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Are Air Purifiers Good For Mold

What Are The Benefits Of An Air Purifier

The Best Air Purifier for Mold

An air purifier wont reverse already present mold growth, but it will lessen the chance of future growth. It may also help your symptoms subside. Plus, odors will be removed along with airborne mold spores . Other benefits include:

  • Removes triggers for asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  • Eliminates other allergens, including dust, pollen and dust mites.
  • Traps smoke which can lead to ear infections or worse .
  • Helps decrease outside fumes and environmental toxins.

Stop The Mold Growing

Even with good air purification there will still be 5-20% of the mold products in the air and so there is a need to stop the mold growing and also to remove it.

The best way to stop mold growing is to deprive it of water. This can be done by reducing the relative humidity below 80%. The quickest way to do this is to use a dehumidifier. So you may wish to buy one to keep the humidity in the area with mold at 30-50%, this should stop the growth of mold.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Air Purifiers For Mold

Browse the top-ranked list of air purifiers for mold below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 1113 reviews

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    It’s like a white noise machine. I can’t recommend this airpurifier enough. 10/10….airpurifier…fresh air finally. this works great and I wouldn’t but any other brand

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    Product Description

    Kill airborne mold for improved indoor air quality using this GermGuardian 4-in-1 air purifier. The HEPA filter eliminates small dust microns and common allergens such as pet dander for protection, while the charcoal filter reduces odors and lingering cooking smells. This GermGuardian 4-in-1 air purifier features UV-C light to kill germs and reduce volatile organic compounds in the air.See all Air PurifiersTop comment

    It’s like a white noise machine. I can’t recommend this airpurifier enough. 10/10….airpurifier…fresh air finally. this works great and I wouldn’t but any other brand

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Kill airborne mold for improved indoor air quality using this GermGuardian 4-in-1 air purifier. The HEPA filter eliminates small dust microns and common allergens such as pet dander for protection, while the charcoal filter reduces odors and lingering cooking smells. This GermGuardian 4-in-1 air purifier features UV-C light to kill germs and reduce volatile organic compounds in the air.$85.99Your price for this item is $85.99Save $14The previous price was $99.99Add to Cart

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    Will An Air Purifier Help With Mold

    Areas of your home that routinely experience high temperatures and high humidity are prone to having mold problems.

    And if you breathe in enough of this mold, it could lead to all sorts of short and long-term health problems.

    Since mold is such a serious issue, many people wonder, Will an air purifier help with mold?

    In this post, well answer that very question so you can decide if an air purifier is a good way to keep you and your family safe from mold exposure.

    Well start with the short answer so you know whats ahead, then well move onto a more detailed explanation.


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    So How Does One Go About Choosing The Best Air Purifier To Remove Mold Spores

    SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter ...

    It is a bit of a process one that can be overwhelming if youve never had to shop for air purifiers before. I have outlined all of the important points to consider and provided as much information as I can . I have used about a dozen different air purifiers along the way and certainly have a solid understanding of the good, the bad, and the great!

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    Using An Air Purifier To Remove Mold: What You Need To Know

    One of the most common uses for air purifiers is to keep mold from getting a foothold in homes. Some buyers also wonder whether they can use their air purifiers to remove mold that has already established itself. While air purifiers can play a role in mold remediation, theres much more to it than just plugging in your air purifier. Heres what you need to know about using air purifiers for mold removal.

    For The Office: Molekule Air Pro

    This the bigger version of the Molekule mini we mentioned earlier. It can handle much bigger rooms, as youre about to see.

    The reason Molekule is appearing twice on our list is that its the only air purifier available with the capacity to actually destroy mold spores rather than just trapping them. If youre sticking to a tighter budget there are more options for the office below, but if you absolutely must get rid of mold, you have to look at the Molekule first.

    The problem with air purifiers in an office is that even the most liberal boss is not going to leave the thing running overnight when everyones gone home. This means mold spores trapped during the day are just going to sit in the machine overnight, where they can multiply, or even escape from the filter surface. To be absolutely vigilant against mold, bacteria, and viruses, the trapped particles have to be destroyed. And for destroying them, theres no brand other than Molekule.

    How big a room does Molekules Pro model cover? 600sq ft. Thats a 25ft by 24ft room.

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    Pure Enrichment Purezone Elite 4


    With four stages of purification, this air purifier from Pure Enrichment works to clean and sanitize the air in your room from 99.97 percent of allergens, including mold, dust, pollen, smoke, and bacteria. Stage 1 utilizes an activated carbon prefilter stage 2 uses a HEPA filter stage 3 utilizes a UVC light and photocatalyst filter and stage 4 ionizes, or emits negative ions in the air to clean it. This air purifier is ideal for someone looking to stay energy efficient, as it features three automatic timer settings and allows you to choose one of three speeds for the fan.

    8 Air Purifiers for Better Air Quality

    Do UV Air Purifiers Really Work?

    What to Know About Ozone Air Purifiers

    How Do I Know If I Need An Air Purifier

    How To Use EnviroKlenz® Air Purifier For Mold

    Air purifiers are often a matter of personal preference. However, if you or your family suffers from health problems related to air quality in the home then an air purifier would be highly recommended. Health problems that often prompt the need for an air purifier are allergies, asthma, breathing issues, headaches, or autoimmune diseases that are triggered by allergens. Also, if your home has a musty smell or has had issues with mold in the past, its highly recommended that an air purifier be kept in areas where problems have been noted.

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    Geniani Home Air Purifier

    It is important to breathe the fresh air to complete the majority of the household activities with ease. However, lack of ventilation and improper air quality in the home makes it difficult. But, with the use of Geniani home air purifier, it is possible to clean the air and breathe fresh.


    The cylindrical shape of the air purifier makes it a perfect addition in any room of the house. The compact dimensions give a chance to use it across different places in the home any corner, on the table, near the couch, or by the bed. The areas to choose are many and the purifier assists in cleaning the air with ease. Given the mobility and the design, the Geniani is capable of covering 160 square feet with 120 m3/h of CADR.


    The control panel at the top provides a simple mechanism to start to the device. The arrangement is such that even a child can start the purifier with ease. It consists of the power button, nightlight, filter reset, and fan speed option. Depending on the need, one can use the nightlight and set the fan at the lowest to have a quiet sleep.


    The device processes the air in three stages. The pre-filter helps in removing large particles along with bacteria and viruses. The second film is the True HEPA filter, which is capable of eliminating minute particles from the air that measure 0.3 microns. The third layer is the activated carbon filter. The filter removes odor and smoke from the air before venting the clean air into the room.


    The Benefits Of Hepa Filtration

    The most effective air purifiers utilize high efficiency particulate air filters. These filters must meet strict standards of particle removal. Mold spores range from one to five microns in size, so a successful filter must trap pollutants as small as one micron. HEPA filters have been tested and proven to remove 99.97% of particles as small as .03 microns in size. To be sure of having this level of filtration, select a unit that uses genuine HEPA filters. Its important to not fall for filters that claim to be HEPA-like, or HEPA-style. That way you can be certain that the air purifier you purchase will clean the air more thoroughly and eliminate a greater number of irritants than those with other types of filters.

    Once trapped in the filter, mold spores are rendered inert. The dry, sterile environment stifles them and they are unable to survive. Changing the units HEPA filter as recommended will ensure the air purifier will continue to operate efficiently.

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    Can An Air Purifier Kill Black Mold

    Air purifiers dont actually kill mold of any kind, but they do trap small invisible mold spores that are buoyant in the air. This means it can prevent those spores from settling in other spots and growing more colonies. Air purifiers with a HEPA filter or activated carbon filter can remove spores from room air.

    The only way to kill black mold is to consult with a professional that provides mold remediation. A black mold problem can be very serious and cause many symptoms such as asthma, skin irritation, and other serious health effects. Its best to have help in removing black mold from your home. But an air purifier can definitely help reduce black mold spores to prevent any further contamination of the home.

    Best For Bedrooms: Alen Breathesmart 45i Purifier

    RENPHO Air Purifier for Home Large Room, HEPA Filter Air ...

    Many people focus on eliminating mold and mildew issues where they sleep. Its a sensible idea since most individuals tend to spend the most time in their bedrooms. The Alen BreatheSmart 45i purifier is ideal for a bedroom, providing optimal air conditions and minimal noise through a medical-grade HEPA-13 filter. Its the smartest of all the air purifiers for mold in the roundup, sensing up to five levels of air quality and transmitting them in the form of color. Green lighting is the best air quality, with purple being the poorest. An added bonus from this device is that it supports a good nights rest. The unit quietly delivers a special white noise rated by SleepScore Labs as the best sound for improved sleep quality.

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    Fastest Air Purifier For Mold: Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

    LEVOIT is one of the top-selling air purifier manufacturers. The Core 300 is a quiet HEPA filter with low-level noise of 24db . Its a good solution when you need to clear the air in a space in a hurry. A high CADR means the air in a room up to 219 square feet can be purified in just 12 minutes. The quiet operation means you can let the purifier run day or night without being disturbed. LEVOITs VortexAir Technology and the round design of the unit allows the device to take in air from all sides, purifying a room completely up to five times per hour.

    How To Find The Best Air Purifier For Mold Removal

    If you buy the right air purifier for mold, it is very effective at removing airborne mold.

    Look for an air cleaner with a true HEPA filter, the larger the better. And also focus on the pre-filter. If the air cleaner is well-designed, youll be able to clean it periodically to extend the life of the core filter. After all, you dont want constantly buy new filters.

    Which air cleaner is the best? The top rated air purifier is the Austin Air HealthMate Plus. It removes 99.97% of mold and other particles in the air. The large size cleans up to 1500 sq. ft. while the Junior cleans up to 700 sq. ft. The filter lasts up to five years, has a pro-rated filter warranty, and the unit has a five-year mechanical guarantee.

    The larger unit has 60 sq. ft. of true medical HEPA filter medium AND 15 lbs. of granular carbon and zeolite. The competition doesnt measure up.

    The Austin Air HealthMate air cleaners have the lowest five-year total cost of ownership compared to other top brands. See the side by side comparisons for details.

    In addition to cleaning up mold, this well-designed purifier will also remove dust, pet dander, odors, smoke, gasses, VOCs and more so your home will smell great and your indoor air will be much healthier.

    Shop for an Austin Air Cleaner now.

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    What Is Mold And How Does It Spread

    Mold is a fungus that decomposes organisms for food. It reproduces by releasing minuscule spores into the air so they can land on surfaces to decompose and grow. Because it doesnt need sunlight to grow, its often found in dark areas, which means it can be found under flooring, within walls, and even within appliances. Furthermore, mold needs water to survive. So, along with dark places, mold likes to grow in places with high moisture concentrations. Therefore, when it comes to identifying where mold is growing, searching for where water or moisture may be coming from is an essential part of the process.

    Comparing The Top 3 Home Air Purifiers For Mold

    Whats the Best Air Purifier for Mold & Asthma?

    If youre still not sure which is right for you, Ive put our top 3 recommendations side by side here, with the most important specs included.

    Offices can be a hive of recycled air, other peoples germs, dust, commercial cleaning products, and multiple food smells. This is especially true of open-plan offices. Offices can also be plagued by mold, especially if the ventilation isnt quite right.

    For an air purifier in the office, you need huge coverage and plenty of filtration power. You can usually afford to sacrifice some decibels on the noise level for the sake of that coverage too, given that the air purifier can usually sit out of the way in a corner, not so close to anyone working.

    These air purifiers are great according to those criteria, whether its a large open-plan office or a smaller space.

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    Air Sanitizer Vs Air Purifier Effectiveness Against Killing Mold


    • Both aim at ensuring that the air is clean and healthy for breathing.


    • Air sanitizers mainly target living organisms while air purifiers mainly focus on eliminating particles and can only eliminate mold in small amounts unless they have UV light or generate ozone
    • Air purifiers help reduce the concentration of mold while air sanitizers get rid of the mold completely.

    Will An Air Purifier Get Rid Of Mold Growing In Your House

    Although an air purifier with a HEPA filter will remove mold spores, it wont get rid of established mold already growing in your home. For that, youll need either thorough cleaning or professional mold remediation. For more information about dealing with mold infestations in your home check out this blog post from us about household mold and how to get rid of it.

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    Do Air Purifiers For Mold Work To Remove Mold

    Many people use air purifiers to clean air of particles that can be breathed in and lead to health effects. This can include the tiny mold spores that spread throughout the air. Essentially, air purification technology works by taking in the air by suction, sending the air through filters to trap any particles, and sending the clean air back into the space with the use of fans.

    So, yes, an air purifier for mold can eliminate mold spores that spread throughout the air, potentially being a hazard to breathe in and lead to health issues. However, if youre serious about purchasing your own air purifier to rid the air in your home or business from mold spores, there are some things to consider.

    Firstly, some air purification systems arent built specifically for mold spores. The ones that do use HEPA filters to trap and contain mold spores. HEPA filters contain multiple layers in order to trap and hold air particles that are even smaller than most, including mold spores. Secondly, the size of an air purifier is important when determining which is best for mold spore removal within the air. This is because the size of the purifier is crucial in determining the size of the area that needs to be purified. So, larger purifiers are needed for bigger areas. And, if you choose a smaller system for a large room, you are not guaranteed to have all the mold spores removed from the air.

    The Problem With Getting Your Own Air Purifier

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