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Where Can I Buy Bath Bomb Molds

Cake Fondant Molds For Bath Bombs

Testing New Vaccum Molds for Bath Bombs | By Just Fairy Fizzies

For this final video, the tips show you how to use molds when youre working with fondant or modeling chocolate. The video shows you how to pack your fondant tightly into the mold, and the same tricks work for bath bombs. Frosting molds can be stiff or jiggly, so experiment with what you have, or buy different types and try them. You get more shapes that way!

What are your favorite bath bomb molds ? Show us what you used in the comments!

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Best Bath Bomb Molds In Each Category

To make it easy, here is the list of the best ones in each category. Or you can continue reading to see the details for each one.

  • Best Household Item: Cookie Cutters You can also get a great set on
  • Best Classic Mold: Caydo Metal Round Molds in Different Sizes
  • Best Unique Mold: Silicone Legos Mold

Heart Bath Bomb Molds By The Maker Shoppe

This Etsy shop has many bath bomb molds to choose from and the hearts are especially popular. Their bath bomb molds are super easy to use, and you can carefully unmold them when your bath bombs are freshly made or leave them in the mold to dry.

We are a family operated crafting business based in Orlando, Florida.

You get 12 in this set of adorable cupcake bath bomb molds. You can carefully unmold them when your bath bombs are freshly made or leave them in the mold to dry.

Take these up another level by sprinkling in some shimmer powder, mica, or sprinkles in the top before adding your bath bomb mixture.

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Diy Cookie Cutter Bath Bomb Molds

Traditional cookie cutters might be too shallow for bath bombs. So you can make DIY cookie cutters by bending and twisting bits of aluminum flashing. But you can also take two egg rings as shown in this video and tie them together with a hot glue gun, silicone caulk, or tape. You wont need to put them in the oven so any adhesive is fine.

Diy Doughnut Bath Bomb Molds

Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mold Set 2.5 Round

Candy-themed bath bombs are popular. You can use edible sprinkles and soap frosting. A lot of this garnish contains powdered sugar, and thats perfectly safe if it dissolves in the bath. Or if the kids accidentally lick it but dont let them eat the whole thing unless youre washing out their potty-mouth! Doughnut silicone molds and a glycerine glaze will do nicely.

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Tennis Ball Bath Bomb Molds

Have you got a tennis ball hanging around at home? How perfect!

Go grab it, cut it carefully in half, and you have a perfect-sized bath bomb mold.

I know what you are thinking!, You have a friend who plays tennis, and now you are going to get creative with some yellow color and a little paint and create some tennis ball bath bombs Go You!

Game set and match for this cheap bath bomb mold idea.

A Pack Of Sturdy Stainless Steel Molds In Every Size You’ll Need

Stainless steel bath bomb molds like the ones featured here are virtually indestructible and won’t dent or lose their shape no matter how many times you drop them. They’re also rustproof, food- and dishwasher-safe. More than 700 Amazon fans weighed in on this set and it’s earned an average 4.7-star rating, with one reviewer pointing out that one of the standout features is the raised ring around the middle, which greatly helps to properly align the two halves. With your purchase, you’ll get five sizes , giving you a great variety to choose from.

DIY success story: “My bath bombs pop right out without a problem and they are incredibly easy to clean. I can also attest to the durability of them as I have dropped them more than once onto my kitchen floor. I’m so glad I bought these first before burning through a bunch of inferior ones.”

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Also Consider: This Easy

Though it’s originally intended for making batches of moon cakes, this press has found a loyal following among bath bomb DIYers. The press comes with six stamps, each with its own delicate design that makes every bath bomb a work of art. Though it’s plastic, it is food-grade and BPA-free and a surprisingly efficient tool for beginners. The press can both, pack the bomb tightly and pop it out in one easy go, without ruining the shape. To use, you’ll need to fill the press, flip it over and press down to release your freshly-stamped bath bomb, preferably onto a cookie sheet.

DIY success story: “Love this! We made bath bombs for a school project. We tested a lot of different recipes and a lot of different molds and the bombs that we made with this press surpassed every other mold. Itâs so easy to use, trust me on this because I am terrible at crafts… Pack tightly, press onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, let dry for a day… These are gorgeous. Everyone who has seen them thinks we bought them in a store.”

Paper Towel And Toilet Paper Rolls

Making Bath Bombs | Testing a New Cada Mold

Keep your paper towel and toilet paper rolls because they make great mini bath bombs! Just cut them up to the height you want the bath bomb to and place them separately on some parchment paper or baking pan. Then fill them in with your mixture from the top, let them dry, and push them out of the mold .

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Silicone Bath Bomb Molds On Amazon

If you want to give a silicone mold a try, these might be a good choice for you. This is a set of two that is made from food-grade silicone. You could potentially use this mold set for other food ideas too but please keep your bath bomb-making supplies and your food supplies separate.

These are a great price so if you think you may want to use these for food recipes also, just grab two. Silicone is ideal because it’s easy to clean and extremely durable.

The floral designs are so delicate and pretty. Perfect for a spring/summer craft show or gift idea. Do you sell bath bombs? Try making a bunch of these and sell them ready for display in a glass jar with a ribbon.

Measuring Spoon Bath Bomb Molds

When you watch recipe videos whether theyre for DIY soap products or pizza youll always notice those cute measuring spoons. Some are round, some are copper, and some have abstract shapes. Some are plain and industrial or glossy and grown while others are playful and cheery. Those measuring cups and measuring spoons make awesome molds!

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Donut Bath Bomb Molds By Tyoungg

You know those cute donut shaped bath bombs that you see at craft shows? Well, here are the molds to make your own! If donut shaped bath bombs are your thing, then this two-piece set of molds is for you!

These bath bomb molds are super easy to clean and they are made from durable, non-oxidizing food-safe aluminum metal. To drizzle the icing onto the bath bomb, just use some tinted coconut oil or shea butter.

Sea Shaped Bath Bomb Molds By Kyerivs


This sea-inspired set comes with a variety of metal bath bomb molds in different sea-inspired shapes. These bath bomb molds are made of food-grade aluminum and are easy to clean with just soap and water. Your bath bombs should come out very easily thanks to the polished finish. Shrink-wrap bags and a small shrink wrap tool is included in this kit.

This bath bomb mold set would be a perfect little gift set for someone who is just getting started making their own bath bombs and DIY bath and body goodies. Be sure to hand wash as they are not meant to go into the dishwasher.

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Christmas Ornament Bath Bomb Mold

This concept for makeshift bath bomb molds should probably be higher up the list because its the most common! You might have fillable Christmas baubles left over from the holidays. Theyre clear, come in two halves, and snap together. If you dont have any at home, you can find them at your local craft store or order some online. Theyll only cost you a few dollars.

Muffin Pan Bath Bomb Molds

Silicone muffin pans are a good way to help paper or silicone liners stay sturdy as they dry. But you can still use the muffin pan even if you dont have cupcake liners. Put the mixture directly into the silicone pan, using it as a DIY mold for your bath bombs. If you like, you can pour a little carrier oil inside the mold. This makes it easier to pop them out once theyve set.

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This Affordable Pack Of Plastic Molds

The two halves of these 1.75-inch diameter plastic molds snap together and stay closed so that they can be used to make and store your creations, and of course, can also double as a nice package for gifts if you don’t prefer shrink wrap or have any on hand. Each sphere in this 15-pack is made from reusable, BPA-free plastic. Just note that since plastic is not quite as durable, one reviewer provided this helpful tip: While you’re packing the mold, hold it in your hand instead of resting it on a table, so you can avoid making any dents.

Note: The brand also offers plastic cupcake-shaped molds and heart-shaped ones.

DIY success story: “I, I really enjoyed using these molds. These are good sturdy plastic. Easy to smash together. I’m glad they’re clear. This was my main reason for buying these. I made these for a bridal shower. My bath bombs turned out great. My kids even had fun with these.”

Soapy Meatball Bomb Molds

New! Cada Mold Bath Bomb Mold Unboxing and Homemade Bath Bomb Press

When youre making bath bombs at home whether its a gift or a small business packaging is everything. So if youre using your meatballer as a bath bomb mold, go the extra mile and serve your bath bombs in bolognese! You can use shredded soap as pasta. Or you can just use recycled paper from the shredder. Or manually slice some printing paper.

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Plastic Ice Cube Tray Bath Bomb Molds

You wont see many plastic ice cube trays these days. The ones that come in your fridge might be plastic though, so use that. Or check through those knick-knack bins at charity stores or flea markets. These plastic ice cube trays have harder sides so your bath bomb will retain its shape. But it takes more twisting and wiggling to extract the bombs after they set.

Extra Large Bath Bomb Mold By Roundsquare

Ready for this? Introducing the extra-large Lush sized bath bomb mold. This huge bath bomb mold is made of aluminum so you will have to be careful not to dent it when unmolding your bath bomb.

If you like to embed surprises in your bath bombs, this mold is perfect for that because of the size. Anyone who likes to make bath bombs would love this as a gift.

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Homemade Bath Bomb Molds Ideas You Can Diy Easily

The trickiest part of making bath bombs is safely getting the bombs out of their molds. You need these fizzy products to hold their shape and not crack or crumble before they hit your bathwater. Keeping your bath bombs solid depends on two factors: recipes and molds.

The recipe needs to be dry enough to avoid going flat but wet enough to hold the ingredients together. And when you cant find bath bomb molds at your local store, you may have to jerry-rig a substitute. So here are some ideas for your bath bomb molds DIY project.

Plastic Fillable Ornaments As Bath Bomb Molds : Buy 2pcs Set Aluminum Bath Bomb Molds 3 ...

Ive put these in the store-bought category as not everyone is a crafter and may already have these from other craft projects. I personally used for quite a while when I first started making my own bath bombs because they can also be used for other projects. Youll see me use them in my DIY chocolate bath bombs and DIY Pokeball bath bombs posts.

Just like the classic mold, you fill both sides of the ornament and press them together and carefully remove both sides and let the bath bomb dry.

This set, specifically, is a good one because it comes with 5 different sizes 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, and 7cm diameters.

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Ice Cream Bath Bomb Molds

When youre making ice cream bath bombs, you dont want a smooth unbroken surface. You want that rough, chapped look to mimic scooped ice cream. This is a blessing because you know how tricky those bath bomb edges can be! So try using your ice cream scoop as a DIY mold then plunking your bath bombs onto ice cream cones. Keep the cones out of the bath!

Also Consider: This Starter Set Of Essential Oil Blends

If the idea of an unscented bath bomb is not appealing to you, you’ll want to have a selection of essential oils on stand by. This set, in particular, takes the guesswork out of DIY aromatherapy because the vials come preblended for youâ there are six blends, and each labeled to help you pick the right one to set the mood . The popular oils have more than 3,500 five-star ratings from customers who are pleased by their long-lasting scent.

DIY success story:“I’m ordering this product for a second time, absolutely great. The variety of aromas is for every occasion, to relax, to sleep good, to feel good. I’m using them with my new diffuser and also adding few drops to the bath.”

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Diy Oreo Cookie Bath Bomb Mold

This DIY Oreo mold is meant for shaping homemade Oreo clones. But it can also be a helpful solution for your DIY bath bombs. The mold is on the flatter side, so its more of a bath fizzy or shower steamer. And itll be rather flat and compact. But you can make the mold deeper if you want a denser puck-shaped Oreo bath bomb. Or just press two Oreo molds together.

Emoji Bath Bomb Molds By Enenes

Making Indent Bath Bombs using a Cada Mold!

When they say an emoji for every mood they are not joking around!. This silicone set for bath bombs comes in lots of funny and cute faces. How perfect would it be to make a whole bunch and put them into a nice box to sell at your craft fairs?

Your friends and customers will LOVE these, and you will be the talk of the craft show for sure! A perfect gift for the home hobbyist or professional.

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Buggy Bath Bomb Molds

Any shallow cake pan can work as a DIY mold for bath bombs. But if your family is particularly science-y or if your kids have a bug fetish, this one is perfect! Its metallic, so it will retain its shape as your bath bombs dry. Metals are excellent conductors, so whether you air dry or bath bombs or pop them in the fridge, theyll dry faster in greased metal molds.

Does Cream Of Tartar Make Bath Bombs Fizz

The combination of lemon juice and baking soda created very little fizz. Cream of tartar bath bombs created a little more fizz, but not much. Cornstarch bath bombs had no fizz, and created a gloppy texture in the water. The combination of citric acid and baking soda produce the best, most fizzy bath bomb.

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Starfish Ice Cube Bath Bomb Molds

The quickest way to set homemade bath bombs is to pop them in the fridge or freezer. So ice cubes are a natural alternative to store-bought bath bomb molds. These ice cube trays can be metal, plastic, or silicone just use whatever you have at home. Silicone ice cube trays are easier than plastic or metal ones though because they pop out easily even when ungreased.

What The Most Popular Bath Bomb

Chill Pill Bath

These bath bombs combine a slew of natural ingredients to promote relaxation and lull you to sleep.

  • Best Overall: Lush Cosmetics Intergalactic Bath Bomb.
  • Best Budget: Dr.
  • Best Calming: Lush Cosmetics Twilight Bath Bomb.
  • Best Scented: Yuzu Soap Bath Bomb Cube Set.
  • Best Splurge: Ouai Chill Pills.

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Meatball Scoop Bath Bomb Molds

Do you routinely make meatballs at home? Then you might have one of these lying around. If not, you can order one online for a few dollars. And while theyre customized for meatballs, you can also use them for cookies, cakes and bath bombs! The scissor-like handles make it effortless to press your bath bombs together. And theyre stainless steel so theyre less sticky!

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bomb Molds

Kids love those dinosaur egg trinkets that have secret toys inside. So if you ever buy them for your kids, hold on to the egg. It makes an apt alternative for bath bomb molds. And theyre cheap enough to order cheaper than buying an actual bath bomb mold! Order the ones that can click back shut .

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Ice Cream Scoop Diy Bath Bomb Molds

If you have embeds in your bath bombs, you could use soda caps to shape them. But for the main bath bomb, you need a larger DIY mold. Ice cream scoops work well. And if you have some at home, youre used to packing them tightly and dragging them through frozen treats, so youre familiar with the technique. As always, a spritz of oil helps loosen the bombs.

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