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Can Mold In House Cause Ear Infections

What Causes Mould To Grow Indoors

Allergic Rhinitis 4- Complications sinusitis, ear infection and prevention of symptoms

Mould only grows when there is sufficient moisture on a surface or humidity in the air. Common causes include:

  • leaky roofs and walls including and blocked gutters and downpipes
  • leaky plumbing
  • condensation from cooking, showering, clothes drying and from breathing inareas with poor air circulation eg cupboards and corners and furniture against uninsulated outside walls. Avoid conditions encouraging mould growth, by using heat, insulation and ventilation. The cheapest and easiest way of reducing moisture and humidity levels is by ventilating a room by opening a door or window. Use exhaust fans where available.

What To Do About Mold In Your Home

Mold thrives in warm and humid environments, so damp areas in the home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, are the most likely places to find household mold. Mold removal, however, can be a daunting task you need to effectively discover and kill all the mold spores in your property, as well as get rid of the mold toxins . So, unless mold covers only a small area that can be easily cleaned, or the contaminated materials can be easily replaced, it would be best recommended that you hire professional mold removers who will not only take care of any mold problems you have, but who will also guarantee that your home remains mold-free in the future as well.

Mold spores spread very easily and can quickly contaminate large areas of your home.

Once the mold remediation process is efficiently completed, most mold allergy symptoms should gradually decrease. Some of the health effects of mold, however, can be permanent if a child has been long exposed to toxic black mold their immune system will remain weak for life and theyll be more sensitive to mold and mycotoxins in the future.

You should never hesitate to contact a mold remediation professional as soon as you find mold in your home. The faster you respond to mold growth, the less of a risk it will pose to the health of your children.

What Will The Pros Do

When you hire a professional to assess the situation and remove mold from your home, expect the process to look something like this:

  • First, the company should inspect your home and advise you of the extent of your mold problem. Ask them to provide you with a written schedule , instructions on how to prepare and what to expect. For your own safety, your family will not have access to rooms or areas where the mold cleaning team is working.
  • To prevent the mold spores from dispersing into the air, the mold removal specialist will seal off the work area with plastic sheeting. You may have to turn off your heating or air conditioning systems.
  • The will remove and discard mold-damaged building materials . Restoration is not typically included as part of the mold clean up.
  • In addition to fans and high efficiency particulate air vacuums to remove mold spores, most services use antimicrobial chemicals to clean the mold and the stains. Some services use green cleaning solutions but even green cleaning product can contain dangerous ingredients. A recent study found that 100 percent of goods labeled natural, organic, non-toxic, or certified as green gave off at least one potentially toxic chemical.


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  • Runny Nose And Postnasal Drip

    Otomycosis or Ear Fungus: Treatment, Home Remedies, Causes ...

    Your bodys overproduction of mucus can reveal itself not only through a persistent cough but also through your bodys attempts to dispose of it. The body continually produces mucus, a viscous fluid that serves to lubricate as well as clean. Its the second of these two functions that is pertinent to the allergic response. Mucus captures foreign invaders, like viruses and bacteria, and flushes them out, often harmlessly and unnoticeably. But when the body produces more mucus in the respiratory system than it can quietly dispose of, you notice the output in the form of a runny nose or postnasal drip. Whether excess mucus drains through the nostrils or down the throat, the discomfort it creates can indicate that the body is responding to the presence of mold.

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    Indoor Mold: 5 Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

    Have you been wheezing lately, or getting out of breath just taking the stairs? Or maybe you feel like youre constantly battling a headache that just wont go away. Symptoms of mold exposure can be similar to those of infections or other conditions. So diagnosis and treatment takes longer than it should. But take heed. Those exposed to mold can be between 30-50% more likely to develop asthma. They also suffer from other respiratory problems and bronchitis.

    How Is Aspergillosis Treated

    Treatment options include oral corticosteroids, antifungal medications, and surgery.

    • Oral corticosteroid drugs: Solid or liquid oral medications may be prescribed to treat allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis. These drugs reduce inflammation and prevent respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing, from getting worse. Some of the most commonly used drugs are prednisone, prednisolone, and methylprednisolone.
    • Antifungal drugs: These medications are generally used to treat invasive pulmonary aspergillosis. Voriconazole is currently the drug of choice because it causes fewer side effects and appears to be more effective than other medications. Amphotericin B or itraconazole are also effective in treating infection. Caspofungin is sometimes used in cases where the infection is resistant to the other antifungals. Antifungal drugs are sometimes used along with oral corticosteroids when treating ABPA. Antifungals can cause serious side effects, such as kidney and liver damage.
    • Surgery: Surgery may be necessary in cases when aspergillomas are present and cause serious problems, such as excessive bleeding. Antifungal medications are usually not effective against aspergillomas, so surgery is recommended. Embolization may be an option to block blood flow to the artery supplying blood to the lung cavity where the fungus ball is located. This will stop the bleeding, but it may recur later.

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    Is Mold Causing Your Sinus Problems Or Other Symptoms

    Finding out if you have a mold problem is not as easy as you might think. Mold can grow in all sorts of hard-to-reach places, like inside walls, above ceiling tiles, underneath carpets and floorboards, and inside ventilation systems. You might be aware of a mold problem in your bathroom or basement, but mold spreads easily throughout the home and if you have mold in one area, you might have mold in other places as well where its just not visible.

    We recommend calling in a professional mold tester, so you can find out the extent of your mold problem and locate all mold in the home. Most professional mold testers are engineers, and they are trained to test both the air and various surfaces in your home for mold, making sure they locate all areas affected by mold growth. If they find mold in your home, they can give you valuable advice about the mold removal process. To find certified mold testers in your area, just follow this link.

    Humidifiers And Mold: Are They Helping Or Hurting Your Health

    Black Mold Growing In Ear Canal (Aspergillus Niger Fungus Extraction)

    Today I want to conquer a controversial topic: humidifiers, and more specifically, cool mist humidifiers. Ok, ok. I know that humidifiers are not exactly what you would call controversial, but in the world of mold-related illness, they actually are.

    The whole reason this topic is coming up today is because a girlfriend of mine recently posted a request on social media looking desperately for help with her sons allergies, chronic congestion and ear infections. She had seen her

    The designs of many cool mist humidifiers are even geared toward childrens rooms, so that they become part of the decor. I highly caution you against falling into this trap. You dont want to increase the moisture in a childs room. Microbial and mold counts can climb quickly, causing health issues, like asthma.

    pediatrician already and did not want to accept that putting her child on another antibiotic or on allergy medication for the rest of his life were her only options. She was seeking more holistic advice and answers from other Moms about things that had worked for them.

    Finally, I decided to give our ENT a call to get his thoughts on the use of humidifiers in the home. Dr. Dennis, whom I have featured in a number of posts, is ahead of the curve, in my opinion, with this type of information, because his approach to all sinus issues and sickness is very holistic and focuses on the cause of the sinus issue, rather than the symptoms and the quick fix. Here is his response:

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    Treating Mold Sickness In Cats

    Now that you know how mold affects cats, you may be wondering how to treat the condition. The exact medical treatment needed will depend on your cats specific symptoms, but your cat may need antibiotics or other medications to treat his mold-related illness.

    In order for your cat to recover, it will also be necessary to have the mold removed from your home. If your cat continues to be exposed to mold, hell continue to be ill and his condition may even worsen. Ask your vet if it is safe for your cat to remain in your home until you can have the mold removed. You may need to arrange for him to stay elsewhere in order to prevent his condition was worsening.

    You will also need to fix whatever led to the development of household mold in the first place. Follow this link to learn more about what causes mold. Without correcting the problem, mold will simply return and your cat will get sick again.

    How To Prevent Mold In Your House

    Its easy to ignore small patches of mold in your bathroom or in the corners of your house, but the reality is that there is probably a much bigger problem that youre not seeing. That little patch of mold might be the proverbial tip of the iceberg, signaling a much bigger problem that you cant see. Mold can accumulate in large quantities behind your walls, and from there the spores that it releases can still reach you inside of your home.

    Preventing mold is really all about one thing preventing moisture from building up in your house. This applies particularly to those areas where water tends to accumulate . Here are 5 simple tips that you can follow to prevent moisture build-up in your home.

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    How Is Mold Lymph Node Swelling Diagnosed

    Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom of infection or other illness. You dont actually treat the swollen lymph nodes. You have to treat the infection or other illness. Of course, before you can treat it, you have to figure out what it is.

    If your lymph nodes are swollen, you probably have other symptoms, as well. If youre suffering from a mold-related illness, symptoms may include coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, a sore throat, a headache, discomfort in your chest, or difficulty breathing. You can read more about symptoms of mold-related health problems here. See your doctor and describe all the symptoms you are experiencing. If youve been exposed to mold in the home, let your doctor know that, as well.

    Your doctor will examine you and take a thorough history. A physical examination will include palpating your lymph nodes. He or she may do some tests, such as blood work, a throat culture or a urine analysis . If you are coughing anything up, your doctor may take a sample of that for analysis. Your doctor may order a chest x-ray, too.

    Who Is Most At Risk For Health Problems Associated With Exposure To Mold

    Fungal Ear Infection

    People with allergies may be more sensitive to molds. People with immune suppression or underlying lung disease are more susceptible to fungal infections. Individuals with chronic respiratory disease may experience difficulty breathing. Individuals with immune suppression are at increased risk for infection from molds. If you or your family members have these conditions, a qualified medical clinician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment.

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    What Causes Aspergillosis

    In most cases, aspergillosis is caused by a type of mold called Aspergillus fumigatus. Aspergillus mold can often be found on dead leaves, compost piles and other decaying vegetable matter, stored grain, and even foods and spices. The mold spores may be carried indoors on shoes and clothing and can grow on carpeting. Window unit air conditioners are susceptible to mold growth if filters are not kept clean, and water does not drain properly from the unit. Sites where buildings are being torn down or renovated may be contaminated with mold spores.

    Mold And Your Lymph Nodes

    When youre suffering health problems related to mold, lymph node swelling is common. People often refer to it as swollen glands and enlarged lymph nodes are a common symptom of any kind of infection, from the common cold to much more serious conditions. Well explain what causes lymph nodes to swell and tell you what to do if exposure to mold in your home is affecting your lymph nodes.

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    The Truth About Black Mold

    Maybe youve heard that black mold is the most dangerous type of mold, but this isnt really accurate. In reality, there are over 10,000 species of mold, many of which look quite similar. These species of mold come in a variety of colors and shapes, so you usually cant identify it just by looking at it.

    Remember that any color of mold can be dangerous.

    Remove Carpeting And Install Hardwood Flooring

    Can one get a sinus infection from mold? – Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy T M

    Carpets are another key area to target when removing mold in ones house. Carpet not only contain mold, but can grow mold as well as dust mites. Merely steam cleaning and vacuuming the carpets in not enough to remove it, because mold trapped in the fibers in the carpet is too deep to be seen. Opt for wood or pergo flooring instead.

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    Sinus Congestionfrom Mold Exposure

    Sinus congestion, also referred to as sinusitis or a sinus infection, is one of many potential health effects of mold exposure. It causes the sinuses, or nasal passages, to become swollen and inflamed. This interferes with drainage, so you feel stuffed up. Other symptoms include headache, facial tenderness or pain, trouble breathing through your nose, coughing, earache, and fever.

    What Can Mold Do To You The Deep Stuff

    So, What can mold do to you? Lets get into it!

    If you have mold, or if youre concerned about it, its only normal to wonder what can mold do to you. Were not talking about the usual affects, such as headaches and asthma, which can be found in our 3 Mold Symptoms That You Should Not Avoid blog or in our Symptoms of Mold Exposure blog. Were going beyond the norm and introducing affects of exposure that is not talked about in every blog post about the causes of exposure. Now lets answer the question of what can mold do to you.

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    How Do You Keep Mold Out Of Buildings And Homes

    Inspect buildings for evidence of water damage and visible mold as part of routine building maintenance, Correct conditions causing mold growth to prevent mold growth.

    Inside your home you can control mold growth by:

    • Controlling humidity levels
    • Promptly fixing leaky roofs, windows, and pipes
    • Thoroughly cleaning and drying after flooding
    • Ventilating shower, laundry, and cooking areas.

    Other Health Effects Of Mold

    Thought Bubbles: Otomycosis

    Sinus problems are by no means the only health problem that can be cause by mold. Other possible health effects of mold include:

    • Shortness of breath

    As with sinus problems related to mold exposure, these other health problems probably will not respond fully to medical treatment as long as you continue to suffer exposure to mold.

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    What Causes Black Mold

    Molds are an important part of our environment. They decompose dead plants and animals. All types of mold will grow if the conditions are right. Mold grows and spreads quickly in the right conditions, which include:

    • Moisture level at or over 70%
    • Adequate food source
    • Oxygen
    • Temperatures that range from 40 to 100 degrees F

    Mold can grow anywhere in your house that provides these conditions. The most likely places mold will grow are:

    • Anywhere that there has been a water leak.
    • Damp rooms without adequate ventilation, such as bathrooms.
    • Basements where humidity tends to be higher.
    • Any areas with a lot of water condensation.
    • Any areas where flooding has occurred.

    Black Mold Health Effects

    Apart from the above-described black mold health risks, prolonged exposure to the toxic microorganisms can also cause severe damage to internal organs.

    Toxic black mold spores can be easily breathed in, ingested, or absorbed through a persons skin or eyes. Once the mycotoxins find their way into the bloodstream, they can cause a number of circulatory symptoms and vascular problems, such as irregular heartbeat, heart inflammation, heart damage, low blood pressure, problems with blood clotting, internal or external hemorrhaging, etc.

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