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How To Treat Black Mold Exposure

How To Cure Mold Sickness

How to heal from black mold, black mold exposure

This article will let you know the probable ways on how to cure mold sickness. The minor symptoms of mold attack are cured with the help of regular medicines while the severe symptoms require proper care and medical supervision.

This article will let you know the probable ways on how to cure mold sickness. The minor symptoms of mold attack are cured with the help of regular medicines while the severe symptoms require proper care and medical supervision.

Mold is a ubiquitous micro-organism and can attack people with a weak immune system. The symptoms of mold exposure are sometimes confused with allergies, fever, and common microbial infections. Therefore, specific tests for black mold invasion are performed by doctors to confirm the ailment. The severity of the symptoms depends on the nature of the attack and so the treatments vary accordingly. Black mold or toxic mold is potentially dangerous that can cause death if not diagnosed in the initial stages.

Causes and Symptoms of Mold Sickness

Its a kind of fungal attack in which the black mold present inside your house can invade your body. Wooden furnishings and upholstery are often vulnerable to a mold attack. When the persistent remains of these molds come in contact with the body, they cause severe health complications.

Treatment for Mold Sickness

Remedy #1

Remedy #2

Remedy #3

Remedy #4

How To Detox Your Home Of Mold

  • Make sure all leaks and water incursion are fixed. Dry the area completely.
  • To avoid getting mold or mold spores in your lungs, wear an N-95 respirator. These are available at hardware stores and online. They will help trap spores in a disposable cartridge, so you can eliminate them safely.
  • Wear long gloves, especially if using bleach and water to destroy mold.
  • Wear goggles to avoid getting bleach or mold spores in your eyes.
  • Scrub mold with detergent and water, and dry completely.
  • Throw away porous or absorbent materials like carpets if theyre moldy.

Create A Bleach Mixture

If the black mold growth in your home is small enough for you to treat alone, a simple mixture of bleach and water can help. Add one cup of bleach to one gallon of water and apply it to the moldy spots. You can also find commercial black mold removal products.

Apply the cleaner to the mold spot and scrub away the growth. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly when youre done.

Do NOT mix bleach with ammonia. This combination can create toxic fumes that are far more dangerous than any mold youre trying to clean.

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Ways To Treat Black Mold Poisoning

The best treatment is to take measures to avoid any further exposure. For this, either you may make use of a few home remedies to get rid of the mold colonies, or you may have to go for a professional help. However, for the symptoms, you can avail certain medications after consulting a chemist about your discomfort. Most people find relief from using nasal corticosteroids, as they help in reducing inflammation and swelling of the sinus passages common symptoms of toxic black mold exposure.

Itching, sneezing and runny nose are the classic symptoms of black mold poisoning. For their treatment, antihistamines do a good job. When the body encounters an allergic reaction produced by the black mold, it releases a chemical known as histamines. And this is why, symptoms such as itching, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. occur. So what antihistamines do is, they block the secretion of the chemical, and relieves all these symptoms.

So these are some common medications you may use to treat the symptoms of black mold exposure. However, the symptoms caused by this substance are so many in number that, you may need more than these medications. But again, if you hit the core of the problem, then it is most likely that you would recover from all such symptoms.

So here are a couple of home remedies to deal with the pesky black fungi in your house:

Symptoms Of Black Mold Exposure

Mary Ackerley: The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold ...

You may wonder if you are experiencing symptoms of black mold exposure or if youre dealing with ordinary environmental allergies such as hay fever or something else. We cant diagnose you or offer medical advice, but we can tell you about the typical black mold health risks and what to do if you think black mold is making you sick.

But lets start at the beginning.

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When Should You Test Your Home For Mold Exposure

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency , if visible mold is present on inspection, testing is usually unnecessary. There are no Environmental Protection Agency or government standards that have been established for mold or mold spore levels, so it is impossible to prove that a building or room complies with any health regulations concerning mold exposure. Likewise, the CDC does not recommend routine sampling and testing of mold in the home. Health officials haven’t defined tolerable or acceptable limits of mold exposure for humans, and since individuals vary in their susceptibility to mold, testing cannot reliably predict the degree of health risks from any occurrence of mold.

When mold has previously been identified and cleanup procedures have been undertaken, sampling and testing may be carried out if necessary by qualified professionals to determine that adequate cleaning of a building has occurred.

Testing For Black Mold

You can have your mold tested to find out exactly what kind it is. Cost varies, but you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars to determine the type of mold.

There are also black mold testing kits, available at the hardware store or on , that you can purchase for around $35-50. With this DIY route, you take samples from a suspected affected surface, then send off to be tested in a lab.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Black Mold Poisoning

Black mold exposure may often present with your typical allergic complaints that are listed above. However, one must be mindful that other non-allergic, mold-related illnesses exist and may present similarly to a mold allergy, but often with more seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Research has found that people who have been exposed to mixed mold, mold spores and mycotoxins have experienced neurological and behavioral symptoms. These symptoms have been corroborated by other studies like Gordon et al. and Rea et al. .

Such non-allergic symptoms to mold may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive impairment

Help Your Body Get Rid Of Mycotoxins

Successful patient treatment of mold illness | mold exposure symptoms – All gone!

Note: you have to get rid of mold in your environment before you can hope to successfully detox from mycotoxins. If you dont, youll just keep accumulating new mycotoxins as you get rid of old ones. You may stall mold poisoning, but you wont start to get rid of it especially considering that it takes 35 days for your kidneys and bladder to flush out the more stubborn mycotoxins.

Once youve gotten rid of the source of mold, its time to get your body back into fighting shape. Mycotoxins mostly target your mitochondria, which explains why mold poisoning affects brain and heart function more than anything else .

To recover from mold toxicity, you want to boost your mitochondria as much as possible, while also clearing out lingering mycotoxins. These mold recovery therapies will help:

Mold exposure can be incredibly frustrating. It can make you feel like you have no control over your environment, your health, your weight, your emotions your life in general. If youre dealing with mold, dont despair. These tools can help you get rid of mold and mycotoxins and return to your healthy, high-performing self.

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Symptoms Of Black Mold Exposure In Adults: What You Need To Know

  • Final words
  • Molds are one of the most common problems among households. But of the thousands of mold types, theres one thats been plaguing homes for years: black molds. Its dark color is often attributed to its menacing health effects. In this post, I will discuss the symptoms of black mold exposure in adults and what you can do if your family got in contact with this allergen.

    Remember that any type of mold can be dangerous to a persons health. This is why you should act fast the moment you discover the presence of molds in your home.

    Will A Dehumidifier Kill Mold

    Mold will stay dormant in the air or even on surfaces it really needs excess moisture to help it grow. So, to answer your question, dehumidifiers do NOT kill mold, but they do slow it growing it by reducing humidity. If you have a mold problem in your home, dont wait. Mold spreads as long as it has a water source.

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    Toxic Mold Syndrome: It Was Like I Lost My Personality

    Kimberlyn, a 46-year-old married mother living in Arizona is not your average patient. She is highly detailed, analytical, logical, and carries with her a masters degree in pattern analysis. When Kimberlyn got sick, she applied as much as she could from her work life to try to uncover what was adversely affecting her. Even so, coming to the right diagnoses took a lot of work and required outside help.

    Demystifying Mold Toxicity Treatment With Dr Ami Kapadia

    Check out this easy to understand infographic about mold ...

    Hi everyone. In todays episode we discussed mold with Dr. AmiKapadia. What I enjoyed about her perspective is she is a testing minimalistand someone who simplifies treatment. I think weve done a pretty good jobbringing you guests and experts in this area who are of that same mindset andweve had our pinnacle today with Dr. Ami. Really simple narrative on testing anda straightforward protocol for treatment. It was reassuring to me personally tosee that what shes doing as someone whos fairly focused on mold andenvironmental illness is very similar to what Ive been leaning toward in theclinic. This tells me that Im on the right track in terms of determiningwhats working, whats not working, what to focus on, and what falls along theline of frivolous testing and or treatment recommendations regarding mold andenvironmental toxins.

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    When To See A Doctor For Mold Exposure

    In the last few years, education and awareness on the impact of toxic mold on human health have increased. Mold spores tend to build up in an environment long before any visible signs of an infestation are clear, leading to long-term exposure to this harmful toxin. Mold exposure can be hard to diagnose since toxicity symptoms mimic several other health conditions. However, in severe situations, exposure to mold warrants a visit to a medical professional. This guide can help you narrow down your exposure, possible signs of illness, and how a doctor can help.

    Getting Rid Of Black Mold In Any Room

    Unless the mold is very extreme and prevalent, it should not be necessary to call in professionals.Affordable mold testing kits are available to test the home and urine sample tests can be done by laboratories if you are worried you may have been exposed to unhealthy amounts of mold spores.

    Conventionally, mold in the home can be treated using a bleach solution. But why use harmful chemicals when there is a gentler, more natural way? like this DIY Tea Tree Mold Spray If items like carpets, clothing or shelving, that is porous, are infested, you may have to toss them out.

    Via :

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    Clean Black Mold And Get Rid Of It For Good

    Once you know how bad your mold problem is , its time to get rid of the problem.

    • Clean mold yourself. If your mold problem is small and visible, like caulking around your bathtub, you can get rid of it yourself. You just want to make sure you use the right cleaning solution. Bleach wont kill mold entirely, and as the chlorine in bleach dissipates, the bleach turns into water, which creates the perfect environment for new mold to grow. Cleaning vinegar will kill mold, as will industrial chemicals like Moldex. Always wear a P100 respirator so you dont inhale mold spores while you clean. Goggles are a good idea too, and a full body suit for larger mold infestations.
    • Get rid of mold-contaminated items. Clothing, carpet, drapes, caulking, and paper goods like books and files will all absorb mold spores and can cause new mold growth. If theyve been in an area with black mold, get rid of them, or in the case of cloth goods, get them professionally dry-cleaned. Throwing out belongings is a bummer, but its better to be safe than to have to deal with a new mold problem all over again.
    • Professional mold remediation. If you have water damage or major mold contamination in hard-to-reach places, hiring a professional is your best bet. Mold remediation can be expensive, but professionals have the tools to find and eliminate all the mold in your entire home.

    How Do Molds Affect People

    How to Detox Black Mold, you can do it, it takes time

    Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all. Some people are sensitive to molds. For these people, exposure to molds can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. Some people, such as those with allergies to molds or with asthma, may have more intense reactions. Severe reactions may occur among workers exposed to large amounts of molds in occupational settings, such as farmers working around moldy hay. Severe reactions may include fever and shortness of breath.

    In 2004 the Institute of Medicine found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheeze in otherwise healthy people with asthma symptoms in people with asthma and with hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals susceptible to that immune-mediated condition.

    In 2009, the World Health Organization issued additional guidance, the WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould pdf iconexternal icon pdf icon. Other recent studies have suggested a potential link of early mold exposure to development of asthma in some children, particularly among children who may be genetically susceptible to asthma development, and that selected interventions that improve housing conditions can reduce morbidity from asthma and respiratory allergies.

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    How Much Of A Priority Should I Make Cleansing My Home Of Mold

    Theres no need to panic about small amounts of mold. Of course, if you recently had a flood or water damage, its worth contacting a mold inspector. Or, if youre in a high-risk immune category or have allergy and asthma symptoms that might be related to mold, you should definitely address it, Dr. Parikh says. Regular home inspections should be able to detect mold, though.

    To prevent mold growth in your house to begin with, the ideal scenario is to use central air conditioning with a certified allergy and asthma-friendly filter, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

    If you dont have access to A/C, try to use a dehumidifier, especially when its hazy and humid outside. When youre showering, turn on an exhaust fan or crack a window so mold doesnt appear over time. Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room regularly with an anti-mildew cleaner is your best bet to zap mold in its tracks.

    Preventing Black Mold Growth

    Prevention is the best medicinethis is particularly true for black mold exposure.

    Coronary Artery Disease: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

    The most important factor in preventing mold growth is controlling the moisture levels in your home. Be sure to check areas particularly susceptible to water leakage and high humidity, and quickly address any leaks or areas where water may be getting into your home. For high humidity rooms such as your bathroom, be sure to install an exhaust fan and ensure the room receives a steady airflow and plenty of natural sunlight if possible.

    Overall, you should aim to keep the humidity level in your home below 50 percent. If you live in a humid climate, dehumidifiers and air conditioners can radically reduce the risk of black mold buildup. Even smaller measures like hanging up your towels after taking a shower or properly drying your utensils can go a long way in preventing black mold growth.

    If you do have a black mold outbreak, its critical to find the source of it in your home and eliminate it as soon as possible. This begins by conducting a mold analysis throughout your home. Make sure to target trouble areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. From there, you can then remove the mold using either chemical or natural cleaning methods. Do note that even if you are able to identify the mold sources in your home, it may grow back again. You need to routinely check trouble areas and keep them clean.

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    Eating Or Drinking Mold Is The Main Cause Of Illness

    Have you ever taken a big bite of bread only to look down and see a little green spot of mold staring back at you? It will turn almost anyones stomach. And the impending thought of food poisoning can cause serious anxiety.

    The truth isif youve accidentally ingested some mold, youll probably be just fine. If you have a mold allergy, you might experience the symptoms discussed above, but any nausea or vomiting will likely be a result of the fact that youre totally grossed out by what youve eaten.

    So, how does mold most often make its way into the body and cause illness? While ingestion and skin contact are possible routes, the potential for serious health problems is caused by inhalation of airborne mold spores. When spores are inhaled through the nose or mouth and enter the sinuses, lungs, brain, and bloodstream, theyre quite difficult for the body to eliminate. The spores attach themselves to mucous and begin to colonize. Many people are initially unaware that theyve been exposed to mold and its subsequent inflammagens but begin to see a decline in their health over time.

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