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How To Remove Mold And Mildew From Car Interior

Best Mold Killer For Car Interior Of 2022

How to remove mildew from car interior

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How Does Mold Grow In A Car

Mold can start growing in a variety of ways in your car. And it can be small amounts of mold, too. Sometimes youll never even see it.

Because mold is a fungus, it can grow rapidly. And it can grow on a variety of surfaces that you might not be aware of. Mold in a car can grow on dashboards, seats, carpeting, flooring, in the trunk, and even in the ceiling.

Mold can start growing in a car from:

  • Bottle of water spilled on floor
  • Windows left open during the rain
  • Piece of food was forgotten and starting getting moldy
  • Live in a humid environment and mold accumulates faster
  • Car has been stored in a damp, dark garage or storage shed
  • Wet clothes, wet towels or swimsuits left in a car
  • Flood damage
  • Vomiting
  • Bleeding in nose and lungs

Many people report different health problems due to mold exposure. Especially anyone with a decreased immune system.

General mold can cause serious health issues in some highly sensitive individuals.

Steam Your Car Interior

Now, it is time to use the Fortador car wash machine. The car leather and fabric is sensitive to water, which is why it is safe and efficient to use the steam cleaning machine, as the steam produced by the machine contains an insufficient quantity of water. Thatâs the reason, the interior car detailing stays dry even after steaming. The car windows are also safe with steam cleaning because the steam does not contain any chemicals that can leave any streaks behind. You can dry steam the surface with 125C of dry steam and pressure of 235 PSI.

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Cost Of Professional Car Mold Removal Service

After reading everything you need to do to get mold out of your car and how much work it is, it can be awfully tempting to take it to a professional shop to take care of it. However, if you do, expect to spend a mint on mold removal.

The average cost of mold removal in a car is $1,200! While this number is pretty high, keep in mind thats only the average. If you catch the problem early and only need one spot removed, youll pay far less, but if the problem has taken over your vehicle, it can cost more than $2,000.

The advantage of going with a professional service is that theyll get all the mold the first time though. Because even if you miss a small spot when youre doing it yourself, the mold will come back, and youll be right back where you started.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

3 Easy Ways To Clean Mold Out Of Your Car Interior

Why should you prevent mold from growing on your car exterior?Mold will grow very fast in the right environmental condition, therefore, you must make sure that there is no place for it to grow. If this happens even once, then its too late if you leave your car unattended for a long time, even a small amount of moisture can cause mold to grow on your car exterior.The easiest way to prevent mold from growing on your car exterior is to keep it clean. Frequent washing will keep your paintwork clean and free of mold.

Always use a mild detergent-free shampoo for washing your cars exterior. Do not spray any water directly on the surface of the paintwork, this can cause damage.

Make sure that you completely dry your car exterior before applying any sealant or wax. Always make sure that there is no water in it .

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Does Car Insurance Cover Mold Removal

In short, almost every car insurance company specifically excludes mold from their insurance policies. But while they wont give you any protection, they certainly dont mind factoring it into how much your car is worth.

That means if you need to use your insurance for any other reason, theyll factor in the mold damage and give you less money for your vehicle.

So, no they wont help you fix it, but theyll certainly use it against you if you dont fix it!

Q Is It Safe To Drive With Mold In My Car

A.The Drives editors are not doctors or biologists, so we cant tell you for sure if its safe to drive with mold in your car. What we can tell you is that its best to clean and remove the mold before driving. Even if it turns out to be harmless to humans, its gross and will probably cause your car to smell funky.

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Use Lemon Juice As Vinegar Substitute

If youre not a fan of that vinegar smell, the next best thing available is a vinegar substitute like lemon juice. Not only does lemon juice smell great, but the citric acid in the ingredient is also a great way to eliminate mold. For particularly tricky patches, you may want to try a lemony paste made with salt to scrub the mold away.

Lemon and Salt Mold Remover

  • ½ cup of lemon juice
  • ¼ cup of salt

Using the scrub, smear a little bit of it over the moldy area. Whenever scrubbing or dealing with mold directly, its always best to keep a face mask over your mouth and nose to prevent breathing any of the spores, especially when in confined spaces. Blot up the moisture left behind by the juice, then vacuum up whatever solid particles remain.

Getting Rid Of Mold With White Vinegar

How To Remove Mold From Car Interior!

If youre more of a DIY type of guy, then we have three easy yet effective solutions for you. The first is using white vinegar, an acid, which can kill mold and stop it from growing back by burning it. Dont worry about your car having a strong, vinegary smell after all this. Its nothing a little fresh air and baking soda cant handle. Whats also great is that this method works with all kinds of seats from leather, to vinyl, and even cloth-type seats.

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For this, youll need distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle or some clean cloth, and some tap water. Mix eight parts vinegar with two parts water. Afterwards, put it in the spray bottle or keep it in a clean container where you can soak the cloth scraps in. You can use non-distilled white vinegar, but you may have to add in more of it. You could even use undiluted vinegar if youre dealing with a more severe infestation.

If only a few spores were left after you vacuumed, you could make do with spot cleaning. Simply spray or dab the solution directly on the mold as well as on one or two feet of the surrounding area. For more extreme cases, spray the entire area from top to bottom. Once youve applied the vinegar solution, let it soak in for around 15 minutes. This would be enough time to kill all of those pesky spores.

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S For Getting Rid Of Mold In Your Car

You should first prepare your vehicle by removing any possible causes of mold. Some of these may include sporting gear, floor mats, cargo trays, gym bags, and seat covers .

You will then want to park your car in an open area , open the doors, and roll the windows down. This will help air it out to lessen the chances you might inhale any spores. Let it sit for about 15-minutes.

Next, its time to suit up in some protective gear. Dont worry about what the neighbors will think, put on some goggles, rubber gloves, and a face mask. You might also consider wearing coveralls and rubber boots.

Now that your driveway resembles a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie, its time to choose a method for neutralizing the mold in your car.

Is It Time To Get A New Mold Killer For Car Interior

Youre looking for a new mold killer for car interior. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

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Can A Steam Cleaner Remove Mold From Your Car

Mold is quite a thing to concern as it requires lots of effort to clean it. But did you know, mold removal process becomes much easier with steam cleaning? It happens because the steam machine produces a high-level heat which helps to kill the mold. Mold tends to die at a temperature between 150 degrees and 364 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam cleaning can effectively kill the mold spores from a surface, but steam should not be used on a non-porous surface as the steam can absorb the qualities of porous materials.

But there is one thing you should understand that somehow mold spores have an omnipresence. Even after steam cleaning the interior car detailing, it can again germinate on the surface. It requires oxygen, a nutrient source, and moistures to germinate, which is why if you leave your car in a closed, damp place for a long time, mold grows every day and therefore covers the inside surface of your vehicle.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

How to Remove Mold From Car Seats

Mold and mildew are caused by moisture. If you have a leaky door, window or sunroof seal, you need to get it fixed. The heat of the sun isnt drying out that moisture its creating the perfect home for mold and mildew. Exercising caution when you have food and beverages in the car and staying on top of spills when they happen is also a good tactic for preventing mold and mildew.

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Top Tips For Removing Mold From Your Car

Weve all been there. Your toddler throws a cup full of juice or milk in the floorboard, and it spills without you even knowing it. Or maybe you left the window down, it rained over the weekend, and you didnt get back until Monday morning. In either of these situations, you see it: The mold. If you need help dealing with this type of mess, then check out these three top tips for removing mold from your car.

How To Remove Mold From Car Seats Carpets Or Interior

There are a number of chemical ways to remove mold from car seats and most people would jump for the bleach or ammonia based products to kill it and clean the area, however this will not work!

First of all, those type of products will stain or bleach your car seats, carpet and interior. They also do not work well on hard or porous surfaces and will damage the color of your carâs interior.

Second, they will not kill the mold! They will change its color and may kill some of the surface mold initially, however, mold spores will still survive and even worse, mold will actually thrive and grow on ammonia, so it will get worse than when you started!

So what to do to remove mold from car seats and carpets? Luckily, mother nature has provided us with some natural, powerful and effective tools to kill mold on car seats, carpets and all interior, plus you can use the same for anywhere in your home.

The following are three way to remove mold from car seats, carpets and interior.

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How To Remove Mold Mildew Smell From Car

The methods for mold removal outlined above will serve the purpose of musty odor elimination to some extent. For more comprehensive odor elimination, certain steps or procedures will have to be followed.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of mold smells includes using car mold removal products specially formulated for odor removal.

Some of these include Odor-X Spray, Turtle Wax Power Out!, Chemical Guys AIR, Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator, and Meguiars Whole Air Re-Fresher.

Other similar products to use include Armor All, PURGGO Car Air Freshener, and Zep Odor Eliminator.

There are tons of others that we wont be mentioning here due to time and space. However, those mentioned will give you real value for money. It must be stated that these wont guarantee success unless used properly.

Plus, theyre best applied only after mold has been eliminated from the car.

Using A Powerful Car Steam Cleaner

How to remove mold from your car’s interior

Steam cleaning is the best and most efficient solution to detailing all interior car surfaces and freshening the air. Commercial quality steam cleaners, such as the ones manufactured by Fortador, have the ability to deep clean, sanitize and protect every inch of your car cabin. The Fortador PRO Plus and PRO S offer steam cleaning at a rate of 232 PSI, which blasts away debris and undesirable microscopic particles like pollen, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses. These machines not only clean your car interior surfaces but they also sanitize them, giving them a fresh scent.

Whatâs also great about the Fortador PRO Plus and the PRO S line of steamers are all-in-one units. Detailers get a powerful steaming unit plus a shampooer/extractor to clean seats, upholstery, carpets and more. These commercial steamers also come with a complete set of tools that allow detailers to get into hard-to-reach areas where bad odors tend to hide. When using a Fortador steamer, detailers generally only need to use the steamer when removing car odors. However, some grimy car interiors may need extra attention with natural spray products. In such cases, you have the option of several different approaches.

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How To Remove Mold And Mildew From Cars

Mold and Mildew are the major culprits behind respiratory allergies, foul odors and general discomfort for the passengers and driver of any car alike. From humid climate to cars which are kept close for a long period of time, several factors contribute to mold growth in different nooks and crannies of your precious vehicle. Although most of the mold species are harmless to the human beings and pose no bigger challenges than foul smell or bad aesthetics, there some mold species, like black mold, which are lethal and shall be avoided at all costs. Since all types of mold tend to grow in similar areas, it is hard to identify each type and it is advised to follow the general rule that all kinds of mold are bad mold.

As a car owner or a passenger, your comfort, health and safety shall be among your top-most priorities. Your vehicles hygiene contributes to your wellbeing and driving convenience. A vehicle showing clusters of mold and mildew population is not only ghastly to look at but also leads to multiple hazards for all the occupants. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to take proper precautionary and preventive measures to remove mold and mildew from cars.

To make thing easier for you, we have compiled all the information and methods which you need to know to get rid of mold and mildew from your car. Lets learn more. Shall we?

Use Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Remove seat covers if you have them installed and now clean the whole interior with a wet dry vacuum cleaner and remove all the food particles or dust or anything else that is lying around. This is an important step that must be done before steamcleaning. Otherwise, the steam will make the dry dirt wet, and then later, they will be tough to remove.

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Musty Mildew Smell In Cars Arise From Mold Growth

If your car has a musty mold-like odor, chances are that theres mold presence in the car. Such should be visible when taking a look around. The musty smell you perceive is simply a result of ongoing mold presence.

Also, mold removal doesnt guarantee immediate relief from such bad odors.

Removing such odor can be expedited by taking definite actions which well be discussing shortly. A car left unused for a long is likely to develop leaks. Such leaks result in a buildup of humidity.

To prevent this chain of events, proper care of your vehicles interior is required.

Removing And Cleaning Mold In A Car


If you find mold, you will want to take precautions to prevent additional mold exposure. And you will want to kill the mold and prevent it from returning.

Wear a mask if you are concerned about health effects from breathing mold spores. You wont want just a cheap, flimsy mask that costs a buck. Instead, youll want a mask that can filter out particulates. These are good masks to have on hand for a variety of purposes, including cleaning, emergency preparedness, etc. This respirator mask is really great. But you could also use a particulate mask such as these.

If you cant remove an item that is damp, such as the upholstery on a seat or the floorboard, there are a few options.

Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove the water. Be sure to do this for every surface, not just one area that you think might be wet.

If you dont have a wet-dry vacuum, then park your car in the outdoor sun to dry out. Roll down all of the windows on a sunny day and let the sun bake out the moisture. Opening the doors would be a good idea, too, but you want to make sure your battery does not go dead by leaving on any interior lights, radio, etc.

P.S. These work great as natural closet deodorizers, too. See more options for naturally getting rid of odors in a closet.

Now you have got to kill the mold, or else its going to keep coming back.

As I wrote about in my book, The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home, bleach is surprisingly not the answer to kill mold

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