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Do Humidifiers Help With Mold

Its All About Getting The Right Humidity Level

How To Clean A Humidifier-Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew

Like with most things, the humidity level in your home needs to be balanced. According to Mayoclinic, your homes humidity should be between 30% and 50%. When humidity is below 30%, your air will be too dry and when its over 50% the air is too humid, helping mold and mildew to grow.

So, yes humidifiers can help asthma sufferers! But only if they have strict control over the indoor humidity level.

With a portable or room humidifier, you must check the humidity level regularly using a hygrometer to make sure you are not introducing too much moisture into your home.

How Does Dehumidifiers Function

The dehumidifiers eliminate intemperance moisture from the air, keeping the humidity level low, helping in the prevention of mold growth. There are two main types of dehumidifiers that work differently for different environments:

Refrigerant or Compressor: These dehumidifiers draw in air through a filter and over cold coils after which the water condenses on the coils and drips to the water tank. Works best in rooms having high temperature and humidity.

Desiccant:These extract water from the air after which the material is heated so that the moistures drip to the water tank. Works best in lower temperatures like in garage areas or basement areas. These use more energy than Refrigerant.

The Creepy Truth About Humidifiers

Your skin cracks and bleeds, your lips shrivel to prunes and your nose feels stuffy and inflamed. Not only is dry winter air uncomfortable, but experts say those skin changes weaken your bodys defenses against sickness-causing germs. Its no wonder Americans buy roughly 10 million humidifiers each year.

But depending on how frequently you clean your machineand the type of water you fill it withyou may be inhaling harmful microorganisms.

While moisture can be a positive thing, it also poses problems, says Janice Nolen, an indoor air specialist and assistant vice president for national policy at the American Lung Association. Moist environments provide a wonderful breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you neglect to clean your humidifier properly, it can quickly become a cozy incubator for germsone that aerosolizes those microorganisms and mists them into the air you breathe, she says.

Lung issues, from flu-like symptoms to serious infection, are your main worries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission . Experts have also identified something they call humidifier fever,a form of viral lung inflammation caused by colonized humidifier bacteria.

Finally, based on its own tests, the EPA says evaporative or steam vaporizer humidifiers may spit out fewer microorganisms than ultrasonic or cool-mist machines.

Or you could just move to Florida.

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Recurring Spring Water Run

The Spruce / Almar Creative

If spring groundwater dampness has become a recurring problem or you have purchased a home that has white or grayish water level marks in the basement, a dehumidifier can help to remove the extra moisture should these events occur.

It would also be a good idea to investigate why your basement is prone to water, which may be from inadequate weeping tiles around the home, concrete that may need to be re-parsed and sealed, or it may simply be because the house was built on a historical river bed or low plain.

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  • What Is A Personal Humidifier

    What to Put in Humidifier to Prevent the Mold?

    Personal humidifier. A personal humidifier is ideal for small rooms and spaces, as well as for travel. In silent mode, the humidifier has automatic shutdown when the tank is empty and HI/LO mist control. The custom-sized humidifier is portable, so you can create your own humidity-controlled environment anywhere.

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    Activities Create Biggest Risks

    She and Allen argue that the biggest risks in airline travel stem from activities like the pre-flight boarding process or when a flight is delayed and people are stuck on the plane. Marr, who has been wearing an air quality monitor when she travels, said CO2 levels are elevated during these aforementioned activities and are indicative of a lack of fresh air ventilation.

    The airport also presents other problems for travelers.

    Allen suggests airports create more touchless experiences, upgrade their HVAC system, and require masks. Some updates have already been implemented in some airports or will be implemented in the future.

    Even though there are risks to flying, Marr and Allen say you are clear for takeoff this summer.


    Humidifiers Vs Air Purifiers: What’s The Difference

    Humidifiers and air purifiers are the most popular consumer products that ensure a healthy lifestyle. These two have become a necessity in numerous households across the world. So, whats the big difference between them?

    Humidifiers and air purifiers are oftentimes used interchangeably. However, there is a distinction between these devices. Let us explain:

    A humidifier will emit cool mist into a room to increase humidity levels. This can be helpful for those suffering from dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Humidifiers are also helpful for anyone who lives in very dry climates or has central heating that dries the air out.

    Humidifiers are not effective at removing harmful contaminants from the air, such as dust, mold, pollen or pet dander. They are also not ideal for people with asthma and allergies because they can aggravate symptoms.

    On the other hand, an air purifier will filter out these harmful contaminants from the air and can be very effective at reducing allergens such as dander, dust mites, and pollen.

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    Now What About Dehumidifiers

    Dehumidifiers help remove excess moisture from the air. This is especially helpful if you live in a humid climate or if your home has recently had a leak or flooding.

    Excessively moist air can cause mold and dust mites to thrive in your home, causing allergic reactions and triggering severe asthma symptoms. Hot humid air can cause airway constriction as the result of nerve responses.

    Dehumidifiers can also help when:

    How Much Energy Does My Humidifier Use

    How Do Humidifiers Help People Who Have Asthma?

    Your humidifiers energy usage depends on the wattage needed to run it. As a general rule, ultrasound humidifiers use less electricity than evaporative humidifiers. Its important to understand how much a new appliance may add to your electricity bill before buying one.

    Honeywells UV Cool Moisture Germ Free Humidifier needs 60 watts to run and has a 1.1-gallon tank. Imagine running it for 8 hours for one day.

    We first work out the kilowatt-hours. × time / 1,000 = kWh), so our Honeywell uses 0.06 kWh, and over 8 hours, thats 0.48 kWh for the day.

    The overall daily cost depends on the price of our electricity. According to the Energy Information Administration , the United States average price per kilowatt-hour in February 2021 was 13.34 cents per kWh.

    So 0.48 kWh x 13.34 cents = 6.40 cents to run the Honeywell for eight hours for one day.

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    The Dangers Of Mold In Your Home

    Mold is toxic and needs to be dealt with – a dehumidifier can help

    Many people might think that mold is just mold, and there is no big problem with having some of it in your home. However, this is simply not true. Mold can be very dangerous to your health, and this is true in many different ways. So, why is it dangerous to have mold in your home?

    It really does depend on the type of mold in your home, but they can all be quite dangerous. The fact of the matter is that you want to avoid having mold in your home at all costs, or anywhere else for that matter. There are a variety of health effects related to exposure to mold, and these include the following.

    • Red, itchy, and irritated eyes
    • Issues breathing, congestion, and stuffy and runny noses
    • Sinusitis and other sinus related issues
    • Lung pain, shortness of breath, coughing, and general difficult with breathing
    • Wheezing and throat irritation
    • Allergic skin reactions like hives, rashes, redness, and itchiness
    • SneezingIf you have asthma, it can cause the effects to worsen and trigger attacks

    Those symptoms are caused by your average household mold, but it can get even worse. In worst-case scenarios, black mold might grow in your home. Black mold is very dangerous and can be deadly.

    How Do Dehumidifiers Help With Mold

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    Mold has the ability to grow practically anywhere, such as in books, carpets, window panes, or even your kitchen. No one wants mold in the home, as its unsightly, smelly and potentially harmful to your health. If you are experiencing mold problems and currently looking for a solution, you are in the right place. We are going to talk about a very special topic, which is: how does a dehumidifier help with mold? Lets take a look!

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    How Did Aprilaire And The American Lung Association Come To Work Together In The First Place What Does That Relationship Look Like Presently

    Aprilaire and the American Lung Association forged a new relationship in 2018. We quickly realized how much we had in common. Our partnership was developed as we saw an opportunity to educate and help more consumers improve the air in their homes to create a healthier environment.

    Since 2020, Aprilaire has been a Proud Partner of the Lung Association with its 4 residential air filters. Additionally, Aprilaire joined the Lung Association as our FY20 National Fight For Air Climb Partner For Healthy Air. The company has also supported the Lung Associations Stand Up For Clean Air campaign. As part of this initiative, we are driving conversations around air quality, climate, and health. The Lung Association invited people to share their #MyCleanAirStoryknowing that when people realize climate and air quality are impacting the health of their neighbors, friends, and loved onesthey are more willing to act. Aprilaire provided prizes for the #MyCleanAirStory contest, including one grand prize of a whole-home Indoor Air Quality upgrade and nine Aprilaire Room Air Purifiers. This year, the company stepped up once again to sponsor the Wisconsin Fight For Air Climb in Milwaukee. Also in 2021, the Lung Association welcomed Dale Philippi, President and CEO of Research Products Corporation, Aprilaires parent company, to the Lung Associations Wisconsin Leadership Board of Directors.

    Helping Unclog Babies Nasal Passages

    How to Properly Clean Your Humidifier

    Humidifiers designed for babies will help keep infants nasal passages moisturized. These humidifiers will prevent the skin from breaking and bleeding, which is a painful experience for newborns.

    However, make sure that you use the humidifier right. Also, never use hot mist types as this can scald your babys skin. Also, you should clean the device often to prevent molds and the presence of bacteria.

    Lastly, you should place the humidifier away from your babys crib. Its also important to use an oscillating fan to make sure that the air isnt stagnant.

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    Monitor The Humidity Levels Of Your Room

    As stated earlier in this article, molds can grow well under any humidity levels that are higher than 55%. So common sense will tell you when using your humidifier at home, to always ensure you maintain the humidity levels far below 55%.

    Anything from 30% to 50% is the recommended relative humidity level for your homes and offices. Also, you must get a digital hygrometer to monitor the humidity level inside of your office and your home.

    Can Mold Be Removed With Dehumidifier

    What if we tell you that there is a way of removing mold almost completely, which is by making use of the dehumidifier for mold removal. Dehumidification is the most effective process against molds development since it involves drawing out moisture from the air, and molds primarily require humidity to thrive.

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    How Does Humidity Affect Health

    Both systems help reduce ailments like chest congestion, allergies, and asthma. For example, a dehumidifier can help treat asthma that is triggered by humid air. Or, if you are suffering from a cold that has caused nasal passage blockage or sinus congestion, using a humidifier will help break that up.

    Will My Humidifier Cause Mold

    Does a Dehumidifier Kill Mold? | Is a Dehumidifier Needed to Kill Mold?

    Anything excessive isnt healthy, and this is quite true with humidifiers. If not used properly, humidifiers can cause mold, which is harmful to your familys health.

    Unfortunately, many homeowners run humidifiers without regulating their moisture levels. It can easily raise relative humidity levels above 55%, which is ideal for mold growth.

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    So Will A Dehumidifier Solve My Mold Problem

    Mold has the ability to grow anywhere that it wants to. It can be found in books, carpets, window panes, or even in your kitchen. Obviously, none of us want to be in close contact with mold, as it can potentially harm us and our families.

    The most likely place that mold will be found include areas in the house that are damper than others. This could include basements or crawl spaces. This article contains a couple factors that should be taken into account when deciding the best way to use a dehumidifier to fight your mold problem.

    Kitchen Appliances And Air Pollution


    The ventilation hood above your stove makes it easy to remove cooking exhaust while youre frying vegetables or boiling pasta. But its not just food particles entering the air while you cook.

    According to the California Air Resources Board, stovetops powered by natural gas and propane can produce carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Nitrogen dioxide, a respiratory irritant, can also be produced by a gas burner.

    Because theres pollution both from the high heat of cooking and from the materials used to create the heat, you should turn on some form of ventilation from the moment you start cooking until a few minutes after youre done.


    Baking or roasting at a low heat for long periods of time may not seem like they require ventilation because you dont actively see smoke or steam. But these cooking processes are creating large amounts of airborne pollutants over a long period of time and require persistent ventilation to minimize health risks.

    Note:When you run the cleaning cycle on your oven, you especially need the ventilation turned on. The prolonged high temperatures burn away food waste, creating high amounts of VOCs.

    Rarely Used Appliances

    The oven and stove are likely the largest sources of airborne pollutants in your home, but you should also be aware of the impact of appliances you may use only occasionally like toasters, deep fryers, and electric skillets.

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    Will A Dehumidifier Get Rid Of Mold

    There is a misconception that dehumidifiers kill mold, as unfortunately, they do notdehumidifiers simply preventmold growth by reducing humidity. Dehumidifiers prevent mold spread and formation, but they will not get rid of mold on their own. Mold stays dormant in the air and on surfaces even when there is no excess moisture to help it grow. However, when the humidity in a room increases, mold will start growing in patches on walls, clothes, and much more.

    Ovente Ultrasonic Home Water Cool Air Mist Machine

    Which is best: A Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

    The Ovente HMD625BL humidifier may be the right choice for you if you are looking for a small humidifier for bedrooms or childrens rooms. It has an elegant design that can enhance the bedrooms look if the humidifier is positioned where it is quite visible.

    Moreover, its compact design makes it easy for one to move the humidifier around and store it. You do not need a lot of space to keep this device safe when you do not use it. Similarly, carrying it around the house requires minimal effort.

    The Ovente HMD625BL has one large knob for adjusting the humidity level. One can choose the ideal level of humidification by merely turning the knob to the desired level. Thus, controlling this humidifier and personalizing its performance is a straightforward procedure.

    Being an ultrasonic humidifier, the Ovente HMD625BL operates silently. The humidifier emits a noise that does not exceed 30dB. You will find it comfortable to place this humidifier in the bed side because of this feature.


    • Its compact design allows for easy portability and storage
    • Easy control using the moisture control knob
    • The simple design allows for quick and effective cleaning
    • The humidifier is relatively silent when operating


    • The humidifier has a relatively small water tank that can hold only 2.5 liters

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    What Are The Benefits Of A Dehumidifier

    Installing a dehumidifier in humid areas in your home provides many benefits for your health and your property. Aside from preventing mould growth, humidifiers help:

    • Regulate the temperature to make your living space more comfortable
    • Eliminate dust mites and other allergens
    • Protect wooden items from damage

    The Adverse Effects Of A Humidifier

    Although a humidifier helps increase the humidity in your home, too much moisture can negatively affect your health. When the humidity levels in your home or office are above 50%, there may be too much moisture in the air. Too much humidity in the air can create condensation on the walls and other areas within your home. This dampness can cause mold to grow as well as harmful bacteria contributing to other hazardous health conditions. Therefore, it is vital to check the humidity in the air and use a dehumidifier if you find an excessive amount of moisture. The Center for Disease Control warns that it is important to keep the humidity levels in your home below 50% to increase your risk of mold growth.

    It is essential to use pure water in your humidifier and thoroughly clean your humidifier as recommended. Different types of water, like tap or hard water, can leave buildup in the device. Dirty humidifiers can lead to various health concerns when dirt, mold, and other germs are released into the air.

    -Absolute Services Team


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