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How Much Does Crown Molding Cost

Diy Or Professional Installation


If youre not at all the DIY type, we suggest you hire a professional woodworker to do this job, because the project has some precise requirements. To add value to your home, crown molding needs to be expertly and flawlessly installed.

This project uses a lot of mathnot just addition and subtraction, but geometry too. Of particular difficulty are the corner anglesinside and outside corners. Many times, the inside angle is on one end of the board and the outside angle on the opposite end. Getting that reversed means your strip of crown molding will not work. Its also challenging to precision-cut the angle at which the crown molding meets the ceiling and the angle where it meets the wall.

Crown Molding Cost Estimation

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Estimating crown molding cost is important in order to know how much you should expect to pay for crown molding that you are looking to install in your home as a do-it-yourself project. In order to estimate the cost of crown molding you need to know a few things about the room in which the crown molding is being installed.

Measure the Room

It is necessary to measure the room where the crown molding installation will be installed. This does not necessarily mean that you need to climb up on a ladder to measure the top of the wall near the ceiling where the crown molding will be installed. For most homes the measurement can be taken at the baseboards. This will make it easier for you to obtain an accurate measurement necessary to translate it into the cost of crown molding needed for the room. When taking measurements of a room where the crown molding will be installed, make sure to measure all of the walls and opening in order to obtain the most accurate measurement. Be sure to also measure the room twice.

Calculate the Total Linear Feet

Using an Online Cost Estimator

Sample Cost Estimates

– 30 linear feet, $142.50

Crown Molding For Exterior

A cost effective method, yet slightly bold is to instal crown molding headers on your entry doors. This would be exactly like installing crown molding above your kitchen cabinets. Every homeowner has different tastes and styles. Not a lot of people would do this type of installation, but some people like being bold. If you are that type of homeowner, why not install exterior crown molding headers for your entry door? Its such a great way to enhance your homes details and architecture. Its definitely not for everyone, but if you like being bold, this is the right project for you!

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Crown Molding Cost Factors

Crown molding, also spelled moulding and referred to as cabinet molding, is a final touch to add a great aesthetic to a room or your entire house. You can complete this project for as little as $3.50 to $7.50 per linear foot if you DIY wood moulding. If you opt for cheaper plastics or MDF, price can be half of that.

If youre having a professional compete the job and want to add a more intricately designed high-end crown molding, it can cost more than $40 per linear foot. These cost factors will allow you to gauge your potential cost for installing crown moldings in your home.

Overview Of Crown Moldings And Installation

Cost to Install Crown Molding

Crown moldings serve as a seamless transition between walls and ceiling. Its one of those popular home improvement projects for indoors designed to deliver beauty rather than utility to your home. Add something like an electric fireplace or replace worn-out carpet with solid hardwood flooring, and youve got room upgrades for a complete makeover.

You have a number of molding profile options styles and shapes that give you leeway in the final look of the room.

As part of the installation of crown moldings, corner blocks can be included, which add high-end design features. Cutting and fitting crown moldings are a little more difficult than for other types of trim such as quarter round trim or baseboard molding, so the potential for error is greater worth noting when considering doing the work yourself.

This page of Costimates focuses on pricing of materials and labor. We include a few estimates from other reliable cost sites and offer an option for readers to share their project costs for the benefit of others. Please consider bookmarking this page and returning to use the section lower on the page called Share Your Project Cost for Others to Compare.

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How To Fit Crown Molding Yourself

Fitting crown moldings can be a tricky job if you dont have any carpentry skills so if this is you then I would advise hiring a professional. If you decide to do the job yourself then you will need some tools. Most serious DIY enthusiasts will already have the required tools, but if not then a quick trip to your local home improvement store will be required.

Hammer. A simple claw hammer is all that is required. If you have a nail gun then all the better.

Tape measure. A retractable tape measure at least 9ft long.

Spirit level. A 1 yd long level is ideal but if not then a small boat level will do.

Mitre saw. Ideally a powered benchtop mitre saw will easily make quick work of the cuts. If you havent got one of these then a sharp handsaw and a mitre box will do the job.

Coping saw. This looks like a small hacksaw but has a finer blade. It is used for sawing curves in wood. In this job it will be used to cut along the profile of an internal mitre cut to provide a coped joint.

Drill. An electric drill and suitable bits needed for drilling pilot holes.

Crown molding kits. These are optional but one of these will make the job easier.

Stepladders. Unless you have extremely long arms or legs you will need some way of accessing the ceiling to install the molding. Ideally a platform set at the correct height so you can easily reach the ceiling would be best, but this is DIY so stepladders are the next best thing.

Choose your molding
Measure the job
Remove the furniture
Work area

How Should I Size The Molding

All crown molding will not be created equally as you may have already found out. While you can choose any material you wish, per se, the size of the crown molding is just as important as well since this will enhance the beauty of the room. Known as the drop, this simply refers to the distance from the ceiling to the edge of the bottom of the crown molding materials. Even though you make an exception and do anything you want to do, here are the standards contractors often choose:

  • 8-foot ceilings should have a three to five-inch drop
  • 9-foot ceilings should have a five to 10-inch drop
  • 10-12 foot ceilings should have a 10 to 12-inch drop
  • 16-foot ceilings should have an 18 to 25-inch drop

Tips to know

Its highly recommended you purchase at least 10 to 15 percent more in the case of an accident during either the install process in the case of a replacement in the future.

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Bookcase With Crown Molding

Dressing your bookshelf with crown molding costs between $75 and $300. Applying crown molding completely transforms your boring, plain shelves into elegant storage spaces. No matter the size or shape of your bookcase, various crown molding options are available from which you can choose. You can completely customize the perfect look for your project so that you can bring your version to life.

How To Duplicate Crown

how to install Crown molding install. Door install. Door casing and wall base install.

When you can’t find a matching profile at a lumberyard or home center, the easiest way to get a copy of your existing crown is to send a cutoff to a wood millwork shop or a maker of foam or plaster moldings, such as Fypon or Hyde Park. But if a scrap isn’t handy and your crown doesn’t have details like dentils and leaves, make a template using a profile gauge . Press the comb-like device against the crown, then trace the shape onto cardboard, noting which edge is the crown’s face.

Shown: Stainless-steel tracing profile gauge, about $23.50 Lee Valley Tools

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Labor Cost To Install Crown Molding

Depending on the extent of the project and type of materials chosen, the labor cost to install crown molding is typically $6 per linear foot for one worker or up to $12 per linear foot for an expert carpenter.

It can take anywhere from 10 to 26 minutes to install each foot of crown molding, hence the high installation price. The time and experience required mostly depend on the materials in the crown molding. Some crown molding material needs a lot of additional work, such as hammering and torching metalwork vs. gluing polystyrene foam vs. mitering and sawing wood.

Average Cost To Install Crown Molding If You Diy

If you’re handy at home improvement and you think you can tackle a DIY remodeling project, you’re probably about to save yourself quite a bit of money!

That said, I’m going to price everything out based on the assumption that you’ll need to buy all of the materials and tools to get the job done, just so you can get a better idea of the total cost involved.

Typically when installing crown molding, you’ll need basic supplies like sandpaper for sanding, paint for whatever color you want your crown molding to be.

You’ll likely also need to pick up a miter saw or coping saw for cutting the crown molding material, a nail gun for installing crown molding on your wall, and potentially caulking or wood putty to fill in any holes or gaps you may encounter.

Aside from that, you’ll need the actual crown molding material itself, and crown molding prices can vary widely depending on the quality you decide to go with.

Wood molding is your best bet for avoiding warping, but it’ll set you back more than mdf will.

But, if you want to get even fancier with it and go with exotic woods for your crown molding, make sure you add that on to your final price estimates.

Below, I’ll walk through an itemized list of the typical costs of the carpentry and painting supplies you’ll need so you can get a sense of how much your crown molding project might cost:

  • Drop Cloths – $10
  • Safety Goggles – $12
  • 1 Gallon of Self-Priming Paint – $36

$225 – $600

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Installing Crown Molding On Cathedral Ceiling

Installing crown molding on a sloped ceiling is a bit more complex than other types of crown molding. In addition to installing the larger pieces of molding, it is suggested to use a triangular transition piece to connect them at the apex. Otherwise, you need to have them specially cut to fit the steep incline of your ceiling. If youre choosing to add crown molding on curved ceiling designs, you should definitely have a professional on your side to get the job done right.

The Beauty Of Decorative Crown Molding

How Much Does Crown Molding Cost?

While all crown molding is decorative since it is not structural, some styles are more decorative than others. Classic Greek key, dentil, pearl, and egg and dart patterns are just the beginning of decorative patterns for crown molding. Look for leaf or floral patterns in the style of Henry VIII, or create a custom design to suit your tastes and budget. Your crown molding price will reflect both the material and the style you choose.

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Pros And Cons Of Crown Molding

Crown molding is a great addition that takes your homes interior or exterior to the next level. Various unique options can be installed that range from clean and simple to elegant and ornate. On top of adding a decorative element to your interior, crown molding hides cracks and other blemishes along your ceiling, walls, cabinetry, and more. Additionally, it can tastefully manipulate the dimensions of your space by accentuating high ceilings to make a room feel cozier and opening up low ceilings to make a space feel more grandiose.

There arent many downsides to crown molding, but there are a handful of ways that installing it can go wrong. The most common mistake many homeowners make is choosing the wrong size and color. Both of these actions can make your space feel smaller and more cluttered. Another issue people run into is installing too many different designs. It is unnecessary to have matching crown molding in every single room, but there should be at least a sense of a cohesive design. Be sure to take a long look at your space to ensure your crown molding adds to your homes aesthetic rather than detracts from it.

Crown Molding Made From Wood Plaster And More

The ancient Greeks carved all of their moldings out of stone, but modern crown molding is made from other materials. You’ll find crown molding made from oak, maple, and other wood, plaster, metal, pvc, foam, and exotic woods. The cost of crown molding will vary by size and material used. Check out our list of crown molding material below to see how much is crown molding per foot.

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Crown Molding Size Chart

The thickness or drop of your depends on your ceiling height. Especially thick crown moldings can look overbearing in a room with low to average ceiling heights, which will make it feel smaller. Crown molding that is too thin in rooms with high ceilings can also look disproportionate. For that reason, it is especially important to pick the right size of crown molding for your unique space. Below is a table of drop proportion guidelines.

Ceiling Height

Oak & Solid Wood Molding Prices

Crown molding how to install?

Common wood moldings range from $5 to $12 per linear foot, but youll most likely spend $6 to $9 per linear foot Different types run within different ranges. The following ranges include both materials and labor:

  • Common softwood and new growth: under $10 per linear foot. These include pine, maple, poplar and aspen.
  • Common hardwoods: $10-$15. Old growth pine, oak and mahogany.
  • Exotic hardwoods: $15-$45. Extremely uncommon and often custom made.

Hardwoods like oak and mahogany stain beautifully, and their natural grains add warmth and appeal to any room. Soft woods like pine or aspen can be easier to cut and sand these are an excellent choice if youre planning to paint your molding.

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Farmhouse Style Crown Molding

If youre looking for a simpler crown molding for your home, a farmhouse style is the way to go. There are many different ways to install crown molding to properly accentuate your home. You can choose from various materials, including wood, plaster, plastic, and other synthetic materials. For a true farmhouse style, wood is among the most authentic options. But you can achieve the same look by replicating wood with synthetic options.

Types Of Crown Molding Material

One of the best ways to save money is to choose the type of crown molding material wisely.

Obviously, if you choose to go with exotic, solid wood crown molding, your project costs will be much higher.

So, if you’re still determined to create a beautiful effect with your crown molding on a budget, I’d opt for mdf and a really nice paint to cover it. Truthfully, no one will really be able to tell the difference.

It’s still going to add value to your home and make your remodel look like it’s high end, but it’ll cut out a great deal of the material costs for the project. This is especially true if you’re a newbie to home improvement because if you make a mistake with a piece of solid wood crown molding and need to buy more, it’ll cost that much more to fix in the end.

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Crown Molding On Coffered Ceiling

Installing crown molding on a coffered ceiling is a great way to add a dynamic look to your space. Coffered ceilings resemble a grid that is complete with beams that crisscross in diagonal or horizontal lines. By adding crown molding to these versatile ceilings, you add depth and dimension to your space. Several crown molding options allow you to customize your homes look. Among the best options are ridged, beveled, and scalloped cut molding.

What Qualifies As Crown Molding

Crown Molding Installation Cost

Molding terms are often used interchangeably.Molding or trim is used in many places in a home.

Crown molding specifically refers to the crownof the room. The border or edge where the ceiling meets the walls.

However, similar decorative trim can be usedaround the walls, around fireplaces, windows, doors and cabinets, as well asdecorative ceilings. The trim that runs parallel to true crown molding alongthe floor and walls it referred to as baseboards.

For the purposes of this report we will alsouse the terms trim and crown molding interchangeably, as it iseffectively generally the same when it comes to property value and appeal.

In some cases trim may be used for practicalreasons. Such as covering poorly lined up DIY flooring, or gaps and damage inolder homes where damp or sinking floors and foundation problems show up. In othercases it is simply for looks. Many perceive crown molding as having a moreluxury look, albeit a more classic style.

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