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How To Get Mold Out Of Canvas Tent

How To Prevent Mold And Mildew

Removing Mold / Mildew from Canvas Tent

The most important thing you can do to keep your tent mold and mildew-free is to keep it dry as much as possible while camping and while storing it. Test your tents waterproofing regularly to make sure it is still effective, and reapply as necessary.

When storing your tent, you should keep it in a large, breathable bag. A mesh bag or pillowcase works well, but the bag the tent came from is normally not the best option. Never store it while it is wet always allow it to dry first when possible, or if you are unable to do so, dry it as soon as possible afterward.

While camping, keep the flaps and screens open to prevent moisture from collecting. You should also regularly sweep and mop the floor of the tent just like you would a regular floor. You can sweep the floor out after a trip, then mop and let the tent dry before storing it again. If you are camping for a long time, its also a good idea to clear out any foliage near where your tent is pitched and to regularly brush off any debris that might fall on it.

If you are a light camper, who doesnt go out very often, cleaning your tent once a season should be sufficient. A thorough cleaning should follow longer camping trips from which the tent becomes visibly dirty.

How Do You Remove Mold From A Tent

Of course, the best way is to prevent mold on a tent from occurring by airing, cleaning and storing it appropriately. When doing this I’ve never had any issues.

However, there may well be cases where perhaps tents haven’t been treated as well and mold has built up on a tent and it needs to be cleaned off, what’s the best way of doing this?

Using Tilex or bleach to eradicate mold is the wrong thing to do. Bleach does nothing to eradicate mold, it simply bleaches the the fabric. If you want to kill mold, then you need to use a product designed specifically for that purpose. I would recommend Concrobium which will do nothing to remove the mold stain, but will kill the mold on contact.

  • 4When I first read this I thought, “That’s ridiculous, of course it kills mold.” A little reading around seems to indicate that it does kill and deodorize mold, but only on non-porous surfaces, since it can’t get deep into the pores of wood. Tent fabric isn’t that deep, though, so it might effectively kill mold in tent fabric. It will leave behind the dead mold which can still cause allergic reactions in some cases, but at least the smell will be gone. Having said that, though, I’d be worried about whether it causes damage to the fibers themselves.

These suggested steps may very depending on the amount of mildew and type of product:

  • Apply a treatment such as McNett MiraZyme or similar product.
  • Mix 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of concentrated lemon juice with 1 gallon of hot water.
  • What About The Mildew Smell

    Everyone knows how annoying and irritating mildew smell can be. And the worst part? The unpleasant musty odor that still lingers around the tent after all the cleaning and drying.

    Luckily, its pretty easy to get rid of mildew smell. Get the all-natural MiraZyme. Its one of, if not the best mildew odor eliminator around.

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    Preventing Mould On Canvas

    Prevention of mould is the best way to take care of your canvas. Always wipe down your canvas tent or awning with clean water before allowing it dry thoroughly. Its best to pitch your tent again when youre at home to allow enough ventilation for complete air dry.

    • Check your tent seams for dampness as they will take the longest to dry
    • Store the tent in a dry place between events or trips
    • Check your storage place often to ensure the area is dry

    Easy Process To Remove Mold From Canvas Tent

    Removing Mildew from a Tent

    Here is the process of eliminating mold. You can always follow your own method. Here we have found the one that seemed to be easiest. Continue reading to find if it is convenient for you.

    Identifying mold spots: The first step of mold removal is to identify the mold affected areas. Mold spots look like polka specks. It can be black, blue or green. It will cover the surface of the canvas like cloudy ashes. But if there are holes around the mold formed area, then it is passed the saving phase. You can still clean up the mold and use the tent as recycling material. Otherwise, you are good to go to the next step.

    Primary Cleaning: the primary cleaning process is to clear out dust, dirt and dampness from the tent. Thoroughly clean it and leave alone the mold spots for now. After you are done dusting, you should dry it in the sun for a while. When it is completely dry, wipe off the mold spots with a clean rag. Do not use the rag again. Its best if you throw it away to prevent any more fungal spread.

    Waterproofing spray:even if the damage is minimal, the mold and cleaning process leaves the waterproofing damaged. So, it would help if you considered using the waterproofing spray. It will reinstate the tents condition and it will be good to use during rain, snowfall and foggy nights. It will work like a new tent.

    Bottom Line

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    How Do You Get Mold Out Of A Tent

    Using a soft hairbrush or toothbrush, brush the mold and mildew from the material. Wash the affected area with a solution made up of 1/2 cup Lysol to a gallon of hot water. And/or rinse with a solution of 1 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of salt to a gallon of hot water. Allow the material to dry completely in the sun.

    How Do I Prevent Mold

    For the casual camper or glamper, standard cleaning/retreatment and ensuring that you never pack your tent while it is damp or dirty is all that is needed to avoid mold. Let the tent dry completely in the sun, ensuring the floor, guylines, poles, stakes, and bags are all bone dry before rolling it up for storage. If you cant get everything dry when breaking camp, loosely roll up the tent for transport and let dry it at home in a garage or living room before storing it.

    If you are pitching the tent for a long period of time or living out of your tent, YOU ARE AWESOME! As a seasoned naturist you know the importance of maintaining a clean camp and quality equipment. Follow these tips to prevent mold from growing in the first place:

    • Purchase the Pro or ProTech bell tents which are specifically designed for long term use or extreme environments.
    • Regularly inspect the tent for mold growth . If you see any mold kill it with vinegar and immediately retreat the spot with DryGuy Canvas Waterproofing.
    • Clean off any dead leaves, bugs, bird poop, etc. that falls on the tent
    • Cut back vegetation in the surrounding area so tall grass and weeds are several feet away from the canvas. Keep it up as new growth forms.
    • Keep your tent well ventilated. Mesh covered vents, windows, doors, and even walls on the ProTech bell tents make it easy to keep it breezy.
    • Clean and retreat your canvas as needed, based on your observations of the impact the environment is having on your tent.

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    Can You Clean A Moldy Tent How

    If its a mold problem, you need to act fast before it renders your tent useless. We all know mold has the potential to spread quickly especially if the environment is favorable.

    So, whats the first thing that comes to mind when you see mold growths on your tent? Grab a bottle of bleach and spray it on the affected area? Nothing kills mold faster than bleach, right? Right, but never make a mistake of using bleach to clean mold off the tent.

    While its effective on hard, non-porous surfaces like countertops, bleach can damage and discolor your tents fabric.

    Before you try any remedy, test a small area of the tent, preferably somewhere less noticeable to make sure its safe for your tent. Be extra cautious if you are dealing with canvas tents. Also, never machine wash or dry your tent in a dryer.

    Heres how to clean a tent with mold safely and effectively.

    A Lesson On Moldy Tents And Deep Cleaning

    How to Remove Mold Stains on Canvas Tents | CanvasCamp

    Youve seen it on that last slice of bread, creeping up the bathroom wall, or dusting the outside of a fabulously dry-cured sausage accompanied by an exquisite French cheese. Good or bad, mold is an intractable part of the world we occupy. It can also destroy your stuff.

    First and foremost: Canvas tents have been used all over the world in a variety of environments for 100+ years, remain the undisputed champion in tentage material, and are built to last. You just have to take care of them. Similar to other fine pieces of equipment, tools, and clothing, proper maintenance is required. If you are looking for a long term shelter to leave up in the rainforest without much maintenance, a non-breathable petroleum based product like hard plastic may be a better solution, although comfort and humidity may limit the amount of time you want to spend inside it.

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    What You Will Need For Cleaning A Moldy Tent

    Gloves to protect your hands from chemicals

    Water for rinsing and soaking the tent. Warm water is preferable, but cold will work as well.

    Commercial Enzyme cleaner or warm soapy water this will be used to soak the tent with mold on it to break down any remaining spores of fungus that may exist inside material fibers.

    Sponge or soft brush for spot cleaning any areas that may not be washed by the water.

    Bathtub or large basin for soaking.

    Air-drying rack or nice sunny outdoor area for drying the tent after cleaning it.

    Diy Remedies For Removing Mold On A Tent

    If you discover mold or mildew on your tent before leaving for a camping trip, you have more options to clean it using common household ingredients.

    Although the following DIY methods effectively clean and kill the mold in your tent, they may also affect your tents lifespan. While they both entail cleaning with natural products, you should use them with discretion.

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    Mold Out Of Canvas Tent

    Does anyone know how to get mold and mildew out of the canvas from a camper trailer? I am borrowing a friend’s camper, but the canvas is full of mold and mildew.

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    Best Answer

    First off, leave it open, ideally in sunlight if possible. The sun will kill the spores. I know, depending on where you live, that’s more difficult this time of year. If you can put it in a warm garage, that will help also.

    Mold/mildew spores are everywhere in the air. If something remains damp for 48 hours or more without much air, mold/mildew can grow. The stains are difficult to remove entirely but you can lighten them and freshen the canvas.

    Obviously, make sure you let the tent dry thoroughly before storing it away again or the mildew will grow back. If you have to work a lot on the fabric you may want to water proof it again after it is dry. Good Luck,


    There are a number of methods for removing mold and mildew stains from the canvas of a popup camper. The following tips and suggestions for removing mold and mildew stains from the canvas of a popup camper will help you get your popup camper looking like new once again.

    Precautions to Consider Before Attempting Mold and Mildew Stain Removal

    You can find more mold removal tips on:

    Identify The Mold Damage

    4M PRO 360* MESH Bell Tent

    The first step is to identify how much mold exists and how much damage has already occurred. If the tent has holes where there are visible signs of mold, then Ive got some bad news for you. The mold has gone too far to remove and deteriorated the material.

    At this point, you will need to asses the damage and decide whether its time to get a new tent, or simply repair your existing tent. If theres not too much damage caused, you could always sew in a new patch of canvas material over the existing holes once you remove the mold.

    If there are only a few speckles of the mold with no visible holes or tears present in the canvas, then youre in with a fighting chance.

    Now that youve identified the mold, your next step is to kill the mold. There are several ways you can kill mold with the most straightforward being using white vinegar that has been watered down.

    In a spray bottle, mix up a solution of water and white vinegar and spray on the affected areas of the tent. You should then let the parts youve sprayed to dry before moving onto the next step.


    • Side note, some people may suggest using bleach to get rid of mold. I believe you should not do this on a canvas tent or almost any tent, as bleach can eat the coating of waterproofing from your tent. In some cases, bleach has even been known to eat the fabric of your tent. For me, this is enough of a warning not to use bleach on my tent, ever.

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    Vinegar Lemon Juice And Salt

    You can use a sponge to wipe down the tent with vinegar while it is set up, but a more effective method is to take down the tent and soak the fabric in a tub of pure distilled vinegar. Leave it to soak for about 20 minutes.

    Remove the tent from the vinegar and without rinsing it hang it up for a while until it is dry enough to assemble in a sunny spot. Leave the tent in the sun to dry and air out . If you leave the tent to dry for a few days, the vinegar smell will go away.

    For a canvas tent, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt can also be used to clean mold naturally. Add distilled white vinegar to a trigger spray bottle and use it to spray the entire tent. Allow the vinegar to dry on the tent without rinsing.

    To scrub away ugly mold stains, mix one cup of lemon juice with one cup of salt and add this to a gallon of hot water. Using a soft brush, use the lemon and salt solution to scrub the tent fabric, focusing on the areas with mold stains.

    Mold And Mildew Cleaner

    Mildew is a type of mold that forms clusters of little black or brown spots. These stain tent fabric and leave marks even after the spores have been killed.

    The best way to clean a nylon tent with mildew is to use a specialized tent cleaner, like Gear Aid Revivex Pro Cleaner. The product is designed to get rid of mildew spots and odor in a tent.

    Revivex Pro Cleaner can be used to spot-clean small, isolated patches of mildew, or if the whole tent is affected, it can be used to soak and handwash the tent.

    Cleaning mold and mildew out of the fabric of a canvas tent is difficult. Because of the dense nature of the canvas fibers, once mold spores get in, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. The best you can do is treat the tent to deactivate the mold spores and prevent the mold from spreading.

    Canvas tents, like nylon tents, have a water-repellent coating. One must avoid using harsh chemical detergents on canvas tents, as it reduces the tents water repellence.

    Concrobium Mold Stain Remover is a powerful mold treatment that can get rid of deeply embedded mold and mildew stains. The liquid concentrate is diluted in a spray bottle and applied to the tent fabric. The spray is left to dry on the fabric.

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    How Do You Remove Mold From Canvas

    You can take care of mould on canvas by using vinegar – spray the vinegar on the marks and use a soft brush to get rid of them, then rinse them with hot water. You may have to repeat this process a few times to make sure the mold has gone – be patient, sometimes it takes more than one or two attempts.

    General Tent Cleaning Tips

    Treating a Canvas Tent with Mould & Mildew | Glawning: the glam awning

    You should clean your tent after long camping trips of several days or more. But if you just use your tent for occasional short camping trips, it needs to be cleaned every few months.

    Moisture, dirt, and grime present the biggest challenges in keeping your tent in the best shape, so its important to tackle those when caring for and cleaning your tent. Before looking at special tent cleaning situations, keep the following general tips in mind to keep your tent clean:

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    How Do You Get Mold Out Of A Canvas Tent

    Kill it: Spray it with distilled white vinegar. Let dry. Clean it: Scrub it lightly with a soft brush using a mixture of salt, lemon, and hot water. Avoid using detergent soaps or bleach which is harsh on canvas and tough to rinse out.

    Can you clean a tent with vinegar?

    Spray the entire tent with a 50/50 vinegar solution. After an hour or so, use a soft brush or sponge dipped in the soap to scrub away the stain. Be gentle, so you do not rub away the waterproof coating. Never use bleach It will weaken the fibers and destroy the tents waterproofing.

    How do I clean and disinfect my tent?

    Heres how to clean a dirty tent:

  • Spot clean with soap: Gently use the cloth or sponge and small amount of mild dish soap to spot clean any extra-dirty areas.
  • Prep the tub: Fill your tub with cool to lukewarm water and add your tent-cleaner product.
  • Prep your tent: Unzip the doors and turn the tent inside out.
  • How do you deep clean a tent?

    Soak the tent: Fill a bathtub or utility sink with cool to lukewarm water and add a cleaner specifically designed for washing outdoor gear. Immerse the inside-out tent and rainfly and let them soak. Rinse the tent: Drain the tub and refill it with clean water. Swish the tent around to rinse it.

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