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How To Remove Mold From Plywood Subfloor

Repair And Replace Damaged Subflooring

How to repair a moldy subfloor

You may find that some subflooring needs repair or replacement. This adds more time and elbow grease to the job, but you know your subfloor should stay in good shape for years to come. Finish up by replacing the carpet, hardwood or vinyl, and congratulate yourself for taking care of a very big project.

Mold Found On Wood Subfloor Under Fridge

Dont PanicMost people would rather die than think, and most do Mold if

Maintenance 6 said:FWIW, Sodium Hypochlorite will not only kill mold, but will disolve the glucan bonds that hold the cell walls together. And it only takes 2.4% concentration to do it and less than 5 minutes of dwell time. That means that the mold is not only dead, but has been broken down to its component parts to an extent that it is not even considered an allergen. Never exceed 10% concentration of bleach. Breathing chlorine and chloroform compound gases is far more dangerous than any of the stuff that mold produces. Dead mold spores and mold fragments can still be allergens to some people, that is why you need to clean up the mold, then treat it and finally seal it to lock down any stray fragments or spores.


not recommendedAs a general rule, simply killing the mold, for example, with biocide is not enough. The mold must be removed, since the chemicals and proteins, which can cause a reaction in humans, are present even in dead moldMold growth can be removed from hard surfaces with commercial products, soap and water, or a bleach solution of no more than 1 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water.

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Using Tea Tree Oil To Kill Mold

Tea tree oil is the most effective natural solution to killing mold. While it is a more expensive option, a small amount of tea tree oil goes a long way in removing mold. It is an antifungal that is capable of killing all types of mold. Make sure the tea tree oil you purchase to remove mold is derived from the Melaleuca Alternifolia.

  • Add tea tree oil and water to a spray bottle at a ratio of 1 teaspoon of water for each cup of water.
  • Spray the solution onto the moldy surface.
  • Do not rinse off the solution.
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    Is Plywood Mold Resistant

    No type of wood is strong enough to resist or prevent the growth of mold on it. Unless, of course, its engineered or treated to combat the growth of mold spores on it.

    Normally, interior plywood has a higher moisture resistance and its planks are held together with highly resistant industrial-strength glues. This protects it from moisture and from bacteria and mold.

    However, interior plywood isnt suited for outdoor use. And itll be difficult to stop the growth of mold if you use it for any outdoor installations or fixtures.

    In this case, normal plywood isnt mold resistant. But theres a variant thats called Moisture Resistant Plywood, or MR Grade Plywood, which is repurposed to keep it from soaking in moisture. And as you already know, moisture is the number one cause of mold growth.

    In reality, MR grade plywood isnt waterproof in itself. Rather, its been designed for use in places that are less prone to moisture. Its more of a decorative type of wood used for aesthetic purposes in residential and commercial projects.

    So, to answer the question, plywood will only be mold resistant until it produces or provides the conditions in which mold grows. That is moisture/dampness and lack of ventilation or an airy space.

    How To Treat Mold On A Plywood Subfloor: Your 10

    How to Remove Mold From a Plywood Subfloor: 10 Must

    The signs of mold under hardwood floors, carpets and vinyl are usually the same. You notice dark patches on the floor or a musty smell throughout the room. You pull up a small corner of flooring and expose the problem.

    Youre looking at a big DIY project. Start by making sure youve taken care of the moisture source, and then follow these 10 steps for cleaning mold from a plywood subfloor.

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    Drying Out Concrete Subfloor

    When water soaks in to concrete subfloor, it can take much longer to dry out due to the environment its in. Concrete subfloor is most common in basements, where humidity can slow the drying process. It is crucial you ensure any source of moisture getting in is tended to before attempting to dry concrete floors out.

    That being said, the common theme here continues dehumidifiers running constantly and powerful air circulation are a must. Open the windows if you have any to allow humid air to escape and help dry out the room.

    If there was serious flooding or there was a major leak such as a pipe bursting, make sure your electrical wiring has been inspected and cleared by a professional electrician before plugging in anything, even the aforementioned dehumidifier and fans.

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    Question: Rotten Joist Treatment For Mold

    Mr.justincox said:

    Recently noticed my floor and sub floor in my bathroom are completely saturated and black, very easily removable,

    my question is one of the joist is visible rotten on the surface and a Flathead screw driver easily penetrates about 1/4 of the surface.

    Can the rot be removed and reused or does it need to be removed and replaced? Along that same line the plywood sub floor that’s leading under the wall is also noticeable rotten and needs to be addressed, how do I asses this and what can been done?

    I have pictures if that would help?


    Yes I’ll comment when I’ve seen the photos.

    On 2013-04-08 by Linda Lewis

    We are building a new home, the wood framing has mold, the walls are still open. How should the builder clean or remove the mold?

    On 2012-09-27 by –

    Clean the srrfaces thoroughly, apply a fungicidal sealant, and find and fix the moisture source and your camper mold may not reappear on that surface.

    On 2012-08-13 by Bev Williams

    On 2012-08-11 by – when is moldy roof plyood replacement justified

    On 2012-08-11 by –

    Bill from Hawaii:please remember that the object is not to “KILL” mold but to remove it and fix its cause. Some dead mold spores are still toxic.

    On 2012-08-0 by Jim

    Hi -About a year after our home was build , we discovered that mold was growing in the attic space on the underside of a few pieced or roofing plywood.

    On 2011-11-04 by –

    On 2011-11-03 by Bill

    On 2011-11-01 by –

    On 2011-10-31 by Chris

    On 2011-09-06 by –

    On 2011-09-06 by Cheryl

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    Overview Of Cleaning Mold From Smooth Wood Surfaces

    Flawlessly ample cleansing could be achieved by cleaning or power-washing or media blowing up. Where cleaning a musty surface area, make sure not to spread out musty particles from a musty surface area into a formerly unpolluted surface area by making the error of re-using the very same musty dustcloth again and again on all surface areas. Specialists make use of steri-wiping which makes sure to stay clear of dispersing musty particles by constantly folding and also making use of a tidy side of the rub when transferring to a brand-new area.

    Where the mounting lumber is inside your home or otherwise in an area where water splilling is a worry, clean the locations of heaviest mold to get rid of any type of loosened mold from the surface area of the lumber. Unless expert area-containment has actually been established , do not make use of terrible cleansing approaches such as power-washing or sandblasting inside your home, as you will certainly spread out musty particles throughout the structure as well as youll raise the utmost job clean-up price.

    Where the mounting lumber is outdoors where water splilling as well as the production of aerosolized mold spores is not a problem, stress clean the contaminated lumber to get rid of surface area mold.

    They are on the wood surface areas or could be moved there by wind and also rainfall. Some lumber offers lots of food for the mold as well as mildew and mold to expand quickly.

    Is Wood Mold Dangerous

    How to Remove Moisture From Plywood Flooring : Flooring Tips

    All mold has the potential to be dangerous. In the case of wood mold, not only can it cause health issues for the occupants of the building but it can also reduce the structural integrity of the wood it is growing on. Wood mold can be particularly dangerous since it is so difficult to see and may go undetected for very long periods of time.

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    How To Clean Surface Mold From Wood Floors

    While surface mold is not difficult to clean, it is crucial to ensure that all affected areas are cleaned properly to ensure that the fungus does not return in the future. When applying the cleaning solution, spray the bleach cleaner directly on the affected surface, allowing it to sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards, wipe the mold away with an old rag and throw it away when you are done.

    If the mold is still present, you can use a scrub brush with strong bristles to remove the stubborn stains. Just remember throughout the process to avoid rubbing the cleaner into unaffected areas of the wood as it will ruin the finish. Finally, you will want to make sure that all of the solution is rinsed properly before moving onto the next step as it will compromise the finish after it is applied.

    Removing Black Mold From Plywood

    Once youve noticed the presence of black mold in your home, you must get to work on eliminating it right away, otherwise it can grow to other parts of the house if it gets enough moisture and less ventilation. Thankfully, you dont have to throw out the piece of plywood on which you see black mold growing.

    Heres how you can remove black mold from plywood:

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    Which Bleach Should I Use

    To choose a bleach, you have to decide what created the stain you are working with. The three main types of bleach for wood stains are oxalic acid bleach, chlorine bleach, and peroxide bleach. If you dont know what made the stain, its okay to try a cheaper form of bleach to see if that works.

    Oxalic acid bleach is the most potent bleaching agent and can be hard to find. It is best for iron stains or tough water stains and will bleach the wood itself as well. This bleach comes in crystals, which can cause internal damage if they are inhaled, so always be extremely cautious when using this bleach mixture.

    Other Ways Of Cleaning Wood Stains

    Black Mold On Plywood Subfloor

    There are some other methods for cleaning stains from plywood. These work well if the plywood wont be visible when the project is done, such as sanding down the area until the stain is completely gone. While bleach is the quickest and most effective, these other fixes can work in specific situations.

    For water stains, you can use a hairdryer to dry out the wood. Keep it on a low heat setting and close to the stain. After a while, the water should dry out, and the wood will look clean. You can also leave a thick layer of mayonnaise or toothpaste on the stain for a while. Alternatively, gently rub the stain with steel wool and lemon oil this will loosen the water trapped inside the wood.

    Of course, you can also treat the entire piece of wood to be the same color. Either stain it all a darker color or use wood bleach to lighten all of the wood you are using. If you plan to stain the wood anyway, you dont need to do anything about it unless its darker than your desired color.

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    Get Rid Of The Moisture

    Once the immediate mold infestation has been eliminated, Andrews focus can shift to the prevention of future mold regrowth. The most important step to take when preventing the reoccurrence of a mold problem is to eliminate the source of the moisture in the environment where the mold has occurred. Mold cannot grow without food and moisture, and since mold can feed on common household building and furnishing materials, it is the moisture that must be removed and prevented from reoccurring to prevent the mold.

    Best Moisture Meter For Wood Studs

    The Protimeter Surveymaster is a dual-function moisture meter that offers homeowners a quick, easy, and one-handed way to measure moisture in wood studs. The Protimeter Surveymaster has two modes of operation: Search and Measure . These functions allow the homeowner to distinguish sub-surface and surface moisture, which is essential when investigating the extent of a moisture problem.

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    How To Prevent The Further Growth Of Black Mold On Plywood

    So! Now you know how to take care of the black mold on a particular piece of plywood. And Im sure you hope the mold doesnt show its ugly face ever again.

    However, the reality is that you cant guarantee this. Because after a few days, another one of the plywood planks may have the nasty growth on it.

    You cant keep removing black mold from every piece of plywood in your house. Which is why you need a permanent solution to ensure you dont black mold in your house again.

    So whats the solution?

    Luckily, there are a number of ways for preventing the growth of black mold on plywood. Lets look at them one by one

    Guide To Cleaning Mold From Smooth Wood Surfaces

    Plywood – Time Lapse – Concrobium Mold Stain Remover

    Perfectly adequate moldy-wood-surface cleaning may be accomplished by wiping or power-washing or media blasting.

    Where wiping a moldy surface, take care not to spread moldy debris from a moldy surface onto a previously uncontaminated surface by making the mistake of re-using the same moldy rag over and over on all surfaces. Professionals use “steri-wiping” which takes care to avoid spreading moldy debris by always folding and using a clean side of the wipe when moving to a new spot.

    Where the framing lumber is indoors or otherwise in a location where water spillage is a concern, wipe theareas of heaviest mold to remove any loose mold from the surface of the lumber.

    Unless professional area-containment has been set up , do not use violent cleaning methods such as power-washing or sandblasting indoors, as you will spread moldy debris throughout the building and you’ll increase the ultimate project cleanup cost.

    Wherethe framing lumber is outdoors where water spillage and the creation of aerosolized mold spores is not an issue, pressurewash the infected lumber to remove surface mold.

    “Cleaning” in this case can be simply wiping with a sponge wet with water or detergent.

    The object of cleaning is to remove most of the loose moldy particles.

    A professional uses sterile wipes and folds to a clean side of the wipefor each wiping stroke. For a small homeowner non-critical project this may be overkill but think about and avoidspreading moldy debris by your cleaning procedure.

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    Question: Leaks Into Building Walls At Flashing Errors

    Kirt said:

    We have recently discovered that the builder of our home did not use window sill flashing, and the installation Tyvek was done in such a manner that it does not shed water it catches it. As a result, there is dry rot and what appears to be black mold in the sheathing. How much sheathing ought to be removed a 12 band all around, or what? thanks,

    Stacey said:We are replacing the laminate flooring in our bathroom and noticed black mold near our tub on the plywood underneath the laminate we pulled up.

    First, what is the best way to clean this mold if we can do it ourselves and second, should we be concerned about any thing growing under the tub?


    Nancy use our email found at CONTACT found at page bottom to send us some photos and we can comment on what you are seeing

    Secure The Working Space

    Secure the room by hanging heavy plastic sheets over doors, windows, air registers and vents. Leave one window open so that you can blow contaminated air outside. Position a heavy fan to vent out the window, and let it run constantly while you work.

    Power Tip: Be careful to angle the fan so that it doesnt blow directly on the moldy subfloor.

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    How To Kill Mold With Borax Paint

    You might think someone can expect to find a little mold in any home, especially a home with a basement or which is located in a humid climate. However, there is such a thing as too much mold. And, where does that line between slight and intolerable lie? When you are challenged with the latter situation and cannot afford outside mold remediation services, one of the DIY options is to kill the mold with the detergent booster Borax .

    When To Call A Professional Mold Remediation Company To Get Rid Of Mold

    Black Mold On Plywood Subfloor

    When it comes to non-toxic mold in small areas on non-porous materials there is a fair chance you can remove the mold on your own using one of the products listed above. However, professional mold remediators are recommended when:

    • Mold is in your HVAC systems or inside materials and places that are difficult to repair or replace
    • The mold infected area is large
    • You dont have the appropriate ools or sufficient knowledge to remove the mold on your own
    • You are already experiencing mold exposure symptoms
    • You prefer not to waste time or nerves on mold removal

    Mold remediation specialists have a lot of experience and professional equipment that will completely remove mold. These professionals know what mistakes to avoid, what not to overlook, and how to permanently solve your mold problems.

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