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How To Test For Mold In Your Body

Is All Mold Toxic

Do You Have Mold In Your Body? The 3 Tests You Need To Find Out! with Evan H. Hirsch, MD

Mold is not the only pathogen that grows from water damage. Fungal fragments, spores, mycotoxins, bacteria, mycobacteria, actinomycetes, VOCs, and other biotoxins can also form in damp buildings. These pathogens combine to produce a toxic soup that can lead to a multi-systemic and multi-symptomatic illness.

Not all mold is toxic, but many mold species from water-damaged buildings produce mycotoxins. It is the indoor concentration of mycotoxins and the rest of the toxic soup that can contribute to chronic debilitating symptoms.

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How Can I Check For Mold

Its best to hire a professional to help you identify and remove mold, especially if youre allergic or vulnerable to it.

You should also consider hiring help if the mold covers more than 10 square feet or if its hidden behind wallpaper, ceiling tiles, or other areas.

Here are some steps for identifying and removing mold.

Take Natural Detox Supplements

Natural detox supplements will prove to be just as useful in getting rid of your symptoms as man made medicines, but when you feel better- you can be sure that its because your body is actually healing.

My top three recommendations to heal from mold toxicity are:

  • CGEL: increases the cells natural ability to undergo the natural mechanism of detox
  • BIND: is a powerful binder that sweeps the body and effectively eliminates toxins from the blood
  • CytoDetox: enters the cell membrane and act as a vehicle to getting rid of the toxins as we up-regulate cell function, and prevents reabsorption.

See the detox supplements Dr. Pompa recommends.

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What Mold Smells Like

Mold has a damp, musty scentsimilar to what youd smell after opening an old book. In general, smell is not a good way to determine if there is a mold problem, says Laureen Burton, a staff chemist and toxicologist for the Environmental Protection Agency . The smell of indoor molds can differ depending on the type of mold, the surface on which its growing, and its source of moisture. Plus, she says, some people dont notice a smell at all.

The mold smell is caused by microbial volatile organic compounds , which are substances that are naturally produced by molds as they grow. The health effects of inhaling mVOCs are largely unknown, says Burton, although exposure to some mVOCs has been linked to symptoms such as headaches, nasal irritation, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.

What Happens If There Is Black Mold In Your House

health effects of black mold exposure

Black Mold Exposure Symptoms Most commonly, these symptoms include coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and irritated throat and nasal passages. Exposure to black mold has also been reported to cause chronic fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Fungal infections can also occur upon exposure to mold.

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How Did I Get Sick

This illness happens after exposure to the interior environment of a Water-Damaged Building . There are many ways buildings become home to a toxic mix of microbes, and harmful chemicals. Buildings can host fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria, and actinomycetes as a result of construction defects like inappropriate ventilation, faulty construction of crawl spaces, inadequate building design, flat roofs, fake stucco cladding without adequate caulking, basements exposed to saturated ground water conditions, not correcting water leaks and more.

Since 1998, Dr. Shoemaker has treated over 7,000 patients with an illness caused by exposure to these conditions. Each patient has a syndrome that is readily identified by blood tests performed in standard medical labs all over the country. These illnesses reflect a growing societal problem: dangerous buildings. Inhaling these dangerous inflammagens is what makes people sick.

We live in the Era of Dangerous Buildings with 50% of our buildings having water damage so the likelihood that you wont ever be exposed to dangerous buildings is quite low.

Essential Oils Extracts And Tinctures

So many herbs have antifungal properties. The active compounds are extracted from herbs, and the essential oils deliver concentrated amounts of beneficial compounds that will kill spores inside the body.

Oils are most commonly preserved as tinctures and taking 10 30 drops, 3 x a day for three months will guarantee results. If taking a powder form usually ½ to 1 teaspoon, mixed in a little warm water, can be considered daily, also for about 3 months.

Yes, you can also take the natural fresh herbs instead of the more potent oils, especially if you want to prevent rather than cure.

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How To Test For Mold Toxicity In Your Body

Mold workup in the body is a bit more complex than running a throat swab to see if you have strep throat. It entails putting together a complete picture with various specialty labs along with clinical evaluation of symptoms and health history.

The top tests I run in clinical practice include:

  • Mycotoxin urine test
  • Specialty bloodwork for biotoxin markers
  • Other exposures and infections

Most conventional doctors are not trained or aware of the workup for toxic mold exposure. This is where working with a functional medicine practitioner comes into play.

Complete Mold Toxicity Test + 30

Do It Yourself Detox Summit – How To Test For And Treat Mold with Bridget Danner & Ari Whitten

30 Minute Health Coaching Consultation Included

Are you often congested or feel that your sinuses are blocked? Do you experience sensitivity to light or swings in your mood or appetite? If you find yourself telling people you have seasonal allergies all year long, harmful mycotoxins in your environment could be to blame.

Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mold and can infest your home, vehicle or workspace. They are one of the most common environmental pollutants you are exposed to on a daily basis and they could be draining your health without you realizing it. This easy, at-home lab test will scan your body to determine the presence of potentially harmful mycotoxins so that you can get to the root cause of why youre feeling unwell.

Collection Method: Urine Sample

*US law prohibits shipment of lab products to New York State.

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Who Can Test Me For Mold Illness

You may wonder how to get these tests done, and in this age of insurance-based medicine it can be a challenge. Apart from the nasal swab, the bloodwork may be handled by a cooperative primary care physician, or by going to a facility such as Any Lab Test, which will run them for you. The best route is to seek care from a knowledgeable ENT specialist, such as Dr. Dennis, or from a physician trained in Environmental Medicine. Go to American Academy of Environmental Medicine for a list of practitioners by state.

Getting Rid Of Black Mold In Any Room

Unless the mold is very extreme and prevalent, it should not be necessary to call in professionals.Affordable mold testing kits are available to test the home and urine sample tests can be done by laboratories if you are worried you may have been exposed to unhealthy amounts of mold spores.

Conventionally, mold in the home can be treated using a bleach solution. But why use harmful chemicals when there is a gentler, more natural way? like this DIY Tea Tree Mold Spray If items like carpets, clothing or shelving, that is porous, are infested, you may have to toss them out.

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Is Your Home Mold Toxic

Mold loves moisture. Flooding poses a significant risk for mold growth. Landscaping that slopes toward a building instead of away from it encourages water intrusion.

Something as common as a leaky roof, faucet, or dishwasher also invites mold growth. Damp basements and window condensation can also be a haven for mold.

But, how do you know for sure if you have a mold problem?

Often, you can see or smell mold but not always. You may also see areas that have visible water damage. This is a red flag for possible mold growth.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, you can start with a few simple tests yourself. Certified mold inspectors are also available but vary in quality. Heres a closer look at these options:

Regardless of how you identify a mold problem, getting rid of it is essential for your health.

How Do These Chemicals Harm My Health

black mold poisoning uk

Entering the Body

The harm begins when a person is exposed to an environment that contains a large amount of mold. During this time, damaging enzymes in the mold may enter a persons lungs. After going into the lungs, the enzymes may bypass the persons gut barrier and go into their bloodstream.

Harming the Neurons

Once they are in the bloodstream, these harmful mold antigens may change the persons blood-brain barrier function. This alteration allows the antigens to go into the nervous system. From there, the antigens may harm the persons neurons and interrupt their production of needed antibodies.

The Negative Effects

The disruption of the persons immune system can cause a variety of negative health issues. People may suffer from immune suppression, eczema, allergies, and sinusitis. They may also experience headaches, hyperthyroidism, vomiting, and other negative effects. Mold exposure can also cause people to suffer from myalgic encephalitis, rheumatic disorders, and painful lymph nodes.

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How Do Mycotoxins Enter The Human Body

Mycotoxins have been shown to cause harm to human beings and animals, through inhalation, skin contact, and ingestion. These mycotoxins are found in low amounts in food. However, other mycotoxins such as the Trichothecenes are toxic in much smaller quantities, but only in water-damaged buildings, and they are much more toxic. Trichothecenes are produced by Stachybotrys, otherwise known as black mold.

According to Molds and Mycotoxins in Indoor Environments , Erica Bloom and her team acknowledged that mycotoxins are toxic and frequently produced by molds in water-damaged indoor environments. They concluded that molds that had been affected by water damage generally produced mycotoxins.

Some toxins are much more volatile than others, being released into the air so that as humans we breathe them in, get on our skin or come in contact with these toxins through other items in the area. Through soil, vegetation, hay, and grains, the presence of mold may go unnoticed. These nutrients are then used in many different types of foods, therefore, contaminating the products.

Your immune system will play a huge part in how susceptible you are to the toxigenic molds that produce mycotoxins. If you have a weak immune system or suffer from an autoimmune disease, then the mycotoxins produced from toxigenic molds could affect your health. Thats why we urge anyone with symptoms of tiredness, fatigue, or having the presence of mold within the house to get a mycotoxin test.

Symptoms Of Mold Toxicity

Mold illness is a serious medical condition that is often misdiagnosed due to the plethora of symptoms that it can cause. Toxic mold stores can cause the body to experience an inflammatory cascade that can cause a number of symptoms including-

  • Respiratory Disturbances coughing, wheezing, asthma attacks and difficulty breathing
  • Mood swings
  • Concentration difficulties or memory loss
  • Fatigue or unexplained weakness
  • Hay fever symptoms- sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion
  • Edema
  • Headaches
  • Hoarseness and Sore throat
  • Once you have been diagnosed with mold toxicity or biotoxin illness, you should take an integrative approach to eliminate the toxins in your body. Treating mold toxicity is sometimes quite challenging. Contact a functional medicine doctor for help.

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    Clean And Remediate Mold Damage

    A positive result on any DIY or professional mold test indicates the need for mold removal. Once again, property owners have the option to attempt mold cleanup or schedule professional residential or commercial mold removal.

    Depending on the extent of a structure affected by mold, limited or full containment may be necessary during cleanup to keep and infestation from spreading. If mold affects 10 square feet or a larger portion of any structure, professional removal services are worthwhile to limit exposure risks and ensure that remediation is complete.

    How To Detox Your Body From Mold


    Even if youre not especially sensitive to mold, your body still needs help safely clearing out mycotoxins. When these arent removed properly and completely, they can cycle back around, and cause ongoing damage and symptoms.

    The best way to clear out these toxins is with proven toxin-binders. Its important to make sure youre working with safe, gentle detoxing agents so they dont overtax your bodys clearance system . At the same time, you must use proven binders that dont allow toxins to be reabsorbed in the intestines rather than excreted from the body.

    One prescription cholesterol-lowering medication called Cholestyramine binds strongly to some mycotoxins especially ochratoxin and keeps them getting reabsorbed.

    On the natural front, modified citrus pectin has been extensively researched as an effective detoxifying agent. Because MCP works so gently, its safe for long-term use, which is often necessary for completely removing mycotoxins from your system. MCP works especially well when paired with another natural detoxifier: seaweed-derived alginates, natural gel-like substances that bind tightly to toxins.

    The combination of MCP and alginate prevents toxins including mycotoxins and heavy metals from being reabsorbed in the intestines. And although they make a strong detoxifying team, MCP and alginate are easily tolerated and their gentle action wont strip essential minerals from your body.

    Other mycotoxin detoxifiers include:

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    What Is Mold Illness Better Yet Do People Get Sick After Being Exposed To Water

    Yes, people are indeed sickened and stay sickened by exposure to Water Damaged Buildings . There have been lots of names for the illness over the years, including Mold illness. The best discussion of the academic basis for this illness is found in the Expert Treating Physicians Consensus report published 7/2010 . Let start with some basic ideas: this illness is not an allergy. It is an inflammation within the body which is caused by an immune system that has gone haywire. The term mold illness is a subcategory of biotoxin illness called Chronic Inflammatory ResponseSyndrome . The proper definition of CIRS is:

    An acute and chronic, systemic inflammatory response syndrome acquired following exposure to the interior environment of a water-damaged building with resident toxigenic organisms, including, but not limited to fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes and mycobacteria as well as inflammagens such as endotoxins, beta glucans, hemolysins, proteinases, mannans and possibly spirocyclic drimanes as well as volatile organic compounds.

    What Does A Mold Headache Feel Like

    In severe cases, folks may almost feel like something is trying to push one of their eyes out of its socketand in very severe cases, a person may feel like their eye popping out would actually be a good thing, because at least then, they might experience some relief from the pressure in their skull!

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    How Do You Clean Your Lungs Of Mold

    What is the treatment? It’s almost impossible to avoid all contact with fungal spores, so treatment for mold in your lungs often consists of taking medications. Corticosteroids often help open your airways to make coughing easier. You may need to take them when daily or only when your symptoms flare.

    How To Get Rid Of Mold In Your Home

    Mold Blood Tests in Naples FL

    Although there is no consensus on how much mold is harmful to your health, I advise my patients to act as soon as they spot any fungal growth in their homes. If beyond your ability to clean it is best to hire professionals.. You can find mold remediation contractors on these websites:

    You can also take some steps to prevent mold from growing in your home. Inspect all areas around windows, doors, and plumbing. Get a dehumidifier and keep your air moisture levels below 50%. Ventilate your rooms properly and make sure to turn on the bathroom fan when youre taking a shower.


    If a small area of your home is infested, you can attempt to clean it, but dont use bleach. It was labeled ineffective by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and it can even increase toxicity of mycotoxins, worsening your mold exposure symptoms. Instead, you can use natural products like tea tree oil, which proved to be a potent antifungal agent.

    If you suspect that you might be suffering from mold toxicity as you are experiencing unexplained symptoms like fatigue, weakness, headaches, and brain fog, book an appointment with me today so that we can find out the root of your health problems! Once we determine if mold is to blame, we can organize mold eradication plan and start the treatment.

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    Do You Have Toxic Mold

    Do you have toxic mold in your home or your body? That is the question.

    Unfortunately, mold is not always seen with the naked eye. Rephrase that: Mold is often not seen with the naked eye. Nor is it always caught on traditional lab testing. Rephrase that: Mold illness is never caught on traditional lab testing.

    This is why proper testingboth with the proper assessments for your home and your body, as well as working with a mold-literate practitioner is essential to get a complete picture of what is going on under the hood.

    In this article, were going to chat how to test for mold toxicity in your home and your body.

    How To Test For Mold Toxicity In Your Home

    The toxic condo home that made me sick realistically had a mold issue the entire time I lived there. It just took me getting super sick to realize it.

    The culprit? Black mold behind the beautiful concrete walls and permeating mycotoxins throughout the home thanks to the humidity that had built up in the home during its 6 months on the marketno AC turned on.

    As previously mentioned, at least 1 in 2 homes has water damage and, consequently, mold accumulation. Our homes are made out of mold food itself . Couple this with countless other homes that sit in 50 to 60% humiditylike Austin, Texas in the heat of summer as well as people who have homes full of mycotoxin infested items and youve got the perfect storm for toxic mold.

    Mold is everywhere. And mold is a normal part of life. Toxic mold however is not normal. It is toxic.

    Unfortunately, testing the home to find toxic mold, much less the source, is not always easy, especially since often times toxic mold can be hidden inside the walls and flooring, especially in brand new construction homes. This is why both a comprehensive testing approach, combined with attention to the patients mold signs and symptoms is essential to know if mold or other biotoxins are present.

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