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How To Test For Mold In Air

Where To Take A Mold Air Sample And Ideal Conditions

How to Air Mold Test the Right Way and Avoid Overpaying for Mold Remediation in East Tennessee.

Air samples can be taken to help verify and gather more information in any areas of a house suspected or confirmed to have mold growth. Moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, apparent mold growth, or conditions conducive to mold growth are all common reasons to gather an air sample.

Samples typicallyshould be taken near the center of the room, with the collection devicepositioned 3 to 6 feet off the ground.

Sampling should take place in livable spaces within the house under closed conditions in order to help stabilize the air and allow for reproducibility of the sampling and measurement. While the sample is being collected, windows and exterior doors should be kept closed. It is best to have air exchangers or fans that exchange indoor-outdoor air switched off during sampling.

Weatherconditions can be an important factor in gathering accurate data. Severe thunderstormsor unusually high winds can affect the sampling and analysis results. High winds or rapid changes in barometric pressure increase the difference inair pressure between the interior and exterior, which can increase thevariability of airborne mold-spore concentration. Large differences inair pressure between the interior and exterior can cause more airborne sporesto be sucked inside, skewing the results of the sample.

Musty Odor When Hvac Is Running

If you are running your HVAC and smell a musty odor, the potential for mold in the vents is high. Mold has an odor that is considered to be earthy or musty. The odor wont be good on the nose, but its one of the more recognizable signs that mold growth is present and can be detected easily.

If the mold is growing in the ducts, the smell might even spread throughout rooms that are near the source of the growth. Any strange smells similar to that of mold in your rooms means you should check nearby vents immediately, as it could be a telltale sign you have mold in the air ducts.

How Are Mold Air Test Samples Examined In Thelaboratory

Mold spore sample slides are prepared in the laboratory and then examined atmagnifications from 100x to 1920x to identify the dominant or other indicativeparticles collected. Particle counting, such as spores/M3 of air, ifprovided, is performed at 400x, 480x, 720x, 1000x, up to 1920x.

Somecompanies also use polarized light and darkfield methods and a variety of slidepreparation chemicals and stains.

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What Are The Most Likely Places For Mold Growth

Molds require certain conditions such as temperature and moisture to grow. These conditions are more easily found in the following areas of the house.

The areas with the highest chance of mold are:

  • the windowsill
  • behind or underneath funiture is rarely moved
  • on external walls near the floor
  • small closed areas such as the closet where the fuse box is situated
  • the fridge
  • the basement
  • the attic

How Can You Test The Air In Your House For Mold

Does A Mold Air Test Really Work?

Youd know if you had mold right?

Dont be so sure. Some mold can be so undetectable that it is not even visible. It can travel unseen through the air in the form of spores and spread effortlessly through any home or building. This spread can lead to troubling health issues like:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory illness

Spore test kits are one of the ways that technology has helped simplify remediation. Once you know where to check and have your test kit ready, you can get to the bottom of whether or not you may be dealing with an infestation. However, youll also need to know where to look or mold and how to remove it.

In this guide, well share how you can test the air in your house for mold.

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Monitor Carbon Monoxide And Radon Levels list price as of post date. See full disclaimer.

Two of the most dangerous substances that can affect indoor air quality are carbon monoxide and radon. Carbon monoxide, often referred to as the silent killer, is an odorless, colorless gas that can build to dangerous levels in poorly ventilated areas.

Because of the danger to pets, the elderly, and children, we recommend carbon monoxide monitoring on all levels of the home. Review our recommendations for the best carbon monoxide detectors to determine which one is the right fit for your family.

The Environmental Protection Agency says long-term exposure to radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. If radon levels are detected in your home, you should seek out professional help immediately.

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Uhoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor

This may be the most expensive product on our list, but it seems to be the ultimate winner in quality as well. This is a very advanced technology sensor that offers a comprehensive analysis of the air quality in your home. It monitors humidity, temperature, nitrogen dioxide, toxins, carbon dioxide, ozone, PM2.5, PM.25, and air pressure levels.

What sets this product apart from the rest is that it is very functional, connecting to a mobile app that you download, streaming data to you at all times. It offers not only immediate air quality results but tips on improving the air and much more. The system of the uHoo syncs with any IFTTT compatible device such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Roomba, smart air purifiers, and more for scheduling.

Although they claim it is easy to use and connect, this was actually one of the most significant problems we faced when using this product. However, if you follow instructions carefully, this is a lovely and useful device.


  • This unit monitors more air quality factors than most others on the market.
  • It can be connected to any iOs9 or Android 4.3 or newer device through a downloadable app.
  • The elegant design makes it an attractive addition anywhere in your home.
  • You dont have to calibrate the device as it calibrates itself.


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How To Test Indoor Air Quality For Mold

Indoor air quality plays a significant role in the health of people living or working within a specific residential or commercial building. Some experts argue that the quality of air in your home can be up to five times more polluted than the outdoors. As such, addressing the issue of air pollution within your walls has never been more important.

Testing the quality of air in your Houston, Texas home is one of the easiest methods of guaranteeing your loved ones a safe living environment. Depending on the substance of concern, ways of testing air quality in your living quarters vary significantly.

Some homeowners simply install an indoor air quality monitor an appliance that constantly checks for pollutants in your home. IAQ monitors are extremely handy in ensuring that the allergen and asthma triggers in your house are properly eliminated. They are, however, not known by many people.

Allergy Symptoms Or Illness Occurs

How to properly do mold air testing

As mentioned before, if you are allergic to mold, your symptoms will emerge. It can also cause other symptoms.

Allergy symptoms you may suffer from can include sneezing, coughing, watery and itchy eyes, and breathing difficulties. However, you might suffer more troublesome conditions apart from these, such as severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

For these reasons, it is important to stop using the HVAC system if any of these symptoms occur. If any mold growth is discovered, do not activate your system until it is free of any mold.

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Monitoring For Mold In Indoor Air Quality Is Important

There are many types of mold, some of which are dangerous. The problem is that it is difficult to detect problems without the proper equipment. You can gain protection from VOCs and other pollutants as noxious as carbon monoxide, by monitoring indoor air quality. VOCs from mold can be tracked so that solutions can be found to avoid issues with health and other pollutants. You can get an indoor air quality monitor to begin.

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Poor Reason For Testing #7 To Make A Party Respond To The Problem

There is no legal requirement to correct a mold problem in most residential or occupational settings. Collecting mold test results does not change this fact. While common sense supports the importance of correcting indoor mold problems quickly and effectively, there is rarely any rule or law that requires a property owner to do so.

Private homeowners are responsible for deciding how they will respond to real or suspected mold problems. This includes owner-occupied condominiums and townhouses, although issues of preventive maintenance and liability may be more confusing when an association is involved. Their insurance company may or may not cover any related costs depending on the details of their policy and other factors. In occupational settings, mold and any related health concerns are solely the responsibility of the employer and/or the property manager. In leased space, terms of the lease agreement may or may not address responsibility for mold and air quality complaints.

In rental housing, tenants should promptly alert the property owner or manager to evidence of mold or moisture problems if they cannot fix the problem on their own. Tenants concerned about mold in rental properties may also ask their city or county housing officials for help. If and how local authorities address mold complaints in rental situations depends on the status of local codes or ordinances and what authority the local program has to deal with this issue.

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We Are Having The Tub Changed To A Shower In A Bathroom The Contractor Not The Inspector Pointed Out This Area As Moldthey Sent Someone To Test It But Yet To Show Us A Report We Have Only Been Told The Test Was Positive For Mold This Is A Small Area Inside The Wall It Is Not Wet Could I Be Getting Scammed

Mold growth behind a tub or shower surround is quite common. If its dry, the mold is no longer active/growing. In the majority of these situations, professional mold remediation is not necessary. The contractor can simply remove or clean the affected materials. The new shower surround will completely seal off any lingering

Limits To Mold Detection

Ottawa Mold Testing, Detection &  Air Quality Inspections

Air quality monitors are amazing devices, giving you the information you need to act and improve your air quality. However, your air quality monitor isnt infallible, and it has certain technical limitations that reduce the usefulness of mold detection.

Your particle detector measures the number of particles in your air, not what kind they are. It cant differentiate between the mold spores in your air and other particulate pollutants, so it just counts them all as particulate matter. Furthermore, spore size depends on species, so some mold spores may not fall into the simple categories of coarse particles or fine particles and wont be counted.

Mold in different shapes and sizes Image via

Additionally, mold isnt just mold. Mold is actually a nonscientific term used to refer to a group of fungi, not a specific species. Just as the sensor wont tell you how many of the particles are mold, so too will a general mold count not tell you what kinds of mold are in your air. Theres a massive difference between the health implications of simple mildew and black mold , and you cant effectively make decisions about the health of you and your loved ones without knowing if youre dealing with run-of-the-mill allergenic molds or the more serious pathogenic and toxigenic mold species.

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Can Air Quality Test Detect Mold

We have stated the many symptoms that you might feel for the bad air quality around you but that may not be it. The air quality might be low due to the presence of some undetected particles as well. Mold and other such spores deposited on the walls can lead to infections. But damage can be controlled by measuring the extent of their presence on time. One can measure the quality of air they have in their home or in their workplace. Indoor air quality testing is different for different types of pollutants, one test may not be enough to identify all types of harmful toxins present in the air around us. You may have biological, chemical, or combustion-based particles in the air around you. For now, we will focus on mold because it is one of the most common types of pollutants in common households or workplaces, it is surface based, but it can also be suspended in the air around us. The very first test is to see the washroom walls, the ducts, the kitchen sink or any such area where there might be excessive humidity. Next is to take sample testing from surface swab tests and by purchasing an air quality monitor. An indoor air quality monitor is an efficient device to keep a check on the quality of the air around you.

Who Should Test For Mold In The Air

An industrial hygienist or air quality specialist will typically use a mechanical pump and have all the equipment necessary to perform the work. The specialist will perform an inspection, collect the mold air sample, conduct an examination, ascertain the possible source of the problem, discover new ones in the process and submit the mold air samples to the mold testing lab for analysis. He will also be able to provide professional advice on the matter.

The EPA states: Sampling for mold should be conducted by professional who have specific experience in designing mold-sampling protocols, sampling methods, and interpreting results. EPAs brief guide to mold, moisture, and your home.

If you have any additional questions or want to test for mold in the air at your residence or office, please dont hesitate to contact 5 Microns Inc. Our experienced air quality specialist will be happy to assist you.

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How To Use An Air Quality Monitor To Detect Mold

For the following steps to give an indication of mold growth, you will need an air quality monitor that measures temperature and humidity. Additionally, the device needs to be able to display the results of several days in data or a graph for you to interpret. The Airthings Wave Mini is specifically designed to do just this and gives an indication for mold growth based on its data.

Following the next steps will give you a good indication if and where mold is growing.

  • determine the most likely places for mold growth and place the air quality monitor in this area for an extended period of time.
  • measure the air temperature and humidity levels of this area for several days at least. If you measure longer, you will have a better idea of the risk of mold growth.
  • interpret the data:
  • are the humidity levels consistently below 70%? then you most likely do not have a mold issue.
  • mold grows best at temperature between 77 and 86 F . However, they can grow at near freezing temperature as anyone who forgot to clean their fridge for some time can tell.

Following these steps only gives an indication of the possibility of mold growth in the area where the air quality monitor was placed. If you have multiple areas that you suspect could have mold. Follow these steps for each of those places.

Use The Smartphone You Already Have To Help Monitor

Using the Air Check Mold Test Kit

If you already have a smartphone, then you can more easily track VOCs with the help from one of Foobots smartphone air quality monitors. As previously mentioned, their state-of-the-art app allows users to accurately track VOCs from mold. The data and information you gain can be invaluable when it comes to how you approach improving your indoor air quality. Many homeowners know the importance of monitoring for carbon monoxide why not monitor for other pollutants that can be just as noxious?

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Dark Grout Between The Shower Tiles

The surprising bit about mold is that it accumulates in some of the unlikeliest of places. If your bathroom has leaking parts, mold may begin to grow around the grout. Unfortunately, most of the mold that thrives in the bathroom can be toxic.

You need to pay close attention to the spaces around the bathroom tiles. However, it takes a keen eye to notice the color changes. Are you finding it hard to differentiate between the normal darkening of tiles and mold-related discoloration? Our experts at Beyer Air Conditioning and Heating are always on-call to test if such darkening spots could be molds. Dealing with mold early helps you minimize the risk of allergies and other issues caused by low air quality.

Conducting A Radon Test

Radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. This increases the level of precaution one should have against it because of its ability to remain undetected. It has long-term harmful effects, for example, lung cancer. It can enter indoors through floor cracks, walls, and the foundation of the house. Radon gas occurs due to the decomposition of uranium in the soil hence it concentrates on the lowest level of the house. It is detected using short-term radon kits, and long-term radon kits that can be obtained through online retailers.

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Want A 100% Free Estimate For Your Mold Air Test

Now that you know when/how to do an initial air test and when to hire a professional company, youre ready to take the next step. The team at Mold Gone wants to help make things as stress-free as possible by providing you with a free estimate for your indoor air quality testing needs.

Why Choose Mold Gone for Your Mold Testing/Removal Project?

We know there are a lot of mold testing and removal companies for you to choose from in the DC/MD/VA area. Heres why youll get the best possible results for your money by choosing Mold Gone:

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