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How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions Mold

When Is The Best Time To Clean Outdoor Cushions

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions | HGTV

When cleaning outdoor furniture cushions you might want to do this at the start of the season when they first come out of storage, but if they have been kept in a clean and dry place it’s probably not necessary.

You will definitely want to clean your outdoor cushions though before putting them into storage at the end of the summer season.

It’s also important to check them regularly for common stains like food and drink spillages or mildew as it’s good to act on this sort of problem straightaway before stains are allowed to settle.

Why not find out how to clean an outdoor rug at the same time?

Get To Know Your Fabric

Outdoor furniture is typically durable and water-resistant. But certain fabrics won’t perform as well as others outdoors. Like ourSunbrella fabric pillows, the best outdoor cushions are kid and pet-friendly and won’t get ruined in the rain. If you’re shopping for pillows for your outdoor furniture, stay away from the ones meant for indoors, they’ll get destroyed fast. Sunbrella fabrics are known for being durable, water-resistant, and mold and mildew-resistant. Neighbor cushion covers are also machine washable. Check the care instructions that came with your furniture to ensure specific cleaning solutions like bleach are safe to use. Keep in mind UV damage can harm fabric as much as rain, and not all outdoor cushions are fade-proof. Fixing fading on your sofa fabric is almost impossible, so prevention is key.

The 1 Ingredient To Remove Mildew And Mold From Patio Furniture

We should have brought our patio furniture inside during the winter or covered them .

And the winter aftermath isnt a pretty sight. Its an easy fix though.

The only ingredient you need: Vinegar

Thats it. 30% vinegar is the unsung hero of rescuing outdoor furniture from the post-winter grossness. Regular kitchen vinegar can do the job, but if you have a serious mildew/mold problem on outdoor cushions and patio furniture, the 30% stuff can knock it right out.

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S For Removing Spills And Bird Droppings

  • Create a cleaning solution with one teaspoon of Borax, one teaspoon of mild dish soap, and one quart of warm water. Pour the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well to mix.
  • Spray the solution directly onto the stain and allow it soak for a few minutes.
  • Use a clean cloth to work the solution into the stain.
  • Let it stand for 1015 minutes.
  • Rinse away all the soap residue with a garden hose.
  • Allow the cushion to air dry on its side.
  • Additional Tips

    • For bird droppings, clean off as much of the stain as possible with a microfiber cloth before spot cleaning. Make sure not to rub it deeper into the fabric.
    • For spills, time is of the essence, so clean them up as soon as possible.

    How Outdoor Cushions Get Dirty

    How to Clean your Outdoor Cushions + Pillows

    Melting ice cream, muddy paws, and red wine: Some of the best things about summertime are also the messiest. Also, it’s the outdoors. Anything can happen in nature. You’re probably expecting rain, sun, snow, grime, dirt, and dust to mess with your furniture, but things like debris from your neighbor’s tree, mold and mildew, and bird droppings can cause just as many problems when it comes to keeping your cushions clean. While you can’t control Mother Nature, to keep cushions looking as new as the day you bought them, you can get to know your fabric, learn how to treat stains as they happen, and have a cleaning kit ready. No matter where you live, you can keep your in good shape year-round. The best outdoor cushions are water-resistant and machine-washable, but tough stains require more specific cleaning methods and products.

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    How To Clean Mold Off Plastic Outdoor Furniture

    To tackle mildew on plastic patio furniture, use a cleaning product designed for removing mold . Be sure to read the label to ensure it is safe to use on plastic and follow all application instructions and safety guidelines.

    You can also turn to vinegar to clean mold on plastic outdoor furniture. Spray white distilled vinegar onto the mold and let it sit for an hour. Rinse with warm clean water and follow up with a second application of vinegar. Let the vinegar dry without rinsing it away.

    Bleach can etch white plastic outdoor furniture. For other plastic furniture colors, test bleach on a hidden spot to ensure it won’t discolor or harm the material. Once confirmed, apply the bleach mixture noted above.

    How To Get That Musty Smell Out Of Patio Cushions

    Have you ever sat down on your patio furniture that you bought last season only to be met with an unpleasant odor? No one wants to sit on a musty cushion, especially if theyre wearing a bikini! When you are met with that smell, it is definitely time to give your cushions some much needed tender love and care! There are a couple of simple steps you can take to make sure that your beloved patio furniture lasts.

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    How To Prevent Mold And Mildew On Outdoor Fabrics

    Some say that prevention is always better than cure. The same saying applies to outdoor fabrics. If you want to prevent mold and mildew outbreak in the future, here are some tips to consider:

    • Purchase waterproof cushion covers which can minimize the risk of mold and mildew buildup. If you cant get waterproof covers, you can get fabric seal spray that also waterproofs your cushions.
    • Monitor the weather forecast. Whenever possible, take the cushions inside or in a safe area where they wont get wet or damaged by the weather.
    • If youre recently applied sunscreen or are wet, make sure to cover the cushion and furniture with a towel before sitting or lying down on it.
    • If you find your outdoor cushions wet, immediately towel dry and hang them somewhere it can air dry.
    • Avoid spilling any drink, food, or liquid that may dampen or ruin the cushions.
    • Make sure to clean your cushions before storing them inside during winter. This will prevent any mold and mildew breakout.
    • When storing the cushions, make sure that the area is well-ventilated.
    • Before using the cushions during summer and springtime, make sure to clean them first and let them dry off completely.
    • Every few weeks, spray the cushions with a white vinegar solution.

    Keep Them From Getting Dirty

    How to Clean Moldy Outdoor Furniture Cushions

    An easy way to keep your patio furniture like new is to do all you can to prevent dirt buildup and stains.

    Use covers or upholstery protectors

    For heavily used patios, consider vinyl or plastic cushion covers. You can also treat your fabric with upholstery protectors to avoid stains. Moreover, theyre usually safe for all fabrics, even silk. There are also many options that dont contain harmful chemicals, making them safe for household use. One example is Vectra, which is available in large hardware stores.

    Store cushions indoors during the off-season

    Another way to keep your cushions clean is taking them inside during seasons when theyre not in use. This might mean storing them in your garage during rainy seasons or snowy months. This will help prevent mold, sun damage, and general breakdown.

    Even if you know how to wash patio cushions, its still a good idea to take some preventive measures. This way, you save time scrubbing down cushions and surface stains in the future. And, even if your cushions seem beyond cleaning, try one of our cleaning tips to bring them back to life.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    Make Sure You’re Drying Correctly

    This is actually the most important thing to get right when cleaning your outdoor cushions, because if you don’t, the result will be even worse than before you cleaned them. If the foam is not allowed to dry all the way through, mold and mildew are guaranteed. Nadeem comments: ‘Ensure they are completely dried through by leaving them in the sun, putting them in an airing cupboard or putting them on the radiator. Leaving moisture in the cushions can result in the foam degrading and mold or mildew developing.’

    Leaving your cushions out against a sunny wall or garage door for several days is the best course of action, unless your cushions cover are not color fast. Generally, if they’re made from dyed linen or cotton and are brightly colored, it’s not advisable to dry them in direct sun. In this case, you’ll need to wait until the summer so that you can dry them off in dry shade during warm weather.

    Want more cleaning advice to get your outdoor space ready for summer? Check out our guides on how to clean a patio and how to clean decking for more top tips.

    How Do You Remove Black Mold Stains From Outdoor Cushions

    Bleach is commonly used to remove black mold stains from outdoor cushions. But make sure the cushion you want to bleach is actually bleachable. This is because bleach can cause discoloration of some cushion fabrics. So, endeavor to check the manufacturers recommendations on the cushion, or you can spot test out a small area of the fabric, such as the underside.

    To clean black mold with bleach, follow the instructions already described above. Mix bleach and water and spray it on the affected area. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes , then rinse with water. If your cushions come with covers, remove them and spot treat before washing them. To be on the safe side, always check the laundry tag on each product.

    Once youre done bleaching the fabric cushions, you can treat them with vinegar to stop the mold from coming back.

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    How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions Mold

    Outdoor furniture cushions are prone to mildew and mold growth. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep them dry and clean. If they become wet, then you should immediately remove any water and let them air dry. Once dried out, you can apply some anti-mildew spray to help prevent further growth.

    Cleaning Outdoor Furniture Cushions Couldnt Be Easier With These Expert Tips

    How To Easily Remove Mildew Stains from Outdoor Cushions

    Follow these tips for cleaning outdoor furniture cushions and enjoy garden seating that looks like new

    Cleaning outdoor furniture cushions can be a difficult task. First, even the best garden furniture often uses cushions with non-removable covers, which makes the cleaning much more labor-intensive. Next, outdoor cushions are prone to mold and mildew, which can be particularly hard to remove. And, finally, depending on what fabric your cushions are made from, the drying process after cleaning them will be different.

    Fear not, though: cleaning outdoor furniture cushions is easier than it may seem, if you follow these simple expert tips. These are all for cushions that have non-removable covers if yours are removable, just wash them in the washing machine.

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    How To Clean Oil

    Whether its from sunscreen, bug spray, or food, oils can make their way onto outdoor cushions and pillows. These oils can also attract more dirt and grime. Dont worry, though! You can remove these stains with a dry absorbent powder like cornstarch or baking soda. Follow these steps to tidy up your cushions.

    Instructions On How To Bleach Removable Cushion Covers

    • Take off the covers and zip them closed.
    • Make a cleaning solution using ¼ cup bleach and gallon water in a bucket.
    • Fully submerge the cushion covers in this solution.
    • Let the cushions soak in this solution for 5 minutes.
    • Wash in hot water, using ¾ cup bleach and a detergent.
    • Do not place the covers in a dryer!
    • Repeat the process if you believe youve made some progress using it.
    • Put the lid back on the cushions before they can dry.

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    Can You Put Outdoor Cushion Covers In The Washing Machine

    Remember that when it comes to how to clean outdoor cushions many of them feature removable machine washable covers. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully then pop them in your machine.

    ‘For removable cushion covers you can definitely make use of your washing machine,’ says Laura Schwarz. ‘For garden cushion covers that are in need of a simple refresh, pop them in your washing machine with your regular detergent. To dry, hang them outside or on your radiator and make sure that they are completely dry before placing them back on the sofa inserts.’

    Alternatively you can also soak the cushion covers in warm soapy water. Then sponge or brush gently if needed, rinse with clean water and let them air dry thoroughly before replacing them.

    Some outdoor furniture covers can be cleaned in the washing machine

    How To Remove Mildew Stains From Outdoor Cushions

    How to Clean Outdoor Cushions


    Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday to all of you!

    I wanted to drop in today & share with you a project I completed a couple weeks back! Ive been slowly, but surely marking things off our to-do list for the back deck. If youve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember the makeover we did a few years ago& how we added the pergola. The following year we bought some new patio furniture for the area around our outdoor fireplace..which I never got around to blogging about. This year I convinced my hubby that I needed a new dining table & chairs to match! In between running a business, running a household, and living at the ballfield I MIGHT just have our deck summer ready by August! ?

    First thing on the to-do list was to clean the cushions that go on our outdoor furniture. I dont know about you all, but we are kinda terrible about leaving our cushions out. We were extra terrible this past year & left the cushions out for the ENTIRE winter! Which is probably why they looked like this at the beginning of the season.

    My once beautiful off-white cushions had become a lovely shade of mildew green. Yuck!!

    First step, thoroughly hose down your patio cushions!

    Next step, BLEACH! I took a water bottle & filled it about 3/4 of the way full of bleach & filled it the rest of the way with water.

    This is what the cushions looked like when I was finished.

    I repeated those same steps on our other chair & the loveseat you see pictured here.

    Pretty amazing results!

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    How To Keep Outdoor Cushions Clean

    Protect your outdoor furniture by storing it under water-repellant covers or by treating it with a fabric guard spray. Also, get in the habit of routinely checking and cleaning your cushions dont let stains sit too long. To keep your outdoor cushions looking brand new, these preventative measures go a long way.

    Cleaning Patio Furniture After Heavy Rain

    If your cushions have been exposed to a lot of rain, youll likely want to clean them right away. Use a mild cleaning solution that contains one cup of bleach and one-fourth cup of mild soap to treat the stain. The solution should soak into the fabric for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with water. After youve done this, you can also rinse the area thoroughly with a low-pressure garden hose.

    To dry your cushions, use a standing fan. Its much quicker than a blow dryer, and it wont require the supervision of a child or adult. When rainy weather is imminent, take the cushions inside. If youre unable to move them inside, store them in an outdoor waterproof storage container until the rain stops. Alternatively, you can purchase waterproof covers for your cushions and store them in the rain-free area. Drying in direct sunlight also encourages faster drying, but it wont remove mold.

    If youre cleaning patio furniture cushions after heavy rain, you need to dry them thoroughly. After the rain, flip the cushions over so that the seams can dry. If youre cleaning them manually, you should unzip them so that the fabric can dry properly. After drying, you should use a fabric protector on the cushions. Keeping moisture from getting into the cushions will prevent mildew and mold from growing.

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    How Do You Remove Mildew Or Mold From Outdoor Cushions

    Stains like mildew and mold need something a little stronger to get to work on them. Wearing rubber gloves, first use a brush to scrape away as much of the mildew or mold as you can.

    Put some undiluted distilled white vinegar in a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle then apply liberally to the stains. Let the vinegar soak into the fabric for around 20-30 minutes to let it do its work.

    If the stain doesn’t seem to be shifting try applying a vinegar soaked cloth to the spot and leaving it for a while so the fabric absorbs it. Then gently scrub the cushions with a soft bristled brush.

    Finally, clean the cushion with a sponge dipped in a solution of detergent mixed with water. Then rinse and air-dry the cushions completely in a sunny spot as before.

    This method can also be useful when considering how to clean a patio umbrella to remove a build-up of mold or mildew too.

    Wood And Wicker Furniture

    How To Remove Mildew Stains from Outdoor Cushions (Love of Family ...
  • For wood furniture, painted or unfinished, combine 1 gallon of water, 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of ammonia and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Use a sponge, rag or soft-bristled brush to clean the furniture and the mildew-affected area. For wicker furniture, use 2 tablespoons of ammonia in 1 gallon of water, and apply it to affected areas with a softened toothbrush to avoid damaging the wicker. After rinsing wood and wicker furniture with clean water, set it in the sun to dry, as the sun’s ultraviolet rays also kill the mold.

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