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Do It Drop Shot Mold

Inch Drop Shot Worm Mold

3 Bait Options for Drop Shot Walleyes, Plus Tips for Fishing Them


6 Inch Drop Shot Worm Mold

5 Cavity Mold

6 Inch Drop Shot Worm Mold

5 Cavity Mold

The 2 Inch Sandworm bait measures 2 from end to end and the baits round/ribbed body section measures .215 wide x .175 tall at the thickest part. The tiny projections/legs along the sides of the body are flat on one side, rounded on other and taper to a point. This allows for lots of movement

The 3 Inch Epic PreyBait, hand injection style mold was designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits. The Epic PreyBait is a boot tail swimbait with a rear fin designed to have an intense action with realistic presentation at any speed, with a kick and wobble on the fall. This bait/mold does not have a hook slot and is intended to

Injection Molding: Setting Mold Protection Takes Time But Saves More

Mold protection is often neglected, but it more than pays for the time and attention required.#scientificmolding#processingtips#bestpractices

Pressure-sensitive film, whose intensity of red color indicates the amount of contact pressure, was used to determine the cause of mold damage. The blocks of red indicate contact points for the mold halves, separated by vents and dump channels. Notice the white area inside one of the blocks of red on the right sidewhich happens to be the same shape as a cashew gate. Thats because the cashew gate broke off a molded part and stuck electrostatically to the mold surface. Upon clamp-up for the next shot, mold protection did not sense this piece of plastic, and the 50 tons of clamp force hobbed the steel.

John Bozzelli

I would wager good money that U.S. molders lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on mold damage and related costs every day. The photo below shows mold damage on the parting line. We used a pressure-sensitive film that changes the intensity of red relative to the amount of contact pressure. Note the blocks of red, showing contact points between the mold halves, separated by vents and corresponding dump channels. Notice the white area inside one of the blocks of red on the right side. Note that the shape of the white area is the same shape as a cashew gate.

How To Set Up Mold Protection

Since it is so dependent on the mold and machine combination, there is no one procedure that can be followed, so start with a goal or purpose and establish a strategy that suits your machines capability. Since some presses have better control of mold protection, you may want to ensure your delicate molds go only in those machines. The goal, of course, is to protect the mold from any obstruction, whether a part or delicate mold detail such as a horn pin, that prevents smooth mold closing. The strategy is more involved and has several steps:

1. Mount the mold using the appropriate number and types of clamps. Use hardened bolts and washers. Bolts should be threaded into the platen at least one bolt diameter. Torque to the appropriate setting if possible. Carefully install and harness or tie down your cooling lines to ensure movement does not cause wear.

2. With the machine in mold-safety mode, find the mold-open position that will allow parts and runner to drop or be removed by automation. Slowly close the mold. Listen and feel the machine for any unexpected noises and bumps. Many times I have set a mold only to find the moving side of it bumping the leader pins just as they mate. Adjust the mold halves if needed. Can part of the mold stick out beyond the platens? Not if any portion of the part are beyond the platens.

Start decelerating well before you get to the mold detail that is of concern upon mold closing.

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