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How To Kill Mold In Crawl Space

How To Kill Crawl Space Mold:

Killing Mold in a Crawl Space, Basement or Attic

While addressing the sources of moisture, its important to treat the mold and fungus.

We recommend killing the mold and fungus with a product we use called Bora-Care with Mold-Care, a premium mold treatment product. Bora-Care with Mold-Care also helps create a protective barrier against mold, termites, and other wood-destroying pests.

Depending on the severity of the mold growth, we might recommend a heavier than normal treatment to ensure the safety of your healthy home.

Other Mold Prevention Methods

Your first plan of attack is always preventing growth in the first place. To do this, you need to find out what is causing the moisture in your crawl space.

Check your dirt and your pipes. If your pipe is leaking, fix it. If the issues seem to be the dirt, you can place a dehumidifier or moisture absorber in your crawl space.

Here are a few other methods to help you prevent moisture in your crawl space:

  • Add a plastic vapor barrier.
  • Seal up your vents
  • Protect your crawlspace from outdoor elements by building a barrier around your house.
  • Think about installing insulation under the floor.

Is It Something Else

Youre in your crawl space and white mold seems like a probable conclusion, but could it be something else? If theres no musty or damp smell and the white substance is on a stone surface rather than wood, it could be a mineral deposit. We refer to this as efflorescence, and the salt deposits come from moisture.

If you mist a little water over it, it should disappear as it dissolves. While this may not be mold, it indicates the presence of moist conditions, which are a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Another possibility is mildew. While similar to mold in many ways, it is only a surface fungus, so its easily cleaned with a household product. Mold tends to be more fuzzy or even slimy.

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Fight Mold With Ventilation

Once fungal growth takes hold, it thrives in the wet, stale atmosphere under your home. Ventilating the crawl space circulates fresh air through the area and holds down humidity. That reduces the concentration of air-borne spores, making it harder for mold to spread.

Power Tip: Make sure the clothes dryer vent terminates outside the crawl space.

Bleach And Vinegar Cleaner

Crawl Space Cleaning &  Odor Control

If youre still interested in taking on the task of killing mold in your homes crawl spaces, you will need a cleaner that is proven to eliminate a mold infestation. Bleach and vinegar-based mold cleaners are a good starting place, as they have proven to be effective in eliminating the presence of mold. However, its important to wear a respirator when conducting this action, as your air quality will become dangerous to inhale once bleach and vinegar are in a confined environment. Consider airing out these environments after applying cleaners to mold-infected areas.

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How To Reduce Crawl Space Moisture To Prevent Mold Growth:

Eliminate the moisture from standing water with a French drain and sump pumps OR sand in special circumstances. If the crawl space floods, your home is at risk for mold growth.

Eliminate the moisture from the damp earth with a vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation. Moisture from the damp earth must be covered with vapor barrier to control moisture.

Eliminate the moisture from outside humidity with a crawl space encapsulation which includes a vapor barrier, sealed vents, wrapped piers, insulated walls, and a crawl space dehumidifier. With our Dry Space Encapsulation, we 100% guarantee that your moisture levels will stay below 65% humidity, year around.

How Dangerous Can Crawl Space Mold Be

Crawl Space Mold can cause many problems. When you detect the attendance of mold in your crawl space, you are likely experiencing some of the health problems. Some of the major health problems include coughing, irritation, throat irritation, wheezing, eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, and skin irritation. Apart from the health issues, mold can also grow over the pipes, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems in a Crawl Space. When molds grow over your home, it is also able to eat up your home.

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S For Cleaning Mold On Floor Joists In Crawl Space

Tackling mold in the crawl space and along the floor joists is a physical job. It takes a lot of scrubbing and the ability to squeeze into tight spaces. Because of these working conditions, you need the property safety gear and cleaning agents to get the job done quickly and without jeopardizing your health. Have the following personal protective equipment:

  • Goggles

You also need to gather cleaning supplies:

  • Plastic sheeting
  • Sponges/old cloths
  • Brush, putty knife, or small shovel

Before proceeding, you need to decide on what you are using to clean up the mold you find in the crawl space. Some individuals choose to make their own household solution cleaners. You can use ammonia, bleach, tea tree oil, or vinegar to remove the mold. You can also purchase a commercial-grade cleaner, such as a mold remediation company would use.

Whatever you decide to use, you need to be thorough and systematic in your approach to getting rid of the fungus. Here how to get started with mold removal:

  • Put on your protective clothing, gloves, or goggles before mixing up your cleaning solutions.
  • Using a small brush or the flat part of a putty knife, scrape off or remove any large growths of mold that you see. You can scrape these into a trash bag or let them fall to the floor. You will be disinfecting the dirt once you are finished with the floor joists and other spaces.
  • White Mold Vs Black Mold

    Does Bleach Kill Mold? | How To Kill Mold In Crawl Space | Mold Remediation

    The main distinction between white and black mold is that white-colored molds, sometimes known as fungus, are generally not considered harmful.

    While species of molds that are black can sometimes be harmful to specific individuals.

    However, it is essential to note that any mold species that are black, green, or white can cause an allergic reaction to some individuals.

    Stachybotrys Chartarum, a mold species with a dark green to black color, is commonly referred to as black mold.

    This species is believed to cause allergic reactions because it liberates a relatively large quantity of mycotoxins into the environment.

    On the other hand, white mold does not release as many of these compounds, but it can still cause several health issues.

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    Crawl Space Mold Remediation Cost

    Before turning the job over to a professional spore killer, understand that you may incur a hefty cost. Treatment of heavily infested areas run anywhere between $500 and $30,000. The cost depends on the extent of damage and the amount of materials needed to fix it.

    The growth of black mold spores in a crawl space is a serious problem. It does not matter if they are black, white, or yellowthey should be removed at the first sign of growth. Call us today to schedule your free quote!

    Can Mold In Your Crawl Space Make You Sick

    Yes! Mold in your crawl space can make you sick. This is why its so important to remove it as well as prevent it.

    Mold is dangerous to humans, as well as animals. Since wood is a porous surface, the fungus will eventually penetrate it. You want to take all measures possible to eradicate it. If you cannot do this yourself, try asking a friend or family member to help you.

    If you have mold in your crawl space and are experiencing any chronic issues such as:

    • Coughing
    • Fevers
    • Sore throat

    These are signs of a mold allergy. You will need to remove the mold as soon as possible.

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    Inspecting Your Home For Crawl Space Mold:

    Our Expert Advisors are trained to identify the causes and best repair options for your home. If youre concerned about the integrity of your home, we offer free no-obligation inspections and estimates. When we inspect your home, we explain the problems, solutions, and explore multiple options to find the best solution for you.

    Cover The Ground With A Vapor Barrier

    Kill Crawl Space Mold For Good

    As you finish up, we know there will be a place where you are not even thinking of keeping clean or scrubbing. To scrub every surface, youll need to cover the ground with a vapor barrier.

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    People often forget to do this, and as the winds blow and the rains come falling, the mold spores in the sand of the crawl space are disturbed. Creating new mold spores that take root and quickly overtake every spot you have already cleaned properly.

    A vapor barrier helps to keep the wood from absorbing ground moisture. Mold cant flourish. Mold needs moisture to grow, so aim to keep your wood moisture content at 18% or below. Ideally, you should aim for 14% or less.

    Use a moisture meter to check the wood moisture content.A good moisture meter that wont damage your floor joists is the Klein Tools Pinless Moisture Meter available at Amazon.

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    How To Kill Mold In Crawl Space

    Certain ways can help you eliminate mold from your crawl space. In addition to killing mold in Crawl Space, you should maintain the following steps:

  • You should apply the Endurance Bio Barrier all over your Crawl Space. It is one of the best ways by which mold can be removed. However, if you apply Endurance Bio Barrier in your Crawl Space, it is guaranteed that it prevents mold from growing for up to 25 years.
  • You need to make sure that the dryers are vented to the outside of the house. You should never vent dryers toward your Crawl Space.
  • You should keep your eyes on to check for leaks around HVAC ducts and plumbing components in your Crawl Space regularly. You also need to check there are no cracks over the area where water or moisture usually enters.
  • You need to make sure that the gutters and downspouts channel are set at least 6 feet away far from the house. If they are set any closer than 6 feet, water can connect to the house and find a way to enter the Crawl Space.
  • You need to make sure that there is no adequate ventilation over your Crawl Space. There should be two vents in your Crawl Space. Usually, you can have one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of Crawl Space.
  • You may also set up piping in the Crawl Space. Piping in the Crawl Space can insulate to prevent pipes from freezing during the period of cold weather.
  • You should run a high-quality dehumidifier. You need to choose the right dehumidifier that can set well in your Crawl Space.
  • How To Prevent Crawl Space Mold

    Preventing mold is as easy as recognizing the conditions it needs to grow, and then depriving the area of those conditions. But while that may be easy to spell out, it can be more difficult to actually do.

    Mold, much like most other things in the world, needs oxygen. Combine that with temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 60% or higher and you have the perfect conditions for mold growth.

    Crawl space encapsulation is a great way to control the atmosphere in your crawl space. Installing a dehumidifier will keep you humidity levels far below that which is needed to spur mold growth.

    But if you dont want to go the full encapsulation route, the introduction of plastic sheeting to your crawl space can help keep general humidity levels down. You should do all you can to keep moisture from entering your crawl space. This will also help to reduce moisture levels in the air.

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    Why Are Crawl Spaces Prone To Mold Growth

    Generally, the soil in a crawl space is drier than the soil around the foundation. This results in moisture wicking into the crawl space from the soil outside. Once inside the crawl space, the moisture evaporates into the air and the water vapor moves up and settles on ductwork, floor joists, subfloor, and/or floor insulation.

    During the summer, the air and surfaces inside a crawl space are generally cooler than the outdoor air. As warm, humid air moves into a crawl space through the foundation vents, it begins to cool, resulting in an increase in relative humidity. Condensation from water vapor gathers on the ductwork, floor joists, subfloor, and/or floor insulation, and of course you know that moisture leads to mold growth.

    How Much Does It Cost To Remove Mold In A Crawl Space

    Crawl Space MOLD REMOVAL Tips – Kill MOLD in your crawlspace – Twin Plumbing

    The mold in crawl space removal cost can be as low as$500 to as high as $30,000. Factors like the size of the mold issue, the extentof the damage, types of materials that are damaged or infected, andaccessibility of treating the mold all come into play to determine the cost.

    You might be wondering if homeowners insurance covers moldin the crawl space? No, a typical homeowners policy does not cover the cost ofmold removal, unless mold infestation is due to a condition thats covered bythe policy, such as flooding and water damage.

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    How To Reduce Mold And Moisture Under Your Home

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    The crawlspace under your home can be a breeding ground for mold. Taking the following steps can keep it from happening:

    • Make sure the crawlspace has plenty of ventilation.
    • Fill in any low spots in the crawlspace with sand.
    • Cover the ground under the entire crawlspace with a layer of 6 mil or thicker plastic.
    • Put a layer of sand on top of the plastic to hold the plastic in place and absorb any excess moisture.

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    Signs Of Mold In Crawl Space

    Early detection of the mold is crucial to prevent an outbreak. Its important to keep in mind that mold can spread very quickly, so taking the necessary steps at the first signs of mold infestation can go a long way to prevent major damage to health and property.

    But first things first, what does mold in crawl space look like? What are the things you need to watch out for? In most cases, youll know when the situation calls for a mold fogger crawl space device when your house smells musty or when it emits some kind of a damp smell.

    Sometimes, even without actually seeing the mold, youll be able to tell theyre there when your nose gets stuffy or running, your eyes get itchy, or you go into a mold allergy attack. When you experience these mold in crawl space symptoms or when you see visible signs of water damage and mold infestation, call a crawl space fogger mold remediation team at once.

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    Pros Of A Crawl Space

    • It keeps a home a bit safer should a plumbing leak occur in the pipes since they are under the house and not running in the attic or above the ceiling.
    • Crawl spaces are ideal for areas with high moisture or in coastal areas with sandy soil, where excessive water can build pressure against a full basement or concrete slab and find its way into cracks.
    • Good for sloped lots
    • Prone to moisture and mold growth
    • Cracked foundations can cause house settling

    Why Should You Be Concerned About Crawlspace Mold

    How to remove mold from your crawl space

    Mold can result in a negative impact on your health

    One of the easiest places for mold to grow is in your crawl space since it doesnt necessarily require sunlight to grow. In fact, the major factor that mold needs for growth is moisture.

    Mold can result in a negative impact on your health and continued exposure to crawl space mold can lead to a range of health issues. These problems may include eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, eye irritation or even skin irritation.

    Furthermore, some more serious ailments like obstructive lung disease have been linked to prolonged exposure to mold and damp places in general. And what makes this type of mold a lot more dangerous is the fact that you dont have to go into your basement to be exposed.

    Thanks to the Stack effect, the air from your crawl space finds its way into your house and circulates. Since heat rises, warmer air rises which then brings along with it various particles. Some of these particles are crawl space mold.

    Institute of Medicine publications in 2007, 2010, and 2011 reiterated evidence that linked association with damp spaces and indoor mold to respiratory illnesses. Therefore, spending time in a place with mold present such as your crawl space is a potential cause of ill health.

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    What Kills Mold In The Crawl Space Of A House

    Mold is a variety of fungus that tends to grow in areas of your home with excess moisture and humidity, such as a basement or crawlspace. This is because without proper ventilation moisture can easily settle in the crawlspace. Once there, mold can grow on the wooden supports, walls and ceilings in your crawlspace. It can also grow on insulation. This can encourage mold growth in the rest of your home, make your home smell musty and eventually decay the crawlspace surfaces.

    Why Is Hiring A Mold Expert Important

    When you hire a professional to remove mold in crawl space and who understands how to kill dangerous mold in your crawl space fast, youll be guaranteed that:

    • Professionals dont leave anything to chance and theyll use their specialized tools to eradicate your mold problem on a long term basis.
    • Mold spores wont spread and you can still continue with your normal schedule even as the professionals go about their business.
    • A qualified mold professional will first evaluate the level of mold in your crawl space in order to determine the ideal measures that can use to handle and solve the problem.

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