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How Do You Treat Black Mold Poisoning

Other Studies Confirm The Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen And Hbot For Mold Exposure And Toxicity

How to heal from black mold, black mold exposure

Another 2002 study looked at the use of hyperbaric oxygenation on 10 patients with invasive aspergillosis, where the traditional treatments were amphotericin B and surgery. Unfortunately, this modality of treatment still came with an unacceptably high mortality rate. The 10 patients, most presenting with rhinosinusinal infection with hematologic malignancies, received treatment with HBOT along with traditional care. Six of the 10 patients were infection free within three months of the first treatment. As a result, they concluded that HBOT is a valuable tool in treating this devastating condition.

HBOT and Hyperbaric Oxygen Improve Attention SPan Associated With Mold Toxicity

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Could Your Symptoms Be From A General Mold Allergy

Regardless of the species of mold in question, symptoms of a mold allergy can appear very similar, especially when looking at many individuals. So if you see black-colored mold and experience allergic symptoms, it could be Stachybotrys, or it could be another species of mold. That said, the same person can react differently to different molds. For example, one person may have severe dry eyes in response to a Cladosporium exposure, while Aspergillus exposure may cause wheezing and asthma-like symptoms.

Preventing Mold In Your Home

The best way to keep your family safe from black mold is to prevent it from growing. Since mold grows in damp, dark places, you should aim to improve ventilation and reduce humidity in areas that are prone to mold.

In your bathrooms, for example, you can use a shower squeegee to remove excess water from shower walls and bathroom mirrors. You can also install a vent fan or open a window when showering to allow humidity to leave the room. These steps help reduce the moisture in your bathroom and make it more difficult for black mold to grow.

Make searching for black mold or potential growth areas a part of your spring cleaning routine. The sooner you catch a mold growth, the better chance you have to get rid of it before it causes health problems.

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Treating Black Mold Poisoning

If you suspect youre suffering from symptoms associated with black mold exposure or poisoning, there are some things you can do to improve your health.

In conclusion, the best way to avoid the negative effects of black mold poisoning is to minimize your black mold exposure.

You can do this by preventing its growth in the first place. If its too late to prevent it and you suspect theres black mold already in your home, dont wait to book removal, completed quickly and efficiently by the industry experts.

Black mold, typically green or black, in your home, can be extremely hazardous to your health.

How Do You Know If You Inhaled Black Mold

The Homemade Treatment for Black Mold

The most common black mold symptoms and health effects are associated with a respiratory response. Chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat, rashes, chronic fatigue and persistent headaches can all be symptomatic of black mold exposure or black mold poisoning.

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Molds Effects On Human Health & Treatments

Mold toxicity is an important topic to address since I have seen a significant rise in mold-related symptoms here in New York City. Symptoms can vary depending on the individual and their lifestyle, and mold is often a great pretender and instigator of dormant viruses or bacteria. Unfortunately, the signs of mold toxicity are often unrecognized or misdiagnosed by traditional doctors.

Traditional doctors examine you, but without proper context, they often fail to see what is causing your health problems. Mold illness goes predominately undiagnosed due to the inordinate lack of knowledge on environmental and toxicological diseases in the US. Unfortunately, this leaves a large number of people to advocate for themselves, turning to the internet and Facebook groups to heal. Yes those are helpful but they often misdirect people into ill-timed and improper treatment paths. When you work with a functional doctor, we go over your habits and environment to paint a complete picture of your lifestyle, make sure to run the correct labs throughout treatment and get to the root cause and downstream effects of the mold toxicity in your body.

In this article, well go over the most common health effects toxic mold patients face, common mold hiding places, diseases that go hand in hand with mold poisoning, as well as my methods of diagnosis and treatments.

Navigating All Of The Confusing And Concerning Information About Black Mold Is Hard But Were Here To Tell You The Truth

Many of us have heard of the dangers of toxic black mold and may worry about black mold poisoning, but the truth is that black mold is a much more manageable problem than you might expect.

Few topics get us more upset than seeing misinformation publicized about toxic black mold, and mold in general, by unscrupulous companies and zealous media articles that seem more interested in sensationalism than fact-based reporting.

When you understand what youre dealing with, you can make informed choices to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. Were here to cut through the mess and help you understand what having black mold in your home may mean, and give you some tips on how to fix the problem yourself and save big money in the process.

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What Is Mycotoxin Poisoning

The most serious problems caused by mold are caused by small molecules call mycotoxins, which are produced by mold when they feel threatened. Think of this like the ink an octopus produces or when a skunk sprays someone. For some mycotoxins, low levels are not problematic for most individuals.

These mycotoxins are found in low amounts in food. However, other mycotoxins such as the Trichothecenes are toxic in much smaller quantities, but only in water-damaged buildings, and they are much more toxic. Trichothecenes are produced by Stachybotrys, otherwise known as black mold.

There are multiple different health effects that are caused by mycotoxins, and these symptoms are influenced by genetics, sex, age of the patient. The number of mycotoxins patients absorbed and the type of mycotoxin also play a role in symptoms . However, common signs are chronic fatigue, ADHD, rashes, COPD, and depression. Less common symptoms include dementia, Parkinsons, and cancer. Mycotoxins also weaken the immune system, which leads to other secondary infections to occur .

Have A Free Consultation With A Mold Remediation Specialist

How You Can Test Yourself for Mold Poisoning RIGHT NOW!
  • An initial consultation is free and you will receive an experts assessment of the mold incursion, possible damage and clean up issues.
  • There is possibly unseen/hidden mold and a mold removal specialist knows how to find it.
  • Their expert help and information will allow you to make an informed decision on whether to clean up the mold yourself or leave it to them.
  • They will put together a cleanup plan that you can use if you decide to take on the cleanup yourself.

Follow the link for a list of licensed Mold Removal Specialists in your area. Additional Reading:

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How Do Doctors Test For Mold Exposure

If you have molds in your home and youre not paying any heed to your surroundings, you are putting your health in jeopardy. Molds are fungal species known to create havoc in your life. It is the moisture to be blamed for insidious mold growth in your homes. Having molds in homes and buildings is a pressing problem that should not be overlooked.

Wherever there is high humidity, these spores grow abundantly. Not only humidity feeds molds but also the puddles and the damp materials in your homes give these molds a safe and favorable place to live. Therefore, living in a water-damaged home or building can lead to serious health issues. This allows the tiny bubble of fear to expand in the heads of landowners and business owners.

If you have a hunch that molds are thriving at your place, take it seriously. The best way to get to these molds is by noticing water stains on walls, discoloration of paint, surface deterioration, flaky wallpaper, musty odor, etc.

Before we let you know how doctors test for mold exposure, it is of supreme importance to first get you acquainted with the mold-centered health problems for which youll turn to your doctor.

Molds are capable of producing many substances that can be detrimental. Allergens, irritants, and biotoxins are a threat to human health.

When To Go To The Emergency Room

Symptoms of mold exposure are not usually an emergency, but in some instances, you should seek immediate medical treatment. Go directly to the nearest emergency room or call 911 if you:

  • Have significant trouble breathing
  • Have an asthma attack that doesnt respond to your usual medication or seems worse than usual
  • Have a very high fever
  • Cough up blood or experience a bloody, frothy discharge from the nose or mouth
  • Are confused or disoriented

Let the emergency room staff know if you think your symptoms might be related to mold exposure.

Keep in mind the fact that most doctors have an answering service and a health care professional is on call 24 hours a day, so if youre not sure if you need immediate care or can wait to make an appointment at your doctors office, call the office any time, day or night, for advice.

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Get On A Mold Detox Diet

After ensuring that youve gotten rid of the source, you will then want to detox yourself from the lingering spores in your own body. This process follows the principles of my cellular healing diet approach, and includes removing inflammatory foods . For inspiration on how to cook cellular healing diet approved food, you can view my detox recipes here. You can also see our clean eating meal plan.

How To Remove Black Mold

Pin on black mold

Protect yourself. You don’t need to worry about having mold tested if you find mold in your house. But you should get rid of it no matter what type of mold it is. Take precautions to protect yourself before you attempt to remove mold.

Use an N-95 face mask to avoid breathing in mold spores. Wear gloves to protect your hands and goggles without ventilation holes to protect your eyes.â

Find and destroy the mold. The most important part of removing mold is finding and removing its water source. Mold can’t grow without moisture. Keep the following tips in mind when you’re cleaning up mold:

  • Items that can’t be dried quickly should be discarded if they show signs of mold or water damage. Porous items such as carpet, padding, drywall, and paper soak up moisture.
  • Do not paint or caulk over moldy surfaces. Remove the mold and dry the surfaces before you paint. Paint applied over mold will peel.
  • Use plastic sheeting to block an area with mold from the rest of your house and keep the spores from spreading.
  • Scrub hard surfaces with mold with detergent and water and dry them thoroughly.
  • Put any moldy items in a plastic bag before you take them out of the room to prevent mold spores from spreading.
  • Use a HEPA filter in your air conditioner and furnace to capture mold spores that may be airborne in your house.
  • Consult a specialist if you’re not sure of the best way to clean a valuable or sentimental item.â

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How To Test Your Home For Mold

Along with symptoms, one of the best ways to know if you are being poisoned by biotoxic mold, is to test your home . The average mold testing company does not properly test for mold. Many companies test the ambient air for mold, which generally yield negative results. The mold is not in the air, it lurks behind the walls and floorboards. The air is infested with mycotoxins, the airbound molecules that wreak havoc on our health, but they are not detectable by conventional mold testing.

Two better options for effective testing include:

  • An ERMI Test, which tests bits of dust that have been vacuumed out of key places . This test is much more accurate in locating the spores.
  • Hiring mold dogs. These dogs have been trained to sniff out the mold, and they are an incredible tool to locate mold in your home or other living space.

Apart from exhibiting symptoms of mold exposure, the biggest clue that your home may have mold is any sustained moisture, either as a result of the humid weather or a leak. If your home or office has wallpaper on drywall, this is also a major red flag- because the cellulose feeds mold. Moisture combined with cellulose is a guaranteed mold infestation.

How To Cure Mold Sickness

This article will let you know the probable ways on how to cure mold sickness. The minor symptoms of mold attack are cured with the help of regular medicines while the severe symptoms require proper care and medical supervision.

This article will let you know the probable ways on how to cure mold sickness. The minor symptoms of mold attack are cured with the help of regular medicines while the severe symptoms require proper care and medical supervision.

Mold is a ubiquitous micro-organism and can attack people with a weak immune system. The symptoms of mold exposure are sometimes confused with allergies, fever, and common microbial infections. Therefore, specific tests for black mold invasion are performed by doctors to confirm the ailment. The severity of the symptoms depends on the nature of the attack and so the treatments vary accordingly. Black mold or toxic mold is potentially dangerous that can cause death if not diagnosed in the initial stages.

Causes and Symptoms of Mold Sickness

Its a kind of fungal attack in which the black mold present inside your house can invade your body. Wooden furnishings and upholstery are often vulnerable to a mold attack. When the persistent remains of these molds come in contact with the body, they cause severe health complications.

Treatment for Mold Sickness

Remedy #1

Remedy #2

Remedy #3

Remedy #4

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Removing Mold From Your Home

Resolve any issues causing mold growth, and throw away anything affected by mold or contributing to mold growth that you cant clean.

  • Wear protective gear. As youre dealing with the moldy area, cover yourself with a mask, gloves, goggles, and rubber boots. If youre cleaning a lot of mold, you can also wear disposable clothing or a mold-resistant suit.
  • Ventilate the room. Open all doors and windows to increase ventilation.
  • Sort and discard. Remove any objects from the area that havent been touched by mold growth. Throw away any items that cant be cleaned.
  • Replace moldy housing materials. Cut away and replace mold-damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpet.
  • Scrub and disinfect. Cover and scrub nonporous surfaces affected by mold with bleach, a fungicide, or detergent and water, then dry them. Dont mix cleaning products together.
  • Address any water issues. Make sure any water problems are fixed and the area is dry before you renovate the room.

So What Is Toxic Mold Exposure

Mold Poisoning Can Be Cured (full video)

Mycotoxicosis /my·co·tox·i·co·sis/ : poisoning caused by exposure to mycotoxins.

Toxic mold exposure is in essence, mycotoxicosis. For reference, a mycotoxin is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by mold. Mycotoxicosis, is used synonymously with mold toxicity, or mold illness and it occurs when a person does not have antibodies to mycotoxins and mycotoxins have accumulated to high levels in their brain and body. While, not all species of mold produce pathogens , several species of fungi are known as pathogenic and produce toxic substances mycotoxins being one of them.

Many of us are exposed to mold daily, however 75% of us are genetically able to fight off the toxicity. So what does that mean for the other 25%? Lets find out.

Mold and Your Genes

So if you have a gene mutations such as MTHFR and HLA which one in four people do your immune system is not able to produce some of the vital antibodies to mycotoxins. This means that at least a quarter of the population has a difficult time fighting off the mycotoxins that are so prevalent in our environment.

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What Does Black Mold Exposure Treatment Look Like

Just like the diagnosis, the treatment of mold exposure differs from doctor to doctor. One thing most doctors will advise you to do is to test for and, if needed, remove any unhealthy mold conditions from your home. Even if the treatment will help in the short-term, it wont be effective over the long-term if your indoor environment isnt improved.

To treat the symptoms, doctors may suggest:

  • Over-the-counter medication. Medicine that would decrease the airway inflammation and suppress the allergic reactions.
  • Nasal sprays to deal with a runny or stuffy nose or rinses to clear your nasal passages from inhaled mold spores.
  • Regular allergy medicine

A persons immune system has to be working properly to fight mold symptoms, so changes in a lifestyle or diet might be necessary. In more severe cases of allergies, doctors prescribe immunotherapy to provide relief from symptoms

How To Identify Black Mold

While most molds are green or gray, toxic black mold is easily identified by its dark black or greenish-black color. You can also identify black mold by its musty, mildew-like odor.

Black mold thrives in warm, humid, and damp areas. Be sure to check basements, bathrooms, HVAC units, attics, and crawl spaces for signs of mold and inspect any areas with water damage. It can also grow on materials with a high cellulose content, like wood, paper, and dust.

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