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Who Do You Call For Mold Inspection

Can You Refer Me Remediation Companies Doctors Or Attorneys

Why You Need a Mold Inspection — Not Just Mold Testing

This isnt part of the inspection process, but we feel its an important offering. Detecting mold is the first step. But where do you go after? Who can help?

We help guide our clients through the entire process. We can provide remediation companies for consideration, doctor referrals if you are suffering from health issues, and even attorney referrals if you are in a situation that escalates to that point.

Breathe Easy. Be Healthy.

Our Expert Team Has Inspected Diagnosed And Repaired Mold In Lawrenceville Gwinnett County Ga Homes

Mold poses a health risk and can be especially harmful to infants, elderly people, and those who have compromised immune systems. For safe mold removal services be sure to contact us immediately if you think your home might have mold. Our highly trained specialists will inspect your house thoroughly and clean the system of air conditioning. We’ll also provide an in-depth report.

Our Service Areas:

Does Insurance Cover Mold Remediation

Dont presume your homeowners insurance will pay to fix your mold problems. Insurance typically pays if the problem results from an emergency already covered on your policy, like a burst pipe, but not if mold resulted from deferred maintenance, persistent moisture or seepage, or from floodwaters .

Check with your insurance agent to see if your particular mold problem is covered.


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What Happens During A Mold Inspection

Mold inspection is, for the most part, a visual inspection of a house. Thereâs no special equipment involved aside from a good flashlight and tools that are sometimes needed to access restricted areas . Some mold inspectors may use cameras. A moisture meter might also be useful in determining if a particular area is wet, especially after remediation.

A typical mold inspection involves the inspector talking to the property owner about any areas where they have seen mold, or where there have been moisture problems or water damage in the past. The inspector will go over the house thoroughly, looking in places known to be prone to mold growth. If there is a chance mold is growing in an inaccessible space, the inspector may have to damage a section of drywall or remove paneling to get a better look. If mold is detected, the inspector will try to find the source of the moisture that is causing the mold and talk to the homeowner to develop a remediation plan.

In some municipalities, mold inspectors must have a license or certification. Always look for a contractor with experience in mold inspection and mold remediation.

What To Do About Mold In Your Home

Who Do You Call for Mold Inspection?

If you recently found mold in your home, you are probably searching the internet to figure out what to do. This step-by-step guide will answer all of your questions. Dont panic, it may take some time but you will get past this. The key is to educate yourself and do it right the first time so the mold does not return.

Please note that this page was written to help homeowners. If you live in an apartment or rental house, here is information about the landlord responsibility for mold.

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Based On Square Footage

Another model inspection companies will use is based on square footage. The number I have seen a few times. $150 per 700 sq feet. They will usually round the price up, down or add $75 if the square footage is in the middle of the 700 sq feet.

So if for example, your home is 1800 sq feet it would be $375.

Reviews From Our Customers In Ottawa

I have been sick for over a month with an odour coming from my neighbours. Management did nothing as they said it was their food. Mold Busters Ottawa came to investigate the odour. Very courteous, polite and did the testing. Explained everything in details and sent me in the right direction to resolve the problem. I really appreciate what you did and I would highly recommend you!!


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Who Do You Call For A Mold Inspection

A professional mold inspector can help you identify the presence of mold in your home. Its important to hire a reputable mold inspector even if you have just a few square feet of mold.

Mold remediation companies have the tools to remove mold safely from your home. Contact the best mold remediation professionals near you if you think you need a mold inspection.

How Much Does A Mold Inspection Cost

Mold Testing | How To Test For Mold In Your Home | DIY Mold Test Kit | Best Mold Test Kit to Use

The cost of mold inspection can vary slightly from region to region, but the difference is generally pretty small. In fact, you are just as likely to find wider variations from one contractor to another in the same region.

As a rough guideline, a mold inspection costs about the same as a regular home inspection, the kind that is done when you purchase a new home. On average, mold inspection costs $300 to $400 for small to medium-sized houses . Above 4,000 square feet, the cost increases to the $700 to $900 range. Keep in mind that these costs are for inspection only and do not necessarily include testing. Skipping the unneeded mold testing can save you some money.

Some contractors that specialize in mold remediation will do a mold inspection for free, though they will obviously hope to be hired for the remediation itself.

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Can You Test My Hvac System For Mold And Mycotoxins How Do You Do It

Let me give you a hint. The answer should be yes. The HVAC system is a huge part of what contributes to your indoor air quality.

Dust sampling collected from the air handler unit and ductwork is the preferred method for testing these systems. Doing so will allow the use of MSqPCR to identify mold species, as well as the presence of mycotoxins. If they say they test the system by collecting an air sample from next to a supply vent while the HVAC is running, then they arent really testing the system.

What Testing Cannot Do

As described earlier, the commonly used testing methods are limited in what they can detect and measure. Skilled investigators are aware of these limitations and dont rely on testing when it is not appropriate. However, many people have unrealistic expectations of what mold testing can do and they can be taken advantage of by those who perform testing poorly or for inappropriate reasons. Below are some impractical reasons commonly given for requesting mold testing.

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You Have An Allergy To A Particular Type Mold

Some people have an allergy to specific species of mold. If you have been tested and want to make sure that spore isnt in the home, this could be a reason to have mold testing in your home.

Its important to know that even if you are having some symptoms related to your mold allergy, it doesnt necessarily mean that you have a mold problem in your home.

Maybe it could be an issue at your place of work?

Also, dont forget, there is usually more mold spores outdoor compared to inside. During some parts of the year there tends to be more outdoor mold spores.

Landlord Responsibility For Mold

Mold Inspection

We frequently receive emails from tenants asking about the landlord responsibility for mold in an apartment or rental house. When tenants find mold in an apartment or rental house, they usually want the landlord to pay for mold removal. Sometimes disputes occur when landlords dont want to pay.

We can tell you a bit about landlord liability for mold in rental housing, but its important to understand that the laws vary from place to place and laws also change over time. Consult an attorney in your state if you need to know the specific laws that apply in your area. We definitely recommend consulting an attorney before you decide to stop paying your rent or to violate your lease in some way.

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You Need It Because You Need Peace Of Mind

Having a mold inspection done is not always logical and necessary.

But Hey:

If you are looking to get peace of mind to ensure your home does not have a mold problem, its your money and you should not let anybody tell you otherwise.

I cant tell you how many times over the years that I was called into an inspection where one spouse does not think that a mold inspection is necessary, only to find out they have a significant mold problem.

Lets look at some of the reasons you may need peace of mind:

How To Tell Whether You Need Home Mold Inspection

At Moldman, we believe in giving the public all the mold information at our disposal. One important piece of information that so many mold companies would rather keep secret is this: If you already see visible mold, mold testing is usually unnecessary, and you simply need to remove it following industry standard guidelines. We detail this in our blog Do You Really Need a Mold Inspection?

However, there are still instances where people may still be suspicious of mold without having visual confirmation. To help those who have their suspicions, weve compiled a list of the eight situations we see most often that warrant mold testing below.

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Interpreting Mold Testing Laboratory Results

Youve got the data, now what? This is where the frustrations begin.

Heres a typical mold testing scenario:

A homeowner hires an inspector to sample their house for mold. They receive the results and are told everything is fine, the mold spore counts are well within the expected range. But theyre a little unsure of the result, so they hire another firm to get a second opinion. This inspector collects more mold samples, using the exact same techniques. After a couple days the homeowner receives the results. The spore counts are very similar, but the second inspector tells them to evacuate immediately their home is full of dangerous levels of mold.

Whos right? Why the wild discrepancy?

The problem is due to a lack of understanding of how to interpret the results of mold testing. Unfortunately, there are no agreed upon standards for interpreting this type of sampling. The EPA doesnt have a guideline, nor does any other federal agency. Other guidelines exist, but they vary tremendously in their conclusions.

Who To Call For Mold Inspection

Home Inspection vs. Mold Inspection

EPA specifically states that they do not have a certification program for mold inspectors or mold remediation firms. Everybody, even people who have not made 100+ house mold inspections, can call themselves experts. That presents a kind of a Wild West problem.

Some states have certification and training programs. When calling companies or individuals for mold inspection, do beck for what certification or training they may have. Industrial Hygienists or IH is a certification that is credible, for example.

Other questions you should be asking your future mold inspector should cover :

  • Qualifications. For both individuals and companies.
  • Number of mold checks per month and year. Specialized professionals should find no lack of work, and are expected to perform at least 100 mold inspections per year.
  • Mold sampling and testing practices. If they tell you they can smell Penicillium spores from a mile away, you should best steer clear of them. Specific tests, mold species, and so on are expected in this answer.
  • Cost, hourly rate, and payment terms. You have a pretty good idea of how much it should cost . Thats why asking about mold infestation hourly rate is a good idea. Also beware of contractors that need a 100% upfront payment. 50% before the inspection and 50% after the inspection is the industry standard.

Hopefully, with all this, youre well equipped with the mold inspection and testing knowledge.

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Do You Perform Remediation

If they say yes, its time to hang up the phone. This is a huge conflict of interest. Performing the testing and remediation allows them to write their own protocol and increase their scope of work meaning charging you money for work that may not need to be done. Its important your inspector is an impartial 3rd party.

Can You Get Sick From Mold In Your House

Yes, exposure to mold can cause a wide range of health symptoms. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, respiratory symptoms such as allergic reactions and asthma may occur due to mold in the home. Specific mold symptoms can also include sneezing, a runny nose, a rash, and throat and lung irritation.

To protect yourself and your household, routinely inspect your home for mold. If there are signs you have a severe mold infestation, contact the best mold remediation companies near you.

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Signs Mold Is Growing In Your Home

Mold can be caused by a number things, including a flooded basement, burst pipe, and rain damage. It can also hide in carpets, walls, and ceilings, making it almost impossible to detect. Here are a few other signs that you may have a mold problem:

  • A musty or damp odor
  • Discolored walls, ceilings, baseboards, or flooring
  • Food that spoils fast
  • Coughing, sneezing, or other cold symptoms

If youre noticing one or more of these signs but arent sure where its hiding in your home, give us a call so we can come test for mold in your property. Not only can we find the source of it, we can give you a quote and provide the next steps you should take to remove it.

Your Insurance Company Requires It

Healthy Home Mold Inspection Hoffman Estates

Sometimes insurance carriers need to justify objectively the existence of something in order to pay for it. It is like having to see your general doctor to get a prescription to see a specialist in order for the insurance company to pay for it. It will seem like an unnecessary waste of time and money, but very necessary if you want to be compensated for your property damages.

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Finding The Right Mold Inspector

Look for a contractor with specific experience and expertise in mold inspections and remediation. Ask them how many mold remediations theyâve done in the last six months. Call around your area and get a few estimates. There might be a wide price range, so shopping around could save you a few hundred dollars.

Check your state health department or labor department to see if mold inspectors are required to have a special license or certification. If so, you obviously want to make sure you only work with a properly certified contractor.

Poor Reason For Testing #2 To Identify What Type Of Mold Is Present

Some testing can be used to identify a portion of the live mold in a sample by growing it in the lab. This gives only a partial description of the total amount of molds, because those not present at the sampled time and location or those that didnt grow in the sample are not seen by the analysis. Most importantly, nonliving molds will not be identifiable, but they can still contribute significantly to health complaints.

From a practical, health-protective perspective, knowing the types of molds is usually not very important because any indoor mold growth represents a problem. The problem should be corrected regardless of the types of molds that can be identified.

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Mold Inspection : How Much It Costs And When To Get One

When buying a new home, you should consider getting a mold inspection. Mold inspection is a different process from typical housing inspections. The cost will vary depending on the size of the house. How much does mold inspection cost on a home? How do you know if it is it worth it to conduct mold inspection and testing?

There are a few different situations in which you might want a mold inspection. Let us look at when a mold inspection is needed, what mold testing does and the average cost.

When Should A Mold Inspection And Mold Testing Be Considered

Mold Inspection And Air Quality Testing
  • When visible mold is not present, but the smell of mold is. Here a mold inspection and mold test can reveal whether there is indeed elevated mold, and where it is located.
  • There have been plumbing leaks or water issues and there is a suspicion that elevated mold may exist in the air and/or behind walls.
  • Post Mold Removal Clearance Testing to ensure that the previous mold issue has been resolved and mold counts have returned to levels found in normal environments of the same type.
  • Health Concerns: In some cases, a doctor or the patient has a health issue that they cannot pinpoint the cause but seems to be related to mold symptoms . Here, a mold inspection and test may help to confirm whether the doctors or patients suspicions that a mold problem exists.
  • For real estate transactions for the protection of Buyers and Sellers.
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes as to whether there is a mold problem.
  • Someone thinks they see or smell mold but are not sure.
  • Someone is interested in a general Indoor Air Quality test of their environment.

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What Is The Best Way To Choose A Mold Inspection Firm And Save Thousands Of Dollars

1800 Mold Inspector is a simple method of finding a licensed and reliable mold inspector to meet your needs. The mold can recur later on it can infect other areas in your house if it is not removed properly or taken into consideration. Mold can sometimes take over tiles in the bathroom , or cover a carpet in the living room. When this happens, mold inspection becomes a pressing situation. 1800mold can help you! Professionals will offer their opinion and inspect your home for the best solution. An appropriate solution will be suggested by our professionals to remove or treatment to ensure things don’t get worse – all without cost!

If you’re looking for methods to remove mold or would like to speak directly to a health inspector or specialist frequently eager to speak with customers about their specific problem, call 1800 Mold Inspector today. The process of examining for mold is extremely important and dangerous work. It’s not something that we would recommend you attempt at home, as it could cause a larger issue that would be difficult for the insurance company to take care of.

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