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Where To Buy Stair Nose Molding

Enhance The Look Of Your Space With Moulding Baseboards And More

Wood Stair Nose Flush Installation Video | Zamma Corporation

Elevating the look of your dining room, kitchen and more is easy when you add some flair with mouldings and trim. Adding window trim can help frame your windows and make them look great. Baseboard trim and door trim can have the same effect and create a finished look throughout your home, keeping the look of your room consistent throughout and adding class and elegance. Cabinet trim can take your kitchen to the next level by creating a cohesive look, while ceiling trim and moulding can give you a classy look thats sure to impress.

Millwork Accents

Millwork accents can include doors, moulding, trim, flooring, and more and is used to accentuate the home. Wooden dowels and corbels can add a touch of elegance to your space, and when accented with ceiling medallions or decorative columns can really make your room pop. Adding small decorative improvements can really have a big impact on your overall look and feel.

Stairs and Stair Parts

Your staircase is often one of the focal points of your home. Adding a beautiful new stair railing or stair treads can transform your current staircase and revitalize that area. New banisters, spindles and balusters can take an aging staircase and make it look brand new.

If youd like to improve the look of your space then mouldings, millwork and trims are a great option. Youll find everything you need at The Home Depot Canada.

How Do You Qualify For A Refund

Please ensure that you product is:

1. In its original packaging

2. In the same condition as it was when it arrived at your home or job site. It must be in like new condition and suitable for resale.

3. Not used, installed, or marked in any way

You must complete all of the following within 30 days of receiving your order:

2. Include our Order# in your correspondence

3. Have your order packed and ready to ship

Simple Solutions Laminate Stair Nose Molding Mg001745

Coordinating Options: Simple Solutions Trenton Oak, Pergo Trenton Oak LF000960

Simple Solutions laminate stair nose or PERGO bull nose moldings, compatible with Mohawk-manufactured floors of various brands, complete the overall finish of staircases or steps while functioning as a leading-edge protection strip for the floor. Stair Nose installation is simple: lay your laminate flooring up to 1 3/4″ from the step edge, cut the trim to the desired length, & glue + screw in place. No staining is necessary because the laminate surface coordinates with your floor. Installation is possible with dry, flat, smooth surfaces such wood, vinyl, ceramic tile, and concrete.

Important: please purchase only the moldings specifically listing your exact flooring color name as a “coordinating option” as we cannot guarantee a match to other colors based on the photo or description alone. In cases where you do not see your flooring color listed on our site, or your moldings are no longer available, we recommend only looking for an approximate match in a retail store with a scrap, spare plank, or old molding to compare with.

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Thin Strip Transition Moulding

ThinStrip is a low profile transition moulding, with only a 1mm edge . The mouldings colour is matched to your floor and has a polyurethane coating for added wear resistance. It can be used in place of a traditional T-mould transition, is bendable for height variations between floors, and uses a self-adhesive strip for easy installation.


Direct Ship Mouldings For Torlys Smart Hardwood& Supersolid Hardwood

Stair Nose Molding Unfinished Oak 3/4 in. x 3 in. 78 in ...

TORLYS Direct Ship accessories include colour coordinated mouldings, stair nosings and vents that provide the final design element for any room, creating a seamless appearance with any TORLYS Hardwood floor.

Suitable for floating and nail/glue down applications.*

  • Quarter Round Create subtle blends between a wall base/vertical surface and hardwood floors.
  • T-Moulding Provide an attractive solution for transitioning between floor surfaces with approximately the same thickness in adjoining rooms.
  • Wall Base Create a formal border transition between flooring and walls.
  • Reducers Flush, overlapping reducers allow for smooth transitions between floors with different heights.
  • Stair Nose Flush, overlapping stair nosings add a professional and finished look to stairways. Offered in traditional and euro nose profiles.
  • Vents Offered in surface mount and flush styles to provide a consistent and refined appearance to a wood floor.
  • *See applicable installation instructions.

    APPLICATION: TORLYS Smart Floors Hardwood and SuperSolid by TORLYS Hardwood

    Accessory Type

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    Install Flooring On The Tread

  • Fit the nosing in place and draw a line along the edge with a pencil. Using this line as a reference for the edge, lay the flooring on the stair treads, remembering that the edge of laminate flooring should extend about 1/2 inch past the line so it will be under the nosing overlap. Install the risers with their top edges just shy of the surfaces of the stair treads.

  • Luxury Vinyl Nosings Are Very Durable And Do Not Move

    Because our Luxury Vinyl Nosings are manufactured to directly snap together with your flooring, they don’t move and flex separately from your floor thus are very durable. Also, because the Luxury Vinyl Nosings are flush with the surface of the flooring, there is no possibility of snagging, tripping or unsightly peeling of floor covering.

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    Torlys Everwood Flush Stair Nosing And Flush Reducer

    These mouldings were specially designed to work with EverWood, being made from the exact same top layer as the floors. They are installed flush with the flooring, resulting in no need for overlapping. In the case of Flush Stair Nosing, flooring is clicked into place for a flawless look without transition bumps.


    Buy Transitions With Our 18000+ Item Transition Strip Finder

    How to Laminate Flooring | Stair Nose | End Cap | T-molding | DIY | Shot with GoPro

    We have over 18,000 flooring transitions which are color coordinated with 40+ brands of Laminate, Cork, Hardwood and Vinyl . Brands like Armstrong, Forbo Marmoleum, Karndean, Mannington, Mohawk, Shaw and more. Moldings include Stair Nose, Reducer, End Cap, T-Molding, Threshold, Base Shoe and Multi-Function.

    Note: The images/illustrations shown below are descriptive only. The actual shape will vary by manufacturer.

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    Why They Are Required

    Transition strips are necessary for a variety of reasons, for example: To terminate one flooring next to another type of flooring – such as in a doorway from a hardwood floor in one room to carpet in another room. To change directions of plank flooring such as in an L-shaped hallway. To terminate flooring next to walls, fireplaces and exterior doors. To terminate the floor at a level change such as a step. Common to all these reasons, is the necessity to cover the expansion gap that most floors require along the entire perimeter. There are various shapes and they are pictured and described below.

    Hardwood & Dimensional Lumber

    20bf or less will be shipped at a max length of 46″.If you need longer lengths an additional $13.50 fee will apply. 20bf or more can be shipped at a maximum length of 94″.

    Length + 2x Width For orders that exceed the above can be shipped in multiple packages for small volumes or can shipped via Freight carrier contact us for freight shipping quote & volume discounts.

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    The Best Nosing For Your Project

    It goes without saying that the stair nosing should match the flooring you’re laying on the stairs. When you purchase a laminate or engineered flooring product, the manufacturer usually supplies the nosing, but if you’re laying hardwood, all you need is nosing made from the same wood as the floorboards. You can stain it the same color as the flooring and finish it with the same finish.

    Depending on whether you’re laying laminate or hardwood, the edge of the nosing butts against the flooring, which is typical in hardwood installations, or it overlaps it. Because laminate flooring is thin and isn’t nailed down, the overlap is necessary to prevent the edge from lifting. When the nosing butts, the part of it that sits flat on the tread must be the same thickness as the flooring, which can be from 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

    Nosing usually goes on after you’ve installed the risers and you’ve finished laying flooring on the steps. The only time you might want to install it first is when you are installing hardwood floors at the top of stairs. It then acts as a border for the edge of the floor and makes the flooring installation easier.

    Torlys Smart Floors Laminate Multi Purpose Moulding

    Zamma Copperhill 1 in. Thick x 2

    5 moulding solutions in one for an easy solution for the perfect finishing of your floor. Nominal 84-1/2 x 1-7/8 , .

    You can use the moulding in many ways.

  • T-Moulding Adjoin two floors of identical height.
  • Reducer Transition two different floor heights.
  • Square Nose Transition to fitted carpet.
  • Square Nose Finish the edge of a floor against a vertical surface such as sliding doors, tile floor, etc.
  • Flush Stair Nosing Flush installation of stair treads on enclosed or open-ended stairs.
  • Overlap Stair Nose Installation of stair nose where floating floor expansion and contraction is required.
  • An Aluminum Sub-Base is required for the Flush Stair Nosing installations.

    APPLICATION: Select TORLYS Smart Floors Laminates .

    5 moulding solutions in one for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

  • Square Nose Transition to carpet.
  • Square Nose Conceal the expansion gap around the perimeter of the room
  • Reducer Transition two different floor heights
  • Flush Stair Nosing Stair-edge seamless trim moulding for installation of TORLYS Cork on staircases. Clicks flush into your TORLYS Cork floor, eliminating the overlap of traditional stair nosing. SoloPlus can also be used for non-flush installations on landings
  • T-Molding Adjoin two floors of identical height
  • An Aluminum Sub-Base is required for the Flush Stair Nosing installations.

    APPLICATION: All TORLYS Smart Floors products with the exception of TORLYS Laminate.

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    We Pick Up Manufacture Then Deliver All In 4 Days Or Less*

    Simply provide us the correct amount of luxury vinyl flooring planks directly from the product you are using. We pick it up, we manufacture your luxury vinyl stair nosings and ship back to you!

    *4 day turnaround applies to areas that can be reached via our vehicles or courier service. Regardless, our manufacture time is just as quick!

    Torlys Rigidwood Flush European Stair Nosing

    This contemporary square stair nosing for TORLYS RigidWood perfectly complement the modern floorcovering. It is installed flush with the flooring, resulting in no need for overlap.


    Colour coordinated moulding to allow for a smooth transition between floors of different heights.


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    Solid Wood 901 3/4in X 94in Flush Stairnose

    Size: 3/4in. x 94in. |

    Baseboards and baseboard trim, such as Solid Wood 901 3/4in. x 94in. Flush Stairnose, are necessities for every flooring project. Base moldings provide a smooth transition from floor to wall and add a professional look to your project!

    A flush stair nose creates a smooth and flush finish on the edges of your step where the flooring meets the transition. Stair noses can also be used for open balconies or step downs in an open concept space.

    All baseboards and baseboard trims are sold by the linear foot in 8-foot increments and come in 16-foot pieces. As a service to you, your baseboards are cut in the store at the time of your order. There is a minimum of an 8-foot purchase required.

    Paradigm Molding Overlap Stair Nose For Wood Or Laminate Floors

    Flexible Stair Nose Molding from Flexitions

    Floating applications require a different kind of Stair Nose: one which can allow for the required expansion gap for floating hardwood or laminates. Overlap Stair Noses have a small protruding piece which overlaps the floating floor and hides the expansion gap, leaving room for free movement of the floating floor. As you cant float floor boards on individual stairs, the boards need to be attached to the individual stair surface. Overlap Stair Nose pieces are typically only used at the top of the staircase, where it would be transitioning from a floating floor down to the first step.

    Overlap Stair Nose pieces are installed a lot like Flush Stair Nose pieces. Glue the Overlap Stair Nose to the subfloor using construction adhesive, making sure to leave enough room for the required expansion gap. In addition, using two 8 penny face nails, nail down the Overlap Stair Nose approximately 3 inches in from each end as well as in the center of the Overlap Stair Nose piece.

    If the stairs are extra long, make sure to face nail two 8 penny finish nails at approximately every 20 inches. of the molding. Its important, with Overlap Stair Nose pieces, that you remember to attach the molding to the subfloor and not to the floating floor youre overlapping.

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    Stair Cap Molding For Wood Or Laminate Floors

    A stair cap is a simplified approach to cover the stair nose and extend out over the floor on the tread space. The cap will also extend below the nose to cover any transition between the nose and the riser. The diagram shows a simple stair nose that does not protrude out over the riser. Check with the star nose manufacturer for dimensions to be sure it will work for your application.


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    How To Install Stair Nose Molding

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    If you’re laying laminate or hardwood flooring in your house, you’ll be installing stair nose on the stairs to protect the edges of the treads. The side of the nosing that goes against the tread is milled to match the 90-degree edge of the step so the nosing fits snugly against the tread and the riser, which is the vertical board that extends down to the next step. This makes it very easy to install, and it’s the last thing you do when you lay flooring on stairs, making it the finishing touch to a job well done.

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