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How To Clean Mold Off Car Seats

When Should You Call A Professional For Car Mold

How to Remove Mold & Mildew from Car Seats Cars Simplified

In some instances, the mold may persist despite multiple cleaning sessions. This is when you should reach out to a reputableautomobile detailing company or mold remediation expert for help.

If youre confused about when to call a specialist, look out for these key warning signs.

  • Black, mold, green, or white stains splayed out in a splash-like pattern.
  • Recurring mold growth you cant seem to prevent.
  • Lingering moldy smells, even after extensive scrubbing and vacuuming.
  • Lightheadedness, nausea, or breathlessness while inside the car or after exiting.
  • Brittle and flaking weather-stripping.

Best Automotive Mildew And Mold Assassins

Mold stronghold identified, and interior parts removed, its time to get busy, and give that shit the shaft. But what product should you buy in order to guarantee that this crud gets completely annihilated, and never returns? Here are a few top choices that some of our connections in the automotive industry have found work extremely well.

Quick Tip: When dealing with potentially dangerous, spore-like substances like mold and mildew, its always best to wear a respirator mask, gloves, long sleeves, and protective eyewear.

What Is The Difference Between Mildew And Mold In The Car

Mildew and mold share some similarities in appearance and smell, so it can be easy to confuse the two at first.

Mildew appears as patches of white or grey fungus on damp surfaces in or on your car. It is less of a threat and more of an inconvenience. You can remove mildew yourself with a scrub brush and bottle of cleaner.

Mold, on the other hand, is a widespread issue that poses serious health risks to you and your passengers. It can be fuzzy or slimy in appearance and comes in a variety of colours.

DO NOT run the air conditioning fans

For more about difference between mold and mildew checkout our case study here.

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Ride In Clean Comfort With These Tips For How To Clean Car Seats With Minimal Effort Your Car Seats Will Smell Fresh And Look Like New

Like oil and filter changes and other routine mechanical maintenance tasks, regular cleaning does wonders to prolong the life of your cars interior.

With all car seats, prevention is better than cure, so I advise that spending a little time each week keeping your car clean and hygienic will pay off in the long run, says John Peterson, editor of Safe Drive Gear and an auto retailer senior sales manager.

To clean car seats like a professional, keep these nine tips in mind:

Removing And Cleaning Mold In A Car

7+ Ways to Remove Mold from the Car Interior

If you find mold, you will want to take precautions to prevent additional mold exposure. And you will want to kill the mold and prevent it from returning.

Wear a mask if you are concerned about health effects from breathing mold spores. You wont want just a cheap, flimsy mask that costs a buck. Instead, youll want a mask that can filter out particulates. These are good masks to have on hand for a variety of purposes, including cleaning, emergency preparedness, etc. This respirator mask is really great. But you could also use a particulate mask such as these.

If you cant remove an item that is damp, such as the upholstery on a seat or the floorboard, there are a few options.

Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove the water. Be sure to do this for every surface, not just one area that you think might be wet.

If you dont have a wet-dry vacuum, then park your car in the outdoor sun to dry out. Roll down all of the windows on a sunny day and let the sun bake out the moisture. Opening the doors would be a good idea, too, but you want to make sure your battery does not go dead by leaving on any interior lights, radio, etc.

P.S. These work great as natural closet deodorizers, too. See more options for naturally getting rid of odors in a closet.

Now you have got to kill the mold, or else its going to keep coming back.

As I wrote about in my book, The Everything Guide to a Healthy Home, bleach is surprisingly not the answer to kill mold

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How To Get Smell Out Of Car Seats the smell of cigarette smoke can also pierce into your cars leather seats, but you can get rid them off by following two simple steps below:Cover the area completely with a generous layer of baking soda.Cover your seats before you get to blowing stuff out Does pee stain car seats?

Eliminate the source, stash your weed in a stash box.For the upholstery sprinkle baking soda all over the car seats, you may want to recline your seats so it is a bit easier to apply the deodorize on the backrests.Fortunately, if an accident does occur, you wont have to pay a high price to replace your upholstery.Getting rid of smoke smell from your car involves very simple steps divide it into sweeping the vehicle and using natural or chemical cleaners the snuff out any remaining smell:

How to get cigarette smell out of a car in 7 steps.How to get the gasoline smell out of a car?How to get urine smell out of car seat.If you arent able to suction out remaining liquids that are soaked into your seat after cleaning, you will always have that food smell lingering in your car.

It can also be used to remove the smell of weed out of your car.Leave the baking soda on the surface for approximately 30 minutes and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck it up.Leave the baking soda overnight.Make sure you vacuum up all the little weed crumbs.

Q Is It Safe To Drive With Mold In My Car

A.The Drives editors are not doctors or biologists, so we cant tell you for sure if its safe to drive with mold in your car. What we can tell you is that its best to clean and remove the mold before driving. Even if it turns out to be harmless to humans, its gross and will probably cause your car to smell funky.

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Finding Mold In A Car

  • Work on removing mold in a car in the sun, if possible. You want bright sunlight, which mold doesnt like. It also makes it easier to see subtle changes in colors and patterns in your car interior, which can alert you to where mold is growing.
  • Open all of the windows and doors in your car. Youll want to air out the car, to get the smell out and fresh air in. You will want to make sure that you dont drain your car battery with lights, alarms or anything else that might occur with your windows and doors open for a length of time.
  • Stop the accumulation of moisture and get rid of dampness. Do this by removing anything that might be wet or damp, including floor mats, sports equipment in the trunk, car seat carriers and base, pillows, etc.
  • Dry the visible moisture off of these items, if any. Then place the items in the hot sun to dry out completely.
  • Look for mold. It can be many colors, including grey, green, black, white or brown. Generally it looks like circular patches, but look for any change in pattern or texture that could possibly be mold. Look in every square inch of your car, including upholstery, carpeting, ceiling, in between seats, on seatbelts, dashboards, the trunk, under seats, in the storage compartments between seats, etc.
  • The Secret To Eliminating Mold On Your Car Seats

    How To Clean Mold and Mildew Off Of Vinyl Seats

    You left your windows open in a heavy downpour. You didnt properly secure the lid on that nearly-full water bottle. There are any number of ways to expose your cars interior to water damage. And if that water isnt properly dried, wild mold growth isnt far behind.

    Mold thrives in a dark, damp, warm environment. Moisture is the real key, so keeping your car dry and freshly aerated means staying mold-free. If, by accident, you end up with water in your car, and you start to smell that tell-tale musty, moldy smell, there are a number of ways to kill the mold growth.

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    Vacuum Your Cars Interior First

    The first line of defense to have when removing mold from your car is vacuuming. This not only removes loose mold particles, but it also sucks up any dirt and grime from the surfaces in your vehicle.

    More dirt means spreading that nasty water around, making it much more difficult for you to treat moldy areas.When vacuuming, get deep down into the crevices of each car seat and underneath them, as well.

    You may also want to use a wet-dry vacuum machine, which works exceptionally well when you have damp areas or spills in the car, contributing to mold growth. This type of vacuum also comes in handy when you want to vacuum over spots of the vehicle which have been treated with a cleaning solution to prevent moisture from building within the cushions.

    Prepare The Car For Cleaning

    Before you can start scrubbing or cleaning the mold, youll want to be sure that the interior of the car is at least partially cleaned.

  • Remove trash, personal belongings, paperwork, and other items from the interior. Throw away anything that has mold growth on it.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpets, seats, and other soft finishes.
  • Inspect the car for leaks and damaged seals. Moisture that enters the vehicle will help the mold continue to grow. If there is a leak and you do not repair it, youll likely be cleaning mold out of your car again in the future.
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    Diy Mold And Mildew Removal From Cars Salt Method

    The salt solution method is a useful alternative to the vinegar solution method. If you are hesitant to use vinegar on delicate car parts, mix non-iodized salt in water and pour the mixture in a spray bottle.

    • Brush or spray the salt mixture on the target mold-infested surface
    • Spray upt o 2 feet of the adjacent area surrounding the main area of infestation
    • Let the solution dry for 10 minutes and use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess solution
    • Leave the car in direct sunlight with doors and windows open to ensure all the moisture leaves the cars interior
    • If salt crusts form on the target surface, use a brush and vacuum cleaner to remove the crusts as needed.

    Preparing Your Car For Mold And Mildew Removal

    How To Remove Mold From Leather Car Seats

    The minute you open the door of a mold or mildew infested car, you will instantly smell the foul sour milk odor and sense the dampness in the cars interior. Mold and mildew growths have a characteristic smell which is neither pleasant nor safe to inhale. Before you head straight into the main mold and mildew removal methods for cars, here are some preparation tips you need to follow:

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    How To Remove Mold From Car Upholstery

    A number of your cars odor problems may have been caused by the growing mold, particularly in your upholstery. Mold starts breeding there because perhaps you failed to properly clean up a spill or when you tried to detail your car, you were not able to permit your upholstery to dry up thoroughly.

    Of course, you should not let the mold in your car upholstery left unattended. You should get rid of it for health reasons.

    Also before beginning, consider doing a overall health of car using OBD scanner. As it can pickup important information about car engine that need to be addressed before things get worse.


    Here are some useful suggestions on how you can remove that annoying mold from your car upholstery:

    Find out where the mold is actually breeding. Begin searching on the visible areas. Check out the stained areas. Then, widen your scan.

    Most often, you may see them thriving on the bottom of your cars seat. You may also have them just behind the cloth that conveniently covers our cars seat. You may also consider smelling your cars upholstery.

    Once you sense a strong musty odor, you are most probably close to the area where mold grows.

    Get moist out of your car. Moist serves as a feeding ground for mold. If your car is completely dry, you literally kill the mold.

    To start cleaning your car, move it into a well-ventilated area. Leave the doors open. This allows your cars upholstery to dry and for the air to go in and out.

    Clean From Top To Bottom

    With vacuuming and stain treatment complete, move on to a thorough washing. Go over every part of the seat starting at the top so that any dirty solution drips down, says Peterson. When your brush gets dirty, Peterson says to be sure to rinse it in clean water and shake to remove excess moisture.

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    Wipe And Scrub The Affected Area

    Assuming youre using water and rubbing alcohol, dip a clean, dry microfiber cloth into the solution. Begin scouring the affected area. If the leather seats have gotten quite moldy or mildewy, then go one spot at a time.

    Youll probably have to put some elbow grease into this part, especially if the mold or mildew stains are pretty large. Once you cant see the fungi on the leather, then you can move on to the next spot.

    How To Get Mold Out Of Fabric Car Seats With Oil Of Cloves: Practical Tips

    How to clean mold of Car Seats

    Another great way to effectively get mold out of car seats, carpets, or interior naturally is to use Oil of Cloves. These natural oils are strong antiseptics that stop mold growth and kill the spores from growing.

    This is very important because killing the mold will not stop the infestation from growing back on your car seat fabric or carpet. You must kill the spores as well.

    Oil of Cloves is known as analgesic, stimulant, antiseptic, and is cheap and is readily available both in pharmacies and health food shops. They work very effectively both on hard and soft surfaces as well.

    Since Oil of Cloves tends to irritate baby-sensitive skin, ensure you dilute the concentration to less than 1% when you use it.

    This includes using it on baby car seat covers, strollers, and anywhere your baby skin can make direct contact.

    Things youll need to remove mold with Oil of Cloves:

    • 1/4 teaspoon of Oil of Cloves.
    • 1 Liter of tap water.
    • A clean spray bottle.
    • Bicarbonate of Soda and White Vinegar .

    Practical Tips: For Hard Surfaces

  • The first step is to clean the area with a mixture of 4 liters of hot water, 1/2 a cup of white vinegar, and one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda.
  • Then make a paste using some drops of oil of clove, bicarbonate of soda, and white vinegar.
  • After doing this, use a toothbrush to rub the paste onto the affected area and then allow it dry.
  • Finally, wipe off after youre done.
  • Practical Tips: For Soft Surfaces

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    Use Detergent Or White Vinegar

    After dry steaming the whole surface, detergent used to clean the surface again. Mold removal can not only be done with dry steaming. In the next step, put a good detergent into the steaming machine and then let the steam do the cleaning job. You can use more pressure where the dirt spot is wider or there is a grease spot, or the mold is much thicker.

    After that, let the car dry. Then the steam cleaning experts treat the car with a special product to make sure that there is absolutely no mold left. They use a clean and thick piece of cloth to apply the product all over your carĂ¢s interior, seat belts and floor matts, use a scrub brush on the surfaces if needed.

    You can also make dilution 1:1 of white vinegar and using spray bottle and clean towel, wipe all surfaces with this vinegar solution.

    When To Discard Leather Items With Mold

    In some cases, leather items cannot be saved due to mold damage. Determining whether you should discard the leather contents should come down to one thing:


    If your leather belongings have gotten wet by a flood in your home and it was not dried up immediately, there is a strong possibility it will not be able to be salvaged. Quickly really means within the first 24-48 hours. Time is of the essence if you would like to save leather.

    And even if you can save furnishings such as leather couches from mold, the leather may be ruined regardless.

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    Other Frequently Asked Questions

    Is It Safe To Drive With Mold In My Car

    We cant tell you for sure if its safe to drive with mold in your car because we are not doctors or biologists.

    But we suggest that you clean and remove the mold before driving. Even if its less harmless to you, its disgusting, and can cause your car to smell funky.

    How Much Will It Cost To Pay Someone To Clean My Car?

    A lot of full-service car washes render interior cleaning or reconditioning services. You have to speak with the car attendant to find out whats involved in the process, but most car wash services charge different prices based on the type of vehicle.

    Small or sedan cars may cost around $50 to $200, while larger vehicles like SUVs and wagons can cost about $200 or more.

    Even if you have time to handle the messes in your car yourself, its sometimes recommended to pay an expert to do it for you, since they have the right chemicals and machines to get the job done effectively.

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