have your test kit ready, you can get to the bottom of whether or not you may be dealing with an infestation. However, youll also need to know where to look or mold and how to remove it.

In this guide, well share how you can test the air in your house for mold.

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Removing Mold From Tile And Grout

Bathroom humidity and body soil on surfaces create the perfect environment for mold growth. There are plenty of commercial cleaners that you can buy, but chlorine bleach and water are just as effective and much less expensive.

Simply mix one part bleach to 16 parts water and apply to the mold-affected areas. Allow the solution to remain on the moldy area for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing or retreating. Rinse with water and wipe dry, keeping windows open until fully dry.

How Can I Know If Theres Mold In My Carpet

Allergy to Mold

The plush fibers of a carpet can be a thriving spot for mold spores. Its easy for the spores to stick to the surface and theres often a significant amount of dirt, dust and bacteria. Once moisture is introduced, mold will likely begin to grow.

Mold can grow inside the carpet or underneath. The padding or backing of carpets is likely to have mold if exposed to moisture.

A tell-tale sign of mold in a carpet is a musty or even sour odor. However, the best way to know whether or not theres mold growing in your carpet is to pull it up and inspect it.

If you do find mold, consider the severity of it and whether the carpet is worth trying to save or not. You can easily remove the area affected by mold and replace it with new carpeting. Adding additional waterproof padding underneath can help to keep mold and mildew at bay.

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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Mold Remediators

  • They discover all of the mold in your place visible and hidden mold
  • They have the proper equipment to remove all of the mold and mold spores in a speedy and efficient manner.
  • They can find and eliminate the source of mold even in porous materials.
  • They can make sure the future growth of mold is prevented.
  • They repair any damage and thoroughly clean the contaminated space.
  • They are quick and efficient they can also save you time and money but making sure all of the mold is removed the first time

If you have mold in your home and dont want to take the time to try and do it yourself or simply want to make sure it is done correctly the first time, give Home Healthy Homes a call for your mold remediation needs.

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Why Are Mold Issues Difficult To Diagnose

Conventional medicine recognizes that mold can cause allergies but does not recognize that mycotoxins emitted by some species of indoor mold can cause a problem, says McElroy. This means that doctors unfamiliar with mold and mold treatment may miss one of the main types of mold reactionsthe chemical and inflammatory reaction. This is for a few reasons:

  • There is no gold standard in testing for mold
  • There is no standardized treatment protocol or drug for mold toxicity
  • There are very limited human-based studies looking at the connection between mycotoxins and human health
  • The presentation of mold issues is very different among patients
  • Not everyone exposed to mold mycotoxins will have a reaction to them

Its no wonder mold illness can be hard to diagnose. Fortunately, holistic medicine providers consider environmental factors that affect health when evaluating patients and may have additional advanced training in treating mold toxicity.

According to McElroy, one of the biggest challenges with mold is that mycotoxins can cause only some people to launch an inflammatory response. This unpredictable response can go on for years after a long-term exposure in a susceptible individual, she explains.

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Could It Be A Problem If The Mold Spores Stay In Your Home For A While

Even more, youve got to have water to have mold. So, without water, theres no way. I get this question a lot on jobs were doing.

What the experts are saying

After were done clearing any mold, the homeowner always asks, Whats my guarantee?

I just tell them to keep it dry and I guarantee you wont have mold again.

Blake Roath, Owner of Select Environmental

Finally, mold needs a food source. It needs moisture. Therefore, without moisture, fungus wont grow.

Select Environmental does not do the testing, they are strictly an abatement company. So, we recommend you contact some of Blakes trusted Contractors, like Jim at NorCal. Mike at NAL. Also, Adams Labs.

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Send me your questions for Id like to answer it right here on the air. Well help you get through your next project.

Are These Spores Dangerous To Our Health

How To Get Mold Spores Out Of Your Home with Paul McHam #2

Most species produce spores that, at worst, cause and trigger allergic reactions such as throat and eye irritation, runny noses, skin rashes, and headaches.

On the other hand, a specific group of mold species, such as Stachybotrys chartarum, Aspergillus, Alternaria, and Penicillium, produces mold spores that are known as mycotoxins. These mycotoxins cause the same allergic reactions as the regular spores, but also pose much more serious long term health risks such as cancer, lung infections, immune deficiency, acute poisoning, and others.

Whats fascinating about this particular variety is that the type of material certain types of mold grow on determines whether or not it produces these mycotoxins. We will be looking at the two most dangerous types of mycotoxins in the next section.

Trichothecene: A known immune system suppressant commonly produced by both the Stachybotrys chartarum and Fusarium species. Interestingly, the T-2 trichothecene variety is used in some biological warfare weapons.

Aflatoxins: The Aspergillus species mostly produce these. Not only do aflatoxins pose a significant health threat as spores in our homes but also to our food crops. Read more about it on the World Health Organization website.

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How To Prevent Mold In Your Home

Mold thrives in moist areas and you can often find it around pipes, leaks, or windows. The best way to keep prevent mold from growing is to minimize moisture in your home.

  • Regularly inspect your home. Look for signs of water damage or visible mold. Fix any leaky pipes or leaks in your roof that can cause water to accumulate.
  • Keep humidity levels under control. Consider using a dehumidifier in damp areas like a basement. Humidity levels between

How To Test Your Home For Mold

If you have your suspicions that mold spores have found their way into your home, its time to test your home for mold. Key signs of a mold infestation include the emergence of allergy-like symptoms and if you and your family have noticed such symptoms, you may have a mold problem. Along with being harmful to your health, toxic mold can also be incredibly expensive to remove. Thats why testing your home for mold is a vital first step to combating a toxic mold problem.

Today, we will be giving you tips and tricks on how to test your home for mold. While noticing a toxic mold problem isnt particularly difficult, identifying the type of mold and level of infestation can be a bit more complicated. Thats why conducting a home test for mold is so important. With this article, youll gain all of the necessary information to proceed with testing your home for mold and eliminating the problem faster!

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My Daughter Lives In An Apartment That Apparently Had A Mold Problem With Remediation Before She Moved In Attached Is A Report That Was Recently Done According To The Person Who Arranged The Inspection The Counts Are Bad According To The Landlord The Counts Are Much Better My Daughter Really Does Not Know What Is Going On With All Of This We Are Thinking Of Having Another Inspection Where I Can Be More Involved And Help Her Figure This Out Wondering What You Opinion Is Of The Report There Was Mold From A Leak In The Closet Which Has Been Fixed I Think There Was Mold Around The Outer Part Of The Building Thank You

Its difficult to make an accurate conclusion without knowing the annual/monthly averages for your area. The count in the master bedroom appears slightly elevated. However, it is likely within levels periodically found in the outside air. For comparison, a home with a serious mold issue can have upwards of 5,000+ mold spores per cubic meter. The spore counts in the outside control are quite low. In our area a total outside count of 300 would be very unusual. If it happens to rain on the day of testing it can wildly alter the outside control. This can create an artificially high or low comparison of your indoor results. I prefer to use monthly averages instead of the outside control at your house. Ask if your inspector can provide you with these numbers.

Mold growth on the outside of the building will typically not impact the indoor air quality.

If the results of the air testing are inconclusive, I recommend focusing on moisture and fresh air ventilation. If humidity levels remain below 65%, mold growth will not occur . You can buy an expensive humidity gauge on Amazon or your local hardware store.

How To Handle Mold Spores And Mold Remediation

What do Mold Spores Look Like? Can you see them?

You might have picked up spores from a neighbors house. Your dog could have brought them in from the outside. Then again, you may have a small patch growing in a bathroom, and your air conditioner now spreads spores around the house. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is possible with professional help. Healthy Air USA sends out professionals who check for mold, test it, remove it, and prevent any further spread. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Removing Mold From Your Home

Resolve any issues causing mold growth, and throw away anything affected by mold or contributing to mold growth that you cant clean.

  • Wear protective gear. As youre dealing with the moldy area, cover yourself with a mask, gloves, goggles, and rubber boots. If youre cleaning a lot of mold, you can also wear disposable clothing or a mold-resistant suit.
  • Ventilate the room. Open all doors and windows to increase ventilation.
  • Sort and discard. Remove any objects from the area that havent been touched by mold growth. Throw away any items that cant be cleaned.
  • Replace moldy housing materials. Cut away and replace mold-damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpet.
  • Scrub and disinfect. Cover and scrub nonporous surfaces affected by mold with bleach, a fungicide, or detergent and water, then dry them. Dont mix cleaning products together.
  • Address any water issues. Make sure any water problems are fixed and the area is dry before you renovate the room.

How Air Quality Monitors See Mold

The type of sensor thats going to pick up mold is a particle detector .

These sensors work by shining a laser through the air drawn into the monitor. Any particles floating in the air will scatter the light beam, and the sensor then measures both the strength and angle of the beam. An algorithm will then tell you how many particles are in the air sample and their size.

So, why is this important? Mold spores clog up your air, and some spores are similar in size to particulate matter. When the particle detector exposes an air sample to the laser, the mold spores will also diffract the light, and the sensor will count it as particulate matter. In this way, your monitor does pick up mold in the air, as the particle count will be higher.

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How To Test For Mold

You probably dont need to do mold testing or buy a mold test kit, especially if the fungus is visible. Because the health effects of mold vary from person to person, the CDC says that if you can see it or smell it, it should be removed, no matter what type of mold is in your home.

While its not possible to completely eliminate mold in your house, you can prevent a build-up by cleaning up any wet or damp spots and fixing any existing water leaks.

Neither the CDC nor the EPA recommends doing routine mold samplingsboth organizations point out that there are no federal limits for mold in buildings, so people cant check their apartment complexs compliance with the law, for example. Plus, the testing can be expensive.

I Had My House Tested And I’m Being Told I Need A Expensive Cleaning Attached Are The Test Results I Don’t See A Problem But I’m No Expert

DIY mold detector

Your numbers do NOT indicate elevated mold spores. In fact, the spore counts inside your basement are actually lower than the outside control. Typically, we dont consider an interior spore count elevated until its multiple times higher than the outside control. For example, Cladosporium often registers 500-1,000 in the outside air. 100 is considered very low in most regions. These low numbers are so low theyre difficult to achieve following a remediation project.

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What Mold Looks Like

Molds are a type of fungus and can look like their fungal cousins, mushrooms and yeasts. Outdoors, molds can be seen gobbling up the dead organic matter on decomposing surfaces like fallen leaves and rotting logs indoors, house mold thrives in wet, humid environments like bathrooms and basements or anywhere that has recently flooded. There are thousands of types of mold, and their appearance can vary depending on the type of mold and where its growing.

The most common indoor molds are Cladosporium, Penicillium, Aspergillus, and Alternaria, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum , is also sometimes found in homes and other buildings. This greenish-black growth can grow on fiberboard, paper, dust, and lint, particularly in areas that may have recently flooded or suffered other types of water damage. While black mold can certainly look scary, the CDC says that Stachybotrys chartarum isnt any more harmful than other types of mold.

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I Am Being Told I Have Really Dangerous Mold In My Home And That It Would Normally Cost Between 9 And 15 Thousand Dollars For Remediation There Is No Visible Mold Anywhere Or Leaks I Am A Disabled Mom Of Two I Dont Have That Money Are We Going To Die

The type of mold growth found in your home is very common. While the level is elevated, you are certainly not going to die. A walk in a wet forest would likely expose you to far greater amounts of mold spores.

The most important task is to identify the underlying cause of the mold. All mold growth requires excess moisture to propagate. If there is no visible mold growth, its likely due to elevated humidity. This can be fixed by adjusting your ventilation or HVAC equipment . If you live in a climate with winter humidity issues, increase your ventilation by running your bathroom fan.

If you live in a hot/humid climate, youll likely need to utilize your air conditioner to lower the humidity. A dehumidifier may also be necessary. I would not recommend spending $9,000+ to remediate the issue. Spend the majority of your money on fixing the underlying issue.

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Difference Between Mold Testing And Mold Inspection

Mold inspection and testing take place at home invaded by molds. A mold inspector carries out a visual inspection of the place and asks the home occupants few questions concerning any cases of water damages, moisture problems, leaks and mold areas that have been spotted. Mold testing takes place in a laboratory where samples are collected during the mold inspection process. These samples gathered are then analyzed under carefully controlled conditions. The types of molds are known as well as the number of mold spores circulating within the area in the air.

During the inspection phase, an inspector will begin by examining places that seem to have been invaded by mold growth. They will also conduct a visual inspection in the remaining areas of the house, especially in concentrated areas mainly associated with mold growth. A professional inspector might use specialized equipment such as the infrared camera or meters to establish moisture presence in drywalls or certain areas that are not easily accessible. After this, they will recommend the best course of action, with part of it being solving the issue of moisture. They can establish the source of the moisture, such as a leaking roof, thus calling for additional investigations.

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