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How To Protect Yourself From Black Mold

Testing Is Affordable And Saves Lives

Mold and Insurance Claims – What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself

Even when you dont see visible mold, it can still be there harming your breathing. Thats why you can test the air even if you detect a musty odor. This at-home testing is not only significantly more affordable than hiring a professional, it allows you to detect hidden mold growth and determine if your family is being exposed to airborne black mold spores.To help you with either direct testing or air testing, we have two alternatives for you to choose from:

  • .

Not only is our testing immediate, easy to do, and safe, its significantly more affordable. As opposed to professionals who might charge you hundreds of dollars, you can do a self test with our professional equipment for just $50!

Once you order your kit and collect your sample, well even send you clear instructions on how to send samples to our laboratory for black mold testing. Well even turn around your results in as little as three days.

Each testing package includes:

  • Analysis of one sample collected using clear Scotch tape
  • Lab report
  • 15-minute free consultation with one of our microbiologists

Tip: We recommend taking a minimum of three samples.

Remove Mold With Vital Oxide

SANI-TRED sells Vital Oxide a Mold-Mildew Killer, Disinfectant Cleaner & Odor Remover is great for everyday disinfecting and sanitizing in the kitchen and bathroom, quick clean-ups, and spot treatment. Vital Oxide is super effective at killing mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses and eliminating odor in homes, offices, facilities, and other environments. Essential for homes with children and pets. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, kills fungus, mold, and mildew at the source and inhibits growth, sanitizes 99.999% of bacteria on food-contact surfaces with no rinse required, and eliminates odor at a molecular level, not by masking with fragrance.

Dont Wait Before You Fall Ill Or Rack Up Thousands Of Dollars In Medical Bills

When it comes to black mold, the most important thing to remember is to be proactive with your approach. Every second you wait in determining if mold or musty smell is harmful is one more day youre breathing in dangerous spores that are detrimental to your health.

If youre truly serious about improving your health and increasing your energy, dont wait for a professional to charge you hundreds for a test you can safely do yourself. Simply purchase the test style you want, perform the test, and send it to us so we can determine if what you have is a deadly black mold, or just something that can be cleaned up by a professional or with every day cleaning products.

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Shower After You Clean

Make sure to take a bath after you cleaned the molds in your house. This can prevent mold from spreading and forming again in other areas of your home.

Its important to keep our house clean in order to reduce our familys risk of developing illnesses. But its also important to protect yourself while you do a thorough cleaning of your house. To avoid inhaling dust, molds, and other irritants, you can trust the N95 respirator mask to do the job for you. Get one now!

Protecting Yourself During Mold Cleanup

Black Mold

Before starting your cleanup process, make sure you have the proper equipment and take precautions to protect yourself.

  • Avoid breathing in mold or mold spores. In order to limit your exposure to airborne mold spores, you may want to wear an N-95 respirator, available at many hardware stores and from companies that advertise on the Internet. Some N-95 respirators resemble a paper dust mask with a nozzle on the front others are made primarily of plastic or rubber and have removable cartridges that trap most of the mold spores from entering. In order to be effective, the respirator or mask must fit properly, so carefully follow the instructions supplied with the respirator. Look for the label of N-95 and NIOSH to assure the respirator will provide the protection needed.
  • Wear gloves. Long gloves that extend to the middle of the forearm are recommended. When working with water and a mild detergent, household rubber gloves may be used. If you are using a disinfectant, chlorine bleach or a strong cleaning solution, you should select gloves made from natural rubber, neoprene, nitrile, polyurethane or PVC.
  • Wear goggles. Goggles that do not have ventilation holes are recommended to avoid getting mold or mold spores in your eyes.

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Make Sure That This Is A Do

If the mold is extensive it might be appropriate to seek professional mold remediation help. You may want to check the type of mold you are dealing with by having a sample tested by a professional. Look under Industrial Hygiene Consultants or Environmental and Ecological Consultants in the phone book. Or call your local public health department if you need assistance removing black mold.

Removing Mold From Your Home

  • Cover yourself with a mask, gloves, goggles, and rubber boots. If youre cleaning a lot of mold, you can also wear disposable clothing or a mold-resistant suit. Shop for protective masks online.
  • Open all doors and windows to increase ventilation.
  • Remove any objects from the area that havent been touched by mold growth. Throw away any other items that cant be cleaned.
  • Cut away and replace mold-damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpet.
  • Cover and scrub nonporous surfaces affected by mold with bleach, a fungicide, or detergent and water, then dry them. Dont mix cleaning products together.
  • Make sure the water problem is fixed and the area is dry before you renovate the room.
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    Foods To Avoid When Dealing With Mold Toxicity

    Mycotoxins are natural contaminants in foods of biological origin and are toxic secondary metabolites of fungi. Despite efforts to control fungal contamination, toxigenic fungi are ubiquitous in nature and occur regularly in worldwide food supplies due to mold infestation of susceptible agricultural products, especially cereal grains. Corn, products made from it, and animals that consume it may all be sources contaminated with fumonisin B1, which on contact breaks apart phospholipid phosphatidylcholine in the surfactant in the lungs, mucus membranes and the gut mucosa. As a result, corn in all forms should be avoided – chips, tortillas, polenta, popcorn, flour, cereal, grits, fermented corn.

    Many companies today know the effects of mold toxicity and test their products for mold as well as pesticides like glyphosate. Check with the specific brand to see if they can provide evidence of mold testing.

    Foods to avoid, especially when dealing with mold toxicity, include:

    • Oatmeal- a soft grain often contaminated with ochratoxin A.
    • Mushrooms
    • Corn -fed meat and poultry, industrialized meat products
    • Dried fruit, fruit juices, cider
    • Collagen, gummy bears, gelatin can be made from the moldy hides of animals
    • Nuts

    Black Mold Eats Cellulose

    How To Remove Black Mold From Your Bathroom Ceiling

    One important thing to remember is that it is attracted to cellulose. Wood contains this black mold food, so it will commonly be found growing on wood around the home. Other materials that contain cellulose include drywall, wallpaper, and even some paint. So, black mold could easily also be found on the walls and ceiling, depending on the composition of them in your home.

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    How To Remove Black Mold

    Learn how to remove black mold safely and effectively.

    A detail shot of disgusting hotel shower bathroom tile sealant with mold and mildew.

    Black mold can be an insidious problem for homeowners, potentially leading to a costly removal process and even a host of health problems. But by learning how to get rid of black mold safely and effectively, you can protect the health of your family and the value of your home, without breaking the bank.

    Removing black mold is a step-by-step process that requires patience, an investment in protective gear and black mold removal products, and, of course, the courage to brave dark, cramped spaces inhabited by toxic fungus.

    First, you must remove the source of any moisture from the affected area. If any leaks or persistent condensation aren’t alleviated, the mold will likely reappear after removal.

    Next, seal any doorways or other openings leading to other areas of the home, place heavy plastic over them, then seal the plastic in place with duct tape. If there are outdoor openings in the room, place an exhaust fan near them to help remove mold spores from the room.

    Danger Of Removing Black Mold By Yourself

    • Date: 12-2017

    Finding mold growing in your home is a major worry of homeowners, and everyone knows that the problem needs to be handled quickly before a much bigger issue develops. While household mold can come in many forms, few are more worrisome than dreaded black mold. This type of mold, scientifically known Stacybotrys chartarum and Stachybotrys chlorohalonata, can affect homes of any size, in any area of the country. The dangers of black mold come from its toxic spores, which can contribute to a variety of health ailments and greatly reduce the indoor air quality of your living environment.

    So, what do you do when you find black mold growing in your familys home?

    There is a lot of information out there on DIY methods for black mold removal, but that is rarely a wise idea. Done improperly, removing black mold yourself can exacerbate the problem and put your family at risk, and understanding the hidden dangers of DIY black mold removal is essential for protecting your loved ones for the long term.

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    Coronavirus And Mold Prevention Tips

    While home, you can take preventative measures to help ensure mold doesnt form while under quarantine. The most important thing is to repair any leaks quickly, as mold thrives in moist and damp environments. The constant wiping and sterilizing youll be doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will help, it wont do much to fix areas that have already become moldy. Read more on Healthy Home Issues: Mold Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Identify Correct Potential Problem Areas

    Can You Do Mold Remediation Yourself

    While you cant mold-proof your home, you can make it mold-resistant. Do an audit of your home and locate problem areas like basement flood or frequent condensation on upstairs windows. Check on areas with water stains such as the ceiling from persistent leak. Preventing mold from growing or spreading might be as simple as ripping up carpet in a damp basement, installing mold-resistant products, or repairing damaged gutters.

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    Visible Dark Rings And Spots

    One of the early signs that mold could be lurking in your home is the appearance of dark rings or spots on the ceilings or walls. Even if these spots arent mold per se, they may be indicative of water damage or pooling water, which is a recipe for mold growth.Dark rings on your ceiling? It might be an early sign of black mold.

    If you see anything like this in your home, its best to mop it up as quickly as possible and clean the area using disinfectants. If you cant access the area, get an inspector to do it for you. Be sure to check other areas as well, since there could be more widespread water damage.

    How To Get Rid Of Black Mold

    Depending on the severity of your black mold infestation, you can either clean it yourself or hire a professional. Hiring a professional is more expensive, but it prevents you from being exposed to the mold while trying to remove it. Youll probably want to hire a professional cleaner if you have wide-spread growth in multiple rooms.

    If you choose to remove the black mold yourself, be sure to take the proper safety precautions. You want to avoid letting mold spores touch your skin or breathing them in by wearing:

    • Latex gloves
    • Protective mark, preferably a dust mask
    • Long sleeves and pants, or a full-body jumpsuit like a painters suit

    Once youre dressed to tackle black mold, follow these steps to remove small infestations:

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    How Molds Cause Disease

    People have different sensitivity when it comes to molds. Most people could just experience a minor allergic reaction while some can suffer severe allergic reactions that could lead to asthma attacks.

    The reason why molds can cause diseases to humans is that they release a chemical substance mycotoxin that is extremely toxic to people. When a person is exposed to high concentrations of this toxin, it could have a drastic effect on their health and it could lead to bronchitis, bleeding lungs, as well as heart problems.

    What Health Effects Can Be Caused By Exposure To Mold

    Black Mold – How To Kill Toxic Mold In Under 5 Mins!

    Some people are more sensitive to molds than others. These include

    • infants and children
    • elderly persons
    • immune compromised persons
    • individuals with existing respiratory conditions, such as asthma and allergies

    The same amount of mold may cause health effects in one person, but not in another. Exposure to molds can cause allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and headaches.

    When airborne mold spores are present in large numbers, they can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, asthma episodes, infections and other respiratory problems for people. Exposure to high spore levels can cause the development of an allergy to the mold. See the Illinois Department of Public Healths fact sheet, Mold and Your Health, for more information about health effects.

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    Why Is Black Mold So Dangerous

    Black mold is commonly referred to as toxic mold, and for good reason. Aside from causing all kinds of respiratory reactions like coughing, sneezing, sore and itchy throats, and watery and itchy eyes, prolonged exposure can have serious health consequences.Black mold is toxic, and prolonged exposure can have serious health consequences.

    One study found that exposure to mold during infancy led to asthma at 7 years of age, while others have linked exposure to brain inflammation, behavioral dysfunction, movement disorders, and neurological deterioration.

    In short, black mold warrants its reputation as a toxin, and should be treated as soon as its discovered. Below are several signs it may be inhabiting your home.

    Using Mold Cleaner In Your Ceiling

    If you are one of the homeowners who are not fond of using homemade cleaners, you can also use mold cleaners. The process of using mold cleaners is not far from using the homemade ones. Heres how you do it.

    Step #1. Wear gears to protect yourself

    Since mold cleaners contain various chemicals, it is best that you wear something to protect yourself. Wear a mask, a pair of gloves, and a protective eyewear to avoid inhaling the chemicals. Keep the area well-ventilated to avoid suffocation.

    Step #2. Spray the solution to the area

    Spray a thin layer of the mold cleaner to the affected area. Be careful not to spray it towards you to avoid potential health hazards.

    Step #3. Let the surface dry

    Before proceeding with removing the mold, let the surface area dry first so it will be absorbed by the popcorn ceiling.

    Step #4. Wipe the mold with a damp cloth

    Once the mold control is completely absorbed, use a damp cloth to wipe away the mold growth. Be careful not to damage the texture of the popcorn ceiling as much as possible.

    Step #5. Reapply mold control

    After removing all the mold, reapply a thin coat of mold control. It will help prevent mold growth from recurring.

    Here is a helpful guide in using concrobium mold control that you can check out. If you are wondering how fast mold grows, you can also read this article.

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    Common Mistakes When Searching For Mold

    • Relying only on mold tests. Visual inspection is extremely important before purchasing any test kits.
    • Inspecting only easy areas. To detect all the mold, it is important to check crawl spaces, basements, and on poured concrete slabs
    • Ignoring Insulation. By not checking insulation properly, a source of not-visible mold contamination can remain undetected for years, which is quite dangerous for your health.

    Be Careful With Diy Cleaning

    Black Mold Removal Tips ..........Safety Gear, Products to Use

    You can clean up small mold outbreaks with careful DIY techniques, but always make sure you protect yourself. Exposure to mold at work becomes even more of a problem when youre handling contaminated materials. Dont ever try to clean up mold yourself if:

    Mold-covered materials are porous and hard to clean. Affected areas are larger than 3 square feet. You or anyone in the office has allergies or respiratory problems, which can be exacerbated by mold.

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    Question 6 Of : Can You Fully Recover From Mold Exposure

  • 1Yes, and you should start feeling better as soon as the mold is gone. How long it takes for you to fully recover from toxic mold exposure depends on a few factors such as how long you were exposed and how long it takes your body to detox. It can also vary from person to person. But as soon as you can eliminate the mold, the sooner youll start to feel better.XResearch source
  • Toxic mold exposure can also cause other conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia, which your doctor can treat with antibiotics and corticosteroids.
  • Why Be Concerned About Black Mold

    Black mold is a fairly common occurrence in households around the country. Many people might be wondering what makes black mold different. And many people want to know why they should be concerned about finding black mold in their homes.

    Though it is true that mold is a common thing to find in the home, black mold is much more dangerous. This is due to its chemical makeup, which can cause harm to those that are exposed.

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