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How To Remove Mold From Camper

What Is The Right Way To Clean It

Part 2 – Removing Mold and Mildew From Pop Up Camper Canvas. Finished Product

It doesnt matter which method you choose it wouldnt be useful if you dont do it the right way.

When you approach cleaning your tent, I first suggest that you pitch it up entirely do it on your back yard or outdoors.

If you try cleaning it when folded you are going to miss infected areas which could be found when the tent is set up.

Second, do not use a washing machine it might ruin the tent fabric, mainly when you cycle it on high temperature and use a detergent soap. The right way is to use a brush, a sponge or a clean cloth and wipe out the mold or mildew gently and manually.

When you are done cleaning , make sure that you ventilate the tent outside until it is entirely dry.

If you repack it while the fabric is still damp fungi would grow back quickly, and the entire cleaning process has been a waste of time.

How To Clean And Remove Mildew From An Rv Awning

Mildew is a common problem for RV awnings, particularly those that get rolled in and stored while they are still wet or damp. Mildew is not as big of a problem as mold as it tends to be more on the surface of the awning and it is more easily cleaned up. Having said that, mildew can still do damage and a small growth can turn into a big problem if it isnt addressed quickly.

Mildew on a vinyl awning can be cleaned with diluted bleach, vinegar, and baking soda, or a store-bought antimicrobial. For the bleach, youll want to spot-treat affected areas by spraying diluted bleach on it and letting it sit for 10 minutes. Then you can scrub off the mildew and rinse off the bleach.

For an acrylic awning, you can try soaking the mildewy spots in bleach, but because of the porous nature of acrylic, there is a possibility that the bleach wont be able to penetrate deep enough to get it all. This is generally more of a problem with mold than mildew, but its something to consider.

Just like with the hydrogen peroxide, the bleach can discolor the area it is sprayed on if its left for too long and can have other negative effects as well. If youre wondering how to clean mildew off of RV awnings without harsh chemicals, your best bet is going to be vinegar and baking soda.

A clean awning will not only look good but it will also last longer and function better. For more tips and in-depth information check out How RV awnings work

Exhaust Fan While Cooking

Keeping the exhaust fan while cooking is necessary as high temperature and water vapors from cooking pots will result in vapors. Running exhaust will allow the air to cool down and avoid condensation. It will push the hot air out which can be potential mold growing environment.

You also get exhaust that run both ways. But, at times reverse exhaust can bring in smells. Specially if you have the sewer on same side then that can get really bad.

Keeping the vents open or the windows open can help push the air out. But, it depends whats like it is outside. For example if its raining then that may not be possible. So, you need to decide on a suitable way to push the air out while cooking.

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Is Mold And Mildew The Same

Mildew and mold are fungi, however, mildew is a less intrusive kind of fungal growth.

Like mold, mildew grows due to moisture in the environment This is why most of us have had to deal with mildew in our bathrooms and showers!

Unlike mold, however, mildew is relatively easy to remove: Put on some cleaning gloves, grab a bottle of mildew remover, and a scrubber, and scrub it all off.

Mold, in contrast, encroaches on areas and can take a bit more elbow grease and time to remove fully.

How To Naturally Get Rid Of Mold In A Trailer


Mold is every trailer owner`s biggest nightmare. Unfortunately, a lot of RV owners sooner or later come across this problem as your camper or motorhome is good environment for mold due to closed environment.

Mold not only looks disgusting, but mold spores can also cause some serious health problems like allergies and skin infection. It can also cause a lot of damage to your trailer internally and externally.

I will show you exactly how to get rid of the mold with simple DIY home remedies and also how to stop it from coming back

Mold needs 3 things to grow- moisture, food and optimum temperature. Mold will grow anywhere as long as there is enough moisture. It also needs optimum temperature. Most mold spores thrive best around 70 degrees Farenheit, but different molds grow in different temperatures from 32 to 120 degrees F.

Mold loves warm temperature and excessive humidity.

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When Mold Shows Up Inside

Just like in your home, mold loves uncontrolled or excessive moisture and humidity. Mold may show up in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or in areas near to either of these rooms. If the mold is on a hard surface, mix a 1:1 solution of warm water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas and allow at least 10 minutes for the solution to dwell. Then use soap and water to clean the area. Warning: this is only recommended for hard surfaces like ceramic tile, tub surrounds, Formica countertops, etc. Mold will develop on carpet or inside cabinets or vanities if the items remain wet for more than 48 hours.

If mold is growing on paneling, inside cabinets, on fabrics, or on carpeting, replacement is recommended. Chances are the mold is not just growing on the surface of these types of materials, but it is also growing inside the wood itself. Just cleaning the mold that is visible on the surface will not be enough to solve the problem.

Also be aware of any discoloration on vinyl flooring. Most vinyl flooring has a paper backing and the paper is an organic food source for mold. If water gets under the vinyl flooring for any reason, it could turn into a mold problem.

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Cleaning Inside The Camper Surfaces

This isnt going to be hard youll be using some common household cleaning products and a little good old fashioned elbow grease.A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • To avoid a repeat of mold growth, be sure to dry all surfaces thoroughly before folding up and storing your camper. Do not store it away if any part of the camper is damp or wet.
  • While cleaning, if an item can be removed from the camper, take it outside to clean it.

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How To Restore My Tent Water Resistance

The techniques Ive described are useful in cleaning mold and mildew from your tent, although in some cases they might compromise the waterproofness of the fabric.

The typical case is when you feel the fabric is sticky that would be due to the PU coating degradation.

To restore its ability to repel water, you may use products such as Nikwax Ive spent hours writing how to do so in this article, which also discusses other reasons why your tent might leak.

How Does Mildew Appear

How to Remove Mold in an RV

Mildew presents as a powdery substance. It usually sits on the surface and is mostly flat. As such, its harder to spot unless it becomes quite pronounced.

While mildew is often white, it can be in other colors too. It all depends on what its mixed with that may taint its appearance. Therefore, if a campers interior walls are a pastel color, the mildew could take on this tint and essentially be camouflaged.

The smell of mildew inside a camper is similar to damp clothing thats been left indoors for days without being properly dried.

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Effective Ways To Remove Rv Mold And Mildew


RV Mold and Mildew Removal When youre packed and ready for a cross-country vacation, nothing can get you down more than mold spores in the RV. Fortunately, all is not lost.

While mold is unsightly and a health hazard, it can be beaten with a few easy-to-use remedies. Foremost among them believe it or not is vinegar.

Many people believe that bleach is the go-to remedy for this bugbear, but the jury is out on that one. Lets take a look at what causes mold and how to tackle RV mold effectively.


How To Waterproof Your Canvas

To waterproof your camper canvas, youll need a high-quality waterproofing product.

There are many different products on the market, but we recommend 303 Fabric Guard. This high-quality product is extremely popular in the pop-up camper world and is made by Sunbrella, who makes some pop-up camper canvases .

You can apply the waterproofing treatment to your canvas using two methods:

  • If you only need to address small spots, using the spray bottle will work great.
  • For larger sections, a spray bottle still works fine, but you may want to consider using a paintbrush or sponge roller instead. While this method uses more product, it also produces a more even and consistent coating.
  • No matter what method you use, limit the waterproofing treatment to the canvas area, and avoid spraying it on vinyl or other materials. The 303 treatment can damage or discolor your vinyl if you leave it on for too long.

    The easiest way to protect your vinyl is to tape a covering over it with masking tape while you apply the treatment. You can also block it off with a piece of plastic and wipe away any excess that may pool on the vinyl.

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    Deep Cleaning A Very Dirty Tent

    Although mold and mildew prevention is always the best method for maintaining your tent mold stains do occur, especially in warm, flora and fauna rich environments. If nature has outpaced your tent maintenance routine and youve got a very dirty tent on your hands, there is still hope!

    First and foremost, keep these things in mind at the outset:

    • Set a realistic expectation: mold stains are extremely difficult to remove entirely. The tent will never look brand new again, but with some hard work and patience a good cleaning can add to the life of your tent.
    • Deep cleaning is hard work and will take a long time. You may need to repeat a few of these steps depending on how dirty the tent is, or how much soap you have to rinse out.
    • Enlist some help! Tents are heavy, wet tents are really heavy.
    • If you perfect this process and want to start a bell tent cleaning business in your area let us know! There is a demand!

    How Do You Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew In A Camper

    How to Clean Mold from RV Rubber Roof?
  • Use a dehumidifier If your RV is sitting in moisture, you may want to consider using a small electric dehumidifier.
  • A desiccant dehumidifier will do the trick.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation.
  • You might want to use a fan or two…
  • The fan is heated by a heater.
  • It is important to insulate your windows.
  • To clean surfaces, wipe them down…
  • Make use of a hygrometer.
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    Cleaning Caravan Mould With Vinegar

    Regular white or distilled vinegar contains a mild acid, which is effective in killing around 82% of moulds. Vinegar is also safe to use around kids and pets, plus also in small spaces, such as a caravan or camper. You can find white vinegar in any supermarket for just a few dollars.

    White Vinegar >

    Difference Between Vinegars:

    Youll notice you can get White Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar or Double Strength Vinegar. The only difference is the acetic acid level, which is what does the actual cleaning. So, obviously more is better in this case.

    • White Vinegar: 4 5% acetic acid
    • Distilled Vinegar: 5 8% acetic acid
    • Double Strength Vinegar: 8 10% acetic acid

    To be honest, any of them will do a great job. If you want to opt for a stronger option, you can go for a higher acidity, but the standard White Vinegar will still work well.

    What Really Is Mold And Identifying It

    While prevention is the best way sometimes you can just wake up to see those molds inside the RV. So, how do you get rid of molds in rv. There are multiple ways to treat and clean mold or mildew either natural or by using ready made products.

    Before we look at the ways of cleaning a mold or mildew lets find out how does a mold look like and where can it grow inside a RV. And are mold and mildew same? Before you start treating it using various options given below just test if its really mold and not something else.

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    Mold In A Popup Camper

    We just opened up our hardtop trailer and found mold on the curtains, canvas, and hard ceiling. Why is this, and how do we get rid of it and keep it away? Please help.

    By Chamberland from Belleville, Ontario


    Best Answer

    Hi there,Use white vinegar, spray it on and then wipe or scrub. it works and is safer than bleach. With the curtains I would soak them in water and vinegar.Good luck.

    Best Answer

    If youre going to use bleach to remove the mildew stains you need to make sure you can completely rinse all bleach residue off or the canvas could deteriorate & start to fall. The owners manual to our Starcraft suggest bleach but I dont see how I could thoroughly rinse it out when the affected areas are attached to the ends of the beds & are over the kitchen pullout.

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    How Do You Get Rid Of Mold In A Camper Trailer

    How to clean mold in a tent trailer ( pop up camper )
  • Your camper should be exposed to sunlight if possible.
  • Make sure the windows are completely open for maximum ventilation and that the canvas is completely dry.
  • Use a stiff bristle brush to remove the mold spores once the canvas is dry.
  • Any remaining spores should be cleaned from the canvas with a vacuum.
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    Why Is There Mould In My Caravan

    Its important to note that the ideal breeding conditions for mould is damp air that is still and undisturbed. So, now that we know what it likes, we can work to counteract that.

    Given that mould likes still air, lets open the windows and vents to allow air flow. If it flourishes in undisturbed areas, then regularly wiping surfaces and keeping areas clean will help to prevent mould in the caravan.

    Causes of Mould in the Caravan

    • Condensation from humid, wet or cold climates
    • Leaking water pipes or taps
    • Water seeping in around window seals
    • Water finding its way in through the roof or walls due to damage or cracks
    • Being closed up for long periods with everyone breathing inside
    • Keeping the windows and vents closed while cooking and showering inside the van
    • Closing up the caravan without it being completely dry after cleaning or use

    Mouldy Caravan Vent

    Mould Prevention while using a Caravan or Camper

    There are a number of ways to prevent mould in a caravan. The first is to keep the air flowing by opening windows and vents, plus make sure youre using an exhaust fan while showering and cooking.

    Running the heater for a few minutes every few days is a good way to dry the air out when youre using the van. This helps to reduce moisture in the air from everyone breathing in a closed-up van, plus it also eliminates the moisture from cooking and showering.

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    • Condensation droplets on walls & ceilings

    No Drying Clothes Inside

    I am sure nobody would be doing this mistake. But, in case you plan on drying the clothes no matter for what time or how smaller, be warned. Wet clothes no matter how less can be really bad for your Rv interiors.

    Moist clothes can quickly result in fungus, mold that can be hard to remove unless you try different method that i have listed below. So, moral of the point stay away from drying clothes inside RV.

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    The Best Way To Deal With Black Mold Removal In Rv Campers

    No one likes to find mold growing in their refrigerator, but its even less fun when it has spread throughout your living space! Mold and mildew can become serious problems for RVers, especially if you stay in humid areas. This has caused many people to seek out methods of black mold removal in RV campers.

    The greenish-black growth of black mold is a particularly bad problem to have to deal with. Aside from looking and smelling gross, this type of mold is known to produce mycotoxins, which can cause diseases and health problems for the residents. You cant just leave it alone or give it a half-hearted scrub! This type of infestation needs to be dealt with as quickly and severely as possible.

    The guide below will give some tips for how to safely remove black mold, recommend some effective products to use , and even provide some advice for how to prevent black mold in the future.

    How Do I Clean The Canvas On My Camper Trailer

    Cleaning the canvas of your camper

    Cleaning the canvas by brushing it regularly, inside and out, with a soft bristle brush, and hosing it occasionally with cold, clean water is advised. Keeping in touch with the external cover. Ensure that canvas never comes into contact with petrol, solvents, kerosene, or other similar liquids. Make sure that bushes and vines are kept away when camping.

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