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What Does Mold Remediation Consist Of

What Does Mold Smell Like In Walls

Mold Remediation Plan and Procedures

If your home or office always has a musty smell, even after a deep cleaning with bleach , you might have mold growth lurking behind the drywall in a room.

While a mold problem can affect air quality and create a host of problems for homeowners and businesses, mold removal and remediation can make a huge difference.

What is Mold?

Mold consists of little cells that can reproduce and spread through the air as mold spores and grow in damp and humid spaces. As the mold clings to surfaces like drywall, carpets, and air vents, it will create a musty odor.

Is There a Difference Between Mold and Mildew?

People use the term mildew to describe different types of mold and fungus broadly, according to the EPA. Practically speaking, there really is no difference between mold and mildew. They are both a fungus that can grow in damp areas.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold growth can happen anywhere there is water damage or poor air circulation. Most homeowners are familiar with mold growth in their basements caused by a water leak or flooding.

While a dehumidifier can improve the air quality and dampness in a home or business, this type of remediation doesnt stop black mold growth.

What Are the Dangers of Mold?

A common misconception is that the smell of mold is what causes health issues. While the musty odor of mold can be unpleasant, it wont harm you and can be reduced with air fresheners. The only way to completely eliminate the musty mold odor is to get rid of the mold itself.

Why You Need A Mitigation And Restoration Company

Removing mold is challenging. It requires specific equipment and very specific training and certification in order to do the job properly. If not treated properly, mold can be toxic and a potential health hazard.

For these reasons, its important to get help from a trusted mitigation and restoration company with well-trained staff and the proper equipment. If you need help with mold damage to your property, UNGERMAN is your one-source solution.

Areas Of The Home That Develop Mold

All places where water is found can develop mold. An excessive amount of humidity in a house can condense and cause mold. Ironically, newer homes can often experience more mold growth than older homes because they are more tightly insulated. Fiberglass insulation provides fertile ground for mold growth and makes it difficult to eradicate and remove.

  • Attics
  • Under window unit air conditioners

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You Are Having Allergy Like Symptoms

If you are having a symptom that may be related to mold inhalation or ingestion, it wouldnt hurt to have the air quality in your home tested.

If you never had any leaks in your home that you know of or any HVAC problems, its unlikely that you will have mold growth in your home.


You are not a trained professional, so you could have a hidden leak or issue that a trained professional can identify.

What Is A Mold Remediation

What is Mold Remediation?

You might have wondered: What does mold remediation mean and what is involved?

Mold remediation is the term used to describe all the processes involved in eliminating harmful mold growth. It includes mold testing, removal, demolition, sanitizing, containment, and mold cleaning, depending on the type and location. A professional restoration company that understands mold growths critical nature will offer remediation to get the mold levels in your home back to a harmless point rather than a false promise of complete mold removal.

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What Do We Offer In Our Specialist Service

We offer high-quality mold repair services for industrial and residential demands. When it involves mold, we have the proficiency and the necessary tools in order to do exceptional work. Our mold cleanup service consists of different phases of the mold removal procedure, such as mold testing and mold assessment services. When it involves removing mold work, we focus on every single piece of information, due to the fact that managing mold is not a simple job in any way.

Can You Stay At Your House Throughout The Restoration Procedure

According to our professionals, the safest alternative is for you to leave your house throughout the entire mold removal upkeep. Many mold cleanup and water damage restoration businesses will certainly advise that you leave the residential or industrial residential or commercial home, specifically if multiple areas and hallways are affected. When you employ our solutions, our specialists will certainly also offer you some free tips on how to easily protect against the growth of mold in your residential or commercial property once more. Ensure to do the study when working with a mold remediation firm to aid you with your trouble. Never ever go for the most affordable cost, constantly pick a firm with professionals as well as specialist builders to offer you superior service.

Just how can I make certain that I need specialists at mold removal service?

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What Causes Mold To Spread

Finding mold growth in your home may cause alarm, and it may leave you wondering when do you need mold remediation.

After a water breach, mold can begin to grow in a very short time. Once it starts, the mold colony can spread quickly and cover a square foot in just days.

Mold spreads when it has moisture, warmth, and darkness. It uses a moist surface, often porous like wood, paper, carpet, and drywall, to feed.

Without moisture, it cannot spread.

Remediation can help as it not only stops the moisture but limits the opportunity for mold re-growth in a space.

Theyll Dry Out The Affected Area

Home Mold Removal Process – How To Remove Mold

Heres where the mold remediation process and repair team breaks out the big guns. Expect industrial fans and dehumidifiers to be set up and run around the clock to dry out the affected area as quickly as possible. If there are items that cant be completely dried, such as mattresses or furniture, they will be disposed of. This is the only way to completely eradicate the threat of mold.

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How To Prepare For Mold Remediation

Before our team of specialists arrives, there are some steps you can take to prepare your property for the process. This includes:

  • Remove as much furniture and other items from your space as you can. Our teams need to have a clear pathway without any hazards or things where the mold could spread to protect you and your home.
  • On the day we arrive to do the work, its vital that you secure any pets you have by putting them outside, into a separate room where they cannot get out, or have them visit a friend or vet for the day.
  • Because we will need a lot of space to get the job done, wed also ask that you remove any cars or vehicles from your garage and driveway. It helps us if there is a clear pathway from the infested area to the outside.

Black Mold Inspection Cost

The average cost of black mold testing and inspection costs between $600 and $800, depending on the size of the home or area that needs to be inspected and the level of safety equipment required for the inspection. Basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms, and kitchens are common areas that may need to be inspected for black mold. Due to black molds toxic nature, professionals may charge slightly more to inspect and test for these types of spores than for other mold testing.

Black mold testing is very important to schedule if you suspect this toxic mold could be found in your residence. Black mold tends to form on structural surfaces such as drywall, carpets, insulation, and concrete. Any porous surface that was exposed to long-term moisture could form a toxic black mold. Toxic black molds scientific name is Stachybotrys chartarum. It particularly impacts the respiratory system. Chronic coughing, sneezing, fatigue, rashes, and headaches could indicate toxic mold exposure. Quick remediation is important to protect the health of any family members adversely affected by the mold.

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What To Expect In The Mold Remediation Process

The mold remediation process begins when you pick up the phone and contact Firestone Restoration. Once weve been approached, well send out our team to help. Heres what the mold remediation process will look like:

  • Once we have completed the cleaning process, well do a final check to ensure that weve removed the mold spores to protect you and your property. The job is complete if the smell of mold is gone and we cannot see any more spores.
  • While we may have cleaned up your space, youll need to address the cause of the mold to be really rid of it. This could be leaky pipes, a hole in the roof, humidity that cannot escape from a bathroom or kitchen, etc. Once youve taken care of the source, you can rest easy knowing your mold problem is truly gone.

    Mold growth in your home or office can cause health problems and damage your property. For proper cleaning and restoration of your space, contact Firestone Restoration.

    What Kinds Of Mold And Mildews Does Our Service Eliminate

    black mold in basement apartment

    There are several types of mold, hundreds according to scientists. There are also some that are dangerous and others that are not, depending upon the strain. A specialist mold removal technique will certainly eliminate any type of piece of mold, be it black, grey, or pink. The vital thing in these instances is the use of specialist techniques to fix the scenario without problems and prospective damage to the health and wellness of your family members in the future.

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    How Long Does Mold Remediation Take

    The time that it takes to remediate a mold issue on a property can vary depending on factors such as the size of the space, the extent of the mold infection, and the damage that has been caused.

    In many cases, the work can be done in a few days, but other times it may take weeks to return your property to its pre-mold infestation condition.

    You Need It Because You Need Peace Of Mind

    Having a mold inspection done is not always logical and necessary.

    But Hey:

    If you are looking to get peace of mind to ensure your home does not have a mold problem, its your money and you should not let anybody tell you otherwise.

    I cant tell you how many times over the years that I was called into an inspection where one spouse does not think that a mold inspection is necessary, only to find out they have a significant mold problem.

    Lets look at some of the reasons you may need peace of mind:

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    Can You Do Mold Remediation Yourself

    In many cases, mold growth occurs as just a random discoloration on the wall or any material and usually appears harmless. In such situations, most homeowners resort to cleaning the visible part of the stain.

    However, it is possible to have a potentially dangerous mold problem beneath what looks like just an unsightly mold stain. While property owners may combat small mold problems on their own, large mold infestations require professional assistance.

    How To Select A Mold Remediation Contractor

    Basement Mold Remediation Project Set Up

    Selecting a mold remediation company to clean up and restore your property after a disaster is a big decision. These projects are complex and require knowledge of multiple aspects of construction, including: water mitigation, water damage restoration, electrical, plumbing, roofing, remodeling, ground-up construction, insurance assistance, and complex project management.

    Look for a mold remediation contractor with the following qualifications:

    • Is licensed, bonded, and insured
    • Experience working with complex projects that require coordination with multiple different parties
    • Experience managing staged restoration projects that may require parallel demolition and installation
    • Experience working with water, fire, mold damage repairs and restoration
    • Experience working with insurance companies on damage claims

    An experienced mold remediation contractor can help you restore your property as if the damage had never happened.

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    Should I Get My Home Tested For Mold

    Always look for a contractor with experience in mold inspection and mold remediation. Both the EPA and experts like Moldman suggest that a mold inspection is unnecessary if you can see mold. You can move right to the remediation step. You do not need to pay a professional inspector to tell you what you already know.

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    Mold Remediation Scams And Scares

    Mold remediation itself is not a scam. But within the mold remediation industry are scammers and those who try to create an air of panic around it. The presence of mold is often used as a scare tactic and a bargaining chip on real estate property inspections.

    Mold remediation companies certainly do good work when the mold is widespread and is in a public institution or in commercial buildings. And while most mold is not toxic, some mold can be hazardous. For this, you want a licensed, experienced professional dealing with the mold.

    Too many so-called mold professionals try to use scare tactics. Reputable mold remediation companies try hard not to, but sometimes it’s difficult to get accurate information dispensed to the public without causing concerns over health.

    Mold problems that we see today are problems that we unknowingly created ourselves, and they are not problems we had only a few decades ago. Since the mid- to late-1970s, federal requirements have directed that homes become more energy efficient. The more energy efficient the home, the tighter that home is sealed, and the less natural breathability the home has.

  • Mold.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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    Going Straight To The Remediator Makes Them The Judge Jury And Executioner

    Just like anything else in this world, you need checks and balances. When you have a mold remediation company provide you with the scope of the work needing to be completed, you are at their mercy.

    If you have another mold professional on your side, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

    Honest mold remediation companies wont mind you having your own mold assessor.

    Proof For Your Insurance Company

    Mold remediation is usually a . Your insurance company may ask for you to have a mold inspection.

    Also, it could go the other way.

    Homeowners insurance companies are notoriously known for not covering mold on insurance policies, so you may want to have the inspection to prove to them there is indeed mold in the home.

    Mold Removal & Cleanup Services

    Mold Remediation NJ

    Cleaning and disinfecting after mold and biohazards are complicated. As the largest network of restoration companies, we will connect you with a trained and knowledgeable mold removal or biohazard cleanup company near you. They will properly remove contaminated materials and disinfect your home or business.

    Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Process

    What does a Mold Inspection consist of

    A mold inspection consists of a visual inspection for mold growth, moisture mapping for hidden leaks, air sampling, surface sampling, and checking the air conditioning for mold. Every inspection can be different as some could be limited in nature.

    What is Mold Removal and Remediation

    Mold remediation includes disposal of moldy porous building materials and cleaning and disinfecting carpet and personal items if they can be saved. Have a post-remediation inspection done to ensure that the remediation was performed properly.

    Common Cause of Mold

    Leaking Air-Conditioning System

    What Are The Effects of Mold in Your Home?

    Mold in the home poses several risks, as well as potential health concerns. Mold is caused by some type of water exposure. This could also lead to additional damage to your property.

    Cosmetic Damage

    Mold can grow anywhere that is exposed to persistent moisture, and leave ugly stains in your residence. This can include countertops, walls, tile, and carpet.

    Structural Damage

    Mold Health Risks

    • Long standing or frequent sinusitis.





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    Two: Assemble Your Supplies

    While some people use bleach to clean up mold, we recommend purchasing a fungicide like Foster 40-80. Youll also need sheets of heavy plastic and tape to seal off your work area, heavy plastic bags for removing moldy materials, an N-95 face mask, gloves and other protective clothing, a spray bottle of water, and a scrub brush or rag for cleaning moldy surfaces. You may also need disposable paint brushes and a product for encapsulating mold, like Foster 40-50. We also recommend a vacuum with a HEPA filter, especially if youre performing mold remediation over a large area. In addition, youll need whatever tools and materials are necessary for removing and replacing moldy materials that cannot be cleaned, such as new drywall or new carpeting and the tools to install it.

    Mold Zero Can Do All Three

    Mold Zero can do all three. What we are known for is a non-toxic sanitization process, using a cold sterilant to sanitize the entire home.

    We use our Dry Fog in combination with traditional mold remediation techniques.

    This has made Mold Zero the first choice for families and Functional Medicine doctors.

    At Mold Zero, we apply our same thoroughness to all aspects of the the process, whether, remediation, removal or sanitization.

    For example, toxic black mold would never be something you would just wipe down.

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    Cleanup Information For You And Your Family

    Guide to Mold Cleanup After DisastersGuidance from CDC, EPA, FEMA, HUD, and NIH on safe mold clean-up after a natural disaster

    If its hot & humid outside, too much air conditioning can lead to condensation on surfaces and this excess moisture can lead to mold growth.

    What Public Health Organizations and Users Need to Know.

    Things To Expect During The Mold Remediation Process

    How To Remove Black Mold From Your Bathroom Ceiling

    by SEO Team | Mar 31, 2020 | Elite_Blog

    Household mold often leads to coughing and wheezing, even if youre healthy. For those who are asthmatic, it causes severe breathing problems.

    If not treated, mold will spread throughout your home, putting everyone at risk. Before it becomes a serious hazard, you need to bring in a mold assessor to properly diagnose the issues and then a mold remediation company to remove the mold.

    What is mold remediation? Think of it as extreme cleaning down to the microscopic level. In more severe cases, the cleaning process involves removing part of a wall, floor or structure. Thats why you need to bring in a professional.

    Ready to solve your mold problems? Use the following guide to prepare for the mold remediation process.

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