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How To Clean Mold From Ductwork

How To Clean Mold From Vents

How to reduce mold in your air duct system. Great Tip.

While you can clean mold from your air conditioner vents and HVAC system using the method above, there are certain factors you need to consider when undertaking the job yourself, these are:

Not only this, professionals know how to remove and replace the adequate parts to ensure your whole system is spotless. This mold remediation process will eliminate the chances of cross-contamination, meaning that black mold will not spread to other areas of your home.

In addition to all the above, an expert will be able to tell you how to avoid this problem from occurring in the future, thus saving you money while also allowing you to keep your family safe and healthy in the long run.

Ductwork Mold Professionals

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Why Mold Doesnt Grow Easily On The Ductwork

The inside of your ductwork is likely made of or coated with one of three types of materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Metal
  • Plastic

There are some older ductwork that may be made of galvanized steel or aluminum, but the three listed above are the most common ductwork materials you will find these days.


Even Fiberglass is a little bit outdated, however, I do come across fiberglass ductwork pretty often in older homes. The fiberglass insulation coatings main advantage is that it helps absorb sound coming from the HVAC unit.

Mold will not generally grow on the Fiberglass because it is pre-treated with anti-microbial chemicals to prevent mold from growing


Metal ductwork is also very common in older homes. Metal is considered semi-porous.

Heres the thing:

Mold will generally not grow on metal but under the right conditions, it most certainly can.


Plastic ductwork is much more common in newer homes. The type of plastic ductwork is called flex duct. While the exterior is usually some for of polyester, the interior is plastic.

Plastic is also considered semi-porous so yes, mold can grow on the plastic under the right conditions, it is not very common.

Dont Get Hustled Get Smart

Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system cleaner and healthier for everyone. Mold prevention includes:

  • Changing or cleaning filters regularly
  • Using the correct size and MERV rated filter
  • Keeping vents clean and in good working order
  • Checking ductwork on a regular basis

These 4 steps can prevent many HVAC problems. Duct cleaning can improve your health, especially if you have mold, allergies to dust or pet dander, or have specific problems such as: insect or rodent infestations.

Avoid scamsby doing your homework, and request important documents, such as insurance, before technicians arrive. Dont fall for cheap coupons or gimmicks. If they say you have mold, get a second opinion.

Better yet call us, and we can tell you for sure. We believe that no one should live or work in a building that makes them sick. We will treat your home like its our own. From hidden mold sources to major contaminants, we can identify exactly what is going on in your home and rid it of environmental toxins, often for good.

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Mold In Air Ducts Health Problems

Mold growing in your air ducts will send mold spores out of the duct and into your living space. Once you come into contact with these spores or breathe them into your airways you can be subject to a wide variety of negative health effects, some of them being deadly.

Air duct mold exposure symptoms include:

  • Headaches

Eliminate Mold And Mildew From Your Ducts

How To Clean Mold From AC Duct and Vents

Mold and mildew are some of the most malicious irritants that can be lurking in your ductwork. Though you may not be able to see the spores, youll certainly feel the symptoms when you inhale them. Mold exposure can be a major threat to your health, but luckily, eliminating the problem is simple. Steamatic of Colorado Springs specializes incleaning air ducts and removing black mold in ductwork, for residential and commercial clients throughout the Colorado Springs area. To schedule your air duct cleaning, call us at 390-3872 orreach out online for more information.

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Is Mold Bad For My Health

Most of the time, a low level of mold will have little effect on you. However, if you are allergic to mold or you suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, the presence of mold in your home can be particularly bothersome. Exposure to indoor mold has also been shown to exacerbate asthma symptoms in sensitive individuals.

How To Choose A Reputable Company To Clean Your Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning is not a DIY project. Special equipment is needed to remove dust, dirt, mold and debris. You really do need to choose a professional for this job. How can you choose the right contractor? What questions should you ask them before hiring them? What kind of advertising should you expect?

Duct Cleaning Special, only $39.99!

Duct cleaning 84% off!

$290 worth of services for only $29.00!

What do these three statements have in common? They are all gimmicks to convince you that these companies will really give you an amazing deal. But yall, when its too good to be true, it probably is. There are a lot of people out there who will try to take advantage of you with duct cleaning scams. They claim you get all these services, but what they really do is rip you off.

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How Mold Enters An Air Duct

Mold typically enters an air duct system any time steady amounts of water or condensation are present in the vents. If an air conditioning unit is infected with a strain of mold, oftentimes it will spread from the air conditioning unit throughout the air duct system. If there is a low spot in your ducts where moisture can pool, then you can bet that mold will eventually be attracted to it. Think about your air ducts, they are the perfect spot for mold to thrive without being stopped, it’s dark, untouched, and if it’s there, it’s growing off the whatever moisture is still occurring.

The best way to prevent mold from growing inside of your air ducts is to keep the ducts as dry as possible and have them regularly cleaned and checked by experienced technicians so that dirt, grime, and other water trapping substances are not present within the airways.

How Do You Clean Mold From Air Ducts

HVAC Duct Cleaning Tampa | IDestroyMold.com | Remove Mold From A/C Ducts

If you find mold in your air ducts, act quickly to remove it. Inaction prolongs the growth and spread of mold, aggravating potential health risks.

If you notice mold, remove it immediately. To clean mold from air ducts, use natural remedies like soaked bleach.

You can also buy mold eradication products. If you cannot clean your air ducts due to a mold problem, expert mold removal services can help.

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What To Do When You Have Mold In Air Ducts

Mold is a natural element that may be found in the air both outside and inside. It is never a pleasant experience to see mold growing on your property in any capacity, and you might have a lot of questions if you do discover mold colonies growing in your air duct system. This blog will help navigate you through the process of what to do if mold colonies begin to grow in your air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning: How To Clean Duct Work

Fortunately, air ducts are easy to clean with the right tools and know-how. A standard air duct cleaning will remove dust and debris from your ductwork. At Aire Serv, we use a four-step process to ensure your air ducts are cleaned thoroughly, each time.

  • InspectionEach cleaning begins with an in-depth inspection of the ductwork, HVAC system in-room vents, and surrounding areas. This determines exactly which techniques will be used in the cleaning process. Service professionals pay special attention to look for evidence of rodents or insects, signs of water damage or mold in air ducts, and the presence of any dangerous materials like asbestos.
  • CleaningAfter inspection, your service professional will give you a full report and detail the cleaning techniques recommended. Then, your service professional will get to work using any number of the following tools:
    • Brushes
    • HEPA vacuums
    • Vacuums

    Brushes, whips, and skipper balls are used to dislodge dirt and debris from the air ducts. The debris is then cleared away with a high-efficiency particle air vacuum or a vacuum that expels particles outside of the home or building.

  • Clean All ComponentsThroughout the cleaning process, your Aire Serv service professional will address and service various HVAC system components, including the heating and cooling coils, diffusers, grills, housings, and motors.
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    How Mold Grows In Hvac Ductwork

    Check this out:

    I am going to dispel a rumor and it is going to sound pretty strange, but mold does not actually grow on air conditioning ductwork.

    I know, you are saying to yourself,

    Well that means duct cleaning is a scam

    Slow down there cowboy/cowgirl

    Let me explain:

    While mold does not grow on the ductwork itself, mold will settle on the dirt, dust, and debris within the ductwork. The same goes for the HVAC air handler coils.

    Preventing Mold In A/c Vents

    Mold inspection and testing blog and research orange county

    Once the mold on your A/C vents is properly removed, you will want to keep it away. Here are some ways to do so:

    • Control your homes humidity levels. Use a dehumidifier if you live in a humid area.
    • Fix all water leaks and remove standing water. Ensure A/C drain pans slope toward the drain to help remove standing water under the AC units cooling coils.
    • Ensure your HVAC components and drain pans are accessible for proper cleaning and maintenance.

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    S To Prevent Mold Problems In Your Hvac System And Air Ducts

    Unfortunately, mold is all around us. Its in the air we breathe and resting on all our home surfaces. Add a bit of moisture, and youve got fuzzy green or black spots staring you down. Plenty of areas around your home are bastions for mold growth. Your HVAC system, unfortunately, is one of those perfect spawning grounds for stubborn molds.

    If you want to learn more about combating mold in your HVAC system, weve got the strategies you need. Read on for more information.

    Are you still struggling with mold issues and looking for quality Sterling HVAC repair? Cardinal Plumbing, Cooling and Heating has the HVAC experts you need to tackle even the most stubborn HVAC problems. Give us a call at 703-645-4528.

    S To Clean Mold In Your Air Ducts

    In all cases, we recommend that the safest and most effective means of handling mold is to contact a mold remediation professional. They have the training, equipment, cleaning methods, and techniques to mend the issues safely and adequately. However, if you find mold in your air ducts and you insist on treating it yourself, you must address it as soon as possible. Mold has more time to grow and spread if you do not act promptly, which only makes the health concerns it might cause worse. If you detect mold, prioritize its removal. Home treatments, such as treating air duct systems with bleach, may remove mold growth. Chemical mold removal solutions are also available for purchase to kill mold. However, mold treatment is not always a project you should attempt yourself, especially when dealing with dangerous black mold.

    Whether you feel unsafe or are unable to conduct air duct cleaning yourself following a mold infestation, there are professional mold removal services available that can help.

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    How To Prevent Black Mold Around Air Vents

    Preventing black mold from developing is the simplest way to ensure you have good air quality inside your home. Small changes, such as using a HEPA filter in the air conditioning system, are recommended to maintain the cleanliness of the vents. Annual maintenance of all parts of your system, including the coils, can also help reduce the risk of mold spores entering the ducts. You will typically need to have a professional inspect and clean your furnace or air conditioning system annually to complete these tasks.

    If you live in a humid environment or experience a lot of humidity in the home, then you may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from the air, which is needed for mold spores to thrive. Lastly, maintaining cleanliness in the home by using a vacuum with a HEPA filter regularly and limiting the amount of dust in the home can reduce mold spores. If you are renovating and there is a lot of dust, then you can close off vents with plastic sheeting to keep vents clean.

    What Causes Mold Problems In Hvac Systems

    BEST way to Clean DANGEROUS Mold out of Your Air Duct System – Twin Plumbing

    Mold spores are prevalent in the air. If you were able to shrink down to the microscopic level, youd see the atmosphere filled with spores of all kinds. To the naked eye, spores are invisible. If they happen to land on a nice moist spot in your home, then the real growth starts.

    Mold can be dangerous, so you need to take its growth seriously. Some molds can cause nasty health side effects. Other molds may not be noticeable.

    People who are sensitive to molds, have asthma or other respiratory issues are the most likely to experience adverse health effects. If you or someone in your home fits this description, its imperative to keep a watchful eye on your HVAC system for any signs of mold growth.

    When it comes to air conditioners, mold tends to be a fairly common problem. Dealing with and preventing mold is a part of proper air quality control. Understanding what causes mold growth and how to handle it when it pops up is essential to keeping your homes air clean.

    You should be aware of a few problem areas when mold issues start to bother your HVAC system.

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    Remove The Blower In The Air Handler

    The blower will be located in the air handler itself. During this process, the coils from the air handler may also be cleaned if mold is growing on them.

    This article is dedicated to the ducts, however, if you do have your coils cleaned it is usually done with a biodegradable solution or throuwashing.ess called acid washing. This is normally an additional charge and is not a normal part of the duct cleaning process depending on which company you use.

    It is entirely possible for your ducts to be absolutely filthy but your coils are clean. I see it all the time.

    Additional Air Duct Cleaning Costs

    • Extra Registers : Cleaning usually includes a set number of registers. Beyond that number may cost from $20 to $25 per register.
    • Video Inspection: Running a remote video camera through the ducts for inspection typically costs from $200 to $500.
    • Air Duct Sealing: Sealing air ducts with a special coating that plugs up leaks costs anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 per treatment. Sealant is misted into the air ducts, covering all interior duct surfaces.
    • Mold Remediation: Hiring a separate mold remediation company to eliminate mold from the air ducts costs between $2,000 and $6,000, depending on spread and damage caused.

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    Leave The Work To Professionals

    Hiring an air duct cleaning service to clean may sound like an unnecessary expense for Arvada area homeowners, but our technicians can remove mold and help stop it from returning more effectively and safely than you could do yourself. Remember, scrubbing mold with store-bought cleaners wont make it disappear as these cleaning products often leave behind moisture or mold for it to keep growing. Highly trained and experienced, our team protects themselves and your home not only from the mold with the right safety gear and precautions, but from the chemicals used to clean it.

    Even the best-intentioned homeowner could accidentally harm an air conditioner or furnace when trying to clean them, so leave this sort of work to professionals. We know the signs of mold infestation and how to treat your heating and cooling system with care. Were familiar with products from multiple manufacturers and know how to clean them without damaging your expensive investment. Hundreds of satisfied homeowners and businesses from Arvada to Boulder are a testament to our knowledge, service, and professionalism. Contact us online today or call 720-419-7792 for more information.

    Consult With A Professional Hvac Contractor For More Information On Mold Removal

    How to Remove Mold from AC Ducts

    Ultimately, a mold infestation in your HVAC system and ductwork is a serious health problem. Mold removal is a major project for DIYers and often is not effective. If you have an undiagnosed leak in your ductwork or problem in your HVAC components that is allowing moisture to accumulate and grow mold, the problem will not go away.

    Before you try to diagnose or remedy your situation, speak to an experienced HVAC contractor. These professionals have specialized expertise in duct work and mold removal. They can inspect your system, determine the cause and extent of any mold infestation, and then safely and easily remove it completely from your system.

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    Do Hvac Companies Do Mold Remediation

    HVAC companies are not usually licensed mold remediators. For mold removal from HVAC systems that have become infested, you will want a company that is state licensed and certified to deal with the problem.

    Some people will say that you can remove the mold yourself, but this isnt advisable. There is a reason that companies must be licensed by the state to do this work it requires specialized equipment, including respirators and protection suits.

    If you believe that you have mold in your HVAC system, you should call a licensed mold remediation contractor to come and check it out immediately.

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