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Where To Buy Silicone Molds

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Best Molds For Resin! Tips On Care – Where to Buy Them


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Best Silicone Molds For Jewelry Making

These resin casting molds are exactly what you need to make your own jewelry. They are made with high quality silicone that will help keep the resin transparent and give you a smooth shine. This is a very large set with over 100 silicone pieces and tools. Customers are loving their silicone resin molds because they are flexible and durable. These silicone molds for resin are also easy to use and clean.

“Perfect for resin craft making lovers. All abundant kit good for your DIY any amazing craft easily, you can use it to create your own unique and special craft with a variety of decorations, which will improve your creation and imagination!”

The History Of Silicone Molds And Silicone Bakeware:

People were intrigued when hearing that using a silicone bakeware set is possible, mainly because of the fact that silicone utensils are flexible, and the idea of having a flexible pan was a bit hard to understand. In fact, these appliances of the use of silicone in the cookware industry come after many other ways of taking advantage of the properties of silicone, such as using it for manufacturing rubber boots.

Even though it was pretty hard to believe in the beginning, people got used to the thought that using silicone bakeware is perfectly safe and effective, and that it was quite a break through, an important step in the cooking industrys development.

Silicone, as a material for manufacturing bakeware items, comes with a series of characteristics that make it a very good choice:

Apart from these functional characteristics that recommend silicone as being the best solution when it comes to cookware and bakeware manufacturing, theres another aspect that needs to be pointed out: the way silicone kitchen items look. They are far catchier than others, and one could say that they are actually pleasant to look at. Theres nothing conventional or boring about them and they fit in perfectly into the rhythm of todays society, governed by speed and orientation towards the future.

When you turn from your old muffin pan, cake pan and the rest of the bakeware equipment to silicone tools, there are some things to be kept in mind, such as:

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Mold Making Material Types

There are number of types of molds to name a few: blow, injection, matrix, extrusion, rotational, spin and transfer. The majority of which require specialized equipment to complete the process. Here we will be concerned with the types of mold constructions which can be created by you. These include blanket molds, box molds, two-part or complex molds and injection molds.

Finally, an explanation is in order for the types of mold making materials by which molds are constructed. Most mold making materials are utilized are made from natural or manmade rubber because of their flexibility and the ability to reproduce extraordinary detail. But some molds are made with more rigid materials such as gypsum plasters. The most common mold rubbers are natural latex, polyurethane, epoxy and silicone. These groups also breakdown into category types. For example, there are two types of natural latex, one used for mold making while other is used for casting. Silicone has two distinct families, a condensation cure and an addition cure. One is best suited for a certain project over the other. So you need to become familiar with which materials will provide the best results.

Not to be concerned, because throughout this website every material category page has an explanation of the best way to use it in your mold making construction.

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Storage Of Silicone Molds : Buy silicone mold fondant molds Vintage ...

It is recommended that silicone molds are stored flat. For my purposes I have had no problems at all with just stacking them in a drawer or cupboard, but Im not working in a professional capacity with my molds. So if a few of my molds dont sit completely flat after a year or two, I am really not worried about it. You may feel differently.

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Create Food Safe Silicone Molds & Bring Your Creations To Life

The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! Candy casting, chocolate molds, high detailed cake making applications, ice sculptures and ice trays, butter sculptures, and molds for making bread or anything else you can think of.

Our food safe silicone mold making products comply with FDA Certification 21 CFR 177.2600. Please note that the technical data sheet must be followed to ensure FDA compliance.

Browse our range of food safe silicone mold making supplies below

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Faqs Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long does the silicone mold take to set?

Generally, it takes 12 hours to set. This time may vary for different liquid molds. Some of them may take more than 12 hours.

2. Does the silicone for mold making create bubbles after pouring?

It wont create any bubble if you can get the best rubber mold making. Except that you have to stir the mixture thoroughly to remove air bubbles.

3. Can I create a perfect figure of any art?

Of course, you can.

Every detail of your art and sculpture will be clearly visible. You can get the exact shape that you want.

4. Are those molds colorful?

There are liquid molds of many different colors. You can also get clear mold and mix mica powder with the liquid.

5. Are those rubbers environmentally friendly?

Yes, those are.

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Reliable Candle Mould Suppliers In Richmond Hill On

With our products you get a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Every mould set is neatly packed before it is shipped. Being the most trusted candle mould suppliersIn Richmond Hill On , we take all measures to ensure that our moulds arrive in the best possible condition to our doorstep. We want you to benefit from a great shopping experience and so our customer care support is always there to handle all your queries. Feel free to reach out in case of any issue.

Lets Resin Silicone Mold Making Kit

Making Silicone Molds On The Cheap! Easy Method!

Like almost all our picks, this kit requires you to mix two ingredients what results here is a translucent silicone liquid that you pour around the object youre molding. If you are sensitive to odor, note that this has one of the lightest scents among silicone kits. On the other hand, it does have a long curing time, taking an average of 24 hours to get completely dry.

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A Letter From Our Founder

Traditionally, silicone molds are made in blocks with square corners and thick walls. It was thought that, thanks to the silicones flexibility, these bulky moulds would still perform better than rigid moulds made from plaster and fiberglass. While that is true to an extent, at Marvelous Molds®, we have found that the extra bulk can make such molds tough to use, and so we refuse to make block molds. Instead, we design each and every one of our moulds to conform to the shape of the object our silicone molds produce. This results in a thinner mold wall that greatly increases flexibility and results in perfect un-molding every time.

If you have never used silicone molds, or you would like to learn why our molds are a cut above the rest, we offer many free videos and step by step tutorials to teach you how to use our products so you can find out for yourself why Marvelous Molds® is one of the most respected companies in mold making!

Dominic Palazzolo

Bring Your Vision To Life With Viking Plastics

Viking Plastics is here to support you beyond the purchase of materials.Thanks to our extensive knowledge of each and every product we sell, our team is uniquely equipped to help with all of your prototyping projects. When you are ready to move beyond the prototyping stage and into full production, well be here to help with that as well. In addition to supplying the necessary materials, we also provide robust manufacturing capabilities to help you take your project to the next level.

We welcome you to reach out to us at any time to learn more about our products and services. Our friendly associates are always more than happy to help, so get in touch today to get started!

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Concrete Mold Design Option Offerings

An important thing to consider when choosing the best concrete molds is the design options.

There are multitudes of shapes and sizes offered from the concrete mold suppliers.

Some silicone mold shops offer mostly just the standard/typical planter shape and basic home accessory designs.

Others have very unique planter molds, as well as unique accessories.

Its just a matter of picking through their offerings, and I have a mention about, under each seller, in the Best Places To Buy Concrete Molds section.

Copyflex Weights And Measures



  • 1 pound of CopyFlex® will cover an area about 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 1/4 thick.


  • 1 pound of CopyFlex® = 12 1/2 fluid oz. = 1 1/2 cups = 3/4 pint
  • 1 pound of CopyFlex® = 370 millileters = .37 liters
  • 1 pound of CopyFlex® = 22.85 cubic inches

How to Calculate Quantity Needed:

In inches, take the L x W x Thickness of the area you will be covering with the CopyFlex®. This will give you the total cubic inches of the CopyFlex® layer that you are going to use to make your mold. Then multiply total cubic inches by .70 to find the weight in ounces of CopyFlex® you will need. Divide this number by 16 to calculate pounds of CopyFlex® required.

Example: Lets say you need to cover an area that is 9 inches wide and you want to apply a layer of CopyFlex® that is 1/4 thick.

The calculation is as follows: 9 x 9 x 1/4 = 20.25 cubic inches x .70 = 14 ounces in weight.

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Shop All Silicone Molds

Buying Awesome Silicone Molds Online to Make Beautiful Cake Decorations

Our online shop is the best place to buy resin molds. Shop at for one of the hottest commodities!

Cake molds, baking, candy, fondant, soap, or chocolate silicone molds are available in all sorts of cool variations of baking shapes that are ideal for rekindling the flames of inspiration in the kitchen. With our wide choice of silicone baking molds, you can make the best cake decorations. Check out some unique designer products in our list below.

We offer a wide variety of big and small baking and crafting molds. Get at lower prices when buying in bulk or wholesale for cheaper & better deals.

TOP TIP:Custom art pieces are all the rage at the moment, and we offer such a wide range of large and small units that it’s super simple to tailor a selection of cheap wholesale silicone molds to kit your retail store or for personal use, that will keep everyone inspired for many years to come.

A Note On Types Of Molds

Just a quick note about quality and construction of silicone molds. Once you start using them you will notice a lot of variability in the softness, stiffness, depth, detailing and more of molds. This will lend certain molds to different types of uses. For instance, when making bath bombs you want a mold with minimal detail and quite soft. But making soap can be done in a mold with more details and can be fairly stiff.

As you start using molds you will see how certain types work better for different projects. Soon you will be a master of silicone molds too!

So do I have you convinced that you need to add silicone molds to your educational toolbox? I know we love them here at STEAM Powered Family and I am sure they will add something special to your projects.

Happy Creating and Learning!

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Sphere & Cubes Resin Silicone Molds

This resin silicone molds set is made out of high quality, durable silicone. These resin molds are smooth and reusable with epoxy resin. It’s super easy to remove the resin out of these molds one it is fully cured. These resin molds are made with non-stick silicone that come in many different shapes like a sphere, cube, pyramid, square, and round. The manufacturer suggests to make sure that the resin molds are cleaned every time before your next resin pour.

Here is the set of resin molds that everyone is talking about for making cute resin light bulbs. You can incorporate glitter, flowers and more to make beautiful resin castings with this set.

What Are Silicone Mold

Plat 10, 25, and 40 Mold Making Silicone by Alumilite

Mold-making supplies are used for situations where you might want to consistently reproduce a product, part, or feature. Silicone rubber molds allow for detailed reproduction of every feature of the original cast, as well as the flexibility needed to release the new cast without any damage.

Common uses include production of fine concrete features, plastic parts for a variety of industrial uses, soap and candle crafting, and casting figurines or game pieces.

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Copyflex Liquid Silicone Mold Making Rubber


CopyFlex® is a food grade, liquid silicone rubber that was designed specifically for mold making. Unlike many liquid silicones that have complicated mix ratios and very thick consistencies, CopyFlex® is easy to use because equal amounts of both catalyst and base are combined to produce a silky smooth, low viscosity liquidsilicone rubber that reproduces the finest details. A 1:1 mix ratio is very convenient for large projects and also enables moldmakers to easily pour molds that may weigh as little as two ounces. Conventional liquid siliconemold making rubber often has a cure time of 24 to 36 hours which is very long when compared to CopyFlex® which will cure in four hours at 70 degrees F.

When you order CopyFlex®, you will receive one half of the amount you ordered as Part A and the other half as Part B which combined will create CopyFlex®.

Buy More & Save!

CopyFlex® is sold by the pound. As your order increases, the total cost decreases. In other words, if you purchase anywhere from 1 to 4 pounds, your cost per pound is $25.00. If you purchase anywhere from 5 to 9 pounds, your cost per pound is reduced to $24.00, and so on.

Buy The Best Candle Molds Supplies In Richmond Hill On From Leading Manufacturers

We are a registered and renowned manufacturers of candle molds supplies In Richmond Hill On . As trusted sellers of candle moulds, we are committed towards distributing and supplying silicone and plastic based moulds In Richmond Hill On . Our products are defined by their amazing features and designs. They are always acknowledged and appreciated by the wide variety of our customers. All our moulds are available at affordable rates. We make sure that everyone of our customers experience a delightful candle and DIY craft making experience.

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Where To Buy Silicone Molds

You can find silicone molds everywhere. I order a lot of my special ones from Amazon, but I also pick up molds at the dollar store, grocers, crafting stores and kitchen supply shops. Im always on the look out for unique and special molds.

Note, molds vary in quality and construction. Not all molds will work for all projects. For instance something with a lot of detail may not work well for making bath bombs, but is great for soaps. Some molds are thicker and stiffer construction making it harder to remove items, but also making them better for really packing in materials. They all have their uses. So I suggest collecting all of them!

How To Use Your Silicone Moulds : Buy SNASAN Silicone Mold for jewelry ...

Elise Labuschagne

“Having so much fun with my new Lego silicone moulds!! Thank you for the fast and friendly service. 🙂 “Teresa Barnard

“You’re a star – thanks so much. I LOVE your products !! “

Brenda Lynch

“I just have to recommend this site and their online shopping as one of the best, if not the best for customer service. Thanks to Rina and staff for assisting. You have me as a customer for life.”

“Hi. This is my first attempt at a sugar bottle with my new mould – it works great! Thanks guys, especially Andrew, for all the help! “Lize Van Den Heever

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What Are The Differences Between The Various Aeromarine Products Mold Making Silicones

The AM128 Pourable Silicone Rubber is our best silicone for making professional molds. With its long work life and slower cure, it is easy to work with and is the most durable silicone we have. Youll be able to use this mold for longer production runs of urethane casts. Our AM128 Brushable Silicone Rubber is similar to AM 128 Pourable Silicone but sold with a brushable catalyst so you can save time when working on a vertical piece or an exterior façade. The AM125 Silicone Rubber is a quick curing silicone mold for one-off applications. It is good for people who are new to mold making. Its 1:1 mix ratio by volume makes it simple to produce one part block molds from. AM115T Silicone Rubber is a translucent silicone that cures to a frosted clear color making it possible for you to cut around parts. The AM150 High Temperature Silicone Rubber can be used to cast low melt metals like bismuth tin and pewter. The temperature range of the AM150 is -50 to 500F. The temperature range indicates the heat of the materials that can be poured into the silicone. Our Food Grade Silicone Rubber is primarily used for making hard candy, lollipops, chocolates, and fondant art. You can also use it for making frozen ice decorations. The Silicone Putty is great for casting fossils in the field, furniture details and appliques, equine hoof repair, and more.

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