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Can You Just Paint Over Mold

Paint The Area With Mold Resistant Paint

How to Paint over Mould & Mildew

Once your mold killing primer is dry, youll want to paint over the area with a mold resistant paint.

If you use regular paint over your primer, you are actually giving new mold a surface to consume and start new growth on.

Mold resistant paints work much like mold killing primers in that an antimicrobial is added to the paint that helps prevent future mold growth on your walls and ceilings.

Does Painting Over Mold Or Mildew With Kilz Paint Kill Them

If you are wondering if painting over mold and mildew with Kilz mold and mildew resistant primer will kill the mold and midlew, the short answer is no. Kilz was designed to prevent mold and mildew not to kill them once they have already grown. This article will discuss what Kilz is, and why its not an effective solution to mold and mildew that have already grown.

Things Needed Before Painting Over Mold

1. Safety First

Many people try sanding over a mold-infested wall to clean it before painting, but this isnt the right thing to do. When you sand an infested surface, the tiny particles spread all around the air, which is not something youd want. It reaches directly to your lungs, which can be very dangerous and potentially deadly.

If the mold infestation is that bad, wed strongly suggest calling a professional. This might cost you some extra bucks, but the overall safety makes it worth the investment.

But if you find yourself capable of doing it well, wed advise taking necessary precautions, like wearing 3Ms full-face respirator and rubber gloves before sanding. It will protect you from inhaling mold particles.

Putting on rubber gloves is always important to avoid contact with toxins that might be present in the paint. They prevent the chemicals from touching the skin, and you might not want to take any chances with your health. You will find quality gloves that can be reused multiple times.

Some may only be meant for single-use and should be discarded after a certain number of uses. Also, make sure to discard them properly, away from humans and animals.

Just make sure to avoid any bleach-formulated paint on the surface it can even make the mold problem worse. Furthermore, always wear quality rubber gloves while working to remove the mold.

2. Wipe The Area

3. Let Dry

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Hard Truth And The Secret Of Moldy Freedom

Its hard to find a company willing to say they can kill mold because mold is everywhere. If you have moisture, and especially if its dark, you will have mold growth. And it does not die easily like James Bond. Well Anyway, here is the bototm line: you have to stay on it. Theres no easy way.

My best recommendationthis works for my moist basement is to use a de-humidifer year-round. Yes it eats electricity, but its only like a light bulb. You have to pay that cost and its worth it to stay mold free. Thats my opinion.

Then there is UV light bulbs. See below on Prevention.

Safety For Working With Mold

Solved! Can You Paint Over Mold? The Answer, Explained

If you have found mold in your home and you plan on remedying the issue yourself, you need to make sure to take the appropriate precautions.

Make sure to wear gloves, a protective suit, a respirator and use a HEPA filter vacuum to make sure mold spores dont escape into your home.

Disturbing mold without a plan for protecting yourself and keeping the spores contained can cause health problems and even help the spread of new mold.

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Most Common Places Mold Is Found In The Home

Since moisture is a required ingredient in the growth of mold, high moisture areas in your home are the most susceptible to mold growth.

These areas include bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, humid basements, cabinets under sinks, plumbing areas and storage rooms among other places.

These are the areas that you should always keep an eye on for mold growth. The sooner you catch it, the easier it is to deal with.

One area Ive personally dealt with mold is in the basement of my home when I first moved in. Non-green treated wood was used for the sole plates and drywall came into contact with the concrete floor. This allowed moisture to form on the organic materials in my basement and cause significant mold growth on the framing and drywall. I had to gut and redo my entire basement.

Do Mold Killing Primers Really Work

According to Rust-oleum, the maker of Zinsser, Zinsser Mold Killing Primer does actually kill the mold and prevent future mold growth.

However, I believe some healthy skepticism is in order.

For me, there is no reason in world to not clean the surface with a bleach mixture before painting. This is a known way to kill and clean mold and bleach is super cheap and can be purchased anywhere.

NOTE: Bleach will kill mold that it comes into contact with, however, it will not do a great job on porous surfaces such as drywall which I discuss more here.

In my professional opinion, it most likely works, but why not kill and clean the area with bleach first to make sure? Your health is worth a small extra step!

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What Is Kilz Paint Used For

Even though Kilz is not an effective solution for killing mold that is already there, it could be a good idea to apply it after you get the mold properly remediated to prevent it from growing back. The manufactures claim that it creates a mold and mildew-resistant film that shields the areas that its applied to from mold and mildew growth.

How To Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew

Painting Over Black Mold With Mold Paint-Cover Up The Stain

There are ways to remove mold with some household products or a try a simple test by spraying bleach on the affected surface area and if it fades or discolours it is most likely mildew.

After taking care of the source of the damage that created the mold and mildew and only if it is of the non-hazardous form should painting over mold or mildew be considered. It is merely a temporary fix if you havent taken care of the source and ensured the removal.

Mold will still be there after you paint over it if not properly tended to first. You will have difficulty applying the paint as well as the spots will eventually show up again. Painting over the mold will also continue to help the spores of the fungus spread and make them more air-borne around the entire home.

If the problem is larger than just simply being able to wash it off with bleach, priming it with a moisture resistant paint primer and sealing it with moisture resistant paint, then you should replace the drywall entirely and start with a clean slate. This of course is usually after you have called in the experts to identify the mold problem.

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What About Painting Over Mold

People will attempt to kill mold by painting over it. Do not waste time and money trying to do so. The mold will actually begin to eat the paint and then everything was pointless. There are some paints on the market that are sold to be used over the mold. These paints may do the trick.

Note: It is best to kill the mold before attempting to paint the bathroom. This will make sure that it has been eliminated and will not ruin the paint job. Plus, by painting over mold you might bust open spores.

Molds Can Cause Health Problems

Moldy spaces are not just ugly they could also make you and your family sick. The CDC says that Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, or none at all. Adding that, People with allergies may be more sensitive to molds.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that health challenges often begin when large quantities of mold and bacteria build up, and people inhale them. However, the same agency notes that certain groups like infants, children, immune-compromised patients, pregnant women, individuals with existing respiratory conditions, and the elderly are at higher risk of molds adverse health effects.

Green Home Solutions, experts in mold, disinfection, odor, and allergen control, list some common symptoms of mold allergies:

  • Coughing
  • Irritated, itchy skin

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What Paint Should You Use In Mold

As we have already mentioned it is never a great idea to simply paint over mold, regardless of how much effort and time you will need to remove the mold. In some cases, it can be impossible to stop the mold from re-growing as a result of the location of the surface or the climate you find yourself living in. If you find yourself in this situation, what products will be your best option to use to paint the surfaces?

What Happens If You Paint Over Mold

Can You Paint Over Mold in The Bathroom?

When you paint over mold, you could be putting the health of your home and family at risk. Painting over mold will not kill mold or stop new mold from growing. According to the CDC, mold can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, and more severe reactions in immune-compromised people.

Keep in mind that:

  • Paint does not kill mold.
  • Paint that is mold-resistant only works proactively, not reactively.

Painting over mold is a quick-fix many homeowners or landlords jump to because its cheap, or at least they think. If you paint over mold, it will return in its original form or the form of chipping, bubbled or cracked paint. In the long run, this could cost more than it would have been to receive mold remediation services in the first place.

Steps to Take Instead of Painting Over MoldWhen you choose to not paint over mold, you are choosing safety and a quality environment. When you go with proper mold remediation services instead, your paint will last longer and you will have the peace of mind knowing you found and eliminated the root cause and the likelihood of more future mold issues.

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What Causes Mould On The Walls

However, to ensure that mould really doesn’t return, you need to address the cause. This may be something like a leak, or it may be a high level of humidity – moisture in the air – indoors, something that can generally be sorted by looking at your home ventilation.

Damp is a potential cause of mould too, for which there are many causes. Look into how to treat damp for more advice on this.

Once the cause of the problem has been dealt with, then its time to start painting.

If Not To Kill Mold When Should I Use Mold Resistant Paint

Mold resistant paint is designed to work in rooms with extra moisture in the air. The kitchen, the bathroom, moist closets, the basement, the attic, and all rooms that have had mold problems before. As we said, the fact that mold resistant paint doesnt kill the mold, doesnt mean that it doesnt work killing mold is just not what it is made for. You can good mold resistant paints from any reputable home improvement store. These paints may not be a guarantee that mold wont spread in the future, but they certainly help a lot.

Before painting over the surface with a mold resistant paint, make sure that the surface is as clean as possible, that all the mold is either removed or covered with a mold sealant, and that the surface is as dry as possible. One of the few things that are worse than painting over mold is painting over wet mold.

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What Can I Paint Over Zinsser Mold Killing Primer

Zinssers Mold Killing Primer is a fungicidal coating that can eliminate and control mold when applied to the affected surface, assuming the mold problem isnt out of control.

Its more effective than slathering a coat of paint over the problem, at any rate, though it only works well if the surfaces are non-porous.

As a primer, you can paint over the Mold Killing Primer as long as you follow the instructions. The wait for the primer to dry will depend on your room and the local climate but at maximum, it should be over an hour. Some recommend exercising caution by waiting three hours.

In any case, if the primer is dry to the touch after thirty minutes, you can add a recoat after an hour. This is relatively fast for primers. After applying the primer, you have a window of opportunity of 72 hours to add a topcoat before the protection begins to degrade.

What Type Of Paint Will Be Viable

How to Paint Over Anything (Smoke, Mold, Marker, Grease, Stains, and Wood Knots)

As mentioned, several types of mold-resistant paints are available on the market. Some are based on ammonia formulas, some on beach formulas, and others on mold-eating enzymes.

Many of you might opt for vinegar-based paint, and we wont discourage you from doing that. Being chemical-free and natural, it is found effective against most types of mold. However, it is not the ultimate solution, as it can be ineffective against some mold varieties and may also leave behind a heavy pungent smell, which can be challenging to get rid of.

That being said, it still works comparatively better than paints based on ammonia formulas, which dont really work against the majority of molds. Even worse, it provides a suitable environment for them to grow and spread. So, you should definitely avoid them.

On the other hand, bleach-based solutions work in most situations but may not always. Although they may stain the surface, they may also and allow all the mold to keep growing underneath it. So, it becomes imperative to identify the type of mold that is growing on your walls before choosing a compatible paint, and wed suggest you take advice from a professional painter.

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Can You Just Paint Over Mold With Kilz

In high-humidity areas where mold is known to grow, it is a primer, sealer, and stain blocker in one product. It would be great to have KILZ and similar products before mold starts. It is possible that the current mold problem could have been prevented by these. The mold cannot be painted over, however.

Here Is Why You Should Try Benjamin Moore Aura

EPA Approved It has active EPA-approved anti-mold and anti-mildew additives that will protect your interior walls for many years.

Premium quality This is premium paint with buttery smooth application and rich colors. It also offers exceptional coverage and a rich finish

Colors Comes in a variety of colors and sheens such as matte, semi-gloss, and egg-shell

Low oder Its a low-odor paint perfect for interior spaces such as bathrooms and living areas.

Washable Can be repeatedly washed without losing its color

No primer needed The paint combines a primer and base paint so there is no need to purchase and apply primer separately thus saving you some money

Benjamin Moore paints are widely available across the United States and can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer through their US website.

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Is Kilz Or Other Similar Paint Effective Against Mold

Of course, even though its unwise to paint over mold, there is still an entire industry devoted to selling you on the idea of effectiveness.

For instance, you might have seen a line of paint called KILZ advertised online. Marketed as a fungicidal protective coating, this type of paint appears to solve all of your problems with a single coat.

The only problem? Like the similar paints in this category, KILZ is a mold-inhibiting paint. While a few coats might help slow the spread of mold, it will do nothing to help treat the issue thats already there. Over time, the mold will continue to spread right through the layers.

If youre determined to switch up the color of your walls for another reason, you must remove the mold entirely from their surface before you begin. Otherwise, that pricey jug of paint you just bought will go to waste as the freshly-applied layers deteriorate from within. Thats right: The mold can eat through the paint!

Can Mold Grow Under Paint

Can I Paint Over Mold?

Mold will grow under paint, especially if its a water-based paint. If you dont fix the root of the mold, then mold will keep growing regardless if you have painted over it or not. Mold-removing primers and paints wont stop mold from growing, these primers will proactively prevent mold, but wont remove it.

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Will Kilz Kill Mildew

If you are wondering if Kilz will kill mildew, the short answer is no. Mildew needs to first be cleaned using vinegar and hydrogen-peroxide before its painted over with Kilz. To explain why that is, its important to understand how mildew differs from mold. Mold can cause serious health and property damage while mildew is much less harmful. Also, mold is much more difficult to get rid of because it expands behind walls while mildew just grows on the surface.

What Is Kilz And What Does Kilz Do For Mold

Kilz is a company that makes paint primers designed to prevent black mold and other types of mold, mildew, stains or odor in your property. Kilz makes an aerosol spray paint primer for mold and a regular paint primer for mold. The spray paint primer is designed for small and hard to reach places while the regular paint primer is good for larger surfaces that are easy to reach. The Kilz mold and mildew products are water based primer-sealer-stainblockers that are made for building surfaces that are at high risk for mold and mildew growth due to high levels of nearby humidity or moisture. They provide good adhesion on both interior and exterior surfaces and offer a good paint anchor like primers are typically supposed to do.

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