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How Much Does Injection Molding Machine Cost

Getting Injection Molding Quote For Cheapest Price And Best Quality

Fast mould change on a small injection moulding machine made cost-efficient

Now that you know the various costs associated with injection molding, one vital question remains unanswered. What will be the cost of injection molding for my project?

Generally speaking, to get an injection mold cost quote, you need to choose the manufacturer who can provide you with the best results at the cheapest rates. 3ERP is your answer in this regard.

3ERP provides every injection molding service you might require, from low-cost injection molding to mass production parts. There are even material options, such as thermoplastic, thermoset silicone, and metal injection molding.

Many established brands such as BMW, Lamborghini, and Electrolux already use the injection molding services offered by 3ERP.

The best thing is that you get your parts made by a world-class team of engineers using the most advanced equipment, without bearing any of the costs for the same.

The injection mold cost of 3ERP will come as an exact quote that matches your precise requirements. Therefore, you will not be paying extra for something you do not require.

Get in touch with 3ERP today to get an injection molding quote for your project. Whether it is a simple injection molding project or something that deals with inserts or overmolding, we handle it all!

Efficiency Production With Automation

Basic automation and pick-and-place robots Transitioning certain steps in injection molding to automation, like inserting, removing or separating, means more reliable processes and a reduction in labor demands. ENGEL manufactures a wide range of different industrial robots: articulated robots, cartesian robots, also known as linear robots, or pick-and-place robots. Those industrial robot arms help to maximize your output. In addition, automation also includes safety systems for trouble-free production and staff protection, as well as conveyor systems to transport the parts out of the production unit. These automation solutions allow you to build your unique and efficient production cell.

Reducing Injection Molding Costs

The cost of the mold is largely defined by the complexity and the amount of time it takes to produce it. We advise adhering to design for manufacturing principles to drive down part costs with injection molding.

The cost of producing the mold can be reduced by applying the following design guidelines:

  • Evaluate the CAD model to determine its feasibility before undertaking an injection molding project. Eliminate potential bottlenecks such as steep angles, undercuts, and other complex geometries.

  • Evaluate the models design to eliminate unnecessary features. This reduces the molds size and the material used to develop the model.

  • Apply a core cavity approach that simplifies the design of Side B of a mold. The core cavity approach involves sinking the wall cavities into the mold base, thereby reducing the need to mold steep draft angles while improving surface finish.

  • Embrace the use of self-mating parts to reduce the need to create multiple molds when one universal mold can be used to achieve similar results.

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Is Injection Molding Expensive

The start-up costs for a large run can be expensive, but the price for the project becomes better and better as you continue to produce. If youre looking at price per unit, plastic injection molding is one of the cheapest, most cost-efficient forms of manufacturing. With injection molding, the more units you create with your mold, the cheaper the price per unit becomes.

Cost Of Polymer Resin Material

How much does plastic injection moulding cost?

Polymer resin for injection molding

A polymer resin is an essential part of the production. Therefore, the quality of polymer resin used in the production will influence the plastic injection molding cost. For instance, if you make parts using engineering resin with extra strength and chemical resistance, the material will be a little more expensive than those made of commodity resin-like polyethylene. If you want low-cost injection molding, you can opt for resins made from recycled plastics. They are more affordable.

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Injection Molding Production Cost

The cycle time can be broken down into the injection time, cooling time, and resetting time. By reducing any of these times, the production cost will be lowered. The injection time can be decreased by reducing the maximum wall thickness of the part and the part volume.

The cooling time is also decreased for lower wall thicknesses, as they require less time to cool all the way through. Several thermodynamic properties of the material also affect the cooling time. Lastly, the resetting time depends on the machine size and the part size.

A larger plastic part will require larger motions from the machine to open, close, and eject the part, and a larger machine requires more time to perform these operations.

The Merits Of Building A Mold In The Us

The Rodon Group has been in this business long enough to have worked with, or attempted to work with, molds that were created in Asia . Many of these molds are not built to meet strict tolerances, since they dont have to be. As labor costs rise in China, this no longer becomes an affordable manufacturing process. In addition, molds made in other countries are made from lesser quality steel or aluminum. Again, this causes quality issues and shortens the life of the mold. Most high-production molders in this country use only the best stainless steel available for the mold base and cavities. They utilize the latest technology in CNC machining and have seasoned tool makers who know how to create molds that meet the highest performance standards. When sourcing companies, be sure to look for U.S. based manufacturers.

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Cost Of The Plastic Injection Mold

As earlier discussed, injection molds come in different sizes and sell at different prices. To purchase a plastic injection mold, you may be looking at spending a thousand dollars or even tens of thousands, depending on the machines complexity. However, if you need a single cavity mold, you dont have to bother about spending so much on purchasing a mold with multiple cavities.

Planning Your Next Project

Injection Moulding Costs

If you have a target price established for your parts, tell your mold builder. They can design the mold accordingly and plan for the right number of cavities to achieve that price. The more cavities , the less expensive the parts will be, also allowing for higher output.

While you dont need to know every detail about the types of molds available, its always a good idea to come prepared. Supplying the basics to your mold builder will help them build the best tool for your project. We recommend that you find a mold maker who also has production capabilities. The company running the production wont want to build an inadequate mold because they know they have to use it.

And if youre thinking of outsourcing your mold making overseas, take into consideration all of the factors in bringing the mold to optimum production standards outlined in this American Mold Builders Association article. You might be surprised to learn the true cost of off-shoring!

Whatever your project requires, Rex Plastics can help you decide whether you need a Ferrari or a Fiat.

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Factors Affecting The Occurrence Of Warping Errors Include

Effect of pressure: when there is a pressure drop along the plastic flow, the compression of the material will be uneven. If you want uniform compression, it is necessary to increase the maximum compression pressure in the plastic injection molding process.

Effect of temperature: when the mold temperature increases, the product cools slowly and the warping will increase.

Effect of current orientation: Plastic injection molding machine price, when the resin is reinforced with fibers, the orientation occurs due to sliding and cooling. If the orientation is uneven, there is a risk of warping.

Advantages Of Injection Molding / /

Injection molding is an efficient manufacturing process that has multiple benefits. Injection molding is best known for its ability to produce identical products at a fast production rate. This quick turnaround is facilitated by automation, which also helps to reduce labor costs and overhead. The high pressure used during injection molding makes it possible to add intricate details to a part. A variety of different resins may be combined in injection molding. Fillers may be added to the material to enhance strength.

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How To Estimate Injection Molding Cost

The short answer: plastic injection molds cost anywhere between $100 for a 3D printed low-volume injection mold to $100,000+ for a complex multi-cavity steel mold for high-volume production, which generally represents the most significant fixed start-up cost in injection molding. However, as these costs get distributed among hundreds or thousands of parts, injection molding is an ideal process to mass-produce plastic parts affordably.

In this guide, we provide an extensive breakdown of the different factors that make up the total injection molding cost.

Low-Volume Rapid Injection Molding With 3D Printed Molds

Injection Molding Material Cost

900 Ton PP Injection Molding Machine

Material selection is another consideration in determining what plastic injection molds cost. Any plastic product made from fiberglass-filled material, for example, will wear down most common molds. Only a mold made from hardened tool steel can withstand injection molding with fiberglass-filled material.

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Only Use Cosmetics When Required

Putting beautiful surface finishing on your plastic molded parts is nice, but some cosmetics should be avoided to save cost. Youll spend some extra dollars by using EDM, bead blasting, high mold polish, etc., for your design, whereas, in some cases, they are not essential. If they are not needed, you should avoid using them to save cost. However, if you must polish the parts, you can still save cost by polishing half of the mold or the small area needed instead of polishing the entire part.

What Impacts The Cost Of Injection Molding

Tooling prices during the injection molding prices are incredibly high. Various factors influence these prices, including details like inserts, textures, and living hinges, and their varying levels of complexity.

The casts are typically fashioned using a CNC machine process and consist of aluminum or steel. 3D printers and EDM machining processes are also used.

The finishing process gives the part the desired surface texture. Once the part is finished, it has characteristics such as the exact angles needed for that part, a lead system to direct the molten during the injection, and avenues for cooling so the cast reaches a low enough temperature.

One of the most important steps of injection molding is the cooling period. The faster a cast cools, the faster the molten reaches a solid state, and another part can be created. This is what makes the cooling channels so critical.

The cooling process is even more important during large-scale projects. The cooling channels are often included in the cast design during high-volume mold injection. However, during small-scale work with 3D printers, compressed air is efficient to use for the cooling period.

Additional elements that affect the process and can alter the cost include the following:

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How Much Do Injection Molds Cost

Injection molding is a manufacturing process of injecting molten plastic materials into a mold and then cooling and solidifying them to create molded products. It is ideal for mass production of products with complex shapes and a huge part in the area of plastic processing. Molten plastic is injected into a mold, which is a hollow metal block to form certain fixed shapes.

The injection molding process involves six major steps, including clamping, injection, dwelling, mold opening, and removal of products.

How To Pick A Plastic Injection Molding Machine To Fit Your Needs

Injection Mold Machine

Having a machine that can create a mass amount of identical plastic parts can be essential in many businesses. Plastic injection molding machines were made to be both versatile and efficient when it comes to mass production of plastic parts. To find a new, used, or pre-owned injection molding machine for sale, go and check out eBay for a large selection.

What types of plastic injection molding machine mounts are there?

Different machine types can fit in different spaces. Depending on your space requirements, there is a machine for you. The desktop injection molding machines are small injection molding machines and will fit on top of a desk. It is better for smaller spaces and smaller runs of molds. The benchtop injection molding machine is a large stand-alone machine that needs more space to function but can do larger runs.

Types of injection processes

Different types of injection machines have different processes. You will want to find out what process will work better with your molding needs. The process choices include:

What types of plastics can be used in these machines?

There are a ton of different plastics that can be used in the injection machines. Different plastics have different benefits, such as impact or moisture resistance and how well metal coatings adhere to the plastic. When choosing a plastic to work with, make sure its properties fit your needs. Some of the more common plastic types include:

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Used Injection Molding Machines For Sale

PlastiWin Experts in Used Injection Molding Equipment

If you are looking for a plastic molding machine for sale, you have come to the right place. We maintain an extensive inventory of used plastic injection molding machines for both plastic and rubber molding. Our team of used equipment specialists can help you find the perfect machine that meets your budget requirements. We focus on selling the highest quality used equipment with complete transparency, and we are certain we can offer an injection molding machine price that will be right for you.

Brands of Used Injection Molding Equipment

Our inventory changes frequently but we typically carry used plastic injection molding machine manufacturers including:

If youre looking to buy, sell or liquidate used injection molding equipment, contact the PlastiWin sales team at 330-998-6738 or .

Injection Mold Tooling Cost

Injection molding, the major cost driver is generally mold or tooling expenses. Molds for injection molding are typically created in one of three ways:

Creating more sophisticated molds necessitates technical knowledge. As a result, companies typically outsource specific aspects of injection molding, for instance, mold design and production.

If a plastic injection mold factory has the tools and materials, creating molds in-house may be the most cost-effective option if the technical expertise is also accessible. If the tools required for injection molding are not easily accessible, outsourcing lowers the cost of developing a mold.

3D printers can manufacture basic low volume 3D printed molds for as cheap as $100. A metal mold for a mid-volume service life of 1,000-5,000 units costs between $2,000 and $5,000. Mold costs can range from $5,000 to $100,000 for molds with more complicated shapes and prepared for higher production runs of 10,000+ pieces.

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How Can I Reduce Injection Molding Prices

The final price of any mold is dependent on how complex the project is and the length of time it takes to manufacture it. Potential strategies for lowering the price include the following:

  • Inspect the CAD model to gain an idea of how realistic the project is before beginning. Any complex measurements and angles should be eliminated.

  • Eliminate any unneeded characteristics. This cuts down on the size of the mold and the materials required during development.

  • Simplify the design of side B. This process includes collapsing the external cavities into the base, which reduces the need for sharp angles. Additionally, this will also significantly improve the finish of the surface.

Normally injection molding is seen as a process that’s only suited for large-scale production projects. However, using 3D printers allows you to take advantage of this process if your production needs aren’t as sizeable.

Regardless of whether you need hundreds of parts or thousands, injection molding is an efficient way of producing quickly replicated parts with a high-quality finish.

Interested in injection molding, rotocasting, or 3D printing for your product? Request a 24-hour quote today submit your STEP files through our contact form , and an engineer be in touch with you. Don’t worry your files are safe with us we also offer you the ability to sign a mutual NDA prior to your submission.

The Materials Used To Make The Mold Are Quite Costly

mini injection molding machine plastic, mini injection molding machine ...

The materials used for making the mold have to be high grade, hence their expensive cost. This is because plastic injection molding requires thousands of pounds of pressure to make the plastic pellets, and a weak mold cannot withstand such pressure. Thus, machinists make the mold out of solid materials that can stand the test of time and not deform in the face of such high pressure.

The mold base contributes to the high cost of injection molding.

The mold is like a case holding all the mold cavities in place. It also holds the inserts and other components of the mold together. The bigger the size of the mold, the costlier the base.

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How Much Do Injection Molding Costs And How To Estimate It

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What is the cost of injection molding? This is a commonly asked question by people wondering about adopting this technology.

Injection molding is a popular manufacturing process for creating many parts and components. As such, learning about the costs of producing an injection molded part is vital before considering this process for your manufacturing operation.

This article examines the costs of injection molding. Understanding the factors that influence these costs will help you estimate your injection molding project costs.

After reading this guide, you can evaluate the exact manufacturing costs that injection molding will require for your particular requirements.

Let us get into the heart of the matter right away and answer the question: how much does injection molding cost?

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