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Where To Buy Picture Rail Molding

Use Crown Molding As A Picture Hanging System

How to Install Chair Rail and Picture Frame Moulding

Want to highlight the transition between walls and ceiling, crown molding adds character to even the plainest rooms. Use crown as a picture hanging system. Show off your artistic side! Hang a single picture frame or a gallery wall without damaging your walls or your crown molding. These solutions will help you create an eye-catching display.

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  • Never Hunt For A Stud Again

    Studs are framing elements used for building houses. Theyre usually made of wood, though some new homes have metal studs. Its important to know where your studs are if you want to hang decorations, heavy art, moulding, wall-mounted fixtures, appliances, and more.

    Rather than just hanging things into drywall , homeowners need to locate the studs to nail or screw into. However, finding studs is no easy feat.

    You can use a commercial stud finder , but you may not have one on hand. That leaves looking for studs beneath outlets, knocking and listening for the studs, or measuring out where the studs should be .

    It can be frustrating having to locate a stud every time you need to hang something up. Picture rail moulding saves you from that hassle. Instead, when you need to hang new decorations, simply hang them from the picture rail, and call it a day.

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    Metal Picture Rail Moulding Ideas

    These modern picture rail ideas provide both form and function in a variety of applications. Whether you need art gallery rail mouldings, museum picture rails, or gallery rails for pictures in a high-end home, there’s an idea here for you:

  • Collage-style
  • Apartment Therapy via Décor Aid

    A designer used a picture rail hanging system to stack-layer several pieces of artwork in a Los Angeles design studio. As a result, the decorations look three-dimensional, artsy, a little messy, and very cool.

    Note you can use picture rails to hang artwork from varying heights. If you want to move decorations up or down, simply lengthen or shorten the wire supporting your art.

    Create A Dividing Line For 2

    Crown Molding &  Where to Buy Picture Rail

    Two-tone walls are on-trend. The idea of painting a wall with two colors sounds simple in theory. However, its actually really challenging to make two colors play nicely together in an aesthetically appealing way.

    Some people use stencils, and others use color washing or chevron techniques. However, many people choose to use the rooms crown moulding, chair line, or picture frame moulding to create a definitive break between colors.

    Having picture rail moulding makes two-tone walls easier to pull off. Its a great way to separate the tones in a visually appealing way. The picture moulding creates a divide, which makes the color transition much easier on the eyes.

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    Create A Vintage Look

    Picture moulding and picture frame rails add an instantly vintage look to a room. It evokes a Victorian charm and nostalgia of simpler times. If your home design calls for a vintage look picture rail moulding is a terrific way to achieve it.

    Picture rail mouldings look terrific in shabby chic homes, vintage industrial homes, Victorian homes, and any other houses that call for some vintage charm.

    Cut The Outside Corners

    • 5.1 – Use a square to determine if the corner is a perfect 90o angle. If it is not, make a template with two 1′ lengths of chair rail. Take note of both angles.
    • 5.2 – Position the chair rail and adjust the end to fit with the rail already installed on the wall.
    • 5.3 – Run a pencil line up the back of the piece where it overhangs the corner.
    • 5.4 – Set the mitre saw for a 45o cut or to the angle determined during the test fit.
    • 5.5 – Cut the piece on the mitre saw along the pencil line with the finished side facing the fence of the saw.
    • 5.6 – Cut the second piece to the required length.
    • 5.7 – Glue the outside corners before nailing them so that they stay in place and well closed.
    • 5.8 – Nail in place.

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    What Picture Rails Does Champion Timber Offer

    Our premium quality picture rails are available in premier Redwood Pine, sourced and machined by ourselves. Carefully selected joinery grade Redwood which is more dense and stable, ensuring crisp cuts for clean and sharp moulding profiles, and helps reduce splitting when fixing at the ends. It is machined to a super smooth finish, ready to ready to paint or stain and the low knot content makes for easier on-site preparation, and hence saves you time.

    We offer a free cross-cutting service so we can cut to length any timber you require, to reduce wastage.

    Cut And Install The Chair Rails

    How To Install Picture Frame Molding On Walls
    • 2.1 – Start at the left of the entrance and measure from the door frame to the corner of the wall.
    • 2.2 – Make a square cut at the end of the chair rail touching the door frame.
    • 2.3 – Mitre the other end at 45º toward the finished side of the chair rail.
    • 2.4 – Tack into the wall studs with either 6d finishing nails or a brad power nailer.
    • 2.5 – For the second length of chair rail, measure from this first corner to the next one.
    • 2.6 – Cut both ends at a 45º angle.
    • 2.7 – Tack into the studs with either 6d finishing nails or a brad power nailer.

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    Lifestyle Brands Picture Moulding And Rail Hooks 4 Pack

    • They’re ideal for transforming desk photo frames into wall hung photo frames.
    • The pack contains 4 picture moulding and rail hooks.
    • You’ll be able to hang picture frames and photos on the wall using these moulding and rail hooks.

    Product Disclaimer:

    • 90W x 30D x 130H mm
    • Product Type
    • Total Number of Items in Set

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    Installing In New Houses

    While its typically found in old houses with plaster walls, it can be a fun way to dress up plain drywall and give it a fancy old-world feel for very little money. If you plan to install new picture rail, whether you have a new house or old house, make sure you install it with strong nails. I recommend installing by nailing to every stud with a 2 1/2 15 ga. nail if you plan to hang anything of significance. 18 ga. brad nails, no matter how long, just wont have the holding power you need for this hard working molding.

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    Reposition Or Replace Wall Art With Ease

    Whether youre a landlord who has frequent tenant switches or an art collector who repositions and changes out your wall art regularly, its nice to have the ability to reposition or replace your wall art with ease.

    Even if you arent a landlord or art collector, the option to play around with different decor is a huge selling point for picture rail moulding. Instead of having to visualize and decide where and how you want to hang a decoration before seeing it, you can hang it on the wall and see it.

    Try hanging your art vertically or horizontally. Swap out one piece for another. Try wildly different configurations without having to worry about ruining your wall. The freedom and creativity to design comes alive when you dont have to worry about getting it right on the first try.

    Review For Picture Rail Molding

    Crown Molding &  Where to Buy Picture Rail
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandy March 31, 2021

    Very pleased with our purchase of the picture rail. We also got the picture rail hooks and are very pleased with them. Quality product, and reasonable shipping.

  • Our family started FrameWorxz® from my picture framing interest and hobby in 1992 and we work together in our business on our rural family farm in the Thumb of Michigan. Our love of woodworking and photography, combined with our enjoyment of our farm, inspired us to manufacture picture frame moldings, Do-it-yourself frame kits and picture rail molding for hanging your pictures.

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    Measure And Plan The Installation

    • 1.1 – Measure each wall and note down the measurements.
    • 1.2 – Add 12″ to 24″ per wall to account for losses resulting from angle cuts.
    • 1.3 – Subtract from the measurement any elements where there will be no moulding, such as windows, doors or closets.
    • 1.4 – Opt for pieces longer than the wall to avoid joints. For example, in the case of a 14′ wall, use a piece of 16′ moulding rather than two 8′ lengths.
    • 1.5 – Determine the height of the chair rail and mark the wall at 2′ intervals around the room at that height.
    • 1.6 – Use a level to verify that the marks are level, and adjust accordingly.
    • 1.7 – Snap a chalk line on each wall to mark the proper height.
    • 1.8 – Identify the location of the studs. Either do this with a measuring tape, starting in one corner and putting a mark every 16″, or use a stud finder for greater accuracy
    • 1.9 – Measure each wall and note the cutting angle.

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    Uses For Metal Picture Rail Mouldings To Kick

    Architectural & Design,metal mouldings,Architectural Mouldings

    DIYers on Pinterest and other websites have been devising fun ways to use picture rails in interior design for years. But when are commercial and high-end residential designers going to catch up?

    What is a picture rail used for? We wont speak for wooden picture rails , but metal picture rail mouldings let you hang decorative items in style. Those decorations can be the usual artwork, but this article is about celebrating the obscure, too!

    Prepared to be wowed by these five unique examples of picture moulding use. Just remember that if you want to stand out and present a high-end look, you should be replacing the wood rails in these images with metal ones!

    What Is Picture Rail

    How to Install DIY Chair Rail on Your Walls

    Traditionally, picture rail molding served a practical function in homes. As the name implies, picture rail was used to hang paintings on a wall. This style of molding saw its peak use in the Victorian era among New England townhouses however, its still widely used today in modern homes for its original purpose of hanging wall art.

    In modern homes, picture rail is also often used to create a dividing line between two-tone walls most typically with a darker tone used below the picture rail, and a lighter tone, like white, used above it. Shop our selection of picture rail profiles below to find the perfect match for your project!

    Showing all 6 results

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    Install Chair Rails And Picture Rails

    A chair rail is placed at chair height to prevent damage to the wall surface from the backs of chairs. This moulding can also be installed for purely aesthetic purposes, such as to finish the top edge of wainscoting or wall panelling. Picture rails are perfect for hanging artwork or can simply be used as a decorative feature. They must be mounted securely to support the weight they carry.

    Both types of trim are easy to install with the proper tools and a little patience.

    How To Make Picture Rail Moldings

    How to Make Picture Rail Moldings

    Years ago pictures were hung from a picture molding which ran around the top of the wall in each room. Wires were attached to the back of the picture frame the other end of the wire attached to a metal clip. The clip was then hooked over the top edge of the picture molding. Picture moldings typically have a round top edge approximately 5/8″ in diameter which holds the clip. Like many moldings, picture molding can be made in several cuts on the router table using a selection of bits. When making multiple passes to create a molding, the most important consideration is to always have flat surfaces of the stock against the fence and table for good support during shaping. The illustration shows how to shape a picture molding in five steps using three bits, Amana Tool no.51559 Bullnose router bit, Amana Tool no.49360 Super Rabbet bit, and the Amana Tool no.54162 Corner Bead bit.

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