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Do You Have To Get Molds For Braces

Digital Impressions At Dental Associates

Getting My Braces OFF!!! || Vlog

At Dental Associates, we use digital impressions for a wide range of specialties, from braces to placing dental implants. This technology provides an accurate map of the mouth that many practitioners didnt have access to just a few years ago. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with top-level care using cutting-edge technology.

Digital impressions provide many benefits for you including the following:

  • Comfort: the 3-D scanning is often much more comfortable for patients than traditional impressions. Those who have sensitive gag reflexes or teeth that are sensitive to cold material will be able to relax since the impression is all-digital and doesnt involve trays or goop.
  • Quality: digital impressions limit the margin for error and distortion compared to traditional impressions. This means that your crown, bridge, or other appliance will fit better in your mouth since the information it was made from is very detailed. When combined with digital X-rays dental implants can be placed in a more ideal position than when using regular X-rays alone.
  • Cost-effective: there is no increase in cost for a digital impression traditional impressions and 3-D scanning costs the same for the patient. We regularly use digital impressions in conjunction with our 3-D panoramic X-rays to help guide our oral surgeons in placing dental implants. 3-D panoramic scans allow the dentist to see your entire jaw and move the image on the screen to inspect from different angles.

Youll Become Really Aware Of Your Coffee Intake

As you may know, youre only supposed to drink water and clear liquid with your trays in. This doesnt always mix well with a coffee habit. That being said, having Invisalign® is absolutely helping with cutting my caffeine intake. Im snacking less, too, which is a welcome bonus especially while working from home.

Discussion Of Oral Care

While the orthodontist may go over some of the basis of bracket care during the consultation, he will likely go into depth about how to brush your teeth, what kind of toothpaste to use, and may even provide special tooth brushes in order to make cleaning your teeth and brackets easier. Small spindle brushes are common, which can help to remove food particle and bacteria from around the brackets and in between the wire and your teeth.

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Do I Have To Use The Tray

There are alternatives to the traditional mold. Some practices now use scanning technology like the 3M True Definition Scanner that uses a small wand to take 3D impressions of each tooth individually. With the wand, there is no need for a tray to be used.

Heres a quick video of the True definition Scanner at work.

To get your free initial consultation, call one of Orthodontic Associates nine convenient locations around Baltimore to see one of our expert doctors, and find out how we can get you your perfect smile and healthy bite.

Best Mouth Guard When You Have Braces


When you have braces, you need a mouth guard specifically for braces. This is not an option according to most dentists. The mouth guard needs to be molded to your teeth, able to adapt to your changing teeth patterns, not be caught on braces, yet be strong enough to withstand shock.

The biggest challenge will be to find a mouth guard that does not snag on your braces. We dont want damaged teeth and braces.

Some of the best sports mouth guard for braces come from Shock Doctor *. These are variable, lightweight, and can be custom fitted for you and your braces. They are reasonably priced, ranging from $10 to over $100. Shock Doctor also has a line of protective gear that is preferred by several universities and professional athletic divisions.

The best feature is that these mouth guards are some of the slimmest and most light weight in their class. The company has a strong reputation and history to back up its claims.

Imagine having to work several hours per day, several days per week in a mouth guard that forces your mouth to stick out. You would want the safest, slimmest model after that.

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How Long Does Invisalign Take

Each patient is different, and a specific situation depends on many factors, such as the structure of your teeth, your responsiveness to the treatment, and how well you adhere to the orthodontists instructions. In many cases, treatment lasts between one and two years.

Only after meeting with the doctor for a complimentary consultation will you know how long your specific treatment will take. Invisalign usually takes the same amount of time as traditional metal braces, if not slightly longer.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign depends on how much treatment you need and the time it will take to straighten your teeth. Generally, Invisalign costs between $4,000 and $6,000, including retainers and two years of post-treatment follow-ups. If you do have orthodontic insurance or a Flex Spending Account from your employer, please mention this at your complimentary consultation so we can help you to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, Diamond Braces offers you low monthly payments with no interest that can be customized to fit your individual budget. Get more details about Invisalign prices here.

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Measurements And Planning The Treatment

Your orthodontist will evaluate your case and perform various measurements with the help of a model or your teeth and x-ray.

Finally, he will design treatment to fulfill your needs. Treatment plans vary from individual to individual.

Its obvious that the treatment plan will be different between a person with gaps in teeth and a person with crowded teeth.

Similarly, the correction of an overbite is different from an underbite. However, it may look the same to you.

The orthodontist will plan which components of braces you need to move teeth at which time. You can know from him how much time it may take to complete the braces treatment.

He can create a mockup of the braces using the mold that he took.

What Stuff Is In The Mold


There are a few materials used to make impressions of your teeth. Perhaps the most commonly used material is called alginate. It is a powder compound made from seaweed or kelp that is added to water to make something that looks like silly putty. It usually only takes about 60 seconds to harden. So sit tight!

To make the process a little more fun, there are different flavors that can be added to the alginate to make it taste a little better and provide as pleasant an experience as possible.

An alternative material used is called vinyl polysiloxane . This is a silicone-based material that can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes to set properly. Orthodontists might also use polyethers to create an impression.

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How To Wear A Mouth Guard With Braces

When you choose a mouth guard, you need to weigh in all the factors. Is protection your goal, cost savings, ease of use, bulkiness, and comfort levels all play a role in determining what mouth guard to use and how to use it.

Simple boil-and-bite mouth guards are the simple plastic ones that you mold to your teeth. These usually arent recommended for braces because they are bulky and the plastic may catch on the braces. If this happens, usually a trip to the orthodontist is in order either to get the mouth guard off your braces or repair your braces.

I used the boil-and-bite ones before, at an event just for fun. Well, I would have been safer and happier to use nothing at all. The thing kept slipping and I had to concentrate to keep it in my mouth. The amount of work it takes to just keep the thing in your mouth would make anyone, even me, want a custom fit, durable, and fitted mouth guard.

All mouth guards have instructions for best use. Custom mouth guards can be the most comfortable and best secure. Some OTC sized mouth guards range in price and quality. Boil-and-bite ones are the most cost effective, but hardest to use and least protective. Additionally, most dentists recommend to never use boil-and-bite guards and always go with mouth guards that are fitted for your mouth.

Digital Scans Make For Precise Orthodontics

For many years, to create orthodontic treatment, a mold of the mouth would be made with a physical impression. A physical impression would involve having the patient bite down on a tacky substance to leave an impression of the teeths bite into the shape. This kind of physical process would often be uncomfortable for the patient especially for those with an easily triggered gag reflex. Molds could also be very messy and not very accurate. With iTero digital scan technology, a special wand with lasers is used to scan the mouth instead of using messy molds. The laser technology communicates directly with a computer to give a precise scan of the mouth. Exact measurements of the bite, alignment, size, and shape are all captured to be used in creating orthodontic treatment.

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If An Oral Health Condition Is Not Suitable

Sometimes, the patients condition of teeth and gums isnt suitable to get braces. Some need to get treatment for a tooth cavity or staining.

So, you may need to solve the problems to get approved for braces. During the first consultation with the orthodontist, he will inform you about it.

Professional dental cleaning and removal of tooth decay before getting braces are very important. Though this delays your treatment, its the best way for the health of your teeth.

Braces make it hard to clean teeth and there is more risk of getting more plaque, stains, and decay with braces.

After getting braces, you cant solve all of those problems. Even, the situation will get worse. So, you need to fix all those issues before getting braces.

After the end of those dental treatments, you have to visit the orthodontist for braces treatment again.

After the reassessment, he will design the treatment and attach the braces. So, you may need 2-3 extra appointments for that.

Can You Get Molds And Braces On The Same Day

What are Impressions for Braces?

Usually, you dont get the braces and the molds on the same day, as the orthodontist has to perform various analyses on the mold and design the treatment plan.

However, you can get braces on the same day, but you have to wait for a long time. You should not be in a hurry about orthodontic treatment.

Give the orthodontist time to make a perfect treatment plan for you. Keep patience to get the best treatment outcome.

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How Do I Stop Gagging When Impressions

If youre seated in an upright position and tilt your head forward, the impression material will ooze forward rather than toward your throat. This should reduce the chance of triggering your gag reflex while the impression is being made, so ask your dental professional to make sure your seat is set up straight.

How Will Invisalign Affect My Lifestyle

Invisalign is a breeze to adjust to and is less restrictive than other orthodontic treatments. In our years of experience, we have not had any patients complain about wearing Invisalign. The clear molds are removed when eating and a mouthguard can still fit normally over the aligners when playing sports.

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Caring For Your Braces

Your braces will be a new experience for you. At first, you may have a tender mouth, as your teeth will have to get used to the new brackets that are on them. Brackets are the squares attached to each tooth. There will be an archwire that runs through each bracket and helps mold your jaw arch correctly. You may also have elastic rubber bands and steel bands in the back of your teeth that are attached to the tooth. You must take extra time each day to care for your braces properly. If you brushed for 2 minutes before braces, you will have to extend that time now. Each bracket can get food stuck in it with any given meal, so it important that you brush each tooth and especially brush the bracket at different angles to dislodge food that has become stuck.

Flossing is extra important as well, because it is usually a step that is skipped if patients are short on time. Flossing requires setting aside around 10 minutes of your time to do it right. Use a floss threader to thread the floss under your wire, then floss between your teeth like normal. You will have to thread the floss for each individual tooth, but the time is worth it as it helps to decrease your risk for tooth decay between the teeth. Some patients may need to use a proxy brush or toothpicks to dislodge foods from the brackets. A mouthrinse with fluoride can help keep the teeth healthy as well.

Are Teeth Molds For Braces Really Necessary

Braces: Bite Plate: Mold & Coils Appliances: Ashley Craig

There are so many questions about how clear braces work and how much it costs. But are you aware of the process that you will undergo just to have braces? Were you informed, for instance, that you also have to use teeth molds for braces? If not, then read this article for enlightenment.

There are so many questions about how clear braces work and how much it costs. But are you aware of the process that you will undergo just to have braces? Were you informed, for instance, that you also have to use teeth molds for braces? If not, then read this article for enlightenment.

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Double Braces Mouth Guard With Strap

Gladiator mouth guards are preferred by sports where losing your mouth guard during a match is high. They also seemed to be preferred by wrestling and MMA sports, but several reviews show this may just be a name connotation.

These mouth guards are custom fits. The price ranges from $45 to $200.

Some sports require a strap mouth guard. You should check with your coach to find out if using a strap is beneficial. Even sports without helmets can benefit from a strap. Just be sure that its not a sport where the strap can become a liability, like in lacrosse.

How Often Will I Have Appointments

It depends. We have patients who come in every two weeks and some that come in every eight or ten weeks, depending on the complexity of the situation. In general, to track your progress and ensure the treatment is going according to plan, you should expect to come in about once a month. Depending on your individual circumstances, the doctor may decide that you have to come in every six to eight weeks.

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What Can I Drink While Wearing Invisalign

You can drink only water while wearing Invisalign. For everything else, you must remove the aligners. If you dont want to remove your aligners, then drink through a straw. You cannot drink any liquids containing sugar, such as juice, soda, coffee with sugar, and tea with sugar, while wearing Invisalign. If sugar comes between the trays and the teeth, it can cause decalcification and discoloration of enamel.

Getting A Referral And Set The First Appointment

MY BRACES STORY #6: Take off braces, Retainer Mold ...

You visit your dentist more than an orthodontist. You can take suggestions with who you should consult for orthodontic treatment.

Because of regular communication with him, a good relationship is built between you two. So, you can trust his or her words.

However, you have the freedom to compare the treatment plan and cost of various orthodontists and take the final decision.

After you decide, set an appointment over the phone. Most of the consultation is free, so you have the freedom to consult with different orthodontists.

But, dont overdo it, because youll get confused.

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Lipstick Can Be Annoying

Lipstick wearers be warned, Invisalign® and bold lipstick dont mix too well. Matte formulas tend to wear okay, but others make my mouth look like a crime scene. There are, however, tons of blog posts on the topic with lists of battle-tested lipsticks that are compatible with clear aligners. This being said, lip gloss is having a moment so you may just want to give that trend a try.

Placing The Braces Brackets By Applying The Bonding Glue

The first material you get is the small braces brackets in the center of your mouth. These brackets hold the wire in your mouth and the pressure is applied to teeth by the wires through the brackets.

The orthodontist uses a special type of glue or resin to attach the brackets with your teeth. He applies the bonding glue in the center of every tooth.

After that, he applies a blue light over the adhesive glue. This glue can only be fixed with teeth and braces when it gets the light.

Though the taste of the glue is bad, it doesnt harm you. The brackets can be made of metal or ceramic. You can choose which types of braces you want.

Ceramic braces are invisible or transparent in appearance. On the other hand, traditional metal braces look metallic, but you can make them colorful later.

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Mouth Guards For Braces Top & Bottom

Shock Doctor has the best mouth guards for lower teeth, with their Gravity 2 *. Although for most people lower guards are unnecessary, you may want to look into the lower guard to promote full mouth protection. Now, just so you know, these mouth guards are designed only for use with helmets and full face protection.

Again, most dentist do not recommend using a mouth guard on both bottom and top teeth. You should only use these if it is required, since it offers less protection in many circumstances.

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