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How To Get Mold Off Aluminum Siding

How To Remove Mildew From Siding

How To Remove Green Algae From Siding – Ace Hardware

Cleaning mildew off of your house the right way is safer and more effective than using bleach

When mildew gains a foothold, homeowners often turn to diluted chlorine bleach , a.k.a. your standard household whitener. It appears to make mildew vanish, but on porous surfaces, such as wood or vinyl siding, chlorine evaporates too quickly to get to the fungis roots, guaranteeing regrowth. Chlorine can also damage foliage and stain clothing.

A better alternative: oxygen bleach . Less volatile than chlorine, it removes mildew on and below the surfaceas well as algae, dirt, and oxidized paintbut wont harm plants or clothing. Choose a liquid concentrate such as Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean , which is easy to use in a garden sprayer or pressure-washer.

Homemade Aluminum Siding Cleaner

There are many ways to make homemade aluminum siding cleaner, from scrubbing with cream of tartar to lemons. However, you can also use rhubarb or tomatoes as an unusual cleaning agent to clean aluminum siding.

For any of these cleaning solutions, fill a bucket with water from your garden hose. Add in a few stalks of rhubarb, tomatoes, or lemons and boil the mixture. Turn off the heat and allow the liquid to cool before scrubbing your siding with it.

What Is The Best Exterior House Cleaner

  • RUNNER-UP: 30 SECONDS Hose End Sprayer Outdoor Cleaner.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Krud Kutter HS01 Green Pressure Washer Siding Cleaner.
  • BEST FOR MILDEW: Wet & Forget Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover.
  • ALSO CONSIDER: Jomax Outdoor Mildew Remover House Siding Cleaner.

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Does Methylated Spirits Remove Silicone

Whether youre removing silicone from your glass shower screen, metal laundry tub or tiled splashback, the good news is that for the most part, the process is exactly the same! Once the remover has softened the silicone, you can clean the silicone residue up with methylated spirits do not use water.

How To Clean Aluminum Siding In 5 Steps

Mold &  Mildew removal off vinyl siding. Ck out more pics ...

If your aluminum siding is starting to look grungy and tired or you simply want to keep up with yearly maintenance, you probably want to know the best way to clean it. Using the right products and procedures makes a big difference in the outcome. Follow these five basic steps to make your aluminum siding look sparkly clean:

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Pressure Washer Vs Garden Hose

When it comes to fighting stubborn mold and mildew stains, a gentle cleaner falls short. It’s time you brought the big guns out and removed those hideous blotches from your beautiful home.

That said, you might feel tempted to use a construction-grade house and siding pressure washer cleaner for your roof. Truth be told, a gentle sweeping with a microfiber cloth or a good rinse with your garden hose is more than enough.

We recommend pressure washing your roof every two or three years. You can use a pressure washer on garage floors, driveways, concrete and tile patios, entrance stairs, wood decks, fences, exterior trims, brick walls, and vinyl siding more often.

Other than cars and automotive parts, miscellaneous gears for home use such as lawnmowers, dirt bikes, etc. can be pressure washed.

How Does Siding Get Moldy

Mold doesnt just appear out of nowhere there are a few guidelines that trigger the growth of mold. However, these circumstances happen quite often and thats why it may seem like mold does appear out of thin air.

The good thing is that mold doesnt appear as frequently and wont form as easily on your siding as it can inside your home. However, there are some very common causes of moldy siding that homeowners can face.

Oftentimes, homeowners find that mold grows on their siding where theres shade covering the home or where sunlight is limited.

You might notice that the northern side of your home is where you experience the most mold/mildew build up on your siding. This is because the north side of any building gets the least amount of sunlight, therefore making it an easier target for mold to form.

Another cause of moldy siding can be from the material its made from. Wood siding can easily rot and create a welcoming environment for mold when exposed to moisture, so its not the best option for a lot of homeowners.

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How To Remove Aluminum Siding Stains

If you are attempting to remove more intense, set-in stains, you can use a hands-on treatment to target the dingy areas. Mix your cleaning solution in a bucket and use a soft brush or cloth to apply a liberal amount to the stained area and scrub gently until the spot has faded. Then, follow up with a pressure washing treatment and repeat as needed.

When looking at how to clean painted aluminum siding, you have to use a more gentle method to prevent the paint from chipping if there are damaged areas in the paint. If there are areas where the paint is peeling, it is a good idea to remedy that issue before power washing or scrubbing to prevent further damage unless you are planning on repainting anyways.

How To Remove Mold And Mildew Stains From Vinyl Siding

Housecleaning Tips : Removing Mildew From Vinyl Siding

This article was co-authored by Mike Kapur. Mike Kapur is a home inspector and the owner of Sonic Home Inspections, a home inspection company in Westchester, New York. With over 15 years of experience in pre-inspecting properties, Mike specializes in mold, radon, asbestos, lead, water, and air quality testing as well as hazardous materials, pest, infrared, and general home inspections. Prior to founding Sonic Home Inspections, Mike worked pre-inspecting apartments. Mike holds a BS in Accounting from Queens College and is a Certified Mold Assessor in the state of New York. This article has been viewed 29,344 times.

Dark green and brown stains on your vinyl siding can be very unattractive. These stains are primarily caused by mold and mildew. Heres a simple step-by-step guide on how you can get rid of those ugly marks and keep them from coming back again.

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Wet & Forget 80003 Moss Mold Mildew & Algae Stain Remover

A mold-ridden driveway, lawn, and front yard look just as uninviting as a cold neighbor. Youre in luck because Wet & Forget has the best solution for moss, mold, and mildew.

It is a mild yet effective spray-and-leave cleaning solution. No rinsing, scrubbing or even power washing is needed to get the job done. Although it is half a gallon, you can dilute it with water and make 3 gallons of cleaning solution to remove new stains.

Mixing 5 parts water to 1 part Wet & Forget cleaner will rid your aluminum siding or vinyl siding from old moss stains and tough grimes.

Concrete pavements, pool surroundings, tennis courts, asphalt driveways, and even cushion-less patio furniture can benefit from its cleaning properties.

We loved the fact that this outstanding cleaner is perfectly compatible with all types of roofs such as concrete tiles, asphalt, fiberglass shingles, colored steel, and so on.

Unless the mold and mildew marks are really old and the weather is rather damp in your region, a second application after one or two months usually keeps the surfaces clean for over a year. However, you shouldnt use Wet & Forget on the same exteriors more than 6 times a year.

Highlighted Features:

Comparison Table Of Top 10 Aluminum Siding Cleaner


Heavy grime and tough stains

1 Gallon

Dirt, grime, algae, and mold


Mold Armor E-Z House Wash

Garden hose

Rinse with water after use

Black streaks, oxidation, mold, and mildew

1 Gallon

Microfiber cloth and soft bristle brush

Rinse with water before applying restorer

Chalking and stubborn mold stains


1 Gallon

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Cleaning Aluminum Siding Pressure Washing

4. For persistent stains, you may need to pressure wash the aluminum siding. Pressure washers can be purchased or rented fairly inexpensively from any home improvement center. Follow directions that come with the pressure washer when completing the connection and during use.

Youll want to use a washer that accommodates mixing of your cleaner and water together. You dont want a really powerful pressure washer which can easily damage your siding. Start at the top and work downward.

This last step should remove any remaining dirt and grime.

If youve enjoyed this article please share it. Feel free to leave comments below. Thank you for reading.

Clean Aluminum Siding With Vinegar

Aluminum Siding Mold

If you adore do it yourself house washing solutions and cleaning products, try to clean aluminum siding with vinegar. It helps the metal not to corrode or tarnish over time. Sometimes soapy water just isnt enough to restore the shine. Plus, vinegar is a perfect cure for light or medium staining.

Use a vinegar mixture to clean an aluminum boat with accumulated grime and salt. The vinegar shines it right up.

  • 4 cups of warm water
  • 5-gallon bucket

As one of the ways to clean brushed aluminum or another aluminum surface, combine a few slices of fresh lemon, vinegar, and warm water in a five-gallon bucket. Directly scrub the aluminum siding with a soft scrubber dipped in the mixture.

Rinsing with the solution may also help remove soap scum if you started with the laundry detergent method. How much you use depends on the size of your home.

Using vinegar is often the best way to clean aluminum rims on your vehicle, as well. Make your rims shine with the rest of your car.

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How Do You Make Aluminum Siding Look New

The key to successful painting of aluminum siding is oil-base primer. As good as latex primers are these days, dont use them in this situation because chemicals in the mix will react badly with the aluminum. That said, the paint itself should be the highest grade of 100% acrylic exterior latex you can find.

How To Clean Aluminum Siding With Laundry Detergent

After your home and items around it are safely put away, grab the laundry detergent for scrubbing your siding. You have a few choices. Use either liquid or powder detergent as long as it mixes well.

There are also eco-friendly alternatives like nontoxic laundry detergent or trisodium phosphate, also known as Borax, which is water-soluble. A power washer makes this process fast and easy, but a soft brush works too.

Make sure the pressure washer has the right degree nozzle to prevent damage. If you cant find a soft bristled brush with a long enough handle, try using a mop or wrap an old towel on a broom.

  • Bleach or trisodium phosphate
  • Ladder

Fill one of your five-gallon buckets with water and laundry detergent, mixing to create soapy water. Grab the scrub brush, dip it in your soapy water, and begin scrubbing from the top down.

Use a garden hose or pressure wash on a low-pressure setting to dislodge grime or get paint off vinyl siding and rinse the soapy water away as you work your way down the siding. Move around your entire house, continuing to clean a three to a five-foot section at a time.

Large homes may take a while. If youre pressure washing, the process is much shorter. Not power washing may require you to use a ladder as well.

If you have some textured aluminum furniture or decorations outside, you can also use this remedy to clean hammered aluminum. A hose rather than a pressure washer is likely better in this situation.

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Scrub With Siding Brush

A siding brush has soft bristles that won’t scratch the paint or gouge the aluminum like other hard brushes. It doesn’t take much effort to scrub away the debris once the TSP has loosened it up!

This particular brush has a hole in the end for water to pass through. Just hook the hose into the end of the extension pole and turn on the water! Make sure to brush with the water flowing down the siding to prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath.

How To Remove Mold From Siding: Step

DROP-OFF Vinyl Siding Cleaner (Mildew on Metal Building)

Unsightly mold growing on vinyl siding is one of the many frustrating problems homeowners will face from time to time. And while this situation is completely natural, and can easily be fixed, completing the task might be a little overwhelming as it requires a substantial amount of effort and time.

This is particularly true for someone who does not know how to remove mold from siding. Learning how to remove dirt buildup on siding is not that difficult, however even if you are a new homeowner or an amateur all-around cleaner.

But first, what makes mold grow on vinyl sidings?

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Spray Tsp Onto Wet Aluminum Siding

Put on your protective gloves, safety glasses and face mask before you start spraying.

If you’re using a traditional chemical sprayer, pump the tank until you feel resistance. With the Ryobi chemical sprayer, you just pop in a battery and turn it on!

Make sure the aluminum siding is still wet from the rinsing step. Use the sprayer wand to evenly disperse the TSP mixture all over that section of siding.

Let the cleanser sit for a couple minutes before scrubbing.

How Do You Remove Moss From Vinyl Siding

Blend a moss-killing solution appropriate for the siding material. For wood or aluminum siding, combine one-third cup powdered laundry detergent, two-thirds cups trisodium phosphate, 1 quart bleach and 3 quarts water. For moss on vinyl siding, create a solution that contains 30 percent vinegar and 70 percent water.

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Shutter Renu Aluminum Siding Cleaner

Made of advanced marine and automotive-grade components, Shutter Renu, once applied, lasts a whopping decade. It brings your garage door, exterior trims, shutters, and metalworks a brand new look while sustaining their luster, color, and finish.

It’s a pack of 1 Cleaner Renu and 1 Shutter Renu. The first one is for wiping the mold, mildew, grime, and grease off your aluminium siding, wooden decks, and garage doors.

And the latter is for coating the wiped and rinsed surfaces to restore and sustain the color. The best part is that it won’t peel or crack. Not to mention, Shutter Renu will also protect your siding, exterior trims, and doors against fading.

Thanks to its SPF 100+ protection and self-healing capacity, Shutter Renu lasts way longer than paint and other protective coatings. After applying the Cleaner Renu, rinse the surfaces thoroughly with the help of a garden hose. After that, sealing the surfaces with Shutter Renu will boost the radiance of your home.

A chalky look on your shutters or aluminum siding really spoils the elegance of your home. Especially when there are stubborn stains from mold and mildew, this incredible cleaner and sealer combo will be the game-changer.

No toxic solvents are present in this one of a kind cleaner making it the best deal for your aluminium siding exteriors, patio furniture, garage doors, shutters, and concrete.

Highlighted Features:

What Is The Best Cleaner For Aluminum Siding

How to remove mold from vinyl siding

Cleaning aluminum siding can be a quick and easy task, and Simple Green Oxy Solve House and Siding Cleaner can help make it even easier. It uses peroxide to brighten and renew surfaces without bleach, while removing dirt and stains from mold, mildew, moss, algae, chalking and more.

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Prepare The Building And Property

  • Tightly close all windows and doors.
  • Cover and protect any plants near the siding that may get damaged from cleaning agents or pressure washing.
  • Cover outdoor light fixtures with plastic bags and tape closed.
  • Cover electrical outlets with duct tape.
  • Move everything away from exterior walls such as outdoor furniture, barbecues, and decorative items.

Tips For Cleaning Aluminum Siding

  • Written by Lakshmy Nair on Jan 22, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by Charles Ramos, Jr. on Nov 06, 2019

With the right materials and techniques, cleaning aluminum siding can be a very easy and effortless task. Aluminum is an attractive, resilient, and tough material to use for the siding in your home which requires very little maintenance, but that little maintenance should be done to keep the best look and longest lifespan for your siding. Following are some of the tips that can be useful when cleaning yours.

Clean Regularly

To prevent excessive dirt, dust, and mold from accumulating, it is recommended to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Cleaning the siding at least once a year will keep it looking better and make it last longer.

Be Prepared with the Required Cleaning Gear

You will need laundry detergent, bleach if there is mildew on the siding, water from a hose or pressure washer, a cleaning brush, gloves, protective eye wear, a hat, and a jacket. Either a long handle on your brush or a ladder is best for hard-to-reach spots. Make sure you choose a pleasant day to work outdoors, as the task may take some time. If you choose to use a pressure washer, you must be very careful to use a low setting to avoid damaging the siding or causing water to pass through to the underside.

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