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How Do You Clean Mold From Carpet

Use These Shortcuts For Faster Easier Rug Cleaning

Housecleaning Tips : How to Clean Mold From Carpet

Dont feel like sweeping? Blast your outdoor rug with a leaf blower. Dont feel like spot cleaning? Spray it down with a garden hose . Just be sure not to air blast it after wetting it down air pressure on a wet rug can damage the fibers. Keep in mind that taking these kinds of shortcuts, especially with rougher cleaning methods, will not be as effective as painstaking rug maintenance.

For extra preventative rug care, use a rug pad for your outdoor rug. It will give your rug grip and cushioning while allowing air to circulate, keeping your rug healthy. Read about all the benefits in our Rug Pad Buying Guide.

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How To Dry Wet Carpet

There are numerous ways how to dry wet carpet. We will discuss a couple of those methods below.

Blotting the carpet dry for small areas of wet carpet, for example caused by someone spilling a glass of water the best way to dry it up and help prevent mold or mildew growth is blotting it dry with a towel. Be sure not to use a towel that has not been washed before because it could transfer coloring to the carpet. By blotting the carpet dry you will help soak up the excess moisture and allow the carpet to air dry. To assist with the drying process you can open windows or move a dehumidifier into the room.Carpet Blowers You can rent for a reasonable fee a carpet blower, which really is simply a high powered fan that is angled to the ground. This creates air circulation that helps effectively dry the carpet.Wet/Dry Vacs A wet dry vac can be used to help extract water from the carpeting if you catch it early enough. On a similar note you can also use a carpet cleaner that usually has a water extraction feature. Both methods are effective for carpet water removal.

How Does Mold Grow On Carpet

Carpet is the perfect environment to trap and hide mold. This is especially true in especially wet areas such as your bathroom or basement. The thick, woven material, along with the carpet’s backing, can easily absorb and retain moisture for an excessive amount of time. Carpet offers a complex structure comprised of many cellulose-based products. Wet carpet is molds dreamworld, so if it becomes moist, it creates that perfect environment needed for mold growth. Mold spores landing on the carpet use the moisture and cellulose to begin their germination process and are well on their path to becoming mold. Leaks, flooding, or even carpet that was cleaned but not thoroughly dried can result in mold growth.

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Lift Up The Area Of The Carpet That Is Moist And Has Mold

If the mold is in a small area, you can clean it. If the mold is on the backing of the carpet, you may need to replace it. However, you can remove the mold from the carpet by cutting it out. Leave a border of about 12 inches around and add in a replacement piece. If this does not work, then you will need to replace the carpet.

Let Your Carpet Air Dry For Several Hours

How to Remove Mold from Carpet

Your carpet may take anywhere from three hours to a day to dry completely. Let it sit outside in the sun.

If the carpet is not removable, just let it dry where it is. Pat the carpet down with a few towels if theres a lot of water to prevent mold growth.

Your deck railing or patio works great if it is a smaller rug.

Be sure to take it outside to dry immediately after cleaning. It will absorb water over time. If theres too much water, mold and mildew can grow on the carpet. No one wants to deal with that!

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How Dirty Carpets Affect Your Health

In 1980, the World Health Organization coined the term Sick Building Syndrome to refer to the unhealthy environmental factors in the workplace that undoubtedly affect the health of employees.

According to Dr. Berry Michael, Deputy Director of the Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office, soiled and filthy carpets are one of the main perpetrators of SBS, contributing to indoor air pollution and threatening the health of workers.

Rugs and carpets trap allergens and are home to microorganisms that can release harmful fumes into the air you breathe. They accumulate bacteria colonies, chemical irritants, and microorganisms like mold that can cause both short-term and long-term health effects.

Once these pathogens are inhaled, they can lead to the development of the following health issues:

Open Windows For Good Ventilation And Lower Humidity Levels

Never underestimate the power of proper ventilation. Sometimes cleaning mold from carpets requires more than getting rid of the patches of green you see on the floor. Mold is always in the air, so cleaning it while allowing the same conditions that caused it to persist only makes more work for you.

Keeping an area well-ventilated and free of moisture is the best way to prevent mold from returning. There are many ways to reduce humidity in the home. Something as simple as lowering the room temperature by a couple of degrees or leaving open windows to circulate air can help.

If you are unsure about the moisture level in your home, moisture meters are available to monitor the humidity. High humidity means more moisture in the air, providing the perfect conditions for mold to thrive.

Whether you enjoy the heat or are trying to conserve on energy costs, the humidity should be kept below 55%. This prevents moisture from settling in the air and eventually seeping its way into your carpet.

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How To Get Mold Out Of Your Carpet For Good

If you have mold in your house, it is vital to remove it as soon as possible. Mold spores may cause serious health problems. On hard surfaces like metal or concrete, scrubbing it with a cleaning solution will get rid of the mold. But if mold shows up on your carpet or rug, removing the mold will not be as easy. Mold and mold spores can be as small as three microns, according to the University of Central Florida. That means the mold gets into the tiniest spaces in soft surfaces like wood or carpeting, and scrubbing will not remove or eliminate the spores.

To remove mold from carpet, you may need some specialized cleaning techniques. Here are some of the different cleaning methods and chemicals that can be used to get mold out of a carpet. We will also cover how to find out which one will work best for you

Be Safe When You Tackle Mold

Housecleaning Tips : How to Clean Mold Stains From Carpet

Remember: when you decide to address your mold problem on your own, youre responsible for your own personal safety and protection, as well as that of your family, roommates, etc.

Breathing in mold spores can be extremely detrimental to your health. We recommend wearing an N-95 respirator while in close contact with the spores, including while you apply your DIY treatments and scrub.

You should also wear gloves while working on the affected area. This protects your skin from the mold itself as well as the agents youre using to remove the growth. Aftercleaning the affected carpet and removing the gloves, ensure you still wash your hands thoroughly to avoid accidentally spreading spores or toxins.

Lastly, you should also wear goggles. It might feel like overkill, but the last thing you want is to get mold, toxins, or chemicals in your eyes.

Exposure to mold spores can cause a variety of symptoms in different individuals or none at all, depending on the circumstances. Watch yourself and others involved for signs of severe allergic reactions. Serious coughing, wheezing, headaches, or asthma attacks should be taken seriously and addressed by a medical professional.

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Green Mold On Carpet: Main Causes

The green mold is a type of fungus that grows in moist areas. The most common cause is when water has been sitting in a carpet for too long and the moisture has caused it to grow. This can be prevented by taking care not to leave any standing water in your carpet, or by having a carpet cleaner come out monthly to extract any excess moisture from the fibers. Also, if your home is humid, it is important to have extractor fans installed near all of your heating units.

Apply Vinegar Water Mixture To The Carpet

To remove mildew and musty smells, apply a mixture of vinegar and water to the affected area of the carpet.

Vinegar is a great home remedy for absorbing stubborn odors. Depending on the amount of mildew on the carpet, mix one cup of white vinegar for every two cups of water. Add the mixture to a spray bottle and spritz the carpet, creating a light, misty layer. Just keep in mind that too much of the mixture can trigger additional mold growth.

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How To Prevent Mold Regrowth

Mold isnt a welcome sight anywhere, whether its your home or your car. Ask anyone whos lived through a mold outbreak, and theyll tell you how daunting the remediation process is.

As you may have realized by now, cleaning the mold out of a vehicle is no easy feat. One wrong move and your entire car can fill up with mold spores, making it impossible for you to get behind the wheel.

Once youve handled a mold infestation, you wont want it to return. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to discourage mold growth inside your vehicle. This includes learning to:

Prevention Of Future Growth Of Mold In The Carpet

The Best How To Get Rid Of Mildew Smell In Carpet Pad And ...
  • Potted Plants- When using potted plants in the home, make sure there is a mat between the bottom of the potted plant and the carpet. This will keep moisture from building up and causing mold.
  • Firewood If you use firewood, make sure there is a moisture barrier between the firewood and the carpet.
  • Dehumidifiers If your home is humid, investing in a dehumidifier is essential. This is a great way to eliminate the high moisture in the air, create low humidity, and will also save your hardwoods and art from being ruined due to the moisture. Humidity levels should be less than 60% and running the air conditioning will help with this.
  • Air purifier This will help clean the air and get rid of the spores. It will be good especially for those with a sensitivity to mold.
  • Running the air conditioning on the auto settinginstead of the on setting will keep the humidity lower in the home.
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    You Should Hire The Company That Offers The Highest Price

    Again, this is equally as false as the previous misconception. There are numerous companies that offer to clean your carpets at exorbitant prices.

    This doesnt mean they are much better than the rest. After all, theyre using pretty much the same equipment. They only try to stand out from the rest by charging a lot more.

    Ask around for references and peoples experiences with different companies and you will find one that offers the best value for money.

    Four Ways To Prevent Carpet Mold

    If you have carpet in an area of your home with potentially high humidity, there are measures you can take to prevent mold growth.

  • Keep your carpet clean. To prevent mold growth, vacuum your carpet weekly to keep it clean and free of dirt.
  • Keep humidity low. To keep humidity low in a contained area, run a portable dehumidifier or provide airflow to the area by opening windows and doors . You can also circulate air throughout your house with fans. Maintaining humidity of 65 percent or lower is the optimal level for maintaining a mold-free carpet.
  • Keep temperatures low. Temperatures above 80 degrees can contribute to mold growth in the carpet. Installing central or portable air conditioning will help with both temperature and moisture because as the air cools, it lowers the humidity.
  • Use synthetic carpet materials. Synthetic fibers are a good choice because they release moisture and avoid mold and mildew build-up. Organic carpet material such as wool is more susceptible to mold growth than synthetic, non-organic material such as nylon or olefin.
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    Be Careful Where You Use Wall

    Wall-to-wall carpeting has been used by many homeowners to enhance the overall look of their living space. However, while it is an affordable flooring option and makes your home cozier, it can aggravate allergies and cause more serious respiratory diseases.

    As weve mentioned, your carpet is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. It is also vulnerable to stains, moisture and dampness, and the accumulation of dust, bugs, dirt, and bacteria.

    This is why you should make sure not to place carpets all over your home. Avoid carpeting in areas prone to high moisture like your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Also, experts suggest avoiding putting carpets in rooms used by people with asthma as they may exacerbate the condition.

    Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

    Carpet Cleaning : How to Get Mildew Out of a Carpet

    Unfortunately, when it comes to killing mold and mildew in carpet, doing it yourself is usually not the best solution. As mold spores spread easily, it can be very difficult to completely get rid of mold and mildew from carpet. That is why many homeowners turn to professional carpet cleaning companies to eliminate tough mold and mildew from their carpeting. Professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge, products, and equipment needed to properly and safely kill mold and mildew in carpet without causing damage to delicate carpet fibers or the underlying floor. Professional carpeting cleaning is also essential to make your carpet sanitized following a mold or mildew infestation.

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    How Do You Test Carpet For Mold Growth

    Even though its recommended that any mold growth in your home be removed, its always a good idea to have it tested. If youre suspicious that your carpet has mold growth, a very simple way to detect whether you have mold or not is to purchase a mold test kit and collect samples in strategic locations. A mold testing kit tests the airflow on your carpet. If there are mold spores in the carpet, they will land on the kit and from there you can begin the process of removing them.

    Mold test kits are available at home improvement stores and from online retailers. Not all test kits are the same. Some are designed to determine whether the mold is present on a surface and others detect spores in the air you breathe. Make sure you purchase the correct type of test kit.

    PRO TIP: The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners have their homes professionally tested if theyre concerned about the presence of mold.

    How To Stop Mold Growth: What Kills Mold On Carpet

    There are a few different solutions you can use to kill off mold colonies. Youll first need to perform a base cleaning, which is best done with a rented carpet cleaner. You can also hire a professional carpet cleaning service to get that job done. After the base clean is dry, consider one of the following steps:

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    Is Bleach Or Vinegar Better To Kill Mold On Carpets

    Both vinegar and bleach are capable of killing mold at the surface, but vinegar is often considered the better agent for the job. Bleach is a harsh chemical, and mold spores are living organisms the mold can actually react to bleach by running from it, delving deeper into porous surfaces for cover. When this happens, the mold spores can continue growing once the bleach is gone. Vinegar, on the other hand, is the natural product of fermentation. Unlike bleach, its much more mild and doesnt register to mold spores as a threat. Therefore, you can use vinegar to effectively kill mold on the surface before it retreats.

    When Should I Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner To Get Mold Out Of Carpet Instead Of Cleaning It Myself

    [Guide] How To Remove Mold From Carpet

    Sometimes a mold infestation is too much for us to tackle on our own. Mold can have detrimental effects on a persons health and is not something to disregard when it comes to your family. Calling a professional cleaner is imperative in these situations, and the only way to start the mold remediation process.

    How do you know when to handle the mold problem yourself, and when to call in reinforcements? Patches of mold should only be dealt with by hand when they cover an area smaller than 10 x 10 in space. A professional carpet cleaner should treat anything more significant.

    Some patches of mold may not appear significant at first, so if you are unsure of where the source of mold came from, you should double-check for mold growth. For mildew caused by pet stains, spills, or other known origins, it will not spread far if you catch it soon enough.

    If you are unsure of the source, however, peeling back the piece of the carpet will help. If the mold has spread into the floorboards or wood on the walls, its time to call a professional.

    Safety is the number one priority when managing mold problems and when getting rid of mold in carpets. If the mold has spread to other areas of the house, a mold remediation or removal service may be necessary. Otherwise, these nine different solutions will work great and save you money in the process.

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