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How To Get Mold Remediation Certification

Notice Of Intent To Review Rules

Mold Removal Remediation Certification Class From Restoration Sciences Academy

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is reviewing the Mold Assessors and Remediators program rules located at Title 16, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 78 for re-adoption, revision, or repeal. This rule review is required every four years.

The Notice of Intent to Review was published in the Texas Register on September 3, 2021 , as part of a combined notice with several other rule chapters undergoing simultaneous review. The Department will determine whether the reasons for adopting or readopting these rules continue to exist by answering the following questions for each rule:

  • Is it obsolete?
  • Does it reflect current legal and policy considerations?
  • Is it in alignment with the current procedures of the Department?

The Department encourages anyone interested in the Mold Assessors and Remediators program, under Chapter 78, to review the Notice of Intent to Review and the current chapter rules posted on the Departments website.

Comments may be submitted electronically on the Departments website at .

Deadline to submit commentsOctober 4, 2021.

Mold Remediation And Mold Inspection Training

Mold is a complex fungus that manifests in a number of different forms. Some types of mold are relatively harmless while others can cause severe chronic illness or even death. Mold is a fungus, and like all fungi, it thrives in moist places. Mold spreads by emitting spores, microscopic particles often as small as a single cell. Spores float around in the air until they land on a surface. Mold spores are everywhere, outdoors as well as inside your house. It would be practically impossible to remove all mold spores from a house without installing some kind of massive industrial cleanroom filtration system. Luckily, mold spores only form mold when they land on a moist surface. That means that if you can keep the interior of your home or business dry, you can avoid having any problems with mold.

Learning how to identify the various mold strains is key to obtaining mold certification so homes and businesses can properly remediate and restore their property. Getting the right training is essential. OSHA Pros provides a convenient online program to help individuals get certified.

Can I Have More Than 1 Mold Certificate

Yes. The EPA and other regulatory agencies require that you have all the necessary mold certifications prior to you or your company engaging in this type of work activity. Many people including consultants, contractors and restoration professionals have multiple certificates. If the work you perform overlaps any of the mold training disciplines, then you may be required to have multiple certifications. Be certain to obtain each certification required and maintain accurate records in the event of a regulatory audit. Please remember to maintain current copies on your job site as proof you are approved to work.

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Online Training & Certification Course Construction & General Industry

Our OSHA Mold, Mold Prevention, and Mold Remediation Safety Training course consist of content, graphics, audio, video, self-check questions, and a final exam.

If you have received your certification through a private school or association, then most likely you wont need to renew the certification.

I want to let you know that your program was unexpectedly helpful. Not being far removed from my college days I had low expectations in anticipation. Having worked in the mold industry for several years I thought this program was simply an insurance formality that was not going to teach me anything. I am writing to you to let you know how wrong I was. You have an extremely well polished and informative teaching tool on your hands. You can see that the time and effort was put into your program to make sure nothing was being overlooked. I will be a repeat customer!

Best Setting To View The Course

Mold Information

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What Is A Certified Mold Assessor

A Certified Mold Assessor is licensed and trained in the area of mold. Mold assessors know how and where mold develops, how it affects your health, how to test it, and how to eliminate it. When you schedule an inspection, your mold assessor tests your home for various types of mold. Then they evaluate the severity of the situation and suggest how to proceed.

Becoming a Certified Mold Assessor requires careful study and licensing. You must be familiar with the countless mold types and the various problems they cause.

From The Highest Rated And Most Trusted Online Training Company

Mold is a fungus that breaks down organic materials, such as downed trees, fallen leaves, and dead animals. Exposure to mold can cause allergic and irritant symptoms, such as runny nose, red eyes, asthma attacks, and localized skin infection. When mold makes its way indoors in a moist environment, it gradually damages building materials and furnishing.

This mold certification course details the best work practices where exposure to mold is likely. It provides information on applicable regulations and agencies for mold, mold prevention, and mold remediation in the construction and general industries. The topics covered in this mold training online course will help workers understand and identify mold, what causes mold growth, and the best methods of remediation.

This course is for:This OSHA mold training course is designed for anyone who works in mold maintenance, mold remediation, or any environment where exposure to mold is likely. This safety training may help prevent serious adverse health effects caused by mold exposure.

This online certification course meets the requirements set forth by OSHA for mold remediation and prevention in both the construction and general industries.

Available languages: 100+ languages – translation provided by Google Translate

Consequences of not training?

Key Takeaway: Mold can affect anyone who is exposed to it. It is especially harmful to people who are immunocompromised.

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Start Your Mold Inspection Or Mold Remediation Career Today

The Professional Mold Inspection Institute is your national company for the industry’s best moldinspection and mold remediation training along with mold report software, mold sampling and mold remediation equipment.PMII provides affordable online mold training you can complete at your own pace. Whether you want to establisha new mold business or expand your current environmental or home inspection services, PMII will help you gain themold training and mold certification you need.

  • Mold Remediation Project
  • Setting Up an Ozone Blaster
  • Vehicle Remediation with Ozone
  • Setting Up a Hydroxyl Generator
  • Infrared Moisture Inspection

From Our Mold Inspection Students…I can’t say enough about your mold course! I had never taken an online course before but yours truly was a pleasure!Everything was THERE, right down to the mold inspection report forms! I also appreciate your quick responses tomy questions. The course was an incredible value and I have to say I’ve found that ‘mold IS gold.’ When you offera mold inspection, your clients jump on it nearly every time.T.C. Chicago, IL

  • NAMRI Membership – National Association of Mold Remediatorsand Inspectors

Consumer Mold Information Sheet

Mold Certification Training, Mold Inspection Certification Course, Remediation Class

1. Where do I find the Consumer Mold Information Sheet?

. Licensed mold assessors and remediators are required to provide a copy of the Consumer Mold Information Sheet to each client and to the property owner, if not the same person, before any mold-related activity begins. This requirement does not apply to mold analysis laboratories or training providers.

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Identifying An Unknown Indoor Air Quality Problem

Guidelines for Selecting an Indoor Air Quality Consultant, AIHA provides tips on which types of professionals can help with your problem and how to find the best consultant for your needs.

Find an indoor air quality professional:

  • Phone Book Search yellow pages or online for Indoor Air Quality Consulting, Environmental Consulting, or Industrial Hygiene

What Does A Mold Assessment Look Like

A standard mold inspection includes an evaluation of these items.

  • Building integrity has water damage compromised the structure?
  • Health risks have humans or animals come in contact with the mold?
  • Current sources of mold where is the mold located and is it spreading?
  • Potential for future mold development are there other areas where moisture is a concern?
  • Mold prevention how can future mold issues be eliminated?

Mold assessors not only eliminate mold issues, but they also locate potential problem areas and prevent long-term damage from occurring. Often, they are called upon to counsel homeowners and guide the remediation process. A mold assessor may find themselves working with contractors and others to exact a solution.

How Can You Become a Mold Assessor?

If you want to learn more about mold and its accompanying health risks, dont be afraid to take steps toward CMA certification. By taking the proper classes and tests, you can become knowledgeable in the field of mold. Certified mold assessors can then help homeowners create healthy living environments.

Florida requires all licensed mold assessors to pass an approved exam for mold assessment. This test is approved by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

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Why Take The Residential Mold Removal Course

Continuous education in any industry is key to keeping up with the latest industry developments, meeting high-quality standards and, last but not least, satisfying your customers.

You can complete this course at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. Compared to other online mold training programs, our course offers great value in terms of both content and price.

Most importantly, you can always reach out to us for any questions or support. We have 15 years of professional experience fighting mold all over the world so theres no issue we havent come across.

Let us help you become the best mold remediator you can be!

Who Needs A Mold Remediationlicense


Mold remediation means the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, of mold or mold-contaminated matter that was not purposely grown at that location. The terms mold abatement and mold removal can be used interchangeably with mold remediation.

The remediation process entails the use of specialized equipment and methods to ensure complete removal while preventing new growth of mold.

In addition to remediation, some states regulate mold assessment. Mold assessment providers are mold testing companies dedicated to the detection and prevention of microbial contaminants in indoor environments. They provide professional services for mold inspection, mold and allergen testing and preventative maintenance.

Some states require the mold remediation and mold assessment be completed by two separate companies.

Currently, only a handful of states require licensure to remediate mold. Check back often as these regulations change periodically.

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Epa Lead Certification Michigan

Anyone in Michigan who conducts renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 or child-occupied facilities must get EPA lead certified.This certification is required for any renovation that disturbs more than 6 square feet of interior or 20 square feet of exterior lead paint in residential or child-occupied facilities.

Having the EPA lead certification assures a consumer that your company is in full compliance with all Federal and State requirements for the new Renovation, Repair and Painting Laws.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Licensed Mold Assessor Or Mold Remediator In The State Of Florida

This depends upon which method of licensure for which you are applying: initial licensure by examination, endorsement or grandfathering . The requirements are as follows:Initial Licensure:” Mold remediators must have 2 year degree in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, or a related field of science from an accredited institution and a minimum of one year of field experience, or a high school diploma or equivalent with 4 years of documented field experience.” Mold assessors must have 2 year degree in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, or a related field of science from an accredited institution and a minimum of one year of field experience or a high school diploma or equivalent with 4 years of documented field experience.” All applicants must demonstrate documented training in water, mold and respiratory protection.” Applicants must submit an application and fee to the department, pass a state approved examination, and submit to a criminal background check.Endorsement: Applicants licensed or certified in another state as a mold assessor or remediator with substantially equivalent licensing requirements as in Florida may satisfy the requirements for licensure by endorsement. The applicant must submit an application and fees to the department, and submit to a criminal background check.Grandfathering: Based on Section 468.8423, F.S., the grandfathering clause ended on March 1, 2011.

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States With Licensing Requirements

Some states do not require contractors to meet any prerequisite requirements for performing mold-related services, while others require training courses or certification exams. We currently offer Mold-Remediation certification courses for the following states, which meet the requirements for licensure.

Mold Remediation In California

Mold remediation and certification

In California, the CDPH provides information on best practices for mold remediation in a workplace setting.

When it comes to actual training and certification courses, the most widely respected non-government affiliated association is the:

Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization

  • For years they have set standards and offered courses for inspection and removal.
  • These standards have been established by the nations most experienced and reputable mold removal experts.
Training Schools

There are several schools and associations around the country that offer mold remediation courses and certifications, find out which course makes the most sense for you depending on where you live.

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What Does Mold Remediation Certification Mean

Thats a good question, and the answer depends on which organization certifies the mold remediation contractor in question. Each organization sets its own criteria. Some organizations require a certified mold remediation contractor to hold a degree in engineering. Some require no college degree at all. Some require a certified mold remediation contractor to attend a number of classes. Others offer certification over the internet.

When hiring a mold remediation contractor, you should ask if he holds any certification and if so, which organization or organizations have certified him. Thats not all you need to know, though. If he is certified, ask him about the certifying organizations criteria for certification. Find out what certification really means in the case of the mold remediation contractor you are considering hiring.

Homeadvisor Screened And Approved

In order to be an approved HomeAdvisor member, a company must meet specific criteria. The HomeAdvisor screening process covers:

  • Licensing
  • Legal Search for Civil Judgements
  • Sex Offender Search
  • State Business Filings
  • Identity Verification

For consumers, HomeAdvisor provides the tools and resources they need to complete their home improvement, maintenance and repair projects. With HomeAdvisor, homeowners can view average project costs, find local pre-screened home professionals and instantly book appointments online. The resources provided by HomeAdvisor are free to homeowners, with no membership or fees required.

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Why This Is So Practical

“Prior to remediation work, the water source contributing to the mold contamination should be identified and rectified. Isolated remediation areas should be dried prior to or at a minimum uponcompletion of the remediation work. If heightened levels of relative humidity, or saturated surfaces or structural components still exist when the pre-remediation walk-thrus are conducted, a separatescope of work for drying surfaces should be developed. Drying of structures and surfaces should be completed prior to post remediation clearance.” Chuck Hector, CMR Trainer and Owner ofRemediation Specialists, NJ

The MRSR is a fully licensed and insured professional, trained to meet specific state requirements for Florida DBPR licensure, who has completed at least 24hours of education in mold remediation techniques including assessment, mold, moisture, and respiratory protection . Based on a NORMI proctored examination, accepted by the State of Florida forlicensure, this experienced professional develops follows industry standard protocols for either sanitization and remediation based on IICRC S500, IICRC S520, NYS Guidelines, and EPA Standards.

This class is designed to cover all aspects of mold remediation. Here is a brief overview of some of the areas we cover:

  • Understand the basic principles of microbial remediation as described and generally accepted as the standards in the industry.
  • Preparing For Mold Remediation Inspection

    Our Mold Certifications &  Licenses

    A successfully licensed mold inspector is curious about everything from the technology behind their machinery to the metabolic life cycle of fungi. It’s why AdvantaClean offers free training programs and courses to our franchisees and their employees. The more knowledgeable our partners are, the better they can serve our customers.

    If you’re looking for the easiest way to get your mold certification, AdvantaClean streamlines the experience so you can save time and kickstart your business as quickly as possible. Our franchise model has proven itself time and time again, and our reviews and reputation truly do speak for themselves. It’s our privilege to provide entrepreneurs with all the tools and education they need to succeed.

    Call 926-4046 today or request more information and learn more about franchise ownership with an industry-leading restoration franchise. One of our franchise licensing advisors will be happy to answer any questions you have and assist you with evaluating whether franchise ownership is right for you.

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    What Is The Mold Removal Specialist Certification

    The Mold Removal Specialist certification recognizes professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to: perform mold remediation for structures and contents design and maintain containment control pressure differentials safely work in mold contaminated environments understand common remediation work practices review protocols design and implement remediation processes understand and follow industry standards and legal requirements recognize conditions conducive for causing mold growth and prevent amplification and contamination for a variety of building environment types.

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