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How To Mold Your Dick

The Time I Tried Making A Rubber Mold Of My Dick For A Girlralphcox5 Years Ago

DIY Silicone Mould Tutorial

The summer before freshman year, I was getting some on the regular from my girlfriend. I was happy, she was happy, everyone was happy. Mostly me, though.

Come fall, we would be 1,000 miles away from each other, so we had to decide whether we would cut things off and go our separate ways or try to make things work long distance. It was a decision neither of us wanted to make, as we were content with the way things were, but sometimes life sticks you between a rock and hard place and makes you choose between waiting for someone to get you unstuck or fucking your way out dick-first.

When fall finally came, I decided she was worth keeping around. We were going to make things work long distance, something I never thought I would do and was called a cuck-ass bitch for deciding on. No one thinks theyre going to be tied down right out of high school, but there I was. I was making do with my side chick Palm-ela Hand-erson, but it was my girlfriend who I was really worried about.

A hot piece of ass in a new environment surrounded by alcohol, testosterone, and bad decisions, freshman year was a recipe for disaster for my girl. Freshmen girls are fresh meat the instant they step on campus, and jealously started up for me around the same time as syllabus week. I contemplated ending it all . Then one of my boys gave me some advice on what he did to make sure his girl stayed faithful Clone-a-Willy.

How Its Supposed To Work

Easy to make! the packaging shouts, with four simple steps outlined below. First, mix the molding powder with water. Next, pour the mixture into the tube and insert your erect penis. Three, pull away the mold and fill it with silicone. Lastly, slide out an exact copy of your penis. Easy, indeed!

My fantastic confidence in this endeavor and product waned considerably when I unfurled the poster-size directions. The four simple steps had transformed into more than a dozen, and the incredible specificity of each step had me in an immediate state of panic.

For example, the molding powder must be mixed with water that is exactly 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You must mix the powder and 90-degree water for exactly 45 seconds, then pour the mixture into the tube as quickly as possible.

You then must hasten to shove your erect penis into the mixture immediately, carefully avoiding touching the sides of tube. The tone of the directionslighthearted and humorousoutline a process that required careful, diligent planning. As the impetuous man I am, directives such as, Timing is very important! stress me out, and I realized how unprepared I was for the Clone A Willys litany of commands.

How To Make Your Silicone Mold

First, you will need a good molding medium. We like Mold Star 16 Fast by Smooth-On because its simple to use, cures fast, and doesnt require any degassing.

Its also a good middle ground in terms of hardness, and from there you can try harder molding mediums like the Mold Star 30 to see what you prefer to work with.

While it isnt optimal, if you wish to keep your price to a minimum, you could always use DragonSkin 10 A or 20 A for both your toys and your mold, but anything softer will make molding your toys extremely difficult.

Next, you will need a container to hold your mold as it cures.

You can use a variety of containers here, may it be smooth airtight boxes, water jugs, or anything else thatll fit your toys and then some. Just make sure the container you use can contain viscous liquids without leaking or breaking.

Our favorite method is building our own custom Boxes with Legos.

This makes freeing your silicone molds much easier and your boxes infinitely recyclable. Just make sure the bottom of your box lands on the smooth side of your lego blocks to avoid any issues.

Bricks can easily be bought in bulk on Amazon.

For reference, heres a little model I made to show how to orient your bricks:

Of course, when molding, you wont have the box on its side like this and youll want to have it standing with the hole facing up.

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Replicating Body Parts In Plaster

This is the first part of a two-part series on making a silicone replica of a body part. However, before we can make the silicone replica, well have to make a plaster replica.*** WARNING: Because of the body part chosen for casting , this Instructable may contain material considered offensive or objectionable to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised. ***

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What Is A Homemade Dildo

Copy Me! Penis Casting Ultra Kits #1 In

A homemade dildo could technically be any kind of everyday object which you stick inside of yourself. However, in the context of this article, lets say that a homemade dildo is a penis-shaped object which you use for sexual purposes. It might not be the most scientific definition of a homemade dildo, but I have yet to encounter a dildo scientist in my life, so lets let it slide for now, shall we?

If it looks like a penis, if it acts like a penis, and if you made it yourself then there you go you have yourself a homemade dildo! Before we move on to the actual methods on how to make a dildo, lets highlight some methods on how you should NOT make yourself a homemade dildo.

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How Not To Make A Homemade Dildo

If you want to avoid getting diseases and rupturing your pleasure patches, then take some precautions:

  • DONT insert any household object inside of yourself unless it has been sterilized or covered with a condom. Inserting dirty plastic inside of yourself is dangerous and an easy way of catching diseases.
  • DO make sure that any object you insert of yourself will not smash or break into pieces. There is nothing worse in this world than having to clean your insides from broken-down pieces of a Cheetos-covered TV remote.
  • DO make sure that the material of your homemade dildo is nonporous and free of phthalates. Dildo materials such as silicone are body-safe because they do not react with or release any chemicals which could cause bodily harm. If in doubt, dont insert. Simple as that.
  • These precautions are most relevant if you are using a regular household object such as a cucumber or a TV remote as your dildo. If youre using a penis molding kit to make your dildo, or if you bought a regular dildo from a trusted sex toy store, then you can rest easy. You will not have any issues!

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    And so, the Clone-A-Willy sits in the back of my closet, a great metaphor for the unfinished business between the perfect-penised man and me. One day I’ll likely throw it away, because how do you ask someone to be your second choice for a vibrator model? But for now, it serves as a great reminder that perfect penises always come at a costand it’s usually someone’s dignity.

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    Establish Mood And Mindset

    Once the process begins, it goes fairly quickly and you will need to have a hard-as-possible erection at some key moments, so its best to make sure youre relaxed and feeling good before diving in. Some couples would do this by kissing, cuddling or touching I did all of the above, but because my partner also has an erotic hypnosis kink, I put them into a trance and established a trigger whereby the very mention of the word hard gave them a boost of arousal. This left them feeling pretty spacey and submissive, so I had to do most of the rest of the process myself, but that was fine with meI had read the instructions thoroughly and was ready to make one hell of a cock clone!

    Cut The Mold Tube Down To Size

    Making a silicone mold with the âpacking tape methodâ?

    Once I had my partner fully hard, I grabbed the plastic tube included with the kit and held it next to their dick, with the open side facing away from their body. I used a Sharpie to make a mark about half an inch beyond the end of their penis, and then cut away the excess plastic with scissors. If you want, you can then put some duct tape over the sharp edges of the plastic to keep it from digging into your skin when youre balls-deep in the tube a few minutes later.

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    Make The Mold Material

    This is where the coolness happens…

    • Mix a 50/50 mixture of Silicone Calk and Corn starch in a cup
    • Add some mineral spirits . You need about 25% of the volume of the 50/50 mix of silicone and corn starch
    • Mix with your handy dandy bent nail you chucked into the drill!
    • Add more mineral spirits if you need to to get the goop to flow
    • Pour into the top of the mold base you made in the last step
    • Get on to the next step before 5 min is up!!

    How To Make A Rubber Mold

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    Maybe you want to preserve a special toy by making a duplicate of it, or are curious if the details of a leaf can be reproduced several times. No matter the reason, creating a rubber mold is a great way to learn a new skill while creating something unique. By gathering the right supplies and following simple directions, you’ll be a rubber mold-making expert in no time.

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    Make A Silicone Mold From Common Household Materials In Your Kitchen In 1 Hour

    Taking off from this BRILLIANT ‘ible I have started making silicone molds on the cheap and thought I would share. This is incredibly simple and fast and can be used for a ton of casting ideas…Here is the podcast I did on it:

    What Comes With The Clone

    Diamond Tooth Taxidermy
    Clear packaging tube

    The default container for the Clone-A-Willy kit components stands about 11 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. Most penis-owners will have enough room in the tube to make a mold of their penis.

    Unfortunately, my boyfriends penis was too big for the included Clone-A-Willy kit tube. Remember: we needed some extra room for the molding compound to form walls and maintain its shape around the thing we cast. If the penis is wider than 1.75, you may need to find a bigger container.

    Penis casting instructions

    Mold making sounds simple, but its not necessarily easy so many things can go wrong. The kit includes basic instructions and troubleshooting tips. This Clone-A-Willy review will go into where they could have elaborated more.

    Alginate powder

    This algae-based mold compound is squishy, non-toxic, and flexible. Theres just enough for one Clone-A-Willy attempt, so you may want to consider buying more especially with a penis too big for the Clone-A-Willy kits included tube. Ill elaborate on that later.


    Cold alginate takes a longer time to set, while warmer alginate solidifies quickly. You want a nice balance between working time and, well, how long you have to keep a penis erect in goo.

    Liquid silicone

    Silicone is body-safe, easy-to-clean, and practically non-porous all the good stuff.

    Catalyst for curing

    Self-explanatory. The silicone included in the Clone-A-Willy kit wont start solidifying until you mix the two liquids.

    Pigment powder

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    Mix The Molding Solution

    I went to the bathroom sink and measured out 1 ¾ cups of water. Using the included thermometer, I made sure it was just over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not want to mess this part up, not just because itll affect the quality of the mold but also because burning or chilling a dick is not exactly erection-conducive!

    The water can then be mixed with the white molding powder included in the kit using a big spoon and a mixing bowl . After timing out exactly 45 seconds of vigorous mixing, I poured the resulting goopy fluid into the tube wed cut down to size earlier.

    Learn From My Mistakes

    In lieu of a Valentines Day gift, I wrote my girlfriend a letter explaining what Id gone through. I finished the letter with, I tried, I failed, but I will not give up. I need your help, my love.

    The biggest takeaway I can give you is that the Clone-A-Willy kit requires a partner, there to facilitate the process and provide support, both physically and emotionally. Ive since bought another package of molding powderthe fact that Empire Labs sells the powder separately tells me Im not the first to muck it all upand Ill try again someday, when the shame stings less.

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    Making Sex Toys The Hobbyist And Pro Way

    This is where things get serious.

    If youre looking for a finish closer to the toys you can buy in traditional sex shops and Etsy stores or if youre planning on selling multiple copies of your creations, this method will work best.

    Of course, this process is much more involved, but the quality youll get out of your DIY dildo creations along with the profits you can make if you do decide to sell them is much more rewarding than what youll get with the pre-made kits mentioned above.

    This method is also the most expensive up front, but, once youre set-up, the cost of making your DIY sex toys will be way cheaper than any other method.

    If you want to keep the price down, weve isolated optional steps from the process.

    Theyre not essential, but if youre looking for a truly professional finish and quality, youll want to follow them still, especially if you intend on selling your toys.

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    Make your own silicone molds

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    It felt a little icky. Was I failing as a feminist? I thought about how I was going to earn money from the whole endeavor and felt like an immense assh*le. I wondered if Hugh Hefner ever felt this way. Then I couldn’t believe I was drawing a parallel between Hugh Hefner and myself. Who am I?

    I decided then and there to use the money to do something for my boyfriend. Guilt assuaged, I carried on.

    “I was turning part of him into an object. It felt a little icky.”

    Choosing features was easy: no to glow in the dark, yes to vibrating choosing the color, not so much. There were garish neons , a variety of flesh tones , and jet black. The features I wanted narrowed down the selection.

    I imagined he wouldn’t want it to be hot pinkand I’m not much for pink anyway. Neon green was possible, but I couldn’t imagine putting an opaque silicone penisthe color of my third-grade slap braceletsin my vag. So I ended up choosing a flesh tone reminiscent of a peachy crayon. In real life, it’s even uglier than you think. $35 and a shipping address later, it was a done deal.

    The next time my boyfriend came over, we opened the box and looked at the contents. One thing was clear: We weren’t making a Lelo-grade product here. We spread the components across my bed and he grabbed the flimsy clear plastic tube meant for housing the mold.

    “How long am I supposed to stay hard while that sets?”

    “Is it going to be cold?”

    “Are you gonna watch? How are we doing this?

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    Afterward, lying amidst the components of our aborted project, we laughed about the failure and vowed to try again next weekend. We would not be distracted. I gathered the pieces, shoved them back in the box, and stashed it under my bed. Next time.

    Only next time didnt happen.

    Our next few interactions didnt take us back to my place and then a few weeks later, my boyfriend disappeared. I dont mean in the form-a-search-party way, just in the turns-out-hes-a-massive-coward way.

    All that accomplished was a perfectly good erection being used for some actual sex.

    That bastard ghosted me, and he took my dreams of having a replica of his cock in my nightstand with him.

    Its hard to be mad, though. As much as I enjoyed his girth and length and the idea of having the worlds best screwvenir, I imagine few things would kill my lady boner like pulling out a plastic shrine to what ended up being the second-biggest dick in that relationship.

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